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Moving Zonzoo

September 12, 2016


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The international leader in the mobile phone recycling Zonzoo GmbH of field of tripled your office space in Munich with the move, 1.12.2010 – that has company Zonzoo GmbH (, the market leader in cell phone recycling, Office be relocated to new premises. The new address for the front office is from December 1, Rafter 4, Rafter 2 in Munich is for the operation of camp. Until 2008, around 20 million cigarettes were produced in the former Philip Morris area. 2009 a private investor consortium under the leadership of the Investa has acquired real estate group the 50,000 m comprehensive, to be a commercial campus to build under the name WerkStadt Sendling. The versatility of the WerkStadt Sendling is impressive. They fulfilled all our requirements under one roof Office, warehouse and production and gives us the opportunity to grow so GmbH. daily up to 4,000 retired cell phones at the Zonzoo meet Roman wedge hacker, Chief Operating Officer at Zonzoo GmbH.

The recycling specialist known from TV advertising for mobile phones from defective devices WINS valuable raw materials, which again flow back into the production cycle. A single mobile contains 20 grams of copper in the cut. Gold is the most valuable commodity: a kilo of the precious metal is in about 2,000 mobile phones. The majority of mobile phones, provided by individuals and businesses at Zonzoo, is still fully functional, even if the device is in the eyes of the owner counts as obsolete or unnecessary. The Zonzoo GmbH prepares the old, functioning mobile phones and sells them at a fair price in developing countries. There, a used mobile phone is often the only affordable way to take advantage of modern communications networks. Environmental protection and development aid in Asia and Africa the Zonzoo GmbH combines economic interests with responsibility for man and nature. With the help of numerous cell phone owners who have handed over their old phone as a donation of Zonzoo GmbH, were already over 12 Donated millions of euros to charity.

The Zonzoo GmbH is your activities from December 1, 2010 on a triple-larger area as in the past, about 2,000 m2 in the WerkStadt Sendling, continue to expand. About Zonzoo GmbH Zonzoo GmbH based in Munich ( specializes in environmentally sound recycling and the recycling of used cell phones. Zonzoo belongs to the Zonzoo Group PLC, the leading provider for the collection, disposal and recycling of electronic consumer goods in Europe. The Zonzoo group is headquartered in Mitcham, UK as well as other 13 offices throughout Europe. Zonzoo offers the purchase of operational or defective mobile phones businesses as well as private clients and guarantees the proper disposal or processing of provided mobile phones as a certified waste disposal company. The Zonzoo Group prepares already more than 10 million mobile phones recycled or for re-use. In Germany, more than 500 corporate customers and partners have the services of Zonzoo in Claim taken, including Cortal Consors, PAYBACK, and Vodafone. Our customers from other European countries are including Tesco, Virgin Mobile, Yahoo!, nectar, Mobilkom Austria and TMN.

Third World

September 6, 2016


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The group promotes the world-wide implementation of ” Tax Tobin” or ” Tobin” rate;. The Tobin Rate has several objectives. The main one is to burden to the speculative movements of capitals with a tax and to discourage the mere speculation. The collected money would be used to solve to the hunger and the social injustice of the present global world. The grouping ATTAC arose exactly with the aim of avoiding the abuses of the free movement of finacnieros capitals around the world.The lack of control of the movement of capitals ends up putting in risk national economies and, in the long run, to the global economy. According to a report of the Federal Reserve Bank de San Francisco, between 1.3 and 1.5 trillions of dollars they move daily by the world.

ATTAC porpuso that the Tobin Rate is of a 0.5% on each movement of speculative capitals (source: Association ATTAC Argentina). To militarize frontreras: the other side of commercial treaties the globalisation it has cercido or decreased? It depends on the point of view that is taken. From the point of view of the movement of capitals, clearly it grew. But with respect to the human beings, on the contrary, it has decreased remarkably. The borders of the developed countries are the landscape of a zone that respresenta the failure of ” globalizacin”.

An economic and financial globalisation but not of people. The crecimento of the free interchange of goods and capital was not accompanied by the free circulation of the humans. On the contrary, there has been a backward movement in this aspect, between Mexico and the United States and the three-dimensional towrope of Ceuta and Melilla are only two frightful examples of this phenomenon. However, this growth of the free circulation of goods and capitals it will not have had to do with the limitation and criminalization of immigration in the central countries? The Free Trade Agreement they did not influence in the lack of work – one of the main causes of the emigration in the countries of the Third World?