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Creating Web Sites On 1C-Bitrix

April 13, 2024


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At the present time, technology is developing very quickly. Including web design and technology sites. In the past, to create a quality website takes time and effort, and even then the site could not meet its time and be competitive in relation to other sites. "1C Bitrix content management system" has expanded this range and speed up your web masters and designers for the firm. Now is the time for site development at 1C Bitrix need much less.

Important advantages of 1S Bitrix are its global reach and scope. All core modules that can be useful for your site is already included in the site and do not require a separate development. Still not insignificant advantage of sites on the 1C Bitrix is easy to use. The customer can himself easily manage your site, add and edit news and articles, elaborate promotional text you in a Kusu mode, on-line, or to engage in the administration of the directory on your site. If you would like to know more then you should visit Chase Coleman. At 1C Bitrix really like to create small sites, business cards, and global portals or social networks. The company "Symposium" is the official 1C Bitrix partner. The vast portfolio of creating web sites on 1C Bitrix indicates a high level of professionalism of its employees. Any of the project runs with high quality and as soon as possible.

Internet Status

January 10, 2024


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And what is the status? New to the Internet is sometimes not easy to find the information you need and often they ask questions – 'What is the status of the contact or to ICQ, with what they eat and what they are used. " The answer: The Internet 'Groovy status' is the text quotes (sayings) of life, which are installed in a special cell at the top of the page … for example the well-known social sphere 'OpenID'. In a cell, any user can add contact standard status, which is initially in the VK or icq or paste any copied from the status of our section bntu-help.net/Statusi / .. carefully picking his favorite status – to fit your mood, feelings and desires …. On our website collected over 50 different statuses, as there is a large archive of interesting, diverse statuses, use the navigation or search the archive, and update your status every day.

And also … Any user contact, which will be go to your page, can always see and read your status, in cell 'User Status'. Also, all your many friends by clicking the menu 'news' they are able to see your quotation or aphorism thus understand What you have now the mood, feeling and reason zhizneoschuschenie.Otlichny sometimes change their line status – this is when you, for example, in the next few days planned wedding anniversary or a bright denyuha with friends. Put yourself cool phrase, and you must congratulate 200-300 Online Freund, and if you are a very sociable then you will be able to congratulate more than 500 people! But then to each one individually not to publish gratitude (when you have lots of friends 300), you just type in your expression of gratitude stausa line, thus you said thanks for all pozdravleniya.Krasivye phrases you can use and update you when convenient. On site contact where statusikov line, there is a window of time that shows when you last changed your statusy.Esli you today a positive mood and want to cheer and amuse your friends and girlfriends, you can always take our site – funny statuses for a contact, or you can write your funny aphorism and then add it to our collection of State. The site of contact, you can write status of 160 characters in length, and often recruits …

those who only began to enjoy the contact, ask in ICQ 'status as to make longer and if this is possible at all?'. It's over, you can:) to add long status, you need to make some tweaks, you can read more on our bloge.U on our website also has a love of recognition, sentence of loving hearts. Love status in contact a good tool for the eradication of expressions and declarations of love to my favorite person in front of hundreds of friends. Your action and will appreciate in the eyes of second half you'll be adored. Well, if you had a row and fell out with his love, loud Print status of sadness, regret and the most important izvineniya.I! All texts are stored in Our collection site, you can take for free and use for their various needs – to add fun and funny icq status, enter the profile contacts, pictures and sign the pictures (and sometimes get interesting demotivators). Ask all your friends – they know what is the status of OpenID? if they do not know about this site (?_?) necessarily tell them. After Vkontakte helps us all create an interesting communication without boundaries in time and space! Team Portal bntu-help.net:)

Modern Websites

August 20, 2020


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Navigating the web site can be considered qualitatively performed in the event that it is in some degree a reflection of the structure of a website and promotes easy access to all sections of the site. If you have read about Daniel Lubetzky NY already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Navigation should be more simple and easy for website and at the same time accessible to search engines. In fact, it's all pretty complicated, but well-built navigation structure can greatly increase the position of the site. More note once again that design the web site navigation should, given the rules of search engine optimization. First of all it is they, the search engines lead users to the site. Please note that search engine spiders can not see a pop-up and drop-down lists that adorn the navigation system so the site. To index page search engine, navigation, you need to do the text and put it to the top of the page. What kind of navigation is? Usually it happens that in the development of the site includes several types of navigation.

