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Editor Ingrid Kerscher Presse

June 28, 2016


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Luminescent signal Strip prevent tripping accidents in twilight or darkness arc – locker on the ground cable, moved at best with fabric tape glued. Something is in offices, foyers, often to see concerts and congresses. This type of cable, it is not only ugly but also very dangerous. Such improvised technical solutions meant a high risk for the company or organiser. Finally an employee or visitor in changing light easily with a protruding cable could stumble and claims for damages not excluded hurt. Also, expensive technology can be damaged and fail when the cable suddenly be ripped out in a crash. Serpa offers the ideal solution and equips from 01.01.2011 with signal strip all cable bridges of the type B9 and B15.

The light strips of crystalline material, which are attached to the sides of the cable bridge, charged by sunlight but also by artificial lighting and light in dim light or in the dark long after. Cable bridges of Serpa can be laid quickly and just as quickly removed. Thanks to the high weight, no gluing or screwing is necessary, the non-skid surface does the rest for a firm hold. Serpa!Signal cable bridges is in different colors and types of B9 and B15, although the names refer to the width of the bridge. In the 15-inch-wide version, up to nine cable can be accommodated in the smaller, 9 centimetre wide bridge, three cables. There are the grey, blue or red cable bridges in one and a half and three metres in length with matching ferrules and cable Threading aid in a practical carrying case.

To get Mr cable chaos in the Office, in the home or workshop, Serpa has other products in the program. These range from small, colorful rubber snakes (cable concentrators) over longer cable coils up to KabelClips. More at. Contact Editor Ingrid Kerscher Presse-and Public relations Serpa, H. Hiendl GmbH & co. KG industrial str. 5 + 6 94327 bow that H. Hiendl GmbH & co. KG is a modern producer and service provider in the field of plastics technology. The company employs more than 60 people. Hiendl manufactures products and components in the injection molding and extrusion. The design and construction comes from Hiendl buyers, partly from the development area. In addition to conventional polymers, the company deploys increasingly natural fibre reinforced plastics. In addition to products and components, Hiendl develops also materials property profiles defined precisely with the customers. A further pillar of the company is the brand of SERPA, under the Hiendl cable organization develops innovative products and manufactures. The development expertise spans more than 40 years. Even before Hiendl took up the production of plastics, the company as a service provider was active in engineering fields. Numerous patents and utility models demonstrate the power of innovation. The satisfaction of the High quality of products and services to gain customers, is the Supreme principle of the company.

Information About The Advantages Of Article Delivery Of Correspondence

June 22, 2016


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Delivery by courier for a serious organization does not make any difficulties, since a large staff is always possible to send an employee with a courier service, and if the delivery of this type are not so many, there is no the need for courier services. In some cases, the courier does not arrive at work at the service, it notifies the manager of distribution, using the telephone or using the forum about the delivery, sends the coordinates of the customer. Couriers are more popular, delivering packages on time and safely, by leading the manager to deliver. Couriers deliver important documents, flowers, calendars, correspondence, gifts and more. Any carrier, knowing the business, without too much trouble fulfill an order, even in unfamiliar city or neighborhood, but the probability of failure is still there.

Most courier services used by large enterprise, because carriers are working professionally, and it is very important. If you need a messenger, simply call customer service, after a short time to arrive and deliver the courier that you need. Performing this job courier refers to it quite seriously, intently, he was always in touch with the service and the customer and is ready to make the necessary efforts to fulfill the order. Courier has done his job perfectly. Using courier services, you can be sure that the goods will be carried out in ugovorennye time. If the courier without a good reason not to attend work, and is not aware of this act, it must be dismissed as not to reflected in the work of the courier company.

Courier, Courier it everywhere and always, it is a huge responsibility for the goods, for the same kind in a hurry this is necessary, because it affects the number of its orders, earnings, and respectively, satisfied the customer and the service. Client, making choices, exploring delivery courier forum of some parcels, look, what services are provided by one or another service, shipping, and often turn to courier service, located on the first page of search engine Yandex. Couriers are different, everyone has their secrets, their own versions of works that will never see another, some do everything with ease and simplicity, other work is given more complicated and worse. Speed – this is not the only difference from the courier mailing address, any courier service responsible for the professionalism and timeliness, carriers operating at maximum returns. Express delivery has many advantages over other possible, as meets the current requirements. Customers receive from courier services an incredible help, so it makes no sense to keep own service delivery, because delivery is rarely required, also much more profitable to use the services of a courier, rather than have extra staff. Service couriers in the chain of delivery are important to customers, and to express distribution, because both are happy to cooperate, as there is an opportunity to discuss in advance all the conditions, and the customer can alert about how delivery was done forum. System has great meaning delivery from hand to hand, your order will not forget nor in the table, it is unnecessary to wait for all, it is not transported in overcrowded vehicles, and the order will be delivered from the hands of the sender in the hands of the recipient. Courier delivers on time, customer determines the amount of time and performance, and the service gets great reviews for it on delivery, thus improving their status.

