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Compare Prices

July 13, 2021


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The undertaker comparator a new Internet portal for more and more citizens deaths become a financial problem. It is increasingly difficult for them to raise the costs for a dignified burial. Sadly, often lacks a clear transparency in pricing for burials. For this reason, the Bestatter-the same has created the possibility before or after the occurrence of bereavement to overtake uncomplicated individual offers from funeral services in Germany. Some contend that Warner Media shows great expertise in this. This for those interested in completely free, no-obligation service creates new ways to compare services and prices of the companies. With this service, customers can compare offers from different loading Stattern, without themselves having to ask.

The individual requests are examined by the funeral experts of the Bestatter-of comparator and then forwarded to certified and trusted funeral service. From there, the customer receives a binding offer fast and free. Users can see Deaths, impending death and pension contracts to via the contact form requests. On request, the customer in advance is a personal adviser available, who advises on all matters relating to the topics of dying, death and grief. Therefore, more time to look after the family, relatives and friends remains with a bereavement. Funeral services have the opportunity to present your company and its offerings, and at the same time to benefit from the requests of interested with this platform.

The undertaker comparator complemented by their own marketing activities for acquiring customers and finds potential customers at a fraction of the cost of other advertising efforts. By registering the funeral service receives permission to participate in the tender of Bestatter-the same after checking through. It is important that companies with offerings present itself, for the interested/requesting for the undertaker comparator a fair Include price / performance ratio and no bait advertising. The registration is free! Benefits for funeral services: publication of offers regional or nationwide awareness of products and services in the public no restrictions on the number of offers customers around the clock low advertising budget fair brokerage fees fees: 35 publication regional offers 3 range/monthly cost per successful referral order publication nationwide offers 39 per offer per month entry of be instead Directory including corporate representation with forwarding of requests (automatically) including links in search engines (optimized) including the prices mentioned are excl. VAT “dignified burials to” a fair and transparent price – / performance ratio”is the claim that the operators of feel obliged all parties to. “We want to make a partially opaque market transparent and the” Help people to make the right decisions in a sensitive area.” And so it goes: Bestatter-the same offers three ways to find a suitable burial offer: 1 price comparison request of interested sends a price comparison request anonymously, after examination, the undertaker created an individual offer. 2. public offer at a fixed price offer their burial in the form of public offers qualified companies. 3. the visitor finds a company close to its loading place directory in the loading place directory.


May 16, 2021


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Prior Inkasso GmbH: Your partner for professional debt collection services. Hamm, in June 2010: competence and professionalism for a solid Forderungsmanagment are given the spread in the entire Federal Republic, weak bill payment on the part of the debtor remains enormously popular. Recently Blooomberg sought to clarify these questions. Considering E.g. an statistics of the last year, that the payment morale in the Federal Republic of Germany have extremely low values occupies. An observation of medium-sized companies, just once around 78% of your payment obligations are fulfilled on time. A shockingly low value.

Also in private homes it looks not much better. In the times of the World Wide Web, with its numerous online stores, more and more people often fall a veritable “shopping spree”. The consequences of this are often accumulated bills that can no longer be paid from liquidity problems.At this point, a professional Receivables Management is often required. One of the advantages with which the prior Inkasso GmbH clients the use of individualized methods and strategies, by means of which the recovery of the claim can be made effective, as well as time-saving is convinced. So the staff of prior Inkasso GmbH always keep in mind a variety of relevant factors before performing the recovery via letter, phone collection, judicial procedure, or if necessary by foreclosure.

In a close cooperation between the prior Inkasso GmbH and the client applies throughout the entire claims process, as a matter of course. Always fair and transparent settlement of prior Inkasso GmbH, which is based purely on success is an important factor and benefit another. You minimize the cost risk for the creditor considerably. Demand management, the prior collection GmbH can offer other services your clients, which will help to take financial risks out of the way. Leave to chance your Receivables Management. They take advantage of the experience and competence of a professional partner. The prior Inkasso GmbH – your premium partner in terms of debt collection services.