Only their combination can guarantee competent positive result. These species are: the main navigation, secondary, service and additional pieces of information. We list the main types of navigation, which are designed to provide comfort and ease of travel to key pages website. Of course, the basis is the main navigation navigation or a navigation bar (the site menu). Photostrip be the most used element in web design.

The main task of the navigation bar – is to ensure web site visitors an easy and clear access to main sections of the website. This explains why the lion's share of the success of a good navigation bar depends on competent structure of the site. Need to think as clearly as possible the structure location information. Only then is more likely to create a truly successful navigation. One of the nuances of creating a list of topics – the use of additional contextual menu in the main panel.


April 24, 2020


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Well, in the conclusion of the article would like to remind potential customers about payments to third parties. In most cases, because of misunderstanding of the mechanism of the expenditure of these funds these payments are perceived as additional way of weaning, but it is not. In most cases, this two payments: 1. Registrar (for registration of a domain name – $ 20 per year) 2. Web hosting company for the provision of accommodation services at the site Network (50-100 $ per year) is particularly noteworthy that these costs are not a one-time and must be made each year to continue the operation of the site. Agree that it would be ridiculous to pay for site development of $ 2000 and close it a year later due to the fact that no one thought of the $ 20 they must pay the registrar for the renewal of the domain name.

Can I avoid regular payments to third parties? This question I get asked most often. It is certainly possible, host your site on free hosting. The worst thing about this case that the desire to save money results in huge financial losses and causing direct damage to the image of the organization. For presentation will give an example, the aspiration of a construction company to save $ 120 a year, resulted in loss of orders worth 5 million rubles. Add to your understanding with baby clothes. As for the image, the address is a commercial entity or form xxxxxxx.narod.ru hhhhhhh.h1.ru has more deterrent effect for most experienced users on the network, so that instead of advertising the owner of the site will receive anti-advertising. In 2007, the number of Internet users in Russia has reached 25 million, and today it became apparent that ignore such an army of potential consumers is dangerous for any commercial structure, regardless of the scope of its activities..

The Services

January 13, 2020


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Do not forget that you should not use the same text when submitting announcements. You also can use the services of services (they are on the Internet a great many). So as you can use the software to send ads on the board. The third way. Other leaders such as Gary Kelly offer similar insights. First of all you must understand that all promotion of web sites and their place position in the Internet primarily based on the carrier of information (text), otherwise it is called "content." Let's imagine how the search engines, so for example, we define a search query, such as web sites, and search begins to look at what this site is the phrase "web sites" occurs more often and not just part but also based on this expression.

Do not try to fool search engine stuffing their content by various key phrases on which you want to see your site on top locations and searches. You better believe that spiders can read just like you, because you think would not like to read an article about gardening, where with great frequency of jumps is not the topic sentence web sites. If you want your content to be effective, then it should not be copied from other sites, copied text (especially not single copy), at this stage is not much use to you bring. Write an article (text) of your site yourself (or order custom-made here), article written personally to your site is called unique, because it is a big plus when it is your site is its primary source.

Information Service Portal

December 10, 2019


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Bulletin board. On our bulletin board you can submit your ad on buying, selling and other services, as well as view all your posts by topic. Office portal allows you to place ads not only on the portal, but also in the newspaper "Hand in Hand." News. This section contains all sorts of news from Russia, regions, firms and the portal. /a>. Post a material can companies registered on the portal itself or via the portal administrator. Events. Here are the most current information about ongoing events, exhibitions, competitions, shows, conferences and seminars. Article.

