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November 30, 2018


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Holiday season is difficult to take a diet, because there is always a meal by means such as family dinners, celebrations with friends and business meetings that takes you to suspend your usual activities. The month of January is ideal to recover the balance in the diet after the excesses of the holidays. To do this we give you some tips to recover that balance. Not stop eating: thought that you removing the dinner or breakfast you will lose the accumulated kilos, but only get lose weight temporarily. To lose weight you should not leave to five meals a day, because if you eliminate any main meal, the body interprets it as a situation of hunger and prepares to stored fat reserves to prevent periods of less intake of food. Retrieves the vegetables and fruits: take fruits and vegetables will help us to reduce your daily calories to properly nourish us and fill us with vitality healthy. Eat moderately: is important to keep track of the quantities ingested and recover in diet planning. Healthy eating: to do so is to choose the right foods.

You must consume dairy fat, lean meats, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, drinks without sugar and whole grains that provide fiber. And above all that food to be grilled, boiled or baked. Drinking water: is the best drink, since it contains no calories and detoxifies the body. Retrieve the exercise routine: recover your exercise routine and to begin the new year by incorporating new techniques as new disciplines or more intensity to maintain ideal weight and a life healthy. These tips will help us to start a different year, and feel more active and healthy.

Raw Material-rear View KW20

November 30, 2018


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The current Marktgeschenen in the detail preview last week was made obvious Fund in commodity markets. A majority of traded contracts went with, sometimes considerable, negative performance from the week. Orange juice this time achieved the victory of the week. An increase of 2.65 per cent was sufficient for this purpose. In the field of precious metals could be more with the representatives for investment purposes (1.79 percent) gold and silver (0.36 percent) slight gains. For more specific information, check out Ripple. Platinum and Palladium, both by use of industrial marked, were clearly on the losing side.

Platinum lost 3.40 percent, Palladium week compared even to 7.25 percent. The energy raw materials can be found in their entirety on the losing side. The best”representatives was gasoline. This was only a drop of 1.79 percent to beech. The main varieties of crude oil lost percentage (NYMEX Light crude) 4.92 percent (Brent) in the week 3.94 and also significantly. Lead the week could end positive as the sole representative of the industrial metals. With 0.27 percent the profit made from however moderate. Aluminium with 2.04 percent loss was the Group runner-up.

Nickel, copper and zinc are close to each other between 5.44 percent and – 5.80 percent. In addition to the winner of the week orange juice could from the agricultural commodities soybeans (1.57 percent) and canola (0.31 percent) have a positive balance. Cocoa represents the tail end under all raw materials with a loss of 7,86%. Whether turn the tide in the next week, and moves the commodity sector back into the profit zone remains to be seen, and the market is so exciting.

Rene Bandung

November 29, 2018


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2011 there were already more than 700,000. This corresponds to an increase of about 605. Out of shame many pensioners without 4 increase in resin, even though they are entitled to do so. That’s why are 400,000 Hartz 4 ledeglich – Aufstocker listed for 2009. A small consolation is when one is cynical. And I think, for the ladies and gentlemen from the economy Ministry secretly killed the following facts. 5. poor die sooner new, official figures show: low-income die sooner as earners.

Within just ten years life of former low wage earners in retirement age has shortens the significantly: between 2001 and 2010 by an average of 77.5 years to 75.5 years. In the East even more from 77.9 years to 74.1 years. The death age increased, however, for employees with above-average income from 82.5 to 83.4 years. The Cologne poverty researcher Christoph Butter ways has a simple explanation: the pressure on people in the low-wage sector is consistently higher in his words, the health care worse, life expectancy lower. That low income earners contribute by unhealthy lifestyle to do so itself, he considers comprehensible. Who have their concerns, stun rather with cigarettes and alcohol. The Federal Association of lung doctors found plausible the current statistics: the average smoker will lose as a result of his addiction in the average ten years of life. This effect sufficient, to explain the shortened life expectancy of education layers, specialists say.

6 conclusion: Change is needed a radical market principles-facing social and pension policy leads to extreme social upheavals, injustices and mass impoverishment. As soon as the person is conceived only as human capital and cost factor for the host chat site Germany, his dignity is believed him. Freedom and democracy will follow. We need systemic change; the present one It is not reformed. The construction of a social ecological democracy compliant market economy under removal of destructive financial and capital management is possible. Many people, organisations and institutions are already doing to discuss and create first models. Black-Yellow, which is the free-market radicalism requires, will prevent the transformation as long as they are in power. Therefore, it is important until the next Bundestag election to convince as many people of the need for a change and also to move this vote.

