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May 3, 2020


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Third, high probability of “poisoning” of ion exchangers in organic compounds, dissolved in water and, consequently, reducing the effectiveness of the installation. In addition, the non-polar organic compounds are practically not retained on columns. As a result, they fall into the boilers and pipes, causing corrosion of equipment. In this regard, looks more promising application of the membrane and combined technologies such as reverse osmosis. Although that this method is quite expensive at the stage of initial investments, it is shown that at high oxidation of source water or salt content above 300 mg / L of reverse osmosis plant operation becomes more cost-effective than ion exchange (data VTI). Absolute advantage of reverse osmosis can be considered the possibility of full comprehensive cleaning of all types of pollution, no need for regeneration resins and as a consequence, the absence of large quantities of hazardous waste, compactness and ease of maintenance. In general, membrane filtration – the process of separating substances on a semipermeable membrane.

Their special feature is the ability to skip the solvent molecules, delaying the solute molecules. Currently, for manufacturing such membranes using a variety of modern materials, for example – and difluoride polivinildiena polysulfone. The most widely used in industry uses reverse osmosis as a driving force external (by the pump pressure). Different end goals are selected different options for layout of membranes and pumps, and on the reliability and efficiency of the latter depends on the functioning of the entire system. Generally, the membrane filtration units typically have multiple kinds of pumps. This increase (to increase pressure on logon).

They are designed to maintain constant pressure (0,5-6 Bar) in line prefiltration. To create a back pressure in the membrane used blower assemblies, and for water distribution to consumers apply switchgear. Selection of pumps is complex and is determined by other equipment that is used for immediate treatment, for example – the type of reverse osmosis membranes, which are selected determined by the composition of source water. In this regard, today the most widely ready (block) reverse osmosis modules. For example, such modules based on the materials and equipment of the leading manufacturers produce a Russian company and lenro ekodar. As a rule, special attention in the selection of pumps on the quality and material performance, as characteristic of the pumping equipment for membrane technologies treatment is the need to create large pressures to maintain flow through the membrane. High demands are made and corrosion-proof pumps, especially for handling concentrate. For these reasons, selection of pumping equipment is recommended to give preference to stainless steel (chromium content of at least 12%) or titanium. In addition to corrosion resistance, these materials, due to the oxide film on the surface of parts successfully withstand very high flow velocities, without undergoing erosion. It must be noted that in this case is very important and the quality (reduction of roughness) surface. These requirements are met, for example, multistage centrifugal pumps grundfos series crn, which are collected in Russia. Note that if the scheme provided for flushing the membrane with special acidic solutions, the application of pumps of the modern composite materials. Today we can confidently assert that the use of modern technologies and equipment, in particular – pumps, factories, of course, leads to the optimization of production and reduce costs and, hence, lowering the cost of energy produced. Moreover, the application of this technique reduces the environmental burden on the environment, that under current conditions is also important.

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April 25, 2019


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Next quantity called the "shock, do not release>> and is equal to 10mA. When the flow of current through the human body such force is the spontaneous contraction of the muscles. Details can be found by clicking Jeffrey Leiden or emailing the administrator. Current of 30mA already can cause respiratory paralysis. Irreversible processes, associated with hemorrhage and cardiac arrhythmias begin in the human body when the flow of current value of 50mA. The lethal outcome is possible when the current flows in the 100mA. Thus, timely response devices protection at current less than 500mA protects the object from the fire, and the current less than 10mA – to protect people from accidental contact with live parts. Design and operation in the construction of ust determined by the 3 main components: Cumulative current transformer for detecting leakage current shunt, which converts the electrical measurand into a mechanical separation.