In this section you will find most interesting and important, from our point of view, the material published in the Internet and other publications. Information Service Portal continuously monitors the completion of this section to Visitors were able to continually receive updated and timely information that reflects the main trends in various fields. Text links. In this section you can leave a link to your site and explained in the text to it. Forum. Here you can discuss any topic, to give and receive advice, look for business partners to discuss the work of the portal. Participation in the forum is determined by the rules. The administration will not be responsible: for any damages (direct, indirect, incidental, unforeseen), loss of income (profit or anticipated economic benefits), the termination or reduction of business activity resulting from the use (the inability to use, results of the use, misuse) of any information posted on the portal; for temporary or permanent inability to use the portal by a specific person or group of persons; for the content of information provided by firms; for any losses incurred as a result of unauthorized use or non-information portal; for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the portal, the time failures and interruptions in the communication lines, etc.; for computer problems and other equipment through which the Internet access, as well as the related damage or loss of data. Administration shall not be responsibility to the user of the portal for the actions of third parties, including other users. Portal administration has the right to remove or change any information posted without prior agreement with the Administration of the portal and not covered by these rules adopted by the portal.

Site Services

December 4, 2019


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Submit your site to Internet directories – the second and main step in the promotion of the site. First of all registration site in directories need to increase the number of inbound links to your site and, consequently, higher ranking PR and TIC. The number of directories on the Internet is growing, but the quality of these directories often leaves much to be desired. It is necessary to understand what all the directories differ. – White directories – directories that do not require accommodation links to a directory on your site, but the number of directories on the Internet is small.

– Black directories – These directories require a link to the site without fail before the registration site. In the absence of references moderators directory does not publish information about the site. There are also gray folders, check that it is recommended to put a link, but do not need. If you put links to directories, then one of the villages you there the so-called ‘linkopomoyka’, which may complicate the relationship with search engines. Search engines, especially Yandex, lower your ranking and the order of Google, and sometimes they may be excluded from the search database, which is critical. In order not to create pages with lots of options – it just does not need to create. According to my observations only 10-20% of the moderators appear on the site to check the links directory.

To be effective registration site in directories best site to register manually. But this option even if free (if the internet – bezlimiten), but requires a lot of time and effort. Find directories can be through any search engine. Such method is fraught with as the influx of spam to your mailbox as you enter your e-mail at the registration stage, or viruses, rootkits. Many creators directory knowingly introduce into the shell directory malware. If you choose this method of registration please create a separate mailbox where letters will be sent with the information (completely unnecessary) the placement site in the directory. There is another way – registration of the site through registration services, in this case need only register for the service and payment services (from 100 to 1,000 rubles. on average, depending on the quality and quantity of services). In my opinion this is the most preferred practically does not take the time (registration takes about 5 minutes to 5 days) and relatively inexpensive. I think the best services and. On these services can be found with the package of services and select the appropriate option. As a freshman and find a professional turnkey solution that best fits the price and quality. An important tip: do not trust companies with virtually free offerings, such as – ‘registration site in 10000 directories for 50 rubles. ” Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Free offers, as a rule will have no effect and will add only a headache to the creator site.


October 19, 2019


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The designer determines how the end user will get access to information and services site. Additional information at Sir Richard Branson supports this article. That is directly engaged in the development of user interface. In most cases the page include graphical elements. Their preparation involved artists illustrators, photographers, technical designers, type designer, etc. Ready-made templates are displayed to the customer. At this point the page still may not contain end of filling (this is the responsibility of the designer is not included). To layouts look more clearly they put arbitrary content. Slang designers such content is called a fish.

If the customer satisfied outlook templates, then comes the next phase of development – layout pages. VerstkVerstalschik gets template layout in terms of conventional images, or broken down by sectors. His task – turn them into hypertext Web pages with embedded in them individually cut and prepared for Internet images. One of the difficult moments in the work of the coder is to ensure compatibility with multiple browsers – programs for viewing Web pages. Web programmirovanieK programmers come ready-made templates and pages of instructions on the work of designers and the organization of site elements. The programmer creates a policy basis for the site, making it from scratch, using a framework or cms.