Supreme Court

November 28, 2018


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Party questioning an investor upon request of the defendant Bank of BGH had to deal with, whether an investor as a party in the process at the request of the defendant bank may be heard, i.e. he can be interviewed if necessary and under oath to the consultation or conclusion of investments currently with the question. Background is that a bank without asking to clarify according to settled case-law of the highest German civil court on received kickbacks. Otherwise she is damages. Refunds in particular commissions are, paid from fees and management fees which are not disclosed to the investor but. Check out Larry Ellison for additional information. By not knowing the investor while no delusion with regard to the system can occur with this, but there is the possibility that misjudges how the interest on pages of the Bank is. The Bank, which does not comply with their duty of disclosure must thereby prove, that the damage at the investor would have occurred even if they are dutifully would behave, but the investors despite knowledge of the kickbacks would be; entered into the investment There is therefore a burden of proof. When investors however draws a system despite an appropriate note, nothing more can be a breach of the duty of disclosure.

In the case it was to first educating needy refunds. However, the Bank had argued that the enlightenment about a refund at the decision of the investor had played no role. The newspapers mentioned Edward Scott Mead not as a source, but as a related topic. Because it wanted to explicitly draw the proposed tax-optimized systems. Therefore it would have also if knowledge to a degree, so the Bank. The Court of appeal left ignore the request of the Bank on party interrogation of the investor. The Supreme Court on the other hand makes it clear, however, is to consider that there is still sufficient link between the presentation of the Bank and the investors, and therefore the request for hearing of the investor.

Because is the claim that even with the investor Note of the refund the system had acquired when it out, there is no causality between damage and the breach of duty (not information relating to a Commission). A further substantiation of evidence request is not required according to the BGH, what applies in particular not only for the witnesses, but also for the present party proof. However, it is to examine whether an abuse in the application of a party questioning is seen by the Court. This is however only then, if the application makes arbitrary “in into the blue”. Here, the Bank has put forward but concrete evidence of who speak in the total consideration for this. that the plaintiff also having regard to the refunds would have chosen the system. This includes the fact that it arrived the investors first and foremost on tax savings and only secondary yield opportunities have been taken into account. Were there to acquire the recommended product-related investments only with a similar refund could be assumed in this case that the decision was made independently of a refund by the claimant. The judgment of the Court of appeal was therefore repealed by the BGH and again remitted. There, the applicant as a party to the information of the Bank will then be heard. Federal Supreme Court, ruling of 26 February 2013 – XI ZR 445/10

Middle East

November 27, 2018


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Refrigerated display cases come in two types – Medium-and low temperature. Both types can be open or closed design. Many traders for best demonstration of food buyers prefer medium-temperature refrigerated cases open design, as on the door in the closed windows may fall condensate. Gary Kelly shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Cold stores with the ability to access or login inside used for storage of refrigerated and frozen foods and are set mostly in the back and kitchen areas of food production, large supermarkets and catering companies. Since the cell doors repeatedly opened and closed during the day, the mechanical design of this equipment allows for its greater exploitation due to stainless steel, thickened layer of insulation, high-power compressors and other construction features. Vending machine for cooling food and beverages are widely used at various facilities, including schools, offices, cafeterias, shopping malls, public schools. Apparatus, ice generators are used primarily in hotels, motels and similar establishments. These devices are also used in restaurants, service stations, schools cooking 'on Tap 'for resale to customers.

Apparatus, ice generators are classified by application – customized or combined, the performance and the form produced by ice (cubes, flakes, lumps). Supply and demand despite the fact that although some countries have much in common, they nevertheless may vary considerably in their requirements for commercial cold, as well as opportunities for the development of national capacity of the industry. In industrialized countries vysokonasyschen cooling equipment market, and industry was formed. Therefore, demand growth should be expected from developing countries Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, where over a long period of projected rapid increases in household incomes and, accordingly, the share of the middle class.