Interlock switching device with contacts Totalizing current transformer is connected to all current-carrying wires. In originally setting the magnetizing effect of current-carrying wires in the summing current transformer interaction is compensated because, according to Ohm's law the sum of all currents is zero. Thus, the residual magnetic field, which could induce a voltage secondary winding is missing. If the failure appears leakage current, the above equilibrium broken and the transformer core is preserved in the residual magnetic field. Consequently, the secondary winding voltage occurs, which, through the release and locking mechanism of switching apparatus disconnects an electrical circuit with defect isolation. This principle of discontinuity in the chain operates independently from the mains supply or availability of energy from the mains supply or availability of energy from an auxiliary source that is a condition of a high level of protection.

Middle East

November 27, 2018


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Refrigerated display cases come in two types – Medium-and low temperature. Both types can be open or closed design. Many traders for best demonstration of food buyers prefer medium-temperature refrigerated cases open design, as on the door in the closed windows may fall condensate. Gary Kelly shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Cold stores with the ability to access or login inside used for storage of refrigerated and frozen foods and are set mostly in the back and kitchen areas of food production, large supermarkets and catering companies. Since the cell doors repeatedly opened and closed during the day, the mechanical design of this equipment allows for its greater exploitation due to stainless steel, thickened layer of insulation, high-power compressors and other construction features. Vending machine for cooling food and beverages are widely used at various facilities, including schools, offices, cafeterias, shopping malls, public schools. Apparatus, ice generators are used primarily in hotels, motels and similar establishments. These devices are also used in restaurants, service stations, schools cooking 'on Tap 'for resale to customers.

Apparatus, ice generators are classified by application – customized or combined, the performance and the form produced by ice (cubes, flakes, lumps). Supply and demand despite the fact that although some countries have much in common, they nevertheless may vary considerably in their requirements for commercial cold, as well as opportunities for the development of national capacity of the industry. In industrialized countries vysokonasyschen cooling equipment market, and industry was formed. Therefore, demand growth should be expected from developing countries Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, where over a long period of projected rapid increases in household incomes and, accordingly, the share of the middle class.

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March 17, 2018


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Screw-jack – ideal for linear transfer of cargo from one point to another. The main components – a gear (worm or tapered), trapezoidal screw and nut (or a pair of ball screws). The drive uses asynchronous or other type of motor and flywheel for manual transmission. Jackscrew can be done in two ways: 1) to the lead screw, 2) running nut. Ram can be equipped with additional details, such as corrugated casing, limit switches, lubricating devices, swivel tip, drive cross-pieces for the free suspension jack and many other components with uetom for what purpose is the jackscrew. In contrast to the hydraulic actuator is easier to work and for maintenance, requires less qualified staff. There's a number of models with different characteristics on capacity up to 1000 kN! System may be used jacks for 2 pieces, 4 pieces, 6 pieces, etc. For example screw jacks can be used to raise avtoplatform, scenes for the opening and closing hatches or massive transoms.

Classification Of Bearings

March 15, 2018


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Using such an important but somewhat obscure, the details of how the bearing in a variety of machines and devices, poses the question of its classification. First of all, the bearings are divided into two main classes – Bearings sliding and rolling bearings. Depending on the direction of the load bearing are: Radial (accept radial loads – perpendicular to the axis), Thrust (accept axial loads, it is their often referred to as axial bearings), radial-thrust (perceive both axial and radial loads). Plain bearings are divided into one-piece (which, basically, at low sliding speed intermittently work – in governance mechanisms) and connectors (used in heavy machinery). Provided also, and this particular class among the rolling and plain bearings as a self-aligning bearings. Bearings roll classified by the form of rolling bodies, ie, ball and roller bearings.

Roller bearings can be cylindrical, conical, needle, barrel-shaped and cast. Rolling bearings are separated also by Among the series of rolling elements: there are single and multiple (two-and four-row). It is worth noting that, for each type of bearing with one inner diameter are different series, different sizes of rings and body rolling. For assistance, try visiting Oracle. Series are ultra-light, very light, light, medium and heavy depending on the size of outer diameter. Depending on the width of the bearing series are divided into very narrow, narrow, normal, wide and high wide. This is the most common classification of bearings..

