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Jenners Services

April 30, 2018


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Jenners Hausmeisterservice informed of its services the permanent preservation of real estate depends on a variety of maintenance and care. Whether it involves minor repair work or the complete clearing out of an apartment, to own real estate means necessarily a considerable effort. The Rostock company of Jenners is committed to the competent performance of all tasks, which go hand in hand with the preservation of value of real estate services. A qualified and dedicated team of employees supported Managing Director Jens Fischer in his commitment to fulfilling the needs of property owners. All employees of the company place highest emphasis on reliable, timely and cost-effective provision of impeccable quality. The enthusiasm of its employees allows Jenners services alleviate the owners of commercial and private real estate costs a fixed hiring professional services would mean for them. The space Rostock, employees of the company is engaged in the following focus areas: A professionally cleaned real estate cleaning is essential for the desired impression of customers, tenants and prospects.

Of course also hygiene and health must not be forgotten. Each property is to ensure, should be cleaned regularly. The staff of Jenners services performs reliably and professionally appropriate cleaning services. Maintenance will receive their commercial value and their desired atmosphere without maintenance real estate from the leaky faucet to replacing defective lamps. Jenners services has technically savvy employees who perform all such work quickly and competently. Beautiful gardens and green parks serve as places of recreation and welcome distraction from the everyday grey of the city landscape and garden maintenance in each village.

Such systems must competent are maintained to preserve their peaceful character. Otherwise, a wilderness of overgrown weeds will quickly from a beautiful garden plant. The commitment of Jenners of landscaping and garden maintenance services ensures that garden – parks always handsome as you like and receive their recreational value. Disposal is the timely and proper waste disposal as well in the task pane of the real estate owner, such as clearing out work. Jenners services relieves its customers reliably and on time of corresponding tasks. Transports of Jenners likes over services transport work and delivery services in addition to its professional janitorial services. Of course, reliability and punctuality also here have priority for the employees of the company. Outside of the described performance priorities Jens Fischer and his colleagues perceive also the interests of their clients in other service areas.


April 29, 2018


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Convinced pull the big folk festivals as mobile tents and halls creates flexible and customer-oriented solutions / modular system of Losberger annually millions of visitors in the Festival cities. The huge tents are always the main attraction. But what and who is behind it? An interview with Rudolf Zimmermann, Manager tent construction and rent halls at the professional tent landlord deuter in Augsburg. Ed.: 100 years builds the deuter GmbH, Augsburg the most large tents of Oktoberfest. Remember you n visit your first Weis? The most what has impressed you at that time at the Oktoberfest? Rudolf Zimmermann: Since I was 16 years old.

Of course the atmosphere, many people, but above all the marquees and the archetypal mood impressed me. Editor: You are now 20 years at the company deuter. Deuter is a provider of mobile tents and halls at many well-known festivals in Germany represented, from the Theresienwiese and the Cannstatter Wasen. The key for the success of the company, what is your opinion? Rudolf Zimmermann: Deuter is Specialist for tents and buildings. We advise fair, plan exactly, implement quickly, reliably and on schedule. Our word is true.

Solely responsible contractor, we combine proven potential for economical, attractive and functional solutions: our own experienced planners, developers and engineers, valuation and marketing experts make particularly competent and effective project teams with external specialists, project and industry specialists. And we always make sure that a high-quality selection of suppliers. Our customers appreciate that. Editor: at the Stuttgart spring festival on the Cannstatter Wasen deuter large tents are also in use. Through the wooden facades, the building act like large wooden house and less like tents. What’s behind the facade? “Rudolf Zimmermann: behind the facade” a wood or aluminum construction, where previously only wooden structures were used reside today either. The large, individually designed tents of Oktoberfest is still have a structure of Wood.

Real Time Awk Opts

April 29, 2018


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Now, advertising people interested in send personally their requests in terms of outdoor advertising to the staff via live chat and are therefore just a click to the desired information. Koblenz, July 29, 2010 – with a user friendly live chat tool, the awk outdoor advertising GmbH optimizes its customer service: can advertising people interested in send personally their requests in terms of outdoor advertising to employees via live chat now and are therefore just a click to the desired information. Therefore, a qualified advice specifically guaranteed at the scene and questions answered exactly there where they arise. The live chat support is integrated as an integral part on the homepage. The handling makes this incredibly easy: just click the icon for the live chat support and already answer trained service experts questions promptly and competently.

