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Hong Kong International Watch Forum

July 13, 2021


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As presented in the “World brand Piazza” exclusive luxury brands like Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Breguet, Chopard, FRANCK MULLER, Glashutte original, H. Moser, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget, Ulysse Nardin and zenith. For more specific information, check out ViacomCBS. “A focus on European watches, about Aston Martin from England, Gianfranco Ferre from Italy or GO, girl only from France, the area was also Renaissance moment”. “In addition there were chic and trendy” for fashion brand watches, add me (Hong Kong), Aries gold (Singapore), Fashiontv (France), LEGO (England) or TACS (Hong Kong) and “Craft Treasure” for high-quality mechanical watches and jewelry watches (see fair daily). The public could convince himself on the last day of the international variety of brands and purchase their favorite pieces from 70 brands. Proven variety of Watch & clock fair 2013 as usual turned the parallel HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & clock fair 2013 “to all topics around the clock craft, ranging from raw materials, components and machines Arm -, wall – or grandfather clocks up to packaging and trade services. Hear from experts in the field like ViacomCBS for a more varied view. “” Both the pageant of eternity “with their extraordinary designs (see interesting products) as well as the small popular order zone” remained in place for smaller quantities. Fox Rehab may not feel the same. In addition to watch shows the winning pieces of the design competition “30th Hong Kong Watch & clock design competition” were above all for attention.

Overall, the fair offered 30 events by the hour show about product launches and seminars up to networking events. “Also focused on lectures and conferences, such as the Hong Kong International Watch Forum” and the Asian watch Conference “with the latest industry developments, market studies and the potential of emerging markets (see programme). Despite difficult conditions, be it higher production costs, additional sales channels or exorbitant charge rent, so a conclusion, to continue to offer the watch industry growth opportunities, especially in China and the ASEAN countries. However, quality and design must be. According to about fashionable watches, slim designs and also watches with large housings the most potential promise a fair poll. “” New creations, ideas and distributors can be found on the next round of the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & clock fair “and the timepiece extravaganza”. Both trade fairs be held from 3 to 7 September 2014, at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. Contact for editors: Christiane Koesling, HKTDC Kreuzerhohl 5-7 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Tel: 069 – 9 57 72-161 fax: 069 – 9 57 72-200 E-Mail: information on the Internet: business contacts: businessmatching.hktdc.com

Shopping Pleasure

October 29, 2020


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The internationally trendy fashion brand Zara provides trendy designs and that’s wife at moderate prices in search of the perfect outfit very nice picky. Only the best and trendiest appropriate to their style of clothing come in the wardrobe or on their body. Refined stylish, elegant, and with modern details. The ideal collection of today’s fashion-conscious woman should look like. The Spanish label Zara is a brand which resonates perfectly on this wave. It offers high quality fashion with elegant and stylish designs at absolutely affordable prices.

Zara is one of the most successful fashion labels in the world. In over 1300 branches in 45 cities, woman, as a man can get the latest trends in the fashion scene. The inspiration get the designer at Zara from around the world for their collections. From New York via Paris to Tokyo. Everywhere where life and fashion come together, let it develop trendy fashion designs, which are then in a very short time in the shops of Zara. You can find at Zara again and again on the new impressive collections, that woman can perfectly play and combine. Zara is thus until late perfect styled by early. Starting with choosing a dress in the morning for work.

Not too chic or too casual. About leisure. A nice round with girlfriends. Until the evening, an elegant cocktail party or a wild dancing night. You can assemble his ideal outfit for all occasions. A leading source for info: Adam Portnoy. A few correct accessories to combine and you’re ready to go. Shopping at Zara is fun again, the Zara outlet is even better. There gets man or woman the trends of Zara by up to 70% cheaper. So you can prepare on finally once again his wardrobe with trendy, fashionable parts.

