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SECO Service

April 28, 2016


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It is impressive to see the people contracting people without the lesser condition of knowledge, without equipment it appropriates – do and using market products. If it does not have to wash that is to apply humidity to a surface rvestida in fabric that cannot be dries in conditions of natural ventilation. They dry of inside for it are, finishing with spots d' water (yellow) edegradando its interior.If the service will not be preceded by an microaspiration that it takes off before wetting the dust, microscopical dust and other particles, the spots comes back in few days, therefore the dirt that deceu with the humidity comes back. The correct service is to remove the maximum of the dirt in staple fibres of the fabric, and to make a really superficial laudering that treats the spots. It exists specific products for such, however the price is more expensive, making with that some people for greed or lack of information, proceed from wrong form. Another very great damage when of the execution of this service it is the inadequate use of brushs that promote consuming of staple fibres very of fabrics. I have seen people to rub weaveeed of banks of vehicles, as it was a rustic floor. (o) when of the execution of these services is intent..

Unified Services Taxi

April 24, 2016


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The entire evaluation process is accompanied by a voice menu. To select the assessment you need to press the corresponding number from 1 to 5 on the phone. These data are recorded in our system, and we distribute the taxi for you as follows: – If you rate the driver to 5 ("excellent") – he will be assigned to your order in the first all subject to its location in your area. – If you rate a 4 ("good"), this taxi driver will also receive your orders, if it is in your area, and no drivers with a rating of "excellent". – If you rate a 3 ("Satisfactory") – the driver will carry out your orders only when no other area in your car. – If the service you did not like, and you put him 2 ("unsatisfactory"), a taxi driver had not will be assigned to your order. – What if you gave him the mark 1 ("bad") – this equates to the complaint and the driver will be forever removed from your order.

Thus, a 5-point rating scale allows each client to find candidates for his preference of unlimited database serving his crew (driver / car). Low scores our customers do not weed out suits their personnel and vehicles, and Taxi drivers classified in this category, narrow range of its customers and to lower the bar of its revenue. Exposing the higher grades, service users provide a more qualified staff and modern drivers machines than stimulate the desire among staff to serve passengers at a high standard. Due to the fact that such an evaluation system is unique and even taxi drivers anywhere in the world does not practice, we are with you pioneers in introducing the necessary, in our opinion, the options are. Therefore, we ask you sincerely – to actively support this effort, create yourself available facilities and get pleasure from using the services of the Unified Services Taxi! Taxis in Tula

Social Service

April 19, 2016


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The Val my person who orientates, for the incentive, patience and understanding stops with me. The Patrician coordinator of course, and to all the professors who had contributed for the knowledge acquired in this trajectory in my life. The Lea Andrade, for the support given in this period of course end. We have the right to be equal when our difference in inferioriza; we have the right to be different when the equality deprives of characteristics in them. Bernard Golden often expresses his thoughts on the topic. BOAVENTURA OF SOUZA SAINTS SUMMARY This work has for objective to analyze the contributions of the family in the process of socialization of children with syndrome of Down.

It is given to special prominence to the intervention of the professionals of Social Service next to the carrying children of mental patologias and its familiar ones. This study it still emphasizes the necessity of a bigger knowledge of the family for the acceptance of the son with deficiency, what it will be able to reflect in the improvement of the development of these children. The base for the elaboration of this study was the Association of Parents and Bonanza Friends of – the APAE, located in the city of Salvador-BA. The used methodology was of exploratrio character, of qualitative nature how much to the ways of inquiry it are used the experience story. On the basis of searched literature is possible to affirm that the birth of a child with Syndrome of Down provokes in the family imediatistas reactions as shock, sadness or disillusionment, but that, on the other hand, it awakes for an adaptation to the requirements and the demanded cares. Moreover, importance of the family in the life of a child with Syndrome of Down is observed it, in the direction to contribute for the affective, social and cognitivo development. that the social assistant plays a basic role in the measure where it is one of the responsible ones for the minimizao of the suffering in such a way of the children how much of its familiar ones, as for the emotional support that they need.

Dating Service

April 19, 2016


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Many women in our country recently seen in a marriage with foreigners excellent opportunity to arrange his personal life. It is no secret after all, that the economic situation in our country is not very satisfactory. For this reason, many women and dare to be registered, "Dating." Others also think about the opportunity. Of course, that many questions arise about how well can they find a husband abroad and how to get real opportunity to marry a foreigner. On this occasion, it's safe to say that actually in the Ukraine at this time the boom in this area.

Yes it is true that the Slavic women are very popular as candidates for a wife. They are valued and a gentle disposition, and for beauty, and for the ability to cook. And many more, you can list the positive qualities of our women. They create a sharp contrast with the very demanding and emancipated Western women. Hence the popularity of the west. But here we should make a reservation, and that not all men want to start a family. Some seek only to meet new people. It is helpful to note that there some uncertainty and caution in the dating and the part of our girls and women.