Bernd Seibold, Managing Director of awk outdoor advertising GmbH: the different types of outdoor advertising can be very complex. Therefore, it is a big concern, our An easy introduction to this media to customers of course without a cumbersome registration procedure. The advertising thus assuming a pioneering role in the industry and manages to be even closer to the customers. We have deliberately for the integration of the live chat tool decided to make at the service information there is no additional cost to the customer,”explains the Projektverantwortliche Stefanie Probstfeld. You may wish to learn more. If so, Scott Mead New York is the place to go. We are excited about the greater customer proximity enables the chat and are already thrilled by the positive response that the additional tool encounters.

Competent Concierge Service

April 28, 2018


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HEIKE FALK – Hausmeisterservice & facility services informs property owners know that a House requires ongoing engagement. Minor repairs, cleaning and other work are the order of the day for real estate and property to get its value. Property managers and owners of real estate in the room Hanau find a reliable partner for tailor-made compliance of the maintenance needs of their buildings in HEIKE-FALK Hausmeisterservice & building services. Dedicated team of successful company managed already approximately 1000 units in Hanau and environment. Trained staff, modern technology and a focus on ecological criteria distinguishes the performance of HEIKE FALK Hausmeisterservice & building services.

The company with its extensive catalog of performance meets the variable demands in real estate service. So every customer service offers available can just select the ones that he needs. This creates an individual performance concept of the following Areas of focus: janitor service HEIKE FALK Hausmeisterservice & facility services has a wide range of House feat. Whether smaller defects must be repaired, is to dispose of garbage or technical equipment of control always need to be the company meets the needs of its customers. Of course, his staff also involved when it comes to monitoring craftsmen, foreign companies or compliance with House rules. Additional services, such as a winter service, round off the concierge service.

Cleaning the cleaning of buildings contributes to get impact and value. HEIKE FALK Hausmeisterservice & building services provides competently for cleanliness in jointly accessible premises. Areas located outside the buildings, paths and rain gutters are also part of the cleaning services. Green area care decorative value and relaxing properties of greenery is directly depend on skilled nursing services. The Hausmeisterservice & building service dedicated employees of the HEIKE-FALK remove weeds and Moss, mow lawns, trim bushes or shrubs under the garden building needs and remove leaves. Their professional green care optimizes the effect of existing green areas and contributes to the positive overall impression of the real estate. Commercial spaces and offices of commercial spaces and offices are other claims to be addressed than in residential real estate. This stems from the demands of daily customer traffic and the cooperation of many people. Accordingly, such real estate professional cleaning is essential for economic reasons. HEIKE FALK Hausmeisterservice & building services meets the needs of cleaning in commercial real estate, allowing customers to benefit from facilities in perfect condition with a dedicated and competent team. The company is available for further questions and information about its services. Press contact: HEIKE FALK – Hausmeisterservice & facility services contact person: Heike Falk Friedrich str. 24a 63450 Hanau Germany phone: 06181 / 87733 fax: 06181 / 86867 E-Mail: Internet:

Chief Executive Officer

April 28, 2018


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IT skills shortage: the boom of the recruitment agency Munich – in the computer and electronics industry are missing more and more professionals. According to a representative survey of the industry association BITKOM in Germany, there are currently around 28,000 vacancies for IT professionals. This trend threatened the high-tech location Germany according to a study of the auditing company Ernst & young. Recruitment agency can compensate for the lack of qualified IT professionals through an effective and intelligent use of IT staff here. The nationwide operating recruitment agency TECOPS with headquarters in Munich has filed an early on this enormous demand. The company offers also the placement of freelance IT specialists in addition to the classic personnel services in the IT field and T-systems is among other preferred recruitment agency of the global information and communication technology company. Now the boom of the recruitment agency is,”said Reiner Pientka, Chief Executive Officer of TECOPS.