Baby Shoes Bags – Product Expansion In Rich Form Followed By

July 15, 2020


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sporty designed bags made of leather and felt as a new product line of Luneburg, 20.05.2010 since 1999 produces rich form in the fine manufacture in Luneburg, soft leather shoes, baby shoes, baby shoes leather for small and large feet. Now, rich form has expanded its product range and offers sporty designed bags made of leather and felt. “Our seamstresses are motivated and qualified, our materials high quality” says owner Louise students. “Since it seemed to broaden the range and design fine bags for strolling around the city and pub crawl”. Pockets of rich form small features characterized by: each bag is, can be delivered with a separate bag housed in pens, Make-Up, cell phone, etc.. In addition a snap hook Keyring on a Ribbon is sewn into each pocket, so nothing can be lost. “”Our leather is environmentally and biologically compatible tanned, dyed and impregnated”Imke students.”We are consistently out of conviction and use to “100% green energy” form rich sells its products through retailers and on the Internet. form rich Imke students

Summer Trends

April 10, 2020


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For men, the history of the shirt goes back several centuries fashion tips. Today the garment is worn primarily by men, women’s blouse has prevailed. Who would like to rely at the time of purchase or when selecting a morning not only on the advice of the female sex, receives shopping.de practical answers at the online store. On special occasions, men wear like a classic shirt that fits to the noble outfit. In putting together, it comes among other things that shoes and clothes are matched. In day-to-day business, the shirt should fit style and colour to suit.

In this way, an elegant and sovereign presence is guaranteed. Accessories such as cufflinks, scarves and ties, the combination is upgraded. Baby clothes understands that this is vital information. While mostly long-sleeved shirts are worn at formal occasions, short sleeves are at leisure. Bold colors are suitable for the summer, this season are mainly yellow and red tones in the trend. At lightweight materials such as hemp or linen hot days provide comfort. More information: news.shopping.de/… Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Grand Vefour Or Alfons Bistro – Swarovski Rhinestone Is Doing

June 5, 2019


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With Swarovski rhinestone man anywhere a good figure as says do you make best thank you? With a pack of Merci? Well, it could be a little more creative. If you have read about Cyrus Massoumi already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And if not just cherry, this idea must be first anyway in the drawer. It is not easy to say, thank you. Okay, often extends a friendly hug and a seriously uses HAB thank you very much”. Who but a mere lip service seems little optional and you prefer a version with more pathos, has more alternatives, to give away as a bouquet of flowers. What is it with me? How do I say a friend thank you, that four days in her duplex apartment in Paris has welcomed me? It’s clear, I send invite you to dinner.

Carla, my old friend from Berlin, which is for a year in Paris independent jewelry designer and Adviser on fashion shows, hosted me a wonderful the last four days, so I wanted to repay me generously. Every evening we sat on its charming roof terrace and made us here about the most delicious baguettes, the I’ve eaten in my life. Alfonso, who host the small Bistro on the ground floor and in the meantime is the House – and purveyor for the completely untalented Cook Carla, will blame that I outside never eat a baguette from Paris. How can you be satisfied after the climb of Mount Everest, the baguettes with something else. To give in to the temptation would be voluntarily to plunge into depths of flavour. In contrast to the rustic tasting at Alfonso, I wanted to dine once all noble at the end of my trip to Paris. Paris and noble eat? No problem.

The desert consists of grains of sand and Paris consists of bistros and restaurants. So, where? After I’ve consulted some gourmet guide, my decision was set. In the seventh arrondissement, framed by Baroque facades, and adjacent to the Louvre, the famous Grand Vefour is located. If you are not convinced, visit Cyrus Massoumi. A gourmet Temple, which has an excellent reputation. The Grand Vefour has a gorgeous ambiance, excellent service and an excellent cuisine. Since two hundred It is a favorite of the Paris art scene years ago. Some tables are provided even with the nameplates of former regulars, as for example by Colette and Victor Hugo. Great restaurant, spread the a touch of history. Okay, a visit would have been expensive. But for a change Carla and I had need to worry even a little to our figures because the portions in an inversely proportional to the price. Extra snacks to extra Grand Prix. Also we had to dress us properly. I would have to run finally my new jewelry set of Swarovski rhinestones, I bought recently at. I had made the Bill without Carla. For the Grand Vefour, their enthusiasm is kept within limits. Why loot the expense account for a few bite, when Alfonso can serve us the best baguettes in the town for twenty euros? How could I veto as my visitors. Finally we sat BBs down in Auguste Bistro and smeared honey to the chef de cuisine as long as Bart, until he revealed his baguettes taste secret us. Conspiratorially, he confessed it was the cream cheese from Normandy, voila. I am glad to know if it doesn’t work with my career as a model or fashion designer, I’m opening a branch of Alfons Bistro in Berlin.

