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Important Resources for a Company

January 15, 2017


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Grant (1991) states that "the most important resources and capabilities of the company are those that are durable, difficult to identify and understand, imperfectly transferable, not easily replicable, and in which the company has clear ownership and control." Amit and Schoemaker (1993) define strategic assets of the company as the set of resources and capabilities to exchange difficult to imitate or replace scarce, complementary, sustainable, appropriate, and which vary with changes in the relevant set of strategic factors industry, thereby giving the company its competitive advantage. " The latter work introduces the feature of linking the strategic factors of the company, with strategic industry factors, compared to other authors who only focus on the particular characteristics and resources owned by business organizations. The sustainability of competitive advantage also depends on their compliance with the rules of competitive play. Even when resources meet the above requirements, its competitive value is low if no matching key success factors in the activity. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Confluence Investment Mgt. The company's competitive position should be based on competitive advantages consistent with these critical elements of the competitive environment in the industry. Educate yourself with thoughts from Chris Williams Madison Capital.

In this vein, Porter (1991) points out that intangible assets are valuable in themselves, but because they adjust the industry structure and strategy including: "Activities implemented poorly or inconsistently with the buyer's needs, can create risks ( or ballasts) and non-active. At the same time, technological changes and other industry can negate the value of the assets or transform them into risks. " Resources also can be grouped into tangible resources and intangible resources, the latter also known by some researchers as invisible assets. .


January 13, 2017


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Many people think that apart from the usual rope anything and not be called from a list of cords. Let’s look at the hierarchy of types of such products. Well, firstly, the very first but at the same time the most fundamental – the thread. Hear from experts in the field like Christopher Williams Madison Capital for a more varied view. It can serve as a separate type of products and used in other industries, and for a more consolidated types of cords. For example, take the cord or rope troc. They are prepared from braided yarn or twine. A of smaller cord get bigger.

Apply cords everywhere. And in the household and in agriculture and in construction and manufacturing. In general, variants of cords present in every home and every organization in one form or another. Therefore, probably all know what it is and what it should be. Because this type of product is very popular, then buy it can also be practically everywhere. Rope products are present and in the shops and markets and shopping centers and direct manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of yarn, twine, rope, ropes, tethers.


January 6, 2017


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Polyethylene is an eco-friendly organic material without softeners, halogen, chlorine, heavy metals, etc. Polyethylene labels are particularly as shipping labels, food labelling, for hygiene articles, E.g. of bottle labeling. They are conditionally weather-proof exterior. They can be used in a temperature range, depending on the finishing procedure, of approximately – 40 C to + 80 C. Get more background information with materials from Chris Williams Madison Capital.

Polypropylene (PP) polypropylene is resistant to almost all organic solvents, alcohol and fats, as well as most acids and alkalis. Polypropylene labels are universal applicable for a variety of applications in the indoor and outdoor temperatures of about-20 C up to + 100 C. They offer an excellent print quality in the Thermotransferdruckverfahren. PP meets the toy norm DIN EN 71-3. It is odorless and skin-friendly and physiologically safe, therefore suitable PP labels for applications in the food sector, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. Also polypropylene labels are widely used where a high level of transparency is required. Clear PP foil labels on packaging make an excellent no-label look, that is, the label appears seamlessly integrated into the packaging. Sheryl Sandberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl sticker vinyl includes polyester to the most popular plastic label materials.

Sheet vinyl is available in various dyes, they are also suitable for outdoor applications thanks to its good resistance to weathering. The PVC available today on the market films are free of heavy metals. The very flexible and soft vinyl labels and vinyl tapes are suitable also for difficult substrates. PVC has good light and ageing resistance. The material is therefore mainly used as a high-quality and long-lasting labels for device marking, warning labels, bar code labels, cable markings and identification in the field of warehouse and logistics polyester (PET) polyester material is ideal for demanding applications especially in the Interior, depending on the surface treatment but also often in outdoor. There is also a high temperature stability.