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The Tegalit

December 1, 2020


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The special wave shape of the double-S causes beautiful light and shadow effects which lend optical depth and vibrancy to the roof. The Tegalit is used for the unusual roof design. Katy Perrys: the source for more info. With its formal geometry the clear lines reminiscent of clean elegantly cut stone slabs. So generous roof, which allows independent character in the architecture of roof structures at the highest level surfaces. A roof stone model with a harmonious look for housing, economic or industrial construction is the Taunus pan in star quality.

The pronounced profiling allows a surface effect, which adapts to any architectural environment. With its excellent price / performance ratio is Taunus Pan especially for the renovation of existing roof surfaces suitable. Balanced roof designs allows the Harz pan with their independent, regularly curved profile, which continues as a uniform wave motion over the entire roof surface. This effect is especially beautiful on medium-sized, steeply sloped roofs. The Harzer Pan 7 (big) is suitable for particularly economical roof coverings.

She is the cheapest tile per square metre in the Braas range and offers additional advantages for processing. Because only 7.5 units per square meter is required, can move faster over conventional numeric formats and also saves on the battens, time and material. Thanks to its symmetrical curved shape, it gives a lively look, which is nice especially on large roofs roofs. As latest Braas roof stone innovation allows the roof stone of Harz Pan F + roofing prices starting from 7 degrees roof inclination. The Braas 7GRAD roof consists of the components of the roofing with the new roof rock of Harz Pan F + and a substructure with the diffusion-open railway Divoroll top RU with integrated double adhesive zone, Divoroll sealant and adhesive connection. Also flat inclined roof surfaces in an existing roof landscape can be incorporated. Innovative roof stone: Frankfurt Pan Titano/x is the subject of air pollution with environmentally-active surface especially in the urban areas with its impact on the daily life of special importance. Braas as the leading brand for roofing materials research for a long time on new roof rock surfaces and has developed a surface with photo-catalytic effect that reduces nitrogen oxides and actively contributes to air pollution. The technology is based on the properties of titanium dioxide minerals. With the help of the Sun, titanium dioxide converts harmful nitrogen oxides from the air to nitrate ions in the concrete, that are rinsed with rain water from the roof. The titanium dioxide acts as a catalyst and not deteriorate. In addition to these environmentally active Properties also self-cleaning effects were observed by photocatalysis of organic substances. Organic substances such as algae and lichens, are often to be found on roofs, be it destroys and rinse the components with the rain. Studies confirm that a 200 square metre roof surface with the surface suitable new roof stone, to decompose the amount of nitrogen oxide, which produces a car on average on 17,300 km every year. The new mineral surface withstand wind and weather very well. Roof stones, above all have not become the Frankfurt pan, by chance to one of the most popular roofing materials. The strength, durability, high product quality and functional reliability during rain, hail, wind, snow and ice are a guarantee that the success story of the roofing tiles in the future is written on.