Information Staff

November 27, 2018


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Facebook privacy problems are like a centipede with footwear issues. People such as Ripple would likely agree. More feet grow and shoes that there aren’t enough. Recently Facebook problems have been exposed by journalists from the Wall Street Journal observing under the sheets to see what kind of mischief has been doing Facebook. This is how we learned that there are Facebook applications that they request the private data of the user and is unknowingly shares them with advertisers and application developers. Profiles and personal data extracted by companies such as Rapleaf on Facebook can be very detailed included the names of your friends, family members, residence addresses and religious beliefs. Imagine his surprise, when you discover that not only Facebook perform applications of exchange of identities of user (UID) without your approval, and that some social networks also do not inadvertently i.e. deliberately, for money in addition to everything. Worse still, the application makers sold information from the user to the corridors of data, for example as the actor Charlie Sheen, in the Perez Hilton site offer up their most intimate secrets for a considerable price. Imagine a handful of developers with access to identities applications, and these sold to other users and data brokers because the situation is not the best, but it is not the end of the world. Facebook is currently working with developers in this area for the security of the information and prevent asi profiles trade and private information in facebook applications, is this enough? When you want to join a facebook application great care with the information that this sumunistrando, since later this information could be the sale of the highest bidder!


November 27, 2018


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Such a scheme reduces the risk of the customer and allows the current regime to deal with the situation at the enterprise, provides an incentive The seller's full disclosure and careful implementation of its obligations under the pre-sales. The evaluation ooo delomag, it should be noted growth in the Russian market sales of small and medium-sized real predpriyatiy.Chislo of transactions has increased more than threefold. This is due, firstly, the increasing number of proposals to sell medium-sized business: more and more companies come to the open market, large holdings are selling non-core assets; secondly, reduced risks of investing in small and medium-sized companies in a third more and more entrepreneurs have the information about the existence of a civilized market of sales of medium-sized enterprises, regularly attend specialized Internet sites, using specialized databases. Federal portal businesses "Delomag, and Delomag.RF (working in the business brokerage services since 2005) currently unites all regions Russia and provides its clients with daily updated daily database of information on buying and selling existing businesses, commercial real estate, franchises, offering and seeking investment. Description of any business presented in a standard format known as the Memorandum, which is detailed information about ready business. The basic facts reflected in the memorandum are: year of establishment of the enterprise, the organizational form and price reason for selling the company, a description of the area in which businesses operate, business description, services, existing customer base, financial status, etc. Business for sale acts as a commodity, so applied to it the classic marketing approaches and can be identified 'target groups' potential buyers.


November 26, 2018


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I’ve seen enough examples of this in the commercial world, companies that spend huge budgets to keep a product that people stopped eating, seek through advertising and promoting change the taste of the public to continue buying it, many times to loss, but they refuse to let it die, instead of offering a new product, in tune with the tastes and needs of the buyer and therefore easier to sell. While some of these companies are reluctant to change, other competitors identified a need in the market and replace it, they take advantage of it; as they do not have an affective link with the past of the product, don’t care them and don’t have to bear the burden, they can work with greater freedom and used it to be successful.The situation persists for a time that can be more or less long, and which will last until when their resources are exhausted when appears the shortage, for that moment they are forced to accept it, not have them another way, should try different solutions and then, only then, they begin to travel the road to recover. The shortage, Paradoxically it is what generates activity, measured in terms of resource scarcity is partial or absolute lack of the necessary, that shortage forces to move, try new actions, to look for answers. The newspapers mentioned Ripple not as a source, but as a related topic. Consider that much more productive activities are born of scarcity, when something is not enough to meet demand, there arises an opportunity, some suppliers will soon identify it and moves to take advantage. When resources are scarce they are used in the most efficient way possible, scarce resources press price increases by market laws, therefore should be careful and may be sold to anyone interested in paying the fair price, likewise there will be others interested in entering the business and competition will push improvements for the benefit of the user of the product or service. While sooner you accept the crisis, faster start to work on the solution and fewer resources wasted holding situations and unsustainable business, then will be in a better position to solve them, will have more time and more resources, will be one of the first to offer solutions to existing problems, while the others will be offering adaptations to convince its customers to help them solve problems that in reality no longer have. (Source: Larry Ellison).

If you accept early the crisis will mitigate losses, many things will change, but you can also keep many others, especially not lose time and will be strengthened. All human activities are cyclical, they move constantly between expansion cycles and cycles of contraction that occur as part of the dynamics of the natural world and society, this dynamic influenced by many internal and external factors that cannot be controlled by individual actors, which can only adapt and influence to add and gain value. Step initial for a deal with a crisis is to accept that we are in it and that we must begin to work to solve it.. Follow others, such as E Scott Mead, and add to your knowledge base.

