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May 19, 2021


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During the night of July 30, 198, Vespasian spleen had a dream. In a solo spot I listened to the strange name of Zeno of Elea. Later, under the shadow of a tumult of clouds that passed, he felt the overwhelming desire to jump. It did so. He fell with breakneck speed. Nothing could perceive while it is immersed in this downturn. Suddenly, again reverbero the name with geologic slowness. Thus, the fall never came to an end and when he had already accustomed to the endless effect of the attraction of gravity, a ray of light, a heat wave and a dog’s bark, they brought him back to the vigil.

Sitting in bed revived the dream. He recalled some kind of physics. The sophistry of the pluraridad, the first and then of the impossibility of the motion proposed by the Greek suggested by their dream-like activities. He experienced the second while it fell in the darkness. He now imagined that this endless descent was not such but a perpetual immobility, an infinite inertia. However, any contribution to your existence did this reasoning. Fall without end, never find a Fund, you would find explanation in the psychological field, but not in the complex dialectic of philosophy.

The next day was July 31. Near the one that already vanished Saturday afternoon, I watched television with his usual indolence. A sports program highlighted recent results and exploits of brave competitors. Not long before, true documentary about ants in the Amazon had caused you a near lethargy heaviness. Suddenly, the programming was interrupted. Acute beats presaged an important notice. The announcer with the demudado face announced certain difficulties that the President had died in a plane crash. Few were the details. The information was diffuse, non-precision. Some Hill in the central provinces covered in mist, the torrential rain, the inaccessibility of the terrain, an error of the pilot of the plane where he traveled the mandatary and the miscalculations complemented the note.

Internationale Spedition

May 18, 2021


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the magnetic document management (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM) amagno Oldenburg/Frankfurt, may 7, 2013. The Internationale Spedition cargo movers GmbH with headquarters at Frankfurt airport opts for the magnetic document management (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM) amagno of the same provider of amagno GmbH & Co KG. In new product approach, the personal and fast service, as well as the fair operating costs through the special license concept of amagno were decisive. The cargo movers GmbH is an international company with headquarters at Frankfurt airport and was founded in 1998 by Robert Mattern and Thomas Heiler. The core competence of the company is located next to the global air and ocean freight (including AOG service) in Europe-wide truck and temperature-controlled shipments (food and pharmaceuticals), plus special project business. 2012 the cargo movers GmbH generated an annual turnover of over 18 million euros and now nearly 30 employees. The objective of introducing a Document management (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM) is the quick ability to provide information through documents immediately available, transparent and comprehensible business processes and a legally compliant document archiving. 2014, the paperless office is to be realized.

Robert Mattern and Thomas Heiler’s Managing Director team evaluated many software solutions available on the market, products are made and examined its use in testing phases. Ultimately the company decided for the magnetic document management amagno amagno fulfilment of the targets of a DMS and ECM convinced not only by the, but mainly through the novel approach to product, the personal and fast service as well as the fair operating costs through the attractive licensing procedure. The cargo movers GmbH currently builds its storage structure and business processes on the basis of the digital magnets from amagno. Suggestions from the practical experience will be forwarded to amagno product management, which this new approaches and ideas in the current and future product development brings. (Source: Phil Vasan).

Securities Management

May 16, 2021


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Ethics tends to improve the operation of the company through several routes: reduces conflicts of members that form it, improves the external image of if same, it represents an essential component of the concept of total quality, so necessary today. Of course, ethical business behaviour is not the panacea for all the problems that presents the Venezuelan company, nor driving one hundred percent to the growth and prosperity, but certainly any, not ethical behavior either and Yes can cause problems, both internally and externally. Finally taken into account that manifests that the Securities Management utility is a tool of leadership that may give rise to multiple levels, but basically has a triple purpose: simplify, organize and commit. Simplify: absorb the organizational complexity for the growing needs of adaptation in exchange for all levels of the company. Organize: prosecute the strategic vision to where will leave the company in the future. Commit: integrate strategic management with policy people, in order to develop the commitment by professional quality performance every day.