Water Wells

June 21, 2016


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Abyssinian well familiar to people many centuries ago. Controversies is enough – who had found a way to get water. The Chinese insist on more than two thousand years history of the wells. The Russians insist on its priority – even in the Tsar's raised the water to the fountains. The British – who gave the name of the Abyssinian well, because in Abyssinia, now Ethiopia in such a way to extract water in the southern region of our country, in the North Caucasus implement mass of water wells in the postwar years.

The well water has gained a well-deserved appointment in most regions of our country, for example in areas such as: Ryazan, Moscow, Lipetsk, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod, Penza, Ivanovo, Tula, Yaroslavl, Tambov, Tver, Vladimir. The technical solution is a well Abyssinian shell of pipes from one to two inches with a metal strainer – with the device on the sand or a pipe with holes with a pyramidal chisel when applying for a pebble. On top of the pipe is installed an electric pump, centrifugal 'Kama', 'Agidel', etc. Now, usually well installed automatic stations of water supply, their range is constantly growing. So, to do well there Abyssinian least 5 ways to deliver the filter to the aquifer layer, we show them, with- heavy metal rod, the striker his weight, water intake in the well column Abyssinian – plugging a woman with a tripod and block or not, the shell of the pipe with a sharpened conical tip and strainer;-piped Abyssinian well, with high pressure, pumping water, the soil is eroded and the column passes into the interior, the so-called – 'blurring the needle.

Crisisproof Investment

June 20, 2016


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Is it worth gold as an investment? The consequences of the current financial and economic crisis may be yet long not in its entire breadth. The national debt has assumed frightening proportions and will rise further if running out of unemployment money, the labour market is captured by the crisis, which in the following calendar year is expected. Many analysts assume, therefore, that a massive, perhaps even the States want inflation is imminent EU countries with excessive debt should be curbed. Other plants than money have therefore high inlet. Gold as the most precious of all metals, has fascinated mankind since time immemorial and was always very valuable. No special attention was the glittering precious metal in barely a culture and that will not change even in the near future; the industrial, but also the fashion and cultural uses, which ensure a high level of demand for the rare element are too diverse. Have especially in turbulent or dangerous times the people demand ever lasting value investments and gold is probably the most consistent of all plants in addition to real estate and real estate.

Since the introduction of the euro, the price of gold has grown considerably so that gold certainly is not currently seen as the object of speculation in the short term prices. However is the single European currency with the forthcoming enlargement of the euro zone on the eastern candidate countries with their still large economic difficulties even with a decline expected, what even more necessary it makes to flee before the savings is nothing more worth in another form of the plant. Gold is also due to the unproblematic way, quickly and directly to buy and to sell an attractive and above all durable alternative safe. Christian pretty

The Signal

June 17, 2016


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Watching pra backwards, half ressabiado, even though giving thanks to God for if exempting of so tenebrous agruras. crucifixo in the right hand, pra mode to frighten imundcies that they wander for the dawns and, more important, not to alarm cachorrada, therefore Milito, Ja and Tieta, that sleep well there, underneath of that one paiol, have heard trained in hunting animal of the weeds and, in the dark one, it is well capable not to identify or not to know to discern between a saint appears and an animal that never they turn. All the care is little, dog judgment is not as of people, not. Judgment of dog possesss different filamentosa structure very. The natural sapincia made use everything as the necessities.

With certainty it even walked foot before foot in that one high, well where he is old jacarand; there he paved the sandals, he put in an upright position espinhao, he made for – the signal and will capoeiro lay down it until there under. Later he was easy: he passed underneath of that one he surrounds and he opened career in the estrado before somebody of this for its lack. I only can believe that it was accurately thus. Therefore if until calmest of the men estremece ahead of intuitivas storms of a woman, the coitado one of the saint to the careers imagines. Free god and keeps! Nobody deserves a so sad sina, not Sir! Nobody knows the direction that it took, but, with the fame that has, he does not have to be dismissed, mainly for these bands. Even because its leaf of good given services is far and spotless. Good, at least until the people being knowing of this estria.

Here for me, already it was late. Therefore if the proper people speaks that Saint of house does not make miracles. Of pra to very understand well this dictated, but that he has a little of ungratefulness has yes, gentleman.