The choice of programming language in this case – the question unprincipled. BezopasnostSuschestvuet many sites that are significant resources. On these resources can be located users' personal data (such as personal correspondence, addresses, phone numbers) or financial information (such as banking sites). Breaking these resources may result in monetary losses as a direct and indirect, associated with dissemination of confidential information or simply an attacker could spoil the contents of the site.

Service Pricing Webstudios

October 5, 2019


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First, a large proportion of falls on the design pages. And this work correctly assess the quality of which the entrepreneur can not. He's not a professional in this field. In addition, labor costs and the designer design quality is not always directly linked. And where is uncertain quality and costs, there and the price is unlikely to be objectively calculated. Secondly, work in web-studio almost never limited to one option design, and site too. As a rule, does a lot of versions of the product as long as the employer will not accept the proposed work. Therefore, to estimate labor costs in advance to create a site to estimate accurately is not possible.

This leads to the fact that the studio, waiting for such behavior entrepreneur, provides all the costs of coordination of the project in its value. Third, each site is a unique work from a design standpoint, so the market Naturally there is no single price. Fourth, the market for web-sites, the situation is that the developer can adequately assess the complexity of the work, but the customer, that is, a businessman – no. This leads to an overestimation of the value services through the exaggeration of their complexity by the developer and, ultimately, the cost of site is determined not so much the complexity of many famous studios, and the degree of ignorance of the entrepreneur. Fifth, for the same reason and underdeveloped market of web design, chances for a high price to get a job beginners, that is, roughly speaking, "hack-work" and is issued for a quality product.

Sixthly, the concept of "site development firm" web-studio embeds a different set of services. For example, some companies will simply make you a site, while others will fill it with information and register it in the online catalog, others will add support for free. Sixth, many studios do not want to waste time on small orders, and even the most basic work will request a fairly high price. Seventh, the Internet, there are many ready-Chalon site, design templates, images, etc. Therefore, the developer will almost never makes the site a 'zero'. And sometimes just assembles ready-made solutions.

Internet Site

June 4, 2019


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When circulation is 10,000 copies, we save three hundred thousand rubles for each subsequent year. Also, be aware that the volume site, compared to the volume of the booklet is not limited! There is another area where the site is far ahead of print advertising media – to update the contents. Site design is simple. Well done web site, having a system of administration is simply the ability to fill the information you yourself at any time. Correction of information in the prospectus can be made exclusively for reprinting copies. You already know that the Internet resource should be promoted for the influx of visitors, and it is worth the money? Site optimization medium-sized organizations to raise five hundred-thousand people estimated ten thousand rubles a month.

But for the full distributing leaflets also have to pay about three rubles. in one instance, if you do not want your beautiful pamphlets were thrown out. We'll see charges for 3 years – the cost of creating content for hosting and promotion of a site of approximately 420 thousand rubles, while going 40 thousand contacts with visitors, with the price of one contact about eleven rubles. When advertising the organization through printed materials – the cost of developing the layout, printing and distribution of exactly the same print run costs about 1,440 rubles, the price of one contact – 36 rubles. These are the facts. Gary Kelly may not feel the same. Yet it is known that using an electronic format ads You save a dozen or two green trees. For even more details, read what Bernard Golden says on the issue. For some reason, in a similar case, we see that very often websites do not meet the expectations of their respective owners and are losing relevance? All clear. Go to the site can not be treated as something unimportant.

1. Look for a good web designer who will create you a nice site. Prices three to five thousand rubles can not be taken into account the normal internet site is worth much more. 2. Contract with a reliable hosting placing the site – the site downtime due to errors lead to an outflow of hosting your clients. 3. After manufacturing is constantly developing your site, it should be presented as much information about your product. 4. And finally, book promotion web site, as Without customers benefit from it will be small. Following these rules, and following the development of the site you get a great sales tool with good development prospects. In the next article, we introduce you to other interesting possibilities to work with the site.