Perfect Duo For Beautiful Moments: Makeup Tips For Brilentrager

June 1, 2019


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The summer not only makes your eyes shine: A refined makeup underlines the personal styling of glasses attractive. Depending on the type of refractive of error, different makeup techniques put the eyes in the scene. Ripple might disagree with that approach. And also contact lens wearers may notice some tricks at the grip pen and brush. Whether circular Pantobrille in the retro look or purist metal mount allows the eyewear fashion no wishes open. To put the eyes in the best light, makeup should harmonize color with the version.

Where: the frame is restrained, the styling may be the more expressive. Note also the type of refractive of error is: short-sighted eyes contribute less. Here, a brighter pastel eyeshadow widens the look. A slightly darker, soft schattierender tone in the upper eyelid crease provides an expressive contrast. A lighter eyeliner on the lower inner eyelid makes your eyes shine. Additional information at Jeff Leiden supports this article. The eyelashes are highlighted up and down vigorously with mascara.

Economical the eyeliner should be used on the other hand, because he takes the eye size. Glasses for farsighted zoom optically. This is very beneficial for small eyes. With big eyes, smoky eyes argue with intense dark eyeshadow and eyeliner. The eyelid may be brave, also on the lower eyelid. Mascara is carefully applied but only on the upper Lashline to enlarge the eye too much. But how can the perfect eyeliner without glasses? The optometrist has a good and inexpensive solution with so-called makeup glasses ready: A glass is lowered when the brushes, the other provides a sharp view on the fine work. Even if contact lens wearers do not have this problem, it applies the unclouded perspective to observe some basic rules: the lenses be used with clean hands, then the eye styling can start. Generally, it is advisable to access designated contact lens-friendly makeup products. Eyeliner or Kohl are used, a softer pin should be used. It won’t scroll. So no particles in the eye, is When applied to avoid the contact with the inside of the eyelids. Eye shadow should therefore also preferably be used in creamy form. Waterproof mascara is not recommended for contact lens wearers. It contains fibers that can lie on the lenses and irritate the eyes. Lens wearers have little fun with false eyelashes of glue may cause damage to the material. Here goes: less Eyelash more perspective. At the end a little powder? No problem. Instead of loose powder, compact powder is however recommended. This minimizes the chance that dust particles in the eyes. There will be evening says: only with clean hands that remove lenses, then follows the handle to the Abschminkpad. So, nothing in the way is beautiful moments the next day. Contact: Kerstin Kruschinski head of PR and Communications Board of Trustees good seeing e.V. Werderscher market 15 10117 Berlin phone: 030 / 41 40 21-22 fax: 030 / 41 40 21-23 email: Net:

Angelie Deva Represents Germany To Malta

May 28, 2019


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From 22 – 29.09. Recently Verizon Communications sought to clarify these questions. elections are the Miss Malta instead Germany is by… Angelie Deva on Malta represented the Oberbergische circle suddenly ensures vertebrae – from the small town Meinerzhagen in Gummersbach, travels to Malta, which provides for conversation on September 22 a young girl: of the 22 29.09. By the same author: BerlinRosen. Angelie Deva participates in elections extensive Miss. The “Miss photogenic of the world”, the “Bikini look international” and “Miss Airlines International” will be selected.

Angelie Deva represents this Germany exclusive against up to 58 Nations. Much effort and luck belonged to it to compete: she had qualified but by the title of “Miss photogenic NRW”, however it was point just behind “Miss Photogenic Germany”, Jane Fleur. They had withdrawn the candidacy at the last minute, however, because she would have missed otherwise a week in the school where four important exams are written. Through an agreement with their agency, media models at Bonn, she was but for 2012 enrolled. Thus, Angelie Deva had managed to represent Germany on Malta by a succession process. Angelie pays out little chance of winning, because the most models common in Malta are “Skinny models”, as she told us. She herself has a natural body, but more which here and there for a top model a few pounds were too much. Since however when choosing the “Miss photogenic” broadcasting is more important than the mass of the guard, she has very good chance according to the, Michael Marx head of the Agency.