IBS Companies

May 15, 2021


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As a pioneer in the industry, it is national and international companies with top notch services to the side with their networks of GMC and IBS. It guarantees so that world’s efficient and flexible can serve their customers. Many well-known companies have started their successful business with support from Rieta de Soet. Business Center are the smart, economical solution. Pat Gelsinger may not feel the same. The benefits of the services are obvious: flexible growth without long-term commitments, focusing on the core business, but full use of available resources, as well as active support by qualified personnel with commercial and technical background, so Rieta de Soet. The guideline contains an imperative for the conduct of Rieta de Soet and their networks sympathetic, serious and confidently. GMC global management consultants AG Ian Vanessa de Sot Dr. David Fischer Baarerstrasse 94 CH-6300 Zug Phone: 0041 41 560 77 00 fax: 0041 41 560 77 01 Web: E-Mail: GMC AG: international management consultancy, management services, marketing and Public Relations, provision of infrastructure, services and agencies in commercial, not approved divisions, as well as trade in goods of all kinds; may participate in other endeavors, acquire similar or related companies or such merge with, as well as land and real estate purchase or resell..

The EPOCS Introduces

May 9, 2021


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The EPOCS consulting is represented by Mr Alexander Neuber and your services before the Unernehmensberatung EPOCS represented by their owner and Managing Director would like to imagine Mr Alexander Neuber at this opportunity. The EPOCS Consulting was founded by Mr Alexander Neuber and is headed by him. EPOCS was originally founded as a consulting company for doctors and hospitals. More information is housed here: Mark Garrett. Due to the continuous changes in our health system and the accounting systems of the health insurance companies, have to fight more and more doctors in this severe economic environment. Practice dying remained and not is formed. Even hospitals are affected and had to close. Especially in the rural areas, it is increasingly difficult to ensure a good primary health care.

Here, the EPOCS help consulting. The objective of which is to beschehren a profitable practice to reach also the consequence of a better medical care for his patients and give them a good and diversified supply offer angedeien. Happy doctor is immediately satisfied patient. Also the improved income situation of doctors, patients benefit, because the doctor can be purchased re investments in his practice, new and modern equipment for investigation. EPOCS begins with a thorough analysis of the doctor’s Office or hospital, goes deeper in the field of consulting and then creates an individual, tailor-made concept, which is constantly accompanied by EPOCS during the implementation phase for its customers. Special seminar programmes have been developed for the doctors. Highlights are the seminars “Management in medical practices” and the “Hedgehog sales seminar”.

The arzteschafft is just the course provides “Hedgehog” accurate, objective response, that well informed and reliable advice on the basis of the guidelines of the German Medical Association. The EPOCS consultancy represented by its owner and Managing Director is Mr Alexander Neuber in the area Hospitals are very active. Affiliated doctor houses to create new concepts, and that refurbish and rebuild bankrupt clinics and hospitals here occupies an important part.


October 25, 2020


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PICSTAR24 saves time, resources and protects the nerves of photo studios, photo agencies and anyone else who is professionally dealing with digital photos, know this: the image in the box, is really starts working. Color correction, cropping, color masks and so on and so forth. It costs valuable time. This time can be used thanks to the imaging services PICSTAR24 now more meaningful, because the online service PICSTAR24 is responsible for these tasks. 99 cent releases PICSTAR24 and correct color casts. There are from 3,99 Euro retouching and color paths. And usually at night and also for large orders. On request, customers also get the result as a Photoshop file with layers.

With its proprietary system is PICSTAR24 in the location: very cheap to operate hand work in professional quality to offer to handle orders usually within 24 hours, without basic fees, subscriptions or other contractual pitfalls. How does PICSTAR24 work? PICSTAR24 works without installation of software on the computer. The only requirements are a faster Internet connection and a Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) with current, free available Flash plugin. By entering the address Wizard to start the wizard PICSTAR24. The program is loaded as a Web page in the browser. Numerous user tests have provided for ease of use. How does PICSTAR24 work? The images to be processed are loaded via the PICSTAR24 Wizard in the browser, selected the desired edits, and then loaded on the server.