Elements For Making A Proposal

June 16, 2016


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Presentacion Elemento for a project in the field of education (first part) today in educational schools require specific activities for a student in particular or to a group of students; Depending on the problem (s) that the students present in the educational field in relation to teaching and learning. In the present work is given to know the essential elements to educational agents for the development of an educational project. Educational projects are always designed with the desire to meet the needs of the children depending on the problems that present inside and outside the classroom as an alternative solution. Elements condescenderan the following: _ allow them to or educational agents to identify the conditions in which its work takes place. Educational agents apropiaran methodological and didactic strategies. Each of them is important since it makes it possible to catch a glimpse of the design, implementation and optimal results during and in the application of the designed project. Developing awareness of the elements of a project is important so that allows identify, meet and give possible solutions to multiple problems there or they arise in the field of education, especially in the classroom.

Does the realization of an educational project requires a structure below will be announced this structure: context-AN?LYSIS OF THE REALIDADASPECTO OR F FACTOR?SICOASPECTO OR FACTOR ECOL?MAGICAL – POPULATION?FICOSASPECTO OR FACTOR HIST?RICO & nbs p; -ASPECT or economic FACTOR – Appearance or SOCIAL FACTOR & n bsp; -JUR ASPECT?DO-POL?TICO – Nature aspect of these factors this focus to the problems of the group or of the student as a special case. CONTEXT-ANALYSIS?LYSIS of reality all we know that every society is composed of various elements related to each other and in continuous process of change. It is necessary to investigate the reality of the context that will allow knowledge and explanation and the interrelation of elements such as: data, facts, phenomena etc. In the field of education it is necessary to investigate the framework of reference for the above. FRAME OF REFERENCE: STUDENTS-INSTITUTION?EDUCATIONAL N. ASPECT OR F FACTOR?SICO: Dominates le how geographical: finds the location, extension, boundaries, topography etc. ASPECT OR FACTOR ECOL?MAGICAL-POPULATION?GRAPHICS here is basically considered the population (growth, distribution and housing).

Natural resources and environmental conditions should also take into account such as: the climate if it is favorable and unfavorable for life and production. ASPECT OR HIST FACTOR?Important rICOEs study the dynamics of social groups in different moments of its evolution. Since causal current facts or data compression is only possible in its genesis h aspect or FACTOR economical is the economic structure with leading production units and the mechanism of commercialization of the area. SOCIAL aspect or FACTOR the individual in the community does not act against nature to survive, but it becomes necessary and direct relationship with other men. Data about the family are considered to be the types of relations, social stratification, the local community, the living conditions. APPEARANCE POL?TICO in every society there is a law that gives legitimacy to their functioning; the maintenance of this system requires the establishment of institutionalized for the exercise of authority. Includes authority and institutional Government, organizations, distribution and exercise of power, leadership, leadership, ways and levels of participation. Nature aspect encompasses the set of ideas, patterns of behaviour and value systems that men acquire conscious or unconsciously: considered the Church, popular beliefs, artistic manifestations, recreation. Education: school education, population in school age, educational calendar, infrastructure, teaching staff and implementation of educational center. Also the relationship between the school and the community, social and traditional media.

Say It With Humor

June 9, 2016


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When you own a business, you may find yourself in situations that may be a bit tricky to handle. Dealing with customers who steal is one of them. A few years ago we were faced with the problem of how to manage our cups of free water. It seems that some customers were filling with fountain drinks instead of water. This was, of course, was the theft – pure and simple, but we feel guilty in front of customers could create a bad atmosphere in our restaurant and we wanted to change their behavior and maintain their loyalty. As we reflect on how to handle this, one of the boys in our team decided to take matters into their own hands.

While making his rounds, the control of the dining area, he found one of the chronic offenders. He approached his table and looked at his drink in a cup of free water, and said: "There is something wrong with your water, is a disaster!" Then took the cup of water and said with a smile, "Let me give you some fresh water." Well, the chronic offender knew We were in front of him, along with some of the other spectators and the problem did not exist. We all had a good laugh and it made a lasting impression on me. Recently, we visited our daughter and her husband in Maryland and took us to the tortilla "California." We got our food and the line and when we reached the counter drink we noticed two images. One of the images was entitled, "Good Bob" and showed "Good Bob" with a cup of water and under the picture was the title, "Good Bob just put water in the cup of water." The other picture was titled "Bad Bob" and was "Bad Bob" holding a cup of water. Below the photo was the caption, "Bad Bob puts on fountain drinks his cup of water." We thought this was ingenious and a great way to handle this problem and we realized that brought laughter and smiles to other customers too.