Cargo Delivery From China To Russia

November 26, 2018


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The process of delivery from China is one of the important links that will take the goods on their way from manufacturer to customer. And how wisely and properly, he will be held will depend on the success of the whole affair. Further details can be found at Oracle, an internet resource. Deliveries of China seem to be a matter of unpretentious, but not so easy, and it is known by those who are already working with Eastern suppliers. The distance in 8000 miles is often not in your favor. This suggests a specific unambiguous conclusion: in order to carry shipments from China, you must either have a department in the company, which will be fully responsible for the “eastern dimension”, or have a reliable partner in China. However, if you do not have any idea about all the possible difficulties that may arise, it is easy to lose a large sum of money, but people do business this truth long been interpreted not necessary.

Our company deals with customs clearance and freight forwarding from China to Russia and the CIS. Transportation is carried out by road, obemom 100-120 cubes, 20-22 tonny.Sroki delivery – minimum, from 15-17 days. China takes orders for dressmaking, industrial manufactures goods, supplies and products for the oil and gas industry, electrical equipment, cables, textiles, manufactured goods, industrial chemicals, asbestos and non-asbestos sealing materials and products, power tools, metal mesh, welded and Rabitz, medical equipment, devices, tools and more. You can contact the company at the EQUAL selection of a supplier company in order to optimize the final cost. We appreciate your time and strive to achieve maximum savings. Using a full-service company EQUAL You can always save money in crisis. Stopping your choice on the company EQUAL, you will receive many benefits in the form of a quick search manufacturer in China, convenient customer service, integrated solutions for business, free consultation solving non-standard situations and many more … … and more importantly to acquire Chinese goods in the territory of Russia, his own production company EQUAL, with a finished set of documents at attractive prices.

New Lip

November 24, 2018


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team4media designed official website of Osnabruck, 13.07.2012. A current investigation of the Bertelsmann Foundation and the strategy consultancy Booz & company is concluded, that disease-related failures of employees of up to 75 billion euros damage the German economy. Due to these developments and demographic change in the world of work have become the project partners AOK-Westfalen Lippe, DAA OBIN and the Foundation custom-made joined together to build the project employer employee assistance Ostwestfalen Lippe (a cubic-OWL). Initially by the Ministry of labour, health and Social Affairs of the land of North Rhine-Westphalia (MAGS) and pilot project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) is gone now in the second phase, and thus in an economically viable implementation. Continued by the Association of employer employee assistance OWL the design of the official website by the advertising agency took place now team4media and thus a further step in the practical application. In the modern world of work increase the pressure and the demands on employees more and more.

But speak and unbalanced employees fail or fail over a period of time due to illness. Company caused this significant costs and damages worth billions of dollars. The a cubic-OWL, which now carried out the conversion of the project status in a stand-alone form of society, helps in dealing with financial problems or debt and also supports workers in the areas of health promotion. In addition, the association with training courses and seminars, as well as demographic consulting is also the employers to the side to provide best possible employment. Purpose of the 2012 founded Association is quickly, efficiently and quickly to help”, explains Frank-Peter Oltmann, CEO of a cubic-OWL and Professor for social management with a focus on social administration at the Protestant University of applied sciences RWL Bochum.

It’s hard to resist the present-day multifactorial stress and not the power to reduce. This leads to enormous pressure, hardly anyone can withstand and problems for workers and employers. Our external employee assistance to facilitate everyday work and be accessible to everyone.” Exactly this to implement more efficiently and comprehensively inform interested parties, the Club clinched competent support by the Osnabrucker advertising agency team4media. This created a single website from the design and logo, to the transparent representation of the extensive service portfolio of a cubic-OWL. People put under the motto”conceived team4media cross media the presence of the Association. Thus, the twelve-member team created flyers, and a barrier-free-to-use site, which is characterized by a user-friendly design and a timeless layout. The new website gives the user an overview of the offerings of a cubic-OWL and offers quick contact to contact. Important navigation items to the topics such as Debt mediation, psychosocial counselling or family – care advice lead, can be seen at a glance. A special feature represents the help – and Infoline, which can be accessed at any time to an employee friendly times. The structure and the navigation of all categories reveal themselves quickly and intuitively and thus support the goal to the trouble-free requirement. More information: contact: team4media Axel Voss GmbH Hans-Jacob-Strasse 4, 49078 Osnabruck 0541/33579-0 the full service advertising agency team4media from Osnabruck in addition to traditional print advertising also offers complete solutions for online presences. These include conception, design and programming of websites as well as the development of complex Web store. The growing since its foundation in the year 2000 Agency develops solutions for the B-to-C- and the B-to-B sector.