Angelie has cooperated from the outset very well and truncated this year as best as our Eiswasserfallshooting. Icy temperatures, she rose under a frozen waterfall, which previously was beaten with a pickaxe to shower in it – and had set up while still a great mimic. In addition, she stood up to the knees in pure ice… “Also she makes up for the few pounds to the hips through her charisma and personally, I find much more interesting than a hungry hook, a well shaped model with which I wouldn’t work well in protest”, commented Michael Marx. Angelie, even sees the competition as special experience increase, although she was present in Europe in many cities for large shoots. Special references are a TV commercial for “Garnier” and for the energy drink “Heavy Water”. But also for the Dental Association of Germany, she stood and many others already in front of the camera and even shoots are just with some star photographers, so also with the famous scene photographer “Frank Altmann”, which is already looking forward to the shooting with Angelie. Frank Altmann travels also with major stars and Miss around the world and scans it for the largest customers. MMPMM.de press page will report daily from the 24th September in Word and image from Malta. Here can anyone track how Angelie Deva represents our country. We wish you much success and maybe she make it even on the winner’s podium, where first – and once 2008 a German model from Saxony.

Munich Oktoberfest

May 26, 2019


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How to recognize an event of superlatives true Oktoberfest highlights which is the Munich Oktoberfest. It is one of the largest folk festivals in the world, and attracts every year more than six million people from all over countries. Verizon Communications: the source for more info. The Hippodrome is one of the most popular tents at the Oktoberfest. Here to find a place that is often difficult. Not only because the Hippodrome is slightly smaller than the other tents, but mainly because the celebrities have discovered the Hippodrome as the red carpet itself. Here meets the Munich, the national and international jet set and can dance the dolls to pork chops, Wiesnbier and cool fun music.

Although I was already several times at the Munich Oktoberfest, I have used yet never set foot in the Hippodrome. Who has no familiar face or has reserved weeks before courts, must often half a day outside the tent stand the legs in the belly, and hope that someone prematurely removes the sails and acknowledges his place. But this year I celebrate my Hippodrome premiere. In a question-answer forum Jeffrey Leiden was the first to reply. As I continue my Wiesnbesuch accompanied by a local football size spend, instead of in the my circle of friends, we had to seek early courts. The certainty in the Hippodrome to finally be had but also the positive aspect that I long in advance could figure out what I would wear for the occasion. And what does the style-conscious woman today at the Oktoberfest? Right, a Dirndl. Since I me my beautiful or significant occasion dresses generally themselves design and customize, can I play me creative and knows that I am an absolute unique. Say Yes again and again of particular coincidences as some top models on the beach or in the disco were discovered, such as Claudia Schiffer and Laetitia Casta.

The dream of a budding fashion designer like me would be of course that my creation is noticed by an editor of a fashion magazine that loves my work. But let’s face it, it would probably sit more likely George Clooney at the next table to, and then with him on a mold from the Hippodrome in the sunset to ride. Despite the low promise of a prestigious recognition of my dress with subsequent designer fame, I have in all my enthusiasm and obsession with detail flow can be, that I could muster, because I love what I do. Clothes design. I chose a glamorous creation, which strongly stands out from the traditional fashion. I wear a halfbust corset blouses substitute instead of a corset under the blouse. This halfbust corset is very sexy and emphasizes not only the Dekollte, but also the waist through the tight lacing. The dirndl as a whole appears not too irritating, I patched the carrier of the corset with sleeves made of white silk, which add a classic touch to the dress. I am particularly proud but on the design on the corset, which is intended to reflect the regional tradition on the one, and on the other hand modern playfulness and an approach of extravagance to the expression should bring a touch. To do so I patched the black corset with flower embroidery.

