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Industrialized Nations

April 28, 2020


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Nevertheless, the majority of the students of the subject thinks that with a distension process the regime could evolve towards a process similar to the Chinese. We do not create much less in the possibility of a Korean war and in a repetition of the previous conflict, but the Korean question is a clear example of how the paradigms in an analysis of dying geopolitics must change. There are two examples of economic development in the region: Taiwan and South Korea and two cities states (Hong Kong and Singapore), all known at the time like the tigers asiticos” or Nic” s (Newly Industrialized Nations), today with a very moderate growth or of stagnation, but that conserves the reached bonanza. In Southeast Asia they appeared the calls ” jaguares” , Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and inclusively Vietnam, with an important economic development. What we want to mean is including China, by supposed as the Asia-Pacific zone has acquired a determining relief where an old inheritance exists to solve: the Korean crisis. More information is housed here: Sheryl Sandberg. Against the complexity of the rising world, and while a supranational power is born, we attended a multilateralism that cannot nor must be defined as multipolarity. Half of the economic growth of the last years has taken place in the emergent and developing denominated countries. Consequently there is a displacement, and until we could say democratization, of the world-wide power.

Even so, they are the poor countries with low rent per capita and low rates of development there, altogether about 25 countries that can be catalogued like of extreme poverty. The numbers are contrasting in this reacomodo. For example, the 37 by center of the world-wide commerce are in the developing countries. To the same interior of the countries the inequality grows, although the numbers of the poverty fall. We want to indicate the depth and speed of the changes. A case of particular example of emergent country is South Africa, until point to add to the old BRIC letter S to turn it into BRICS. The presence of this country will take place in Peking the first trimester of 2011. It is obvious, in any case, that a global system of gobernanza still does not exist and that the changes in the institutions of international to global are being slowed down of worrisome form. A fiscality for the global problems with authority sufficient does not exist to take a convincing course, including a fundamental subject of our time, the human migrations.

Umbilical Cord

April 9, 2020


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The conservation of the cells mother of the umbilical cord one has become, in just a short time, in a question of interest for many parents, who see in this practice the possibility of doing in the future against possible diseases of their children. But, To what extent this practice contributes benefits? We must choose a public or deprived bank of preservation? What problems the patients can be faced? Which can be the benefits for the patients? " The use of the blood of the umbilical cord is used to carry out alognico transplant, generally of nonfamiliar donor, although also of familiar donor. This type of transplant has advantages and disadvantages with respect to the use of cells obtained from the bony marrow or the blood of a donor The main advantage is that the transplants of umbilical cord blood are tolerated well although is low compatibility of human leucocytary antigen (HLA), reason why can be units valid, for the majority of the patients. One of the problems of its use it derives from the little amount of cells that there are in the small amount of blood that can be obtained from the umbilical cord after new born it is had separated of the placenta by section of cordn". What guarantees of success have the use of cells mother of the cord umbilical against other more conventional treatments? " The main advantage is the one of which the transplants of umbilical cord blood are tolerated or although have low compatibility HLA, that is to say, it is not essential to respect the barrier of histocompatibility with as much exigency as it happens when the transplant with obtained cells of the marrow or the blood of a donor is carried out. This is a great advantage because sometimes it is not had totally compatible donors, especially in certain ethnic groups.

Labor Qualification

December 11, 2017


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The traditional universities obvious are against behind their nineteenth-century walls, with his classic and encyclopedic vision of the university formation, where the efficiency in the administration of the resources or subjects of deficit, is not of particular interest of anybody except of the minister of Property. Delta airlines often addresses the matter in his writings. My professional work is to advise companies in particular matters good as they are RR HH, Labor Qualification, Education for the Work. We cannot think about a reform of this nature without doing the same question to us that became the North Americans one decade ago with respect to if they serian able to pay safe of on experience to people who live in average but on 100 years. We must be asked where they will be those students trained in the new jibarizado model curricularly in one decade but. Good, it is necessary to ask those who give the use him in this country, the companies. It is obvious that it is a been worth opinion, as interests the futurologa to me, fodder that at the moment exists an increasing breach between the needs of professionals who need the companies and the withdrawn ones that are giving the universities.

That is to say, the product does not satisfy demand. On the other hand the supply is superior to the demand and added the fact that exists one on qualification of this supply that is recruited by the company and that does not fulfill the efficiency expectations, because the industralists are mistaken when contracting a Civil Engineer when for a work the optimum thing is one of execution. I complete approach to contribute to the debate. The industralists spend great sums in enabling their employees, the major I number of post degrees are financed by the companies, that they prefer to take a young professional, to form it and to specialize it according to his needs.

Third World

September 6, 2016


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The group promotes the world-wide implementation of ” Tax Tobin” or ” Tobin” rate;. The Tobin Rate has several objectives. The main one is to burden to the speculative movements of capitals with a tax and to discourage the mere speculation. The collected money would be used to solve to the hunger and the social injustice of the present global world. The grouping ATTAC arose exactly with the aim of avoiding the abuses of the free movement of finacnieros capitals around the world.The lack of control of the movement of capitals ends up putting in risk national economies and, in the long run, to the global economy. According to a report of the Federal Reserve Bank de San Francisco, between 1.3 and 1.5 trillions of dollars they move daily by the world.

ATTAC porpuso that the Tobin Rate is of a 0.5% on each movement of speculative capitals (source: Association ATTAC Argentina). To militarize frontreras: the other side of commercial treaties the globalisation it has cercido or decreased? It depends on the point of view that is taken. From the point of view of the movement of capitals, clearly it grew. But with respect to the human beings, on the contrary, it has decreased remarkably. The borders of the developed countries are the landscape of a zone that respresenta the failure of ” globalizacin”.