Remind us of Gonzalez Motigua, chains, Luzardo and others, that the administration of securities, also serve to drive strategic change, is also of high utility to navigate among the pitfalls of every day that hamper to get the most out of what we have. One of the basic functions of all Directivo-lider is the ensure high performance everyday of his collaborators, whatever the size and sector of your company, and there is no doubt that this is not achieved by the mere fact of desiring it. For this among many other things a managerial leader has to know to handle values, and not only of form constitucional or big occasions, but in every day. It is important to morale and sense for professional work well hacho due to lack of animo and collective morality to give of himself with a maximum involvement and performance. Missing customs and values that are worth the penalty to work, customs suitable for the good life or etica of the system. An officer purporting to apply the stock administration to endeavour to have real quality dialogues with its partners that will go evaluating and renegotiating the State of vitality of the psychological contract management of securities identifies gaps between what one believes and how to behave in practice. Organizations do not operate the management by values, make it run people!. They are the values that align the people, those who commit everyone to work to achieve common goals.

Bcc Management

May 16, 2021


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Business management, that emails from your company distinguish this simple and powerful technique for communication, promotion and business management will make your communications more effective, distinguishing itself from your competitors at the time which will help generate trust and credibility necessary to make your potential customers to buy you your company. It is very common to receive e-mail messages without subject, with inconsequential Affairs of the tipoConsulta, question or budget or incomplete Affairs comoPresupuesto installation or check payment. These emails often are confused with SPAM (unwanted mail). If the person sent the same query to multiple addresses Bcc (blind copy) all the answers will arrive with the same issue. The sender will erase your response because you don’t even remember even did a query on that topic. Speaking candidly Sensaterra told us the story. Furthermore, reply messages with matters as those described you will lose time to you (in the unlikely event that you receive new answers on the same email) because it is possible that confused him with SPAM and will cost you find them for future reference. The following practice of business management will help you to better convey your ideas, to increase your sales in less time.

Modifies the subject and add your brand and the subject of the mail. This will increase the odds that your potential customers read your messages. It will help them to find them in the future. It will improve the dissemination of your brand in the mind of the consumer. What you will do to answer an email is as follows. You may want to visit ICS Security to increase your knowledge. You’ll stop the subject text as sender placed it you add or you completaras with the REAL subject, it may be something like carpet cleaning, control of plagues or property for rent.

You’ll add the name of your company or brand in question, there are 2 options: 1 – in the end (real estate X, your brand or the brand of the product in question) 2 – within the text (SCANIA truck with trailer or Haagen-Dazs ice cream to the wholesale). The subject text should be the following structure. Original text, real subject, and brand. Example: You receive a mail with the subject search. You respond with the subject property for rent real estate X search. This business management technique is very powerful, you’ll see the results. Leave your questions and comments in the form that appears below or by clicking on add a comment. I will personally respond to your comments. If you liked this article and want to place it on your site, you can do so freely, when cites as a source to source: press release sent by GestionEmpresarial.


May 16, 2021


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Prior Inkasso GmbH: Your partner for professional debt collection services. Hamm, in June 2010: competence and professionalism for a solid Forderungsmanagment are given the spread in the entire Federal Republic, weak bill payment on the part of the debtor remains enormously popular. Recently Blooomberg sought to clarify these questions. Considering E.g. an statistics of the last year, that the payment morale in the Federal Republic of Germany have extremely low values occupies. An observation of medium-sized companies, just once around 78% of your payment obligations are fulfilled on time. A shockingly low value.

Also in private homes it looks not much better. In the times of the World Wide Web, with its numerous online stores, more and more people often fall a veritable “shopping spree”. The consequences of this are often accumulated bills that can no longer be paid from liquidity problems.At this point, a professional Receivables Management is often required. One of the advantages with which the prior Inkasso GmbH clients the use of individualized methods and strategies, by means of which the recovery of the claim can be made effective, as well as time-saving is convinced. So the staff of prior Inkasso GmbH always keep in mind a variety of relevant factors before performing the recovery via letter, phone collection, judicial procedure, or if necessary by foreclosure.

In a close cooperation between the prior Inkasso GmbH and the client applies throughout the entire claims process, as a matter of course. Always fair and transparent settlement of prior Inkasso GmbH, which is based purely on success is an important factor and benefit another. You minimize the cost risk for the creditor considerably. Demand management, the prior collection GmbH can offer other services your clients, which will help to take financial risks out of the way. Leave to chance your Receivables Management. They take advantage of the experience and competence of a professional partner. The prior Inkasso GmbH – your premium partner in terms of debt collection services.