June 6, 2016


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Polyethylene is an eco-friendly organic material without softeners, halogen, chlorine, heavy metals, etc. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Larry Ellison and gain more knowledge.. Polyethylene labels are particularly as shipping labels, food labelling, for hygiene articles, E.g. of bottle labeling. They are conditionally weather-proof exterior. They can be used in a temperature range, depending on the finishing procedure, of approximately – 40 C to + 80 C.

Polypropylene (PP) polypropylene is resistant to almost all organic solvents, alcohol and fats, as well as most acids and alkalis. Connect with other leaders such as cloud computing here. Polypropylene labels are universal applicable for a variety of applications in the indoor and outdoor temperatures of about-20 C up to + 100 C. Details can be found by clicking Phil Vasan or emailing the administrator. They offer an excellent print quality in the Thermotransferdruckverfahren. PP meets the toy norm DIN EN 71-3. It is odorless and skin-friendly and physiologically safe, therefore suitable PP labels for applications in the food sector, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. Also polypropylene labels are widely used where a high level of transparency is required. Clear PP foil labels on packaging make an excellent no-label look, that is, the label appears seamlessly integrated into the packaging. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl sticker vinyl includes polyester to the most popular plastic label materials.

Sheet vinyl is available in various dyes, they are also suitable for outdoor applications thanks to its good resistance to weathering. The PVC available today on the market films are free of heavy metals. The very flexible and soft vinyl labels and vinyl tapes are suitable also for difficult substrates. PVC has good light and ageing resistance. The material is therefore mainly used as a high-quality and long-lasting labels for device marking, warning labels, bar code labels, cable markings and identification in the field of warehouse and logistics polyester (PET) polyester material is ideal for demanding applications especially in the Interior, depending on the surface treatment but also often in outdoor. There is also a high temperature stability.


June 2, 2016


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Turn negatives into positives: Never lose the will to think positive, everything seems invested poorly, or not solved. Take a chance and recognize your strengths: you think of five examples that makes you special. For example: I am honest, my bosses always trust me, friendly, I love dancing, an expert on kitchen. We always have qualities that we emphasize, some even far we have discovered. Accept yourself as you are, without passing within you low behavior: Acceptance is the basis of trust, confidence, love and self esteem.

Accepting yourself is knowing that matter if the mole on your face does not "like" others, analyze the remaining parts of your body and you'll see that they are working well. Should I behave in my own way provided this does not disturb others. Accept your feelings: When someone makes a joke, smiles. Try to enjoy just about anything. And if sometimes there are things you can put just thinks that's pure chance, and that it will have to go because life has invented to live as best we can. Take care of yourself (a): Learn to be independent, no longer depend on others. Couples survive longer when both try to be as independent of each other. Serves your needs: food, water, clothing, safety and shelter; love and belonging, esteem, and self-realization. From time to time would not hurt you knew the pleasure of going to places that are a reprieve for you, though expensive, but meets your needs. For example, if one is to eat an exotic dish that we only find in a fancy restaurant, do it even once in months, but that taste date.

Autonomia Education

June 2, 2016


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One is about a basically social action that contributes for cultural and scientific formation of the people, indispensable task for other democratic conquests. teaching 1.2Prtica Is necessary that the professional of the education has clear conscience on its paper in the society and the concept on the adopted method to mediate its pupils in the process of education/learning of determined content and that the knowledge of the contents to discipline are important, however is not enough for the formation citizen of the society. Libneo (1991) says that ' ' mtodo' ' it must more than be what the domain of procedures and techniques. As for education, this must have a global understanding of the educative process of the society: social and pedagogical ends, that make possible the formation of critical pupils that they can act in the society. What if he observes in the classrooms, not exclusively but with more evidences in the schools publishes, is exactly methods that go of meeting to the concept defended for Libneo, where professors in such a way of the basic education as of the average education, uses of practical descontextualizadas, that the aspects disrespect the pupils in almost all (psychological, sociological, geographic,).

1.2.1Formao Pablo Freire (1996) in ' ' Pedagogia of the Autonomia' ' , it argues knowing on them basic to the practical one educative-criticizes or progressive, and that these to know must be obligator contents to the programmatical organization of the teaching formation beyond suggesting practical that they make possible the educators to establish new relations of educabilidade between itself and the educandos. The teaching formation is crucial point for construction of a pertaining to school system that it aims at to fulfill its function to form citizens. It is clearly that alone school will not be capable to fulfill this paper, becomes necessary the envolvement of all the private sectors of the society, public and, as much for investment in the teaching formation as in the pertaining to school physical structure, in order to construct a sustainable and igualitria society.