IT professionals be currently absolutely needed and let the industry of the staffing service providers really going gangbusters. But thousands of IT professionals lack further sensitive gaps in the economy. Here, medium term not only economic losses threaten companies as important projects can be completed only belatedly. The shortage will also increasingly at risk for the upturn. Recruitment agency can compensate the lack of qualified IT professionals through an effective and intelligent use of IT staff here according to Palaniappan and soften so the structural personnel problems affecting both medium-sized and large companies. In the long term will be to repair the lack of skilled workers in the booming IT industry according to Palaniappan but only in a triad. There needs to be a greater in-service support of the unemployed, as well as in addition to the necessary immigration of foreign specialists a creation of more apprenticeship positions in the field of information and communication technology take place.” S. Fortmann

Paul Direkt GmbH

April 28, 2018


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The online shopping Club Paul directly offers the popular PayPal for payments the popular PayPal for payments at the online shopping Club Paul directly offers its customers its customers Paul directly, one of the largest online shopping clubs in Germany, a good customer service on important. Of course the payment options for customers subject to the point of customer service. Paul has now created a new, secure and convenient way to pay with PayPal for its customers and would like to open to all members the chance to bargain. Many members Paul directly will have seen this already: they find a great product at a reduced price, but have your online banking data, nor a credit card at hand. With the introduction of PayPal as a situation poses more no problem, because Paul directly introduces the popular, safe and above all fast online pay system PayPal as a payment option. Customers must deposit only your bank details with PayPal and Paul directly to book the amount due by Direct debit from. PayPal writes how Paul directly big data security and ensuring the customer’s payment also through PayPal.

That is, if something should go wrong if a payment is made, time can be reimbursed. Paul directly would be glad to be able to make available more members the wide range from lifestyle and electronics products on its site. An update of the Paul directly iPhone app, which is also in the future to support the payment via PayPal, is already underway. Over 1.2 million members has been Paul directly since the launch of two years ago. With the introduction of PayPal, Paul directly responds to a recent customer survey, from the PayPal emerged as the desired payment method of the customer. Paul directly, thus expanding its customer service and offers its members a more secure and reliable payment way.

Contact: Paul-Direkt GmbH, Hofmann 52 81379 Munchen fax: 0188 / 09 064 065 Paul is one of the leading Online shopping Club Germany. “Founded in 2008, has Paul directly over 1.2 million members, every day exciting products at a preferential price, the Paul price”, can choose.

Positive Service Experience

April 27, 2018


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the other end of the range road from customer point of view by the way, how you can feel well treated as a customer even if you bought not the cheapest product. Good service is a non-negligible part of any services or goods? Today I had the pleasure to give up a package at the post office. Normally I use always another shipping service, but in this case, there was a clear requirement. I caught a branch, where there were two long snakes. The postal employee and his colleague at the secondary switch had full hands. I decided once again after a short deliberation for old habit for the wrong checkout line. The customers who were served by the Lady disappeared quickly again.

On my snake there was only a stamp collectors me various questions, then a Lord who had forgotten their PIN number and then an EC-failure of the card payment. But: The post employee has all the time to keep the good mood and served all the people friendly and obliging. Me, too. And in my opinion, it may then also even five minutes longer. For the supply of goods and services is now so great that you develop a certain immunity to the duration of irrigation of the discount chains as a customer.

I myself can hardly distinguish whether a newspaper supplement comes from the media market or Saturn, especially since all quotes look kind of the same and apparently among the competitors also still are matched. I have a Web host, which friendly questions too silly me, because he has realised that customers may have certainly sometimes have no idea. I can remember today the pizzeria, who has bought my children an extra pizza rolls. And I also notice how many formerly family-friendly markets have abolished their children’s play corners in favour of larger sales areas. A positive counter-example for this provides my opinion of IKEA. This furniture is focused on families and on the needs of women. Who deals with the topic of purchasing decisions, will know that even in the Male-dominated home improvement needs be taken about 60 percent of all buying decisions of women. And women place most emphasis on good service…

Web Self

April 27, 2018


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“ESS creates space for strategic human resource management of the employee self service (ESS), which with employee self management” can be translated, keep feeding increased also in medium-sized companies. One reason for this is the increasing adoption of Web-based applications that allow the use of an employee self management quickly and without complications. In terms of value-added, optimizations in terms of cost, quality and time are for decades, for example, by means of introduction of lean management or even production systems almost on the order of the day. Almost as long, the administrative area was almost criminally neglected. More and more companies now recognize that significant potential for savings and improvement remain unnoticed in the administration.

