SECO Service

April 28, 2016


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It is impressive to see the people contracting people without the lesser condition of knowledge, without equipment it appropriates – do and using market products. If it does not have to wash that is to apply humidity to a surface rvestida in fabric that cannot be dries in conditions of natural ventilation. They dry of inside for it are, finishing with spots d' water (yellow) edegradando its interior.If the service will not be preceded by an microaspiration that it takes off before wetting the dust, microscopical dust and other particles, the spots comes back in few days, therefore the dirt that deceu with the humidity comes back. The correct service is to remove the maximum of the dirt in staple fibres of the fabric, and to make a really superficial laudering that treats the spots. It exists specific products for such, however the price is more expensive, making with that some people for greed or lack of information, proceed from wrong form. Another very great damage when of the execution of this service it is the inadequate use of brushs that promote consuming of staple fibres very of fabrics. I have seen people to rub weaveeed of banks of vehicles, as it was a rustic floor. (o) when of the execution of these services is intent..