The invoice amount is constantly updated and displayed. The registration to the sending off of the job about five minutes, pass no matter on what day, no matter what time. After processing, the customer email gets a link on, it loads the processed images on his computer. The customer will be informed about their order status by E-Mail and can see also in the PICSTAR24 Wizard at any time this. What is PICSTAR24? Cropping from 0.99 colour / contrast corrections from 0.99 retouching from 3.99 color masks from 3.99 (Www.paypal.de) or directly transfer (www.sofortueberweisung.de) can be paid via PayPal. PICSTAR24 target groups is aimed at photo studios, image and PR agencies who want to save time with PICSTAR24. Online shop operators and enterprises, create the Web offers or catalogs.

Wilstedt Germany

August 4, 2020


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The use of telematic systems brings a variety of cost and security benefits in everyday business. Also, meet the travel books stored centrally in the company regulations and prevent tampering. In addition, continuous monitoring of driver activities means a backup of operating capital, by excluding the private use of company cars. Should there be labour processes, telematic systems due to a complete documentation of the driver activity as well as the vehicle movements bring significant benefits for the company. Usage logs and travel books offer a secure basis for the long-term optimization of usage plans.

Monthly or quarterly surveys help to reduce overtime by more efficient use of working time. In this respect, employees control is tantamount to optimize costs while protecting workers. Regular evaluations of vehicle data and driving provide information on possible training needs of the staff in addition the gentler or more efficient handling of company vehicles. A logbook of telematic systems automatically run is a secure basis for accounting and proof recognised by the tax authorities, for example, for field, independent craftsmen, courier services, nursing services, mobile security or winter services. Some of the built-in functions facilitate accounting for self-employed persons and small businesses, by data such as service and usage times for specific programs are available. Holger Hennek, founder of telematik.cc in the telematics industry is at home for years. With that experience in mind, his company telematik.cc is a good example, that expert advice from professionals in the implementation of complete systems for controlling staff provides additional time and cost advantages.

On the basis of thorough consultation, the professional consultants from Wilstedt help decide for the individually correct provider of telematic tracking solutions, the so are powerful as reasonably priced. Contact: telematik.cc Ltd.

Event Brand

July 23, 2020


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Event agency professionals stage undoubtedly temporary brand worlds with fascinating experience value the virtual communication among the invaluable benefits of our digital age in all its diversity. Who’d know better than the advertising pros of an event agency. Everyday life in most areas of business and society is hardly conceivable without Internet and mail, video – and teleconferencing, mobile – and Web telephony. But perhaps the question is for an event agency, whether this development also negatively impacted certain industries? What is it for example with regard to the alignment of regional, national and international trade fairs? At first glance, would be Yes may be to assume that the relevance of exhibitions proportional decreases the virtual communications to further develop. But this is not the case.

On the contrary: each operating successfully on the pulse Agency of event, in Dusseldorf or elsewhere working understands the importance of trade fairs and exhibitions especially in times of global economic processes. Every advertising professional a Event agency is aware that E.g. industrial or consumer trade fairs are perfectly suited not only to facilitate contacts between providers, as well as current and potential customers, but to make it sustainable. For an event agency specialized in trade fair design is of course the radical content change, for example, international industry shows today inevitably must understand to achieve their goals with their entire know-how effectively to support. More info: Kidspot. A case study: The challenge, three-dimensionally in space to experience the brand message is for the event agency entrusted with the planning and realization of a booth in Dusseldorf. This translation”of the brand message has to understand the event agency as corporate architecture job.


