Third World

September 6, 2016


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The group promotes the world-wide implementation of ” Tax Tobin” or ” Tobin” rate;. The Tobin Rate has several objectives. The main one is to burden to the speculative movements of capitals with a tax and to discourage the mere speculation. The collected money would be used to solve to the hunger and the social injustice of the present global world. The grouping ATTAC arose exactly with the aim of avoiding the abuses of the free movement of finacnieros capitals around the world.The lack of control of the movement of capitals ends up putting in risk national economies and, in the long run, to the global economy. According to a report of the Federal Reserve Bank de San Francisco, between 1.3 and 1.5 trillions of dollars they move daily by the world.

ATTAC porpuso that the Tobin Rate is of a 0.5% on each movement of speculative capitals (source: Association ATTAC Argentina). To militarize frontreras: the other side of commercial treaties the globalisation it has cercido or decreased? It depends on the point of view that is taken. From the point of view of the movement of capitals, clearly it grew. But with respect to the human beings, on the contrary, it has decreased remarkably. The borders of the developed countries are the landscape of a zone that respresenta the failure of ” globalizacin”.

An economic and financial globalisation but not of people. The crecimento of the free interchange of goods and capital was not accompanied by the free circulation of the humans. On the contrary, there has been a backward movement in this aspect, between Mexico and the United States and the three-dimensional towrope of Ceuta and Melilla are only two frightful examples of this phenomenon. However, this growth of the free circulation of goods and capitals it will not have had to do with the limitation and criminalization of immigration in the central countries? The Free Trade Agreement they did not influence in the lack of work – one of the main causes of the emigration in the countries of the Third World?