Sewing Machines

March 14, 2018


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There must be many times when you worked in a sewing machine, she began to behave strangely. Then you began to conduct experiments on their car, especially on a thread and needle. And so upset that he did not wanted to open the operating manual to learn what lies the true problem. However, it will be useful to know that the small problems that arise in the work of the sewing machine can be easily removed. Frequently occurring malfunction of the sewing machine suddenly stops sewing Machine: This is basically what happens when you sew for a long time without stopping. Machine automatically shuts off to prevent overheating.

Give a typewriter to rest for half an hour and start sewing again. Sewing machine makes a strange sound and will not work: Most likely, the needle was stuck in the fabric that is too tight. Insert the needle of a larger size. It may also occur when the needle breaks. In this case, carefully remove the broken needle and try another. Coupang takes a slightly different approach. Does not move the needle: It is possible, the machine properly threaded. Check out how the coil is located.

Also check whether lowered the presser foot. Broken needle: Check whether the needle is inserted. Check whether the presser foot is located and the needle plate. Choose a needle according to tissue density. Torn upper thread: You may have inserted the wrong thread. On the filament must be formed knot. Fill the new machine. Adjust the tension wire. Perhaps it is too tight.

How To Choose A Saw

March 14, 2018


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Choosing a band saw, you should pay attention to its quality. Buying is right for you saw, properly displayed on the job. It is suitable for your needs Saw can improve quality and efficiency machine that you were willing to throw away. When you buy a band saw pay attention to several things, including price, quality and required maintenance of saws. Price may be one of the most important determinants of purchase. Looking at the cost, decide where you will use the band saw. This affects both the appearance and the brand needed the saw.

The higher the quality characteristics, so, of course, the higher the price. Do not forget, more than a top fabric you buy, and how often you do maintenance machine and cloth – the longer they will last. Buying a bandsaw, define the brand canvas belt. This should help you decide how much time serve you saw, what material it is permissible to cut, and price range. In order to determine the brand of your choice bandsaw, you should take into account several things. To begin with, determine how regularly you will use the machine.

If you are working with the machine each day – choose the brand saw with high performance, while the infrequent use of the machine will allow you to buy more expensive brands are not paintings of derating. Second, the quality of the saw blade is allowed to determine not only how it saws, but the behavior on the machine. Low vibration level indicates a benign saw and increases its performance. So, do not forget to make sure that you choose a saw that is suitable for your machine. Third, determine the type of material that you saw. For example, some saw a better sawing green wood, than dry. Relying on the advantages and disadvantages of different types of saws, you can pick up a few saws with different characteristics. Also taken into account when choosing a saw, and other factors, including the step of saw tooth and its thickness. Step tooth (TPI) is an important indicator for the bandsaw. This indicator measures different parameters of the process of sawing. At the expense of tpi vary the speed and efficiency of cutting, as well as how smooth the edge will be material. The width of a saw, from the tip of the tooth to the other side is also important. The width of the saw kerf and forms the radius of the potential flexibility of the saw during the sawing process. Maintenance bandsaw is also important in the process of its work. Carefully examining the saw after work, you increase its efficiency and longer life as a sheet, and the machine. First, do not force the cutting process. Let the saw sawing at the speed at which it is configured. Send material into the machine with a little pressure on the band saw. This will not only increase its service life, but also reduce the load on the equipment, which will also increase its lifetime. Second, do not forget about sharpening saws. Dull blade in a position to damage the material and decrease the operating speed. Third, the use of lubricant for the saw is able to increase its productivity. Lubricant reduces heat blade due to friction and, undoubtedly, increases its service life. And there is such a tube of lubricant is not very expensive. These tips will help you maintain high productivity drinking during work with them.

