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Department SMEs

February 21, 2013


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Even though currently in the Venezuelan State alliances with third world countries are being established in order to encourage Venezuelan businesses to compete in the international market, certain questions arise in my mind, are SMEs in Venezuela to compete in these markets prepared? Will they have the productive and technological capabilities to deal with these economies? Given these concerns, it is necessary to establish opportunities and weaknesses of Venezuelan companies, specifically SMEs to venture into international markets. SMEs face the following weaknesses: insufficient investment in technological advances, generated as a consequence the manufacture products few competitive in international markets. Many of the small and medium-sized enterprises are family origin, which implies that companies are managed by entrepreneurs with little managerial and scarce capacity leadership. Many SMEs do not invest in the training of human capital, generating little motivation to employees. Little or no strategic planning and research of market in the development of their activities. Many of the small and medium-sized businesses have organizational structures that are not consistent with reality, since they focus on sales, finance and production departments and do not have marketing departments in their structures. They downplay to the levels of quality of the products, thus generating a shift in its products in international markets.

Little use of electronic media to market their products.The SME has the following opportunities: the State obliges the institutions financial as part of its portfolio is aimed at the development and encouragement of productive activities, through interest rates regulated in order that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have access to financing. Fundamental characteristics for which these companies can be dealt with under the modality of microcredit is that the company have a maximum of 10 workers and its annual sales not exceeding Bs. 3.300.000,00 Venezuelan State currently is building partnerships with developed countries, which stimulates investment in technological development, acquisition of material raw material among others, which stimulates the production of domestic enterprises. Today in some of the SMEs is grouped in Clusters in some sectors in order to cut its costs and obtain greater profits. qualified human Capital. Conclusions once analyzed weaknesses and opportunities for SMEs in Venezuela concluded that SMEs achieve venture into international markets, should firstly, stimulate the development of market research since this is a tool that will allow them to know who are your consumers, what are their patterns of consumption, who are its main competitors among othersTherefore, the existence of a Department of marketing that is essential This flat communication with the departments involved with the production and sales of products. In addition, is critical, companies making a direct investment in human capital formation and technological innovations to improve their production processes, whereas the possibility of financing through financial institutions, without leaving aside the advantages offered alliances and treaties by the State and the world’s powers with regard to technological advances. It is also important, stimulating the formation of Clusters by small and medium-sized enterprises Venezuelan, since through this mechanism they will have the advantage of acquiring material raw material at a better cost, offer channels of efficient distribution and indeed this companies to group themselves will have the opportunity to compete in international markets. Finally, to encourage the use of the e-marketing as a tool allowing to publicize their products at the national and international level, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, at less cost.

Sevilla Spain

February 15, 2013


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Seville, Spain, is considered the artistic, cultural and financial capital of southern Spain. People who live in this beautiful and historic city are called Sevillians (men) or Sevillanas (women). Although Seville is located away from the coast, still only 20 feet above sea level. Once was an important maritime port. In fact, Explorer Hernando de Magallanes has boats that used to go around the world from Seville. He was also the recipient of a lot of silver brought from the new world. Because of the brought riches of America, Sevilla attracted a population big enough in the 16 and 17 centuries, making the largest city in Spain until around 1649 when the great plague of Seville struck.

Although the town fell in importance in terms of population and economy, it is still being valued as an artistic centre of the Baroque. Seville is today home to many places of tourist interest. Its cathedral was built between 1401 and 1519. It is the largest Cathedral Gothic and medieval in the world, elaborately decorated and with a bit of gold. It is crowned by the most famous statue in the city, La Giraldilla, symbol of the faith.

Located opposite the Cathedral is the Alcazar, a former Moorish palace that took more than 500 years to be built. Its grounds include beautiful gardens in a mixture of styles Moors, Andalusians and Christians. In the River is the Torre del Oro, a watchtower built by the Almohad dynasty. It was used as a defensive barrier in the river by stringing a heavy chain from its base across the River to stop boats travelling through there. With so many wonderful things to see, it is not surprising that Seville is a magnet for tourism. Fortunately, there are many choices of accommodation for tourists in Seville, including hostels, hotels and apartments. Hostels in SEVILLA examples of hostels in Seville: hostel networks: this guest house is situated within walking distance of many of the most important attractions of Seville, including cathedrals and the Museum of fine arts.

Spanish Association

February 4, 2013


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The Bank of Spain in its financial system pump 9 November 2009 doing a bit of memory, when the subprime crisis broke subprime in the US, immediately moved to Europe, but not all countries were affected.Spain was able to stay quite apart from the problems of toxic assets through anti-cyclical regulation applied by the Bank of Spain and which at the time had been very resisted by Spanish banks. Nobody can deny the Bank of Spain the great contribution that has made in pursuit of the Spanish banking system stability, but in recent times, since the entity have emerged statements contributing little to the stability of the financial system but instead generate a destabilizing impact, which makes such statements appear as inopportune and irresponsible. What was what was said from the Bank of Spain? In its latest financial stability report, warned of the existence of eight entities with serious problems due to their exposure to the real estate market. Non-compliant with the unexpected statement, the entity added that two of them have a serious situation. In these two bodies, the participation of the brick in the investment portfolio reaches 45% (three with an exposure to the sector of between 35% to 45%). As the opinion issued by the Bank of Spain affect all banks, no solid institutions have welcomed see unsuspected. Healthy banking and representation before the existence of entities in problems, the President of the Spanish Association of Banca (AEB), Miguel Martin, made harsh statements calling for not generating wrong incentives: the purpose of supervision is the stability of the system, never the individual entities, which should be able to break.

If not, there is no discipline. If there are entities with problems by excessive in certain kinds of investment positions, there are probably responsible for the situation of risk. Is here, and despite the accolades received by the entity Monetary Spanish about his performance in the regulation to limit contamination of the financial system with toxic assets, its performance has not been as good as I was thought.