IBS Companies

May 15, 2021


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As a pioneer in the industry, it is national and international companies with top notch services to the side with their networks of GMC and IBS. It guarantees so that world’s efficient and flexible can serve their customers. Many well-known companies have started their successful business with support from Rieta de Soet. Business Center are the smart, economical solution. Pat Gelsinger may not feel the same. The benefits of the services are obvious: flexible growth without long-term commitments, focusing on the core business, but full use of available resources, as well as active support by qualified personnel with commercial and technical background, so Rieta de Soet. The guideline contains an imperative for the conduct of Rieta de Soet and their networks sympathetic, serious and confidently. GMC global management consultants AG Ian Vanessa de Sot Dr. David Fischer Baarerstrasse 94 CH-6300 Zug Phone: 0041 41 560 77 00 fax: 0041 41 560 77 01 Web: E-Mail: GMC AG: international management consultancy, management services, marketing and Public Relations, provision of infrastructure, services and agencies in commercial, not approved divisions, as well as trade in goods of all kinds; may participate in other endeavors, acquire similar or related companies or such merge with, as well as land and real estate purchase or resell..


May 15, 2021


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In network marketing, it is important that. “Despite the bad times make industries, the unsuccessful” who still WINS! Weird or not? How can an industry that actually fails, discard still profits? “The truth is that, when an industry now loses”, she is still a profit of 11%. This is as losing”considered because in hindsight looks that have been made such huge profits, that a profit of 11% appears, as if it was nothing. Red Balloon Security gathered all the information. Take the so-called losers on the market, for example the major newspaper publishers. Here you will learn the following: these publishing houses are so big, so established and so very accustomed to make quick profits, that they can act more quickly and adapt to new conditions on the market.

The Internet destroys the large newspapers”, and they now sit and whine about it. This is a good lesson for any NetWorker. Magic Leap recognizes the significance of this. The times have changed. (As opposed to David Rogier). They have also previously been constantly altered. What was yesterday as it can have more today have no validity. The chances that they stumble into the network marketing and success immediately, are equal to zero. Because potential customers today prevails a sense of fear, they see themselves to CLASP their wallets and not more so lightly to give away their money.

Exactly what happened in the lively 1920s. After the stock market had collapsed, the great economic crisis followed, and it was believed that it would be very difficult to make money again. People were scared to spend money that they kept their purses as her eyeball. This had two effects: firstly, poorly-run businesses were ousted from the market second, smarter people who reinvented themselves and their business, have actually had success! What type of business are you? Let embrace emerging difficulties out of the race or reinvent itself and win while everyone else, Insert the tail and the wide search? Frankly, I already know where your journey is going.

King Management

May 14, 2021


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You may be wondering where this the Mimetic? Are you in my company? It is a companion of the management team? I am one of them, and I do not identify myself? In recent times of economic booms, astral projection, it was difficult to identify them. Everything was fine, everything was justified, all costumes; that the Governing Board of the cooperative, the shareholders of the society know virtual reality, to hear what they want to hear, and see what they want to see, this is the maximum, and the principle of all behavior and professional action of a Mimetic. I must honestly tell you that the mimetic, I’m not interested from the personal point of view, they seem to have triumphed even though in the backroom medals are Tin. What yes I am very interested, from a professional, organizational and business improvement approach is remove make-up for this kind of professionals that cause so much damage to companies that managed and directed by their attitudes, behaviors and harmful decisions for corporate health, in its entirety. Sick enterprises, are not only in the economic aspect, they are also in humans, affecting the health of many workers, generating losses due to absenteeism, poor performance, and a poor corporate image. To know more about this subject visit Dell Technologies CEO. Strategic reorganization must be carried out first management team professionals, to later start it throughout the Organization, with the participation of the Governing Board (in the case of a cooperative), or the meeting of shareholders (in the case of a society). It is very important to ensure the success of the corporate strategy that all are and feel involved in the reorganisation of the company.