An economic and financial globalisation but not of people. The crecimento of the free interchange of goods and capital was not accompanied by the free circulation of the humans. On the contrary, there has been a backward movement in this aspect, between Mexico and the United States and the three-dimensional towrope of Ceuta and Melilla are only two frightful examples of this phenomenon. However, this growth of the free circulation of goods and capitals it will not have had to do with the limitation and criminalization of immigration in the central countries? The Free Trade Agreement they did not influence in the lack of work – one of the main causes of the emigration in the countries of the Third World?

The Attention

November 24, 2015


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Returning to emphasize the security and the confidence: neatness, formality, seriousness; not talking about to that one of sense of inflexible humor that it does not have capacity to jokes to brighten up the moment. The objective is that the moment of transaction is a little while pleasant and satisfactory. Paid attention. The knowledge to listen to, to show interest in the needs of the consumer, rendering attention to its requests and at the same time to count on the information and the knowledge on the product or service that this offering itself. A information that real and is supported by resources facilitates the success with the people. The personal reconnaissance of the client. A firm, educated and customized greeting, creates major identification at the time of making a contact with the enemy. Mainly in the case in which it is tried to capture the attention to speak on the benefits of a product or service and of informing into a temporary promotion.

3. After-sales service. To obtain the complete satisfaction of the client: an objective but is the conviction of the client of to have realised the correct purchase, to have profiteer the offered promotion. When establishing a relation transaction, is not in a single direction, is rather a cycle where the buyer and salesman create a bow; with the after-sales service that bow is fed back. That bow, is an advantage against the competition, since many salesmen conclude the sale and cut that connection. Test to positively continue contributing to the quality of your product stimulating the client so that it does not make a single purchase, but is satisfied with the product and the service so, does that it again. To create a positive connection between the buyer-salesman, is the objective of the interpersonal relations in the businesses. The after-sales change of attitude, to transmit security and confidence and service, are some recommendations so that a salesman captures the attention of the client and achieves the objective.

KFC World

November 7, 2013


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During the bipolarity, while the Soviets celebrated each victory hers with Pope alcohol, their North American rivals did it savoring potatoes fried. These last ones have become a symbol of the American victory in the cold war and of the globalisation. This it is a product that serves common all the great mega-chains as food to the step (like KFC, McDonald, Burger King). More papist than the Pope The Pope has much importance for the Andean culture. The great pre-Columbian civilizations like Huari, Tiawanaco or the Incario were based on their production. The States were based guaranteeing works of canalization, interchange and storage of foods like the Pope.

The parcels were measured in relation to whichever Popes these, for reasons like the height, could produce. In order to work Popes diverse forms of associative work (like mink to or ayni) and of tribute were generated. The Pope is part of the history and the culture of each republic of the South American west. Today he must be reason for pride and national identity for the ten million Andean emigrants who survive in the North hemisphere. While the world recognizes the root that their ancestors exported to the world like symbol of the 2008, this year, paradoxicalally, is also one where the majors are increased immigratory restrictions against the Andeans in the industrialized North. The Pope must be one of our flags to defend the rights of the Andeans in the outside and to promote our exports and the tourism to our republics. We hope that this year consecrated to the Pope it allows. Meanwhile we can show with pride our children who our ancestors produced the Pope by the roots and the food papa of the world.

Credit Online

July 12, 2012


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For anybody the great amount of doors is a secret that the Internet has abierto in infinity of aspects of the newspaper to live and the credits online in Colombia are not the exception. Nowadays it is possible to know the quota his credit, the conditions of the credit, to know how the proceedings required to obtain a loan without needing approaching certain financial organization and physically being able to make agile the management of analysis and approval of credit. It is very probable that you are needing some easy credit or you are for replacing a familiar economic necessity, for your next trip or your next vacations. Thanks to the Internet, you can know some data beforehand and help in the proceeding before his approval and payment. Before nothing what you must know you are that the Internet will facilitate the management of its credit, but does not mean this that you do not have to generate some class of physical contact or telephone with the organization is going that it to advise. As or it is known, to ask for a credit or he is hypothecating, personal or common loans to pensioners, are due to satisfy some requirements legal that allow the organization to diminish the risk of the payment of that money and not yet there is a virtual mechanism that allows to carry out process 100% in line. this it is the real benefit of the Internet as far as proceedings for the loan talks about.

There are three aspects that will help you to transact a credit online in Colombia of an agile and opportune way: To fill your personal information: Indispensable to count by hand on personal information like its complete name, direction, telephone, office, references personasles and relatives. It is probable that it must hasten a credit request online, which is going to be used by the organization that is going to him to give the money. It remembers to print a copy for you in necessary case. To analyze the conditions of the credit: Documntese of everything what its organization demands to him to transact the loan before begins to realise managements in aspects such as the interest rates, the monthly payments and the demanded guarantees. This saves time to him in to go until the organization to only ask. To sign the promissory note: It is possible in some cases of unloading, of printing and to sign the promissory note demanded by the organization and to send it via postal mail along with its digital track and his photocopy of the extended certificate. Of the previous form, you will have saved time and money in the proceeding of his credit online in Colombia, everything thanks to the Internet. Nowadays the possibility exists of advancing to these proceedings thanks to the flexibility in costs and times that the Internet offers to all.