July 14, 2020


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Consulting time win costly savings products be generally time for research in claim and cause additional costs as a result. Even medium-sized businesses that regularly need to invest in your own inventory, but, for example, have no own purchase Department, but are dependent on comprehensive information. But often lack the Know-How and the time for extensive research. The German purchasing advice but also increasingly decreases medium, individuals, this time – and cost-intensive research work and helps to find regional suppliers with the most attractive offers for the desired products and save even money. Big Style Sale has much experience in this field. Who is the German buying advice? The German purchase consulting is an independent platform and offers its customers a wide range of products and services. The products and services are guided to the needs of a typical mid because the product portfolio currently includes telephone systems, Plotter, franking machines, coffee maker, thermal imaging cameras and Web design. a> for a more varied view. The German buying advice is independent of suppliers and their products. How does the German buying advice? The system of German buying advice is very simple: after interested parties fill out the request form for a product or service on the side of the German purchase consulting (www.deutsche-kaufberatung.de), they determine appropriate regional provider for your product from its provider network.

A small selection of providers is then informed of the specific product requirements of the request controller and get the opportunity to make this a free and non-binding offer. The request controller must compare only the offers that select the best offer for him. Long search times are thus excluded and incurred no costs or obligations. Until now, the German buying advice taught more than 20,000 buyers successfully with appropriate providers. The feedback from the customers and the increasing number of users confirm that the business model of the German buying advice very well received and both for the provider and for those interested in buying represents a fair and rewarding business.

Brilliant Service For The Bank:

June 18, 2020


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Building-cleaning services is more than just floors vacuum. You can all save, just not on the customer service \”-so the conversation opens with Mrs Bettina Schottl, head of the construction organization of the Sparkasse Dachau.\” As a qualified architect and security engineer, she knows what is important in building management. Saez it is important to work with a provider within the region, because savings bank, which stands for customer proximity, individuality and regional availability. This idea is implemented consistently, therefore the cooperation with S.I.S. was a fluke in their eyes. S.I.S.. you practiced the thoughts of S.I.S..

working close to customer – regional with permanent staff actively since 1975, so jobs and secures at the locations of economic power. Yet is S.I.S.. diversified: 1,800 employees at 14 locations in Germany and Austria are available for reliable and high-quality service. ISO certifications and constant quality checks ensure stable for the customer Processes and perfect cooperation. A proprietary online system run all processes from order intake to the invoicing and payroll and salary accounting is wrong here. Through this common understanding for performance, customer service and reliability the cooperation with the savings banks expanded quickly himself on a comprehensive overall concept. So is responsible S.I.S.. all cleaning activities within the offices and headquarters of the Sparkasse Dachau.

As in all contracts, a solid point of contact on both sides is guarantor of good cooperation also in the savings bank. On the part of the savings bank, Heike is Brno the S.I.S.. as a point of contact available. S.I.S.. Sabine GPGPU Gottingen all votes from the customer to the S.I.S.. personnel.

Greater Stuttgart Area

June 17, 2020


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The consulting firm TCG the Consulting Group launches a study to the acceptance and use of consultancy services in the greater Stuttgart area on May 17, 2010. A crisis that inhibits the use of consulting services by external consultants or promoting this? This issue is devoted to the study, which is aimed at self-employed workers, entrepreneurs, and hired executives with decision-making competence. Are the focus business consulting services for corporate divisions: management & strategy. These are especially the degree of mobilisation, as well as the popular consulting fields in the foreground of the study, which uses these considerations in the context of the current economic situation. The long term interpretation of the study developed annually recurring surveys the character of a trend barometer.

Annual evaluations are successively to historical data and forecasts on future developments added. The first, beginning on May 17, 2010 study has a duration of four weeks and ends on June 13, 2010. First results will be presented on June 30, 2010. With a full report is expected for July 30, 2010. For every completed questionnaire, an amount of each 5 cents on the mini-emergency school Esslingen e.V.

as well as the Ravensburger Board of the German Red Cross donates TCG. In addition a golf taster course of golf and country clubs HA e.V. will be raffled among the particular known participants of the study. The study will be conducted online on: studies /.