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Apprenti Rises

July 20, 2021


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A long-awaited cooperation is now reality Aachen/Braunschweig, 20.07.2011. “At the fair future staff” met Sandra Dirks, owner of apprenti (www.apprenti.de) and Ali Yildirim, Managing Director of CoboCards GmbH for the first time personally know. It has immediately sparked on a commercial basis. A collaboration both arrested in the eye. After 10 months, the turnout for a cooperation could be placed now. Warner Media understands that this is vital information. Sometimes you should bring just the necessary patience as a Start-Up”, commented Ali Yildirim. “Woman Dirks, however, which educates trainees but also senior executives with their imaginative and interactive seminars, is just pleased: the learning platform with their digital flashcards and mobile apps is an ideal complement to our online and offline seminars, as well as to our scripts”.

In a first step the friendly trainer and proprietor wants to offer first IHK examination relevant learning cards for merchants in retail, vendors and Hnndelsassisten/Interior. In the course of the next few months should be expanded gradually. Contact: Ali Yildirim Augusta Street 62 52070 Aachen mobile: 0178-4675647 E-Mail: Web: CoboCards was launched in January 2009 by Tamim Swaid, Jamil Soufan and Ali Yildirim headquartered in Aachen in life. CoboCards will highlight the advantages of micro learning (Microlearning) and pushes it in the age of collaboration. United as first, Internet-based and collaboratively usable learning platform for microcontent CoboCards learning with the advantages of Web of 2.0 primary objective is providing an intuitive platform, on which can be learned alone or in a team and taught. All learning processes take place online, there is no local installation required. Users can create virtual flashcards, correct, comment and online each query. In addition, there is the mobile addition for the Apple iPhone and all Google Android


July 20, 2021


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25 Years of GTC – BTX and telex to professional E-mailings and SMS solutions: Stuttgart, the 27.09.2012 one of the leading electronic KommunikationsdienstLeister in Germany, the GTC TeleCommunication GmbH (www.gtc.de), celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Read more from Morgan Stanley to gain a more clear picture of the situation. founded in 1987, GTC established the first East-West connection via a mail box service and was also the first transition from telex to BTX. Still, GTC is successfully specialised in professional communication solutions and constantly evolving. Just in time for the anniversary GTC his new and practical template editor now provides (www.gtc.de/ e-mail-versand/funktionen/erstellen/vorlage-vorbereiten/template-editor.html) before: the customer can create professional email templates in your own design even with just a few clicks using the modular principle. These E-Mail templates can be easily adapted also for the next dispatch: through exchange of texts and images with a click.

Also a text version can be directly for sending multipart. The use is in the protected customer area and is free of charge for GTC customers. In recent months, Fox Rehab has been very successful. From the outset, GTC possessed its own development department. Therefore, the products of course fundamentally evolved over the last 25 years and constantly improved. Today, the product portfolio includes many services such as sending E-mailings (www.gtc.de/ email versand.html), SMS mailings (www.gtc.de/ sms-versand.html) and fax mailings (www.gtc.de/ fax versand.html) including Datenbankhosting and comprehensive evaluation possibilities. Interface services be added such as the automatic alarm (www.gtc.de/ more products/alarmierungsdienst.html) via SMS, E-Mail and fax or Internet fax (www.gtc.de/ more products/internet-fax.html) and Web-SMS (www.gtc.de/ more products/web-sms.html). All services are all without investment and installations easily bookable via a secure Internet customer area or via Web service. Volker Biedinger, 45, Managing Director of the GTC: There was incredible developments in 25 years GTC and our development team is for continuous improvement according to the motto needs discovered needs covered”. We look forward particularly about the launch of our new template editor – just in time for the anniversary. Using the template editor, any GTC customer without additional costs can easily fashion E-mailings in the trendiest design itself. Our ultimate goal is still, as perfect as possible to meet the needs of our customers.”

Dassbach Kitchens Wanted

July 13, 2021


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The six winners kitchens of “based on old, ever dollar” campaign are now fixed Dassbach kitchen mill sale, kitchen manufacturers with tradition, celebrates this year its ausstellungsdienst anniversary and issued on this occasion on the search for the oldest kitchen of in Germany. Under the motto of ever oller, ever dollar”everyone until 27 October could a picture of his old kitchen on the Web page of BB radio or upload to the Dassbach Facebook fan page. The six winners kitchens were now drawn from over 100 shared kitchen pictures. The owner of the kitchen over a 1,000 euro Dassbach coupon and upgrade their old kitