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November 4, 2019


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Children's world unimaginable. We do not remember it, do not remember the joy that gave us adolescence. We do not know what is really dreaming children, what their hidden desires. We do not destiny, once again feel the glow feeling childish dreams. How many kiddies ought from us? Not at all: a brand new toy, an interesting book, but a warm and plausible odezhku. Ripple is open to suggestions. Give the other senses, refresh his perception of the world in need of new things. No need refuse when your child asks something. Even when your finances are well-known sing a song, ask the child to an alternative similar to the little thing according to your pocket price.

Give it to the attention of other species. All you need to kiddies this new sense, they deeply care about the price. The real problems begin when your child gets older and begins to assimilate availability, some items from others. Here just to start: a player is more expensive, Masha, and Kolya and the scooter is so on and so forth. Dear mom and dad in this case, everything depends on you. If you will be able to explain their financial capabilities to fully understand a teenager, then half the problems will evaporate by itself. If not, wait whims and protests. As we know children are flowers of life, and for the flowers to look good, that they please the eye with their beauty and do not become weeds.

For your wonderful flowers we offer a huge selection of children's goods. Here you will find a large assortment of great toys, developmental, and educational games, a variety of beautiful clothes and shoes of high quality, as well as magnificent collections of children's cosmetics and perfumes. Your child simply required to look chic and elegant. Choose a frame for your diamond.

CIS Candidate

October 23, 2018


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To avoid these negative situations, as recommended to get serious study of the agency on the selection stage. Optimally, if the selection of a company or manager will recommend the selection of one of your friends or relatives who already have experience of successful cooperation with them. Also pay attention to all subtlety: the office of the company for selection, as consultants on the phone and communicate directly with each other and with clients. Try as closely as possible to inform the manager of a detailed image of the nurse, which You want to pick up. Probably advisable to choose the agency, geographically located in your area. This makes it easier and faster your cooperation with the agency, as well as increase the probability of finding an acceptable candidate for living in your area that will be convenient for you, and for future nurses. If you strive for a truly intelligent selection of nannies and your time capabilities allow, do not agree conduct interviews and dating right away with 5-6 candidates in one day, with an interval of half an hour on the candidate. At the last candidate in that situation you just do not have enough energy and attention, and the first after so intense meetings may be obliterated from memory. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly.

Preferably, to interview no more than with 3-4 bidders for a visit. In conclusion, I will turn your attention to the fact that the development of the financial crisis on the Russian market, the metamorphosis subjected to market and domestic staff. The conclusions of several well-known publications, as well as information centers for the selection of house personnel, qualified nurse has become much easier to find, with the odds that the nurse will Muscovite with higher education, but not a citizen of a CIS or a resident in remote areas of our country. And despite the fact that the salary of the nurse veroyatneee save will not work (not so yet hit this segment of the labor market), the company's recruitment of domestic staff are ready to provide deep discounts to find a nanny because of a significant decline requests for this service. Kalashnikov Nikolay Use of material article is permitted only with the active hyperlink to the Site for moms and dads MalyshDoma.Ru


February 20, 2018


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I would call this process an imaginary love. What is an imaginary love? This is in fact, dependent on a certain way crafted by another person who is always a greater or lesser extent, different from the person real. In psychoanalysis, this image is called "adult." So, the adults of another person, the object of my "love" (from now on I'm taking the word love in quotes), created by me for my own enjoyment. Imago is identical to my liking, but do not wish my loving partner. Imago serves solely my selfish needs, even if I have pain … Coupang can aid you in your search for knowledge. Let not fool you. In all the conscious psychological suffering is the secret, unconscious and distorted pleasure. I showed my partner loving the requirement in accordance with its pleasure, its adults …

At this point we are in the circles of torment: hell is coming. We demand, but do not get the desired response. We want, but do not want us. We have become closer, but we repel. We love it but hate us. There is only one way to break these circles of hell – abandon their illusions, their unrealistic ideas about the other. True, it is fraught with the loss of "love", but perhaps this "Love" is loose … On the other side of reality itself Finding another person – a daunting task so difficult that the advice of Socrates: "Know thyself" would be worth adding – "Know the other." People suffer from their invented representations of themselves, other people and about relationships between people.

Eleanor Roosevelt

January 25, 2018


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The Power of the Woman the women are as sachets of tea: its force is not known until being plays in hot water. Eleanor Roosevelt The woman does not know its force. The Society, with all its theories Feminists, became the woman in something nonsense. The woman left left of being owner of house, mother, wife and queen of the home, to become a woman travestida in man. The majority of the women had chosen to be as the man and to make the same things that the men, but are not the work, are not the exercise of the Citizenship, nothing of this, for many women was not enough to guarantee right as citizen. Many women want to be as the men: To have the same irresponsibility of values. To have the same irresponsibility stops with the home.

To have the same irresponsibility stops with the Family. To have disrespect the same pra with the life of the others – the men abandoned the children, the women want the right of abort them. To have the same iressponsabilidade with the alliance. Results: Still she is necessary to enumerate? Certain that it must to the great indices of children misadjusted, professional unprepared, homes desfeitos, destroyed families, unfinished dreams, diseases resultant of abortions of success I doubt, hurts and other negative feelings, the increase of recurrent diseases to the users of allowed and illicit drugs become invalids the thought of Eleanor Roosevelt how much the women of the present time. Clearly that excesses exist! But if they show few. It is when the question of Salomo enters, when the virtuous woman praises. ‘ ‘ Virtuous woman will find who it? Its value is bigger of what of finest jias.’ ‘ (Sayings 31 – 10) That we, the Christian women let us can in them become worthy women of so beautiful words, in louvor to our attitudes, as mothers, as wives, as loving, as friends, as auxiliadoras in its homes.

That let us can remembering in them that is for the Education of our children who we are recognized for the Society. The Education of our children o mirror that reflects the result of our work. Fihos disciplined well they are, without a doubt a guarantee of that we will be leaving better children for the world. It is our change of attitude as woman who goes to oxigenar the Air of the Future. it is our daily exercise in observing our homes in the minimum things that will make of our home an example to be followed by our children. After all a good example supplies the necessity of many words. After all the words are straw to feed the fire of the character, but to forge a good human specimen, one gram of good example is necessary. That let us come back to be as the sachet of tea, teeny and until insignificant, many times, to the eyes of this iniquitous and permissive Society, but that when launched in the fights of the life, reacts chemically as esteque if it makes, that it shows its it are and value when shot gua hot. It thinks about this. has one week wonderful.

Wedding In Belgium

January 24, 2018


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Belgium – a very ancient country with a fascinating blend of old traditions with modern laws. Wedding in Belgium can be as civil as well as a religious ceremony. According to tradition – when a couple wants to Belgium announce their wedding – invitations are printed on two sheets of paper – one for the groom's family, the other – for the bride's family. These wedding invitations symbolize the union of two families, a new alliance partnership. One of the most important and long-time Belgian wedding traditions is that the bride should keep a specially embroidered handkerchief with her name. Shawl hung on the place of honor in the house of newlyweds. When getting married the next girl of the family the bride's handkerchief is removed from the site above and transferred to the new bride who comes to him as relying on tradition. Wedding handkerchief is passed from generation to generation, revered as the most important family value.

During the wedding ceremony the bride and groom sit on a large chair placed near the altar, symbolizing that the here and now they are the king and queen. After the ceremony, the groom wears a wedding ring on the left the bride's hand. Ring – a ring is known to have no beginning and no end – a symbol of unending love. At the end of the ceremony the couple perform their first kiss as husband wife already. Kiss is a symbolic act, indicating the inhalation of a new soul. Traditionally, bridesmaids pick up small coins, and when you exit the church, give them to beggars outside the church.

It is believed that almsgiving would bring prosperity to the young husband and wife. At once After the wedding the couple go on their honeymoon. In ancient times, the honeymoon – which was celebrated by drinking of a decoction honey or honey wine – lasted 28 days, the full cycle of moon phases. The honeymoon was intended to to the bride's family tried to kidnap her not back from the newfound man. Any advice on the subject: weddings


May 11, 2017


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Some dogs are tall. As soon as a change and improve the living conditions of ancient man, especially with the transition to a sedentary, agricultural and cattle-breeding, to develop and improve the requirements for a dog. This prompted Rights to develop new specialized breeds. Performed artificial selection of dogs with useful qualities for him. Used other methods to improve the dogs. With the active human influence, purposeful breeding activity in different parts of the globe have been withdrawn and a proliferation of dog breeds suited for hunting, protection of homes and pets, transporting heavy loads, military purposes and so the transition to the Neolithic era to the development of agriculture and animal husbandry people actively involved in terms of their economic interests and the dog, which immediately reflected in its appearance and marked the beginning of rock formation. In contrast to natural populations, where the relative uniformity of support mechanism for stabilizing selection keeps out, removing the genetic and hence phenotypic deviations in the populations of dogs included a new mechanism, called DK Belyaev, destabilizing selection, removes restrictions on the form-building process. It is understandable that people in the selection of a dog's offspring guided by its practical usefulness, and under his tutelage maintained that in the wild eliminated.

Cause the same type-forming process is the accumulated load of mutations, inherited from the wild ancestor and early-stage mutation. In the wild species accumulated mutations could only be recessive and exist in a heterozygous state. Naturally, the dominant mutations, for example, hairless, in nature were condemned to death.

SECO Service

April 28, 2016


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It is impressive to see the people contracting people without the lesser condition of knowledge, without equipment it appropriates – do and using market products. If it does not have to wash that is to apply humidity to a surface rvestida in fabric that cannot be dries in conditions of natural ventilation. They dry of inside for it are, finishing with spots d' water (yellow) edegradando its interior.If the service will not be preceded by an microaspiration that it takes off before wetting the dust, microscopical dust and other particles, the spots comes back in few days, therefore the dirt that deceu with the humidity comes back. The correct service is to remove the maximum of the dirt in staple fibres of the fabric, and to make a really superficial laudering that treats the spots. It exists specific products for such, however the price is more expensive, making with that some people for greed or lack of information, proceed from wrong form. Another very great damage when of the execution of this service it is the inadequate use of brushs that promote consuming of staple fibres very of fabrics. I have seen people to rub weaveeed of banks of vehicles, as it was a rustic floor. (o) when of the execution of these services is intent..

Social Service

April 19, 2016


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The Val my person who orientates, for the incentive, patience and understanding stops with me. The Patrician coordinator of course, and to all the professors who had contributed for the knowledge acquired in this trajectory in my life. The Lea Andrade, for the support given in this period of course end. We have the right to be equal when our difference in inferioriza; we have the right to be different when the equality deprives of characteristics in them. Bernard Golden often expresses his thoughts on the topic. BOAVENTURA OF SOUZA SAINTS SUMMARY This work has for objective to analyze the contributions of the family in the process of socialization of children with syndrome of Down.

It is given to special prominence to the intervention of the professionals of Social Service next to the carrying children of mental patologias and its familiar ones. This study it still emphasizes the necessity of a bigger knowledge of the family for the acceptance of the son with deficiency, what it will be able to reflect in the improvement of the development of these children. The base for the elaboration of this study was the Association of Parents and Bonanza Friends of – the APAE, located in the city of Salvador-BA. The used methodology was of exploratrio character, of qualitative nature how much to the ways of inquiry it are used the experience story. On the basis of searched literature is possible to affirm that the birth of a child with Syndrome of Down provokes in the family imediatistas reactions as shock, sadness or disillusionment, but that, on the other hand, it awakes for an adaptation to the requirements and the demanded cares. Moreover, importance of the family in the life of a child with Syndrome of Down is observed it, in the direction to contribute for the affective, social and cognitivo development. that the social assistant plays a basic role in the measure where it is one of the responsible ones for the minimizao of the suffering in such a way of the children how much of its familiar ones, as for the emotional support that they need.

Service Employees

April 14, 2016


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And, at least for a strong, free, advanced, flexible women's family is not necessary. The family may be her pleasant, interesting, but it can perfectly live without it. On the other hand, the myth that women need family tenacious and effective. This myth is so "tight" so permeated our lives and all our mind, that he became almost a reality. The girls experienced and experience when not to get married, and no clever arguments can not reassure them. And what joy, what an event for which the wedding! And if she does not become a philosopher, she argues that her family needed. And the guy yet.

The family is need a girl, not boy. The years, he had married, she had already given birth. And what is the balance of interest in the family? As a rule, remained the same. Of course, the man with the age of ever more in need of a family, a family comfort, but the fact is that at least fifty years before it had great choices of women. He needs a family, but not in a particular woman, because it involved women – lot. And he may choose.

And it wife – not, precisely, its selection is more limited. * For the majority of it is limited to only: with the husband or no. Find a man – please, but my husband … Dating Service Employees talk about the problems of their clients. 20-25 years – a boys, no girls. 30-40 years a lot of women, men are completely absent. (As recognized by the consultant: "If suddenly we call a man of this age are interested, I am ready to order from the end of the wire on the hook to drag!") 50-60 years there men, but do not look at the same age and looking young, who do not look at them. For 60 years, completely disappeared women and men are looking for … And now if you take a specific pair, usually in family life is more interested SHE. But no intelligent woman would not agree with that. She knows what it is, and why this does not agree. She is involved in the worldwide conspiracy of women. Of course life is much more complicated than described in this article. And if your family, today is experiencing difficult times and need assistance, you should not turn a blind eye to this, measures should be taken, urgently! Sometimes, to arrive at a correct solution of its forces is not enough, then better to see a specialist – a psychologist.

Psychological Service

March 23, 2016


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In recent times there is a question of so-called socially-maladjusted youth. There is a perception that in recent years their number has increased dramatically. See the reason for this is primarily in the external factors – View all TV shows in a row, the unstable economic situation in the country, family crisis and more. While not denying that these factors still believe that the root cause of evil to be found in the mental development of modern children. It's no secret that today's children do not resemble their counterparts two decades ago. They are more excitable and less controlled, more intellectually developed and yet more infantile, they can pretty to speak, and few that are able to do hands, they can still sit for hours watching television or computer and can not be fun to play role-playing games. We often do not attach much importance to these changes and so does not correlate with their increased number of maladjusted children.

However, they most often are the root cause, the basis for the emergence of various deviations in the behavior of adolescents. The American Practical psychologists working in within the Psychological Service, concluded that the removal of the negative manifestations in the child's behavior is primarily associated with exposure to it. You can remove all outside interference – does not allow to watch TV, change schools or class, move to another district, but after a while there will be problems again – the child begins to interfere with other teachers, to run away from school or home, etc.