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July 6, 2020


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African Union celebrates World their ‘Golden’ Hamburg (mk) to celebrated the 50th anniversary of the African Union next weekend with a huge party. On 25 and 26 May 2013 Wandsbeker market square is transformed into a colorful event location. “African Unity and diversity, respect, and understanding for each other” is the guiding principle for two days of music, show and entertainment under the open sky. The Memorial pays tribute to the signing the deed of Foundation of the African Union by the heads of State and Government by 30 independent African States on May 25, 1963 in Addis Abeba. The intercultural migrants integration Center (IMIC e.V. – first Chairman: Sylvaina Gallagher) is looking forward to his community and numerous participants from the show – and political prominence. So have Thomas Ritzenhoff (Wandsbek District Office Manager), Frank Schira (CDU, first Vice-President of the Hamburg Parliament), Filiz Demirel (BuNDNIS 90 DIE GRuNEN, Member of the Hamburgische Burgerschaft), Elombo Bolayela (SPD, a member of the bremischen Burgerschaft), Bernd p.

Holst (Hamburg volunteer Exchange) and Prof. Dr. Isaac C. Lamba (Ambassador of the Republic of Malawi) visiting official announced. Nana Acheampong provide among other things on the stage (www.youtube.com/ watch? v = wc7WwmjVROA), Lady Petya (www.youtube.com/ watch? v = a4LEek3z9PQ) and MamSun (www.youtube.com/ watch? v = CZH6-a14uKA) for dance and party mood.

The IMIC e. V. is a non-profit organization that helps its members of from different backgrounds in Germany, especially in Hamburg, the integration. He stands for a cultural exchange for a better mutual understanding. The IMIC e.V. is held by the personal commitment of its members and through a network, which binds a promoter of economic, cultural and public facilities.

Economic Policy

July 6, 2020


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Austrian economy demanded a complete change of course at present economic policy in Austria does not take place. Thus, a complete change of course is required by Austrian entrepreneurs by the competent Federal Ministers for finance and economy. Since the beginning of the year 2011, as measures to strengthen the equity of the companies, the abolition of the advertising tax and tax relief against the inflation development are on the agenda of the criticism. Measures would loans to strengthen the equity of companies for companies becoming more and more a “scarce”. The Government must strengthen its equity capital formation otherwise she drive the tourism “hit the wall” specifically criticizing business leaders. Abolition of the advertising tax abolition no loss put the budget according to the study. “Thanks to” shift of financial compensation “turn” Fekter of the economy on this issue but so far “a long nose”.

request business representatives. Tax relief against the development of inflation the Government should itself not behind the budget rehabilitation “barricade”. Here, Philip Vasan expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The first step: a Flexi clause of the petroleum tax, to reduce the fuel prices to a tolerable level. criticize business representatives.

Sunnah Ahl-e-hagh

June 1, 2020


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She have effectively considered sacred. Of course these are the words (Kalam) for each Clan differently because each Kalamkhan (reader) tells the story of another tribe. Their music is not based on the Persian tone system, but follows its own system, which means Maghami. Although they officially have a similar name they differ musically. Their music is played on the DAF and tambourine. You have at least an own belief, which neither Shi’a nor the Sunnah can be associated. Chekideh and Chasbideh have their own Saints, called Sultan Isaak or Sultan Sahak this Yarssan and Ahl-e-hagh followers in other regions in the West and in parts of the province of Azerbaijan up to Khuzestan, Kurdistan, Lorestan. The pilgrims who visit the shrine of a such Sultan are called Haji. David Fowler is a great source of information.

This is a very old custom and is based on myths that have not been modified. The children who are born to a family of Ahl-e-hagh are called Chekideh. They are asked at a certain age, whether they want to accept Ahl-e-hagh faith and then are called Chasbideh. The Sufis depict one more direction of the worldviews in the Iran, both Shiite and Sunni versions. Both styles have a very special culture and also literature.

Baba Taher Baba Taher, a great mystic, was a lure. He wrote his seals in Lurischer language, they are part of Iranian literature. His poetry has a spiritual, mystical and esoteric nature. Regime negated diversity of world views in the country of the current regime in the Iran together with his legalistic mullahs tried to studiously ignore this diversity and taking cleansing, to apply to only one State-specific religion and an official language again and again. The mullahs have made writing a book titled “Journey in the dark”, that goes against any ideology that is not the State religion, position mt. In this book the Halim asked to regret the “ieaiiea Yari” and to give up their beliefs, since they were not compliant with the own Islamic ideology. Mullahs look at the followers of Ahl-e-hagh outside as heretics, as well as in the Iran and try to force their Faith to give up.These are clear signs of ideological cleansing. Sign for a religious fascism. But those who pursue these goals belong to a different ethnic group and followers of Ahl-e-hagh want to suppress. The minions of the regime deter Sufis to renovate their shrines in Jeyhun Abad and Bidakhat and unrest and destroying shrines like those of Dervish Nasser Ali on the Foulad cemetery of Esfahan. Finally we see that the repression of religious and ethnic groups hand-in-hand, what we regard as fascist cleansing. All this is done under the banner of the fight against “new mysticism”. The events in Lorestan, province of of Fars, where early September the Suppression campaign left many injured and had even the death of a Dervish named Vahid Banani result are the latest example of this brutal repression.