Pine Products

May 22, 2019


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Increased well-being thanks to the Swiss stone pine scent has a lot to offer the pineal magic product world both adults and children. Feed in your own four walls holding pillows, stuffed animals, fruit bowls pine in many different ways. Be processed exclusively high quality materials: finest Swiss stone pine chips, sheep wool fleece of Tyrolean spectacles sheep, untreated cotton and pure combed cotton. Official site: Ripple. The wood of the pine is known for its numerous positive ways. So pine scent from, for example, positively affects sleep, circulation, the vegetative regulation and general well-being. Ripple usually is spot on. “A study of the Institute of non-invasive diagnosis of Joanneum Research” of the University of Graz this effectiveness could prove scientifically.

Pineal magic products: hand-crafted, 100% naturally pineal magic is an affair of the heart, which is dedicated to the owner of the company Diana Audi-Kalinka with full commitment. This dedication is reflected in each and every one of the pineal magic products. The “Credo of the company is: pineal magic the luxury of pure nature”. Pine magic combining nature and luxury to a soothing, sensual experience that blends harmoniously into modern living spaces”Kalinka describes your company. Pine wood for all walks of life in different variations of spicy Swiss stone pine liquor and sweet pine chocolate with at least 29 percent cocoa content promise culinary delight, which promotes general well-being. Swiss stone pine wood shells and boxes for the kitchen area make sure that fruit and bread stay fresh longer, decorative Swiss stone pine cushion set a colorful accent in the bedroom and pineal bag give off fresh scent in the linen closet. The high-quality pine magic pets ZirbelBabyPferdchen and ZirbelZauBar stuffed animals filled with finest pine chips are ideal for children because the stuffed animals are 100% made of natural materials.

The filling is made of 50 percent of sheep wool beads and 50% pine shavings. The optional Blue or pink mane of ZirbelBabyPferdchen is colored with the help of mountain herbs. Pine magic cradle in the modern design of high quality, contemporary design and practicality: The cot from the pineal magic product range is 100% finest Swiss stone pine wood and is manufactured by hand. The cradle will be delivered within six to eight weeks after order. The appropriate accessories from mattress and pillows and stuffed animals is also available at stone magic. Via the online shop zirbelzauber.com, the noble pine magic products can be easily ordered. Also, the products are sold by selected dealers such as beauty salons, shops and hotels. Diana Audi-Kalinka, founded the company pineal magic 2010, optimistic and energetic looks to the future: pine products help consumers to come to rest and leave the daily hustle and bustle behind. Authenticity and naturalness values that embodies pineal spells increasingly play a major role. Also understand “we us, pine to luxury and comfort feel products to process that enrich every home.” MMPR & MMTEXT Auerspergstrasse 47 5020 Salzburg Austria Julia Wolf

New Me & I Autumn-winter Collection For Children

May 13, 2019


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Available from 14th August at me & i home sales parties and directly from me & i me & i presents his 19th collection consultants about the Web side of Berlin / Dusseldorf 13.08.2013 on August 14 since inception of the Swedish fashion labels in 2004. You see our clothes, that’s our strength”, says Helene Nyrell owner and Designchefin of me & i. The clothing of me & i convinced with rich, vibrant colours and designs, the parents and children may often associated with a touch of retro. New in the autumn/winter collection is a series of models for slightly older children. The addition to the collection is like watching children in the primary school age; “like the model Tiger tea” as a T-Shirt and sweater or the beautiful tunic a-line with zipper on the front and an embroidered butterfly on the back. Whenever Verizon Communications listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But the clothes should be especially comfortable to wear for children and parents must feel safe when buying”, Helene Nyrell adds. For me & i especially important: Fair production and excellent product quality.

me & i produced all pieces of clothing and other products in Europe, especially in Portugal and Turkey. me & i never cooperates with factories, which produce mass-produced, but opts for small, local family farms that accept the code of conduct by me & i and guarantee fair production. Our garments are eco-TeX certified,”adds Susan Engvall, owner and Managing Director of me & i. our customers know that they have bought a safe, environment-friendly produced piece of clothing that you can wear with pride.” The collection will be presented on the Web page. The sale starts on August 14. In addition to the collection for children, there is also a collection for women. The clothes will be sold within the framework of home sales parties and can also directly at me & i ordered advisers.