They think that it is necessary to have model looks, or they will be rejected. That this can be answered? Yes, in some least some marriage agencies really prefer to register themselves with the candidates more "model" than the simple, ordinary. They believe that not everyone has a real chance to find love abroad. But the experience shows more. You can specify a lot of cases in which neither age nor appearance did not prevent a successful device to their personal lives. Acquire a family fortune and found himself loved women with a rather controversial foreign data, which caused very many eyebrows. And then had to change my views on this issue. Find your love is possible for everyone. Therefore, in doubt and must be discarded. One can also note a positive direction regarding such marriages. The standard of living abroad is really above our own. Still lives there, calm, stability and our own. That is what it is. So, be sure that your desire and optimistic mood marriage to a foreigner will turn the dream into reality.

Service Employees

April 14, 2016


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And, at least for a strong, free, advanced, flexible women's family is not necessary. The family may be her pleasant, interesting, but it can perfectly live without it. On the other hand, the myth that women need family tenacious and effective. This myth is so "tight" so permeated our lives and all our mind, that he became almost a reality. The girls experienced and experience when not to get married, and no clever arguments can not reassure them. And what joy, what an event for which the wedding! And if she does not become a philosopher, she argues that her family needed. And the guy yet.

The family is need a girl, not boy. The years, he had married, she had already given birth. And what is the balance of interest in the family? As a rule, remained the same. Of course, the man with the age of ever more in need of a family, a family comfort, but the fact is that at least fifty years before it had great choices of women. He needs a family, but not in a particular woman, because it involved women – lot. And he may choose.

And it wife – not, precisely, its selection is more limited. * For the majority of it is limited to only: with the husband or no. Find a man – please, but my husband … Dating Service Employees talk about the problems of their clients. 20-25 years – a boys, no girls. 30-40 years a lot of women, men are completely absent. (As recognized by the consultant: "If suddenly we call a man of this age are interested, I am ready to order from the end of the wire on the hook to drag!") 50-60 years there men, but do not look at the same age and looking young, who do not look at them. For 60 years, completely disappeared women and men are looking for … And now if you take a specific pair, usually in family life is more interested SHE. But no intelligent woman would not agree with that. She knows what it is, and why this does not agree. She is involved in the worldwide conspiracy of women. Of course life is much more complicated than described in this article. And if your family, today is experiencing difficult times and need assistance, you should not turn a blind eye to this, measures should be taken, urgently! Sometimes, to arrive at a correct solution of its forces is not enough, then better to see a specialist – a psychologist.

Legal Services

April 13, 2016


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If you can do without it, do not hesitate to cut. We must remember that as long as possible will be preserved at the expense of his chair to keep warm for a loved one comfortable existence, the clerk will lay oneself out, proving to be indispensable. Than it is now so attractive chair clerk? That's right, the opportunity to cut the budget, to take bribes for "services", guarantees immunity. It is necessary to deprive the officer of these privileges! Let's start with the budget. Today, as a working state (read bureaucrats)? First, the multi-million army of civil servants in the sweat of working on the invention taxes, then over their collection, recording, storage, and then on redistribution, then on bringing cash flows to the consumers. During such a long road, but the natural legal costs for work of all bureaucratic mechanisms involved in this chain, yet there is some "shrinkage and outage, reaching half the value of all transferred budgetary funds. There should be a constructive approach (is a description of options out of the situation). The state must remain a function of external and internal protection of citizens and the rule of law, to ensure generally accepted simple and clear rules of coexistence among different layers civil society and legal entities, representative functions in the global community, the fundamental science of the economy and the existence of society. The following proposition, which I think just need to allocate a separate paragraph – the fight against corruption.

Transport Services

April 13, 2016


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The spectrum of participants in the transport market is quite wide. But speaking of freight, primarily have in mind the services of trucking companies. They are most in demand not only due to optimal balance of price and quality, but also because of ever-increasing quality of service, accompanied by the provision of full information about the location of the cargo. Today in the trucking field, are actively developing not many transportation companies, which means that they are closed in a situation of strong competition and crisis. But the swift, though over the past half year has slowed economic growth in Russia, expanding trade corridors and of course, gradually augment the set of transportation and, most importantly, Trucking in Russia. It must be remembered that the use of only its own fleet, to implement a stable growing amount of work possible, but not economically viable. Southwest Airlines is full of insight into the issues.