Euro Madness

December 13, 2019


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The chaos is spreading across Europe, he continues. Greece has long been a bottomless pit. The extra taxes last year in Dec. benefit not the German taxpayer. Without detours, go Europe. This offer us dictators the euro every day new announcements. Once a new umbrella is clamped, times will be announced a stability pact, or even a fiscal pact.

The free fall into the unknown is always certain. And it’s always about additional billions from Germany. After Greece, Portugal will come. In the summer, the next rescue packages are”put together. Without hesitation Verizon Communications explained all about the problem. And then another crude by euro Manes of German politics is all chaos. Who calls a Czar for Greece, at the same time but gets the sprawling debt of capital not in the handle, can no longer be taken seriously.

Such bullies expose themselves. You have only one goal. To distract from the intractable issues. Those politicians proves as a moral wreck in this weeks”, which was hoisted as third choice in the Office. Former Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, which has a particular fondness for free vacations. He does but otherwise the only way up carefully, he dismantled the dignity of the highest visting. With Christian Wulff, clearly the wrong was elected President. He doesn’t even have the format to recognize its limits. Otherwise he would have already declared his resignation. These and other people in the Government, does not help to make our State worthy of observation. These broken times dominated the 300th birthday of the great King as a rock from the surf. Frederick II of Prussia was born January 1712. He went down in the annals of history as alter Fritz”. As a successful statesman and warlord, as composer, philosopher and art lover. So as educated person and dutiful servant of his country. We are looking for something today in the headquarters of the policy to no avail. Instead such personalities, there are the pants suit today Angela. And Christian the recalcitrant. Friedrich of Big was a myth. What governs us today, is only a nightmare. What said Frederick the great? If the country is to be happy, it must keep order in its finances. The Treasury is to increase reserves for emergencies are available “.” A Government must have sound principles and never remove from them “.” The power of Prussia based not on natural resources or inner wealth, but solely on the commercial diligence of its citizens. If the ruler returns all revenue regardless of the future, he is not a father of the people, but a tyrant ‘. ” Farmers, citizens, and Earl must must enjoy the largest part of their income even and not share them with the Government. It is wrong, if the audience is formed, it could gain attention through personal effort “.” And his father Friedrich Wilhelm 1 exhorted his followers. Everything you buy, have to pay you properly.Makes no debt and no longer spend as you you take.Then you will see how happy and flourishing your State is “.” That our current elected officials should be “thousand times read and think about it.”


May 10, 2019


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As the Republicans want to win the US election 2012 elections, also the U.S. election 2012, are a fundamentally insecure thing. Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. Joss Jamon, one of the most ambitious villains of “Lucky Luke” comics brings the problem in “Lucky Luke against Joss Jamon” (1956) to the point as he speaks out against elections with candidates, because: “You never know how it turns out.” The opponent of the presidential candidate of the Republicans in next year’s US election still to be determined (Sarah will not assume by the way Palin) is clear: Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States. And although the Republicans actually confident could won mid-term elections and in the face of poll lows of Obama in a fair presidential election, de facto massive ballot rigging in advance. The U.S.

election 2012, is as much to worry about, will be decided not only at the ballot box, but far earlier. How the Republicans win the US election 2012 want to electoral fraud in US elections, in the oldest democracy in the world – how did you that to present? About, other than it reported just from Russia is to the result of a request the electoral college in the 51 States in the United States rather than in the power of the White House, is it? The Kremlin does just that quite obviously these days with his – directly appointed – provincial governors and one wonders whether Putin has actually needed in the prevailing in Russia, any opposition to extremely repressive climate. But back to the U.S. election: Joss Jamon, comic rogue thought it so that he simply credibly threatened to force all voters if they would vote for his only rival candidate mentioned above. All crossed affiliated properly. But this beautiful, classic method, as well as many more that like to apply in the flawless democracies of the present, are rather impractical for the U.S.