Undoubtedly HR binds several temporal resources in the enterprise: starting in the collection and management of employee-related master data, over the handling of absentee management, to the organisation of Further education and training. Redundancies are due to necessary coordination sloops between HR, hardly go to the employees and their superiors. Here, the employee creates self service solution. Of fundamental importance for the use of an employee self management, the presence of granular access permissions is to protect the highly sensitive personal data from unauthorized access. Self service changing the amount of an employee in the corporate practice from company to company. “Mostly the employee self comes under service but also known in the field of information retrieval by internal data, the term yellow pages”, the management of the individual employee master data or also the application and approval procedure of training and holidays to wear. As a result staff, for example, the obligation to accept, manage their own employee master data or a will that land approval procedure directly with the responsible persons, Achieved increased effectiveness for these processes in the company. Formerly redundant process steps are using the employee self management not only reduced, but completely eliminated.

House Sitting Services

April 27, 2018


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The interview with the head of the home guard in Graz Mr. Dr. Kollaritsch, house sitting Agency, feature your House guardians or should we say House guardians? active in South Tyrol, Austria, of Switzerland, Hungary and southern Germany. Offer the same services in these countries, or are there country-specific requirements or preferences of the clients? “Dr. Guido Kollaritsch: within the framework of the home guard” my house keeper to operate mainly in Austria. The service is but always known why I increasingly get accepted also in other neighbouring countries shall you claim. The range is the same also in these countries as in Austria, specific requirement profiles I could not determine so far here. “The term House guardians” would believe a discrimination of the profession Homesitters “represent, since this generally meet a high profile and in some cases, consider about weather disasters, enormous demands grew must be.

How to see your former colleagues at the police in Austria the prevention model house sitting services? There are reservations or recommendations? “Dr. Guido Kollaritsch: the introduction of the home guard service” has been welcomed from the beginning both by the Austrian police authorities as well as by colleagues, but also by numerous media,. This alone because the experiences from Germany since the 1980s, approximately 25,000 operations, in which the House keeper in the object was present, only two break-in attempts and now it can be, that in 90% of cases, in which the House or apartment is inhabited, no burglary happens. Studies of the BKA Wiesbaden and the Ruhr-UNI Bochum come to the conclusion that the House hats”represents an objective approach to the prevention of home and apartment break-ins, or objects are as empty and should be inhabited by relatives, friends or just by House guardians. Have we understood that, even if a House is inhabited, there is still a 10 percent risk of burglary? And why is this not inserts for house sitting? Dr.

New Service Platform

April 27, 2018


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An unfulfilled dream for advertisers and agencies the Stiefel Digitalprint GmbH of Lenting when Ingolstadt has under the address provided an interactive platform for ordering on the legs. The product range includes promotional planning, flags, posters, displays, ceiling Danglers, advertising signs, 18/1 posters and promotional cards. The platform PrintDino allows, for example, advertising banners with or without booms as to configure banners in formats ranging from 100 x 300 cm up to 150 x 400 cm. The design can be done online or it will be uploaded a finished print file. Also a manual color check is optional. Even when the material and processing, PrintDino allows a wide selection. There are promotional plan as PVC banner or net vinyl, which in the further processing, for example, a final trim on format is possible or an edge enhancement or a Hemstitch can be individually determined.

In the eye, there is the choice between metal and plastic. The desired configuration is complete – no matter whether rollup or poster – it only says: one click and the order to the Fixed price is complete. The desired advertising is almost on the way to the customer. It can be paid with VISA, MasterCard, or PayPal. Also the payment on account is possible for regular customers.