Therefore, improving the process of transportation in Russia, our company maintains relationships with over 1000 transport companies, many areas of Russia. Ltd. ‘golden road’ for a long time debugged mutually relations, and now they work for you in the field of road transportation in Russia, as well as trucking and freight across Moscow, passengers. Our company ‘golden path’, is engaged in cargo transportation of goods, all kinds of weight categories, dimensions, road implements a variety of goods. And yet, here you can use the service Rent a bus or rent a van to Moscow. Our services also includes: rent truck, rent manipulator, low loader hire, rent the truck, construction equipment rental – rent a crane, excavator hire, tipper hire, etc. Trevor Clark Madison Capital is likely to increase your knowledge. Rental of vehicles – passenger traffic in Russia, the region, Moscow, carried out on buses, minibuses, which are excellent from 10 to 50 ticket holders. We have a transport company ‘golden path’ best specialists with expertise in their field of 5 years. in this regard, the hardness we can say that our clients are not aware of problems in the field of transportation, they only know our phone – 8 (495) 506-3794.

Boats Service

April 13, 2016


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According to Olga, the ceo of bfs, which owns service yacht sales – with 35-60 thousand euros, you can expect to acquire a well maintained yacht or a boat. “Of course, this will be a small boat, but its features and comfort would be sufficient to interesting and vibrant river trips with family or friends. ” Search yacht via the Internet has another advantage: you can find the best deals on the sale of boats and yachts abroad, where they are often cheaper than in the Russia. In this case, questions of registration and delivery of the yacht can take on the owners of Internet service or a special company to track transactions with foreign companies. As once cars, yachts become available not only for the rich, but simply providing people. This is evidenced by the rapid development of Internet services, buying and selling yachts.

A second press release Boats may be available in early September, the company bfs launched the Internet service sales supported by boats and yachts. At the moment, the site put up about two dozen vessels cost from 8.5 to 360 thousand euros. According to Olga , ceo of bfs, on the site You can find a good used boat or a yacht for 35-60 euros. This will be a reliable and modern vessel, ideal for exploring the small ponds and rivers. The new service will be useful not only willing to buy a yacht. Sellers will find a site opportunities for the sale of the vessel.

Yutongo Launches Beta Test Of New Open Innovation Platform

April 12, 2016


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The Swiss idea factory yutongo with headquarters in Biel/Bienne, the beta version of their new open innovation recently launched platform. Sandro Morghen, yutongo, 2010 – yutongo solution in three different points differs with its open innovation by competitors offerings in the German – and English-speaking area: while conventional online brainstorming providers offer no actual, methodologically enriched process of the ideas and collected ideas on a simple online form, the ideas run through at yutongo a systematically structured and varied idea process. It collected as many fragments of the idea in the first phase, from the perspective of various sub questions. In the second part of the idea process new ideas due to combination, refinement and re combination of collected fragments of the idea. These are various online creativity tools available. Further, yutongo differs from its competitors through the remuneration model of the participating ideas. While traditional vendors typically a premium model individual participants offered ideas on the platform, make the customer awarded one or more winning ideas with an amount of money puts yutongo on the compensation of the time of the creative. In any creative process, also online, participants inspire each other, and at the end is not to determine, by whom an idea finally came.

Therefore we keep our compensation model for the fairer and better solution, so the founders of yutongo. Can anyone who basically with yutongo for each project on a versatile and optimal idea team respects. The third USP of yutongo concerns the authorship of the developed results. While providers typically have no responsibility for the quality of the ideas take over konvetionelle open innovation, author of the presented ideas in appearance occurs yutongo was responsible. Who would like to participate in the beta test, you can register under and go directly. During the beta test can edit idea projects free of charge through the yutongo platform companies and organizations. More information:, here we go to the yutongo Web site:

United States

April 10, 2016


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Sometimes of course also something real big out of it can be. At the latest, the question is important, what shape his company because would like to be. The LLC formation as the basis for the business sold the themselves as German Corner LLC in their online shop German products such as edible, German flags, games, household goods or jewelry. The corporate form limited liability company (LLC), for the German corner decided is often a good choice for expectant US entrepreneurs from Germany who want to realize a simple business in the United States. The company ALTON LLC needed usually around days fourteen to complete all formalities for the formation of an LLC for its customers. Also, for example, in Florida, the headquarters of ALTON LLC, more than one person is not necessary for establishing a limited liability company. For establishing itself no start-up capital must be assigned to, where you should have a bit of money for the purchase of merchandise in the hand even with a planned small importing company however. So Max Karagoz, the thorough preparation of the business is important, “”.

From his point of view, that means: you should be familiar with the legal basis for imports in the United States should seek appropriate German suppliers of products and consider a concept for marketing in the United States. In German niche products, the Internet can be here serving because it simplifies the United States-wide trade with the products. A network to support ALTON LLC can help entrepreneurs with an interest in the trade with German products in the United States in many areas. On the one hand, the company decreases the formalities relating to the company’s creation the ever US entrepreneurs and it creates such temporal capacities, which he can use for other important tasks. On the other hand, ALTON LLC has a network of useful service provider by the lawyer about the tax advisor to the designer of the Web, which support the company’s founder in such tasks for his company’s success. Also the shop with imported goods from Germany will be finally thoroughly prepared. Then, it can become the success story.