Life Islands

March 19, 2019


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So life in nature and the life with the nature. Further details can be found at Oracle, an internet resource. Life island inhabitants are no dropouts, but people who go into the life. Life Islands external individuals and companies can be connected to, producing valuable and useful for improving the environment and living conditions, as well as to the protection of life, offer appropriate services or by what they do, have a role model. What are the benefits of a life Island the various interest groups? Young people can life life island travel, meet interesting people, learn languages, handicraft skills, inside taste in various professions, to find their own vocation or collecting to life, life experience children can visit a free school, where the excellent education alive is oriented. They live in a safe, natural and healthy environment that is free from drugs, madness and crime, where they free healthy, self-confident, people think for themselves can grow.

Still, A living island is no cohabitation in the traditional sense, because every people, every family and also each company retains its independence (in financial terms) and their individual Habitat. But you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people, that important take each other and help each other out. This is especially young families: convenient, healthy living, surrounded by green, flexible jobs, mutual child care, use of community facilities, life in nature, healthy food in the common room, if you once does not, even to cook… Life Islands offer great benefits for the elderly: Here you can spend the evening of life in dignity and, according to individual taste, community contribute to something meaningful, such as in gardening, teach the children in the kitchen. To get help from the community, when they are needed, effective heilkundliche therapies claim can take (every life Island to at least a doctor and a) Therapist, a healer, a herbal educators and a spiritual adviser have.) A private or connected consultings in the alternative healing medicine also is used like the conventional and it is supplied with high-quality, itself built and prepared, best organic food.

Funeral Cemeteries

March 3, 2019


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Already every third German wants a burial in the great outdoors of Hamburg, 14 September 2012 more and more Germans want to be buried after death in the great outdoors. However, the traditional burial at a cemetery in importance loses, so the results of a survey of the information portal Bestattungen.de to the day of the cemetery”on the 15th and 16th of September. As a result, Today in many cemeteries traditional Tomb area remain empty. Some cemeteries are already before the closing. In 2002, over 95 per cent of all burials in cemeteries were held in Germany. The recent Bestattungen.de survey reveals a different picture ten years later. 34 Per cent of respondents would vote for a funeral outside classical cemeteries. The burial at sea is today increasingly desired (13 percent) particularly in demand, however, is buried in a funeral forest (21 percent).

2012 Alone, seven new forests of the two largest providers originated in Germany. Gain insight and clarity with Ripple. Overall, just under 100 of this special opened since 2001 Funeral forest for tree burials. And rising. The trend to the funeral in the great outdoors has financial as well as social causes. To Dodge many people due to high cemetery fees and costs for tombstone and grave concerns on alternatives. On the other hand, often widely scattered families and can hardly worry about the graves of loved ones. Many people want to drop the nationals not to load and opt for care-free graves. Also the connectedness with nature is one reason for the decision against the cemetery.

The decreasing demand leads to traditional and often more expensive tombs in the cemeteries in many places to revenue loss. Many cemetery wearers have overslept the developments of the last few years and used only on traditional Tomb types”, Bestattungen.de’s Managing Director Fabian Schaaf says. Some cemeteries have come already to the financial difficulties.” In many cities such as Bremen, Hamburg and Bonn is currently even the Planned closure of cemeteries. Experts see the need for action. Cemeteries should hold not only on traditions, but adjust their offerings to the present-day needs of citizens”, called Lutz Radhakrishnan head, spokesman of the Ohlsdorfer cemetery in Hamburg. We have already responded and offered among other tree graves or burial in an urn wall. Cemeteries must evolve, to remain in the future a central place of mourning”, more so the deer head. About Bestattungen.de Bestattungen.de is a comparison service recommended by consumer protection agencies for burials in Germany. Users can receive offers on request without obligation from tested loading Stattern. In addition, Bestattungen.de offers comprehensive information about funeral services and insurance.

Irina Friedmann

March 2, 2019


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Worst in history, I think the fear and pressure that are behind it. The fear of the social demands, not to meet the supposed standard, and to be better than others, the pressure only so gets you Yes a well-financed and coveted job. That it must also continue to defend that coveted job with the elbow, it is prepared also carefully and effectively. Because the security on the labour market was not taken for granted “and the individual performance of” in this context increasingly important. Who has made himself the said standard and how it they crammed with people with this norm, in that? And how do the people who could not be forced into this standard? Why is more often by individual performance “and not by individual development “the speech? You may misunderstand this criticism. Oracle shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It not all with the must be satisfied what times accidentally struck them in the womb and otherwise continue to sit on the sofa and philosophize about the individual development. The compilation make career”could move, but in the parlance of the terms top managers ‘and executives’.