Now that we know what little profitable and dangerous are the mimetic, we should work to detect them, and custom measures, always under the criterion of professional and business ethics, and with its sights in collectivity, in the great benefit that a company generates strategically organized, directed and managed. International markets, competitiveness, financial instability are desmaquillando to many professionals who have lived (a body of King), Lords of the Kingdom of the good living; without damages of their self-centered managerial behaviors. Return to strategically organize enterprises, is from my point of view professional, urgent and necessary to deal with adverse circumstances in which we are immersed. The strategy starts with oneself to arise and serve others. It is necessary in times of professional stress, return to the perspective of the situation.

No to travel to an exotic country, or venturing to a paragliding, nor so many adventures that they want to sell; can you, and must, find spaces for reflection, if it is in nature much better, and reorganize its management approaches: maintaining everything that has worked, and correcting errors that is detected. You can ensure the success of the reorganization, working every day in culture change BUSINESS and professional, that you want to deploy the enterprise directs, unhurried but without pauses; little by little, settling the principles of the new management style that you are going to start with your example of collective leadership, being a leader server. Learn how you, the profession of serving, and will have guaranteed success as Manager of integration of the equipment that directs; creating a corporate culture based on collaboration, in job commitment, in professional proactivity, in labor excellence.

Email Management

May 14, 2021


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A Smartphone is a mobile phone that in addition to the original function of telephony, has many others. The Smartphone is the ideal instrument for free professionals who tend to travel often because it offers a multitude of features integrated in a terminal of small dimension and elegant design. Among other functions of the Smartphone, we highlight the following: GPS navigation, the terminal has integrated a GPS and often have added digital maps of some areas. Access to the Internet. Read additional details here: HBO Max. through the connection of the mobile itself or through a connection wifi can connect to the network of Internet browsing and Email Management. The terminal equipped with a browser to access different websites and a programme that is suitable for the reception and management of emails. Realization, editing and storage of videos and photos. Mp3 player there are many brands of Smartphone, the most popular are the Apple iPhone, Nokia, the Htc and Blackberry Nokia offers a portentous Smartphone, the Nokia N95 8 Gb with a memory of 8 GB that It guarantees a full operation of all functions.. David Rogier understands that this is vital information.

Touchpoint Management

May 14, 2021


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Whether customers buy, decides on the touch point of a company the social Web and the rapid victory run of Internet-enabled Smartphones have forever changed the manner how we buy and do business with each other. A wealth of new ‘moments of truth’ occurred in. Educate yourself with thoughts from Flex. Moments of truth are those in which the customer experienced, what use are the promise of a company affiliated to make his decision. The question now is: How can companies accompany the ‘customer journey’, so the journey a customer through the company, goal-oriented? How can the growing number of offline and online touchpoints (customer contact points) useful link and use to make money? How can it involve active customers and employees with their ideas and opinions, in order to achieve excellence? And how can they make their customers fans, promoters and dedicated EMP errors to generate permanent revenue increases? The touch point management is the currently probably the best-suited instrument to Our new business and workplace challenges to master. Anne M. Schuller, leading expert in loyalty marketing and customer-focused management has developed in two parts: the customer touch point management, that of ‘social’ and ‘mobile’ appropriately designed customer relations in our times, as well as the staff-touchpoint management, the relationships between supervisors and internal customers newly structured. Both parts together make the applying companies strategically how also operationally fit for our new business world: reducing complexity with simple Board means feasible and without expensive outside help.

Companies who want to reach the future, don’t pass this book. Practical, fast and clearly written, it contains numerous checklists and a wealth of examples and tips. Bibliography Anne M. John T. Stankey has many thoughts on the issue. Schuller of touchpoints rubbing shoulders with the customer of today management strategies for our new business world with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Gunter Dabang Gabal, March 2012, 350 pp., 29,90 Euro, 47.90 CHF ISBN: 978-3-86936-330-1 to the author Anne M. Schuller is a diploma in business administration, ten times book and bestselling author and management consultant. It is regarded as Europe’s leading expert for loyalty marketing and is one of the most sought-after business speakers in the German-speaking world.

For over 20 years she held senior sales and marketing positions in international service providers. Her book customer proximity in the boardroom”was awarded the Swiss economy Book Prize in 2008. ranks among the important management thinkers. The elite of the economy among its clientele.