Angelie Deva Represents Germany To Malta

May 28, 2019


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From 22 – 29.09. Recently Verizon Communications sought to clarify these questions. elections are the Miss Malta instead Germany is by… Angelie Deva on Malta represented the Oberbergische circle suddenly ensures vertebrae – from the small town Meinerzhagen in Gummersbach, travels to Malta, which provides for conversation on September 22 a young girl: of the 22 29.09. By the same author: BerlinRosen. Angelie Deva participates in elections extensive Miss. The “Miss photogenic of the world”, the “Bikini look international” and “Miss Airlines International” will be selected.

Angelie Deva represents this Germany exclusive against up to 58 Nations. Much effort and luck belonged to it to compete: she had qualified but by the title of “Miss photogenic NRW”, however it was point just behind “Miss Photogenic Germany”, Jane Fleur. They had withdrawn the candidacy at the last minute, however, because she would have missed otherwise a week in the school where four important exams are written. Through an agreement with their agency, media models at Bonn, she was but for 2012 enrolled. Thus, Angelie Deva had managed to represent Germany on Malta by a succession process. Angelie pays out little chance of winning, because the most models common in Malta are “Skinny models”, as she told us. She herself has a natural body, but more which here and there for a top model a few pounds were too much. Since however when choosing the “Miss photogenic” broadcasting is more important than the mass of the guard, she has very good chance according to the, Michael Marx head of the Agency.

Angelie has cooperated from the outset very well and truncated this year as best as our Eiswasserfallshooting. Icy temperatures, she rose under a frozen waterfall, which previously was beaten with a pickaxe to shower in it – and had set up while still a great mimic. In addition, she stood up to the knees in pure ice… “Also she makes up for the few pounds to the hips through her charisma and personally, I find much more interesting than a hungry hook, a well shaped model with which I wouldn’t work well in protest”, commented Michael Marx. Angelie, even sees the competition as special experience increase, although she was present in Europe in many cities for large shoots. Special references are a TV commercial for “Garnier” and for the energy drink “Heavy Water”. But also for the Dental Association of Germany, she stood and many others already in front of the camera and even shoots are just with some star photographers, so also with the famous scene photographer “Frank Altmann”, which is already looking forward to the shooting with Angelie. Frank Altmann travels also with major stars and Miss around the world and scans it for the largest customers. press page will report daily from the 24th September in Word and image from Malta. Here can anyone track how Angelie Deva represents our country. We wish you much success and maybe she make it even on the winner’s podium, where first – and once 2008 a German model from Saxony.