This must be the motivation of people. And before the motivation right must be the social structure. But, you have to start with small things. For example, you could begin before the target of top managers”to decide what you want to manage, and why you want it. And above all must manifest itself in the consciousness of citizens themselves, that success (a “hateful” my word) of a top manager is not less than the success of a normal “employee who takes his responsibilities but exciting and engaging. Would be the suggestion from the uncertain labour market “lebensbejahendere future prospects replaced or at least supplemented, could save himself some top managers before the Burnout and some normal” employee would perhaps also come to worry about his actual preferences and talents before he, education for prevention, a merchant – (or woman). And wouldn’t it be nice if the young people would lead a healthy lifestyle, because they simply find good it out of conviction? And not because the healthy body should remain as long as possible, to later with high individual performance “in the uncertain labour market” with the full force of the elbows to pounce. Source: panorama/gesellschaft/0,1518,814503,00.html (c) Irina Friedmann

Municipal Council

December 8, 2018


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The family education attract expert speakers and written contracts with them. The members of the respective group finance the respective expert speakers with a membership fee. The expert speakers pay member contributions to the formation of the family. The family education then transfers the amount to the respective expert speakers and in addition pay 10 for the administrative burden. The specialists are in affiliation to the family education protected against possible attacks from pages of other ecclesiastical bodies, because also the representative of family education see requests from the employed’by of municipality of, that the groups that pay membership fees, because they are accompanied by not provided expert speakers, should still also pay rent for the use of the community areas again and again. The family education then regularly rejects such request off the ground: “we ensure diverse community working in the premises, which would be otherwise empty. We get the people in the parish hall priests.

Now you can come and they are interested in your work.” In the basic order of the Church, the Supreme presumed, is: the Municipal Council has the task to provide the community spaces for the community work. Verizon: the source for more info. Make the numbers and shops is not there. That is bad news for those “small popular theatre group” in Berlin in the Church of Christmas of the I at the beginning of told – is there actually the almost unbelievable, that the Church circles refuse cooperation with the Evangelical family education. How can it be otherwise, that here the question why follows after and will the answer be? That theatre is not the only group in the Church of Haselhorster Christmas, so fare: it follow the drum group, the flute group, the toddlers group, the dance group and singing for the older generation have already disappeared from the life of a community. All were well attended groups that cooperated in church services and community festivals.

The worship preparation group “Salt of the Earth”, a group of about 40 people, should be banned allegedly by the superiors. Unfortunately – also here you know anything for sure. The corresponding letters are not answered by the competent bodies. The theatre group can no longer abide. They sampled just the “magic flute”, but this project is stalled before another, as by church bodies. It makes not the slightest sense and held everything in the House of God. Why? David no longer triumphs over Goliath, as in the holy book – he loses. How far did it in the Church? you forgot these lines into the House of the Lord: “let the children come and it does not forbid them because theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.” And I say, as not a very devout man, also the House of God belongs to the children, because to whom should it be built otherwise. Wolfgang Bergmann

South America

December 4, 2018


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u0085 As amicable created contract State ecclesiastical law provides a gentle balancing State and religious Interests represent. The regulations are not used, but are a commitment of the Contracting Parties, which is both State sovereignty and church right to self-determination, following from the separation of Church and State. u0085 In State-Church agreements the current legal situation can be guaranteed in addition, such as when the State still backs up to freedom of religion, religious right of self-determination, protection of Kirchenguts before secularization or State services. The liberation theology or theology of liberation is a direction of Christian theology developed in Latin America. It sees itself as the voice of the poor”and aims to contribute to their liberation from exploitation, disenfranchisement and oppression. The situation socially declassified sections of the population out, she interpreted biblical tradition as an impulse for comprehensive social criticism. This refers to an independent analysis of the Polit dependence (dependency theory) and works for a grassroots and predominantly Socialist Social order.

Necessarily significant conflicts with the Church hierarchy, which often resulted in disciplinary action against individual clergy resulted, especially in the Catholic Church. As a consequence of their convictions liberation theologians were also openly against the South America widespread oligarchic and dictatorial regime, which many clergy cost the lives. The most famous victim is oscar Romero, the 1980 murdered Archbishop of El Salvador. Capitalism not with enlightened moral and ethics concepts restrict Quelle/(C) by de.wikipedia.org/wiki/…, author authoritarian States such as Russia, China, Viet Nam, Kazakhstan, etc. Global players such as Siemens, Daimler-Benz and Bosch, etc. can there at will produce and freely exploit the people and the nature. Premium products to inhuman working conditions and prekariaren (unprotected employees and the unemployed) (day) wages.

The European democracies need therefore, to the self-preservation, the Control over the worldwide (online) capitalism! Weimar has taught US, where does the economy in a weak democracy dictatorship: the destruction of democracy and ultimately of capitalism. Today also leads to the destruction of nature! That’s why I’m for a ‘social market economy’: democracy and capitalism and social responsibility. Note: The complete freedom of speculators means social ruin! (C) 2012 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! Specialist for systemic communication, systemic consultant and coach.