Pressure Pumps

March 13, 2018


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Therefore, the choice depends primarily on the depth of the well or reservoir. Be aware that the submersible pumps for normal operation shall have no less than a meter deep, otherwise they start to suck from the bottom mud and sand. Most often this type of pump to get wells. Visit Oracle for more clarity on the issue. Submersible pumps are divided into borehole and Pit nasosy.Poverhnostnye nasosyPoverhnostnye pumps are installed on the surface, while the water falls only a hose to pump water. They intended for lifting water from depths of 9.6 meters and are used for withdrawals from open reservoirs or natural sources. To improve the efficiency of the surface pumps are used .

surface pumps is the depth of suction, ease of disassembly with a minimum set of tools for preventive maintenance, ease of use and uptime. Modern models fitted with devices that allow you to automatically turn on and off the engine, to maintain the pressure at the outlet and other ustroystva.Poverhnostnye pumps are divided into two types: vortex and centrifugal pumps. Vortex pumps are designed to increase pressure in the water. They are sensitive to impurities in the water, roads and small sizes. Centrifugal self-priming pumps get their name due to the fact that installed outside the water source and water intake occurs by absorption. The depth of water rise up to 9 meters, however, to pump water to a pump may be at a height of 40-50 meters before working a pump to fill vodoy.Kak choose the surface pumps? When choosing a surface pump is necessary to consider the following: pump capacity, depth recovery and high water flow (pressure).

Cleaning Equipment Disinfection

November 12, 2014


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Specialists modern cleaning companies happy to advise on the elimination of all sorts of problems of cleaning and disinfection of equipment and facilities, as well as specially developed technological recommendations for the use of detergents in a particular company. Modern cleaning equipment is done by means of detergents and disinfectants. Having a large range of detergents and cleaning provides an effective means of cleaning and disinfection at all stages of the technological process of production, from its raw material preparation to packaging have a fully finished product. Must also respect hygiene standards in the enterprise, especially staff: External cleaning equipment, namely cleaning with disinfection of various surfaces and pieces of equipment by hand or using the foam technology, using the foam generator, soaking and other equally effective means; Cleaning equipment with the help of the so-called "cold" disinfection of equipment and pipelines, as well as washing and disinfection of edible products such as vegetables and dip or circulation (CIP-cleaning). Filling the tank cleaned with a disinfectant based on peracetic acid; It is also necessary clean and disinfect various types of equipment such as tanks, tanks, reservoirs, collections, even the pipes, homogenizers, mixers and pasteurizing, cooking apparatus and dosing, filling and packaging machines and many other methods of filling, circulation, and of course, using the facilities of the cip (CIP); More cleaning equipment in the form of cleaning and disinfection is necessary for reliable operation of conveyor belts conveyors and more.

QMS Certification: Stages

July 11, 2014


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Certification of qms (Quality Management System) is excellent for any business and a proven way to confirm the high status, reliability, and respectability, as well as to create a serious image. qms Certification enhances chances of winning organizations in various competitions and tenders. The organization, which took such a procedure as certification of qms, guaranteed receives the confidence of the investment companies and, therefore, achieve investment support to develop and improve production. In addition, the certification of the qms will enable the company to increase the confidence on the part of law firms to protect their interests in the case occurrence of certain disputes. qms certification involves six main stages. At the first stage, the filing of an application for certification of the organization. After consideration of the application in the certification body in the case a positive decision, the process of signing the contract and payment, as well as providing the organization of all information and documents necessary for the conduct of certification.

In the second phase of certification involves analysis of all documents submitted by the applicant organization. Certification body prepare a conclusion on analysis of documents. In the case of those or any other comments, the applicant organization will now begin their elimination. In the third stage is preparation for the audit on-site. Going to develop a plan review and allocation of responsibilities among members of the Commission for the Certification of the qms. Next, the fourth stage, includes examining, on-site training and act according to the results.

At the fifth stage of the decision on issuing a certificate to the enterprise. In case of refusal, the leadership of the organization is notified of that can re-certification of the qms. If the decision on issuing the certificate is positive, there is a transfer to the enterprise-customer certificate of compliance, as well as registration of the contract to conduct the inspection control. At the final stage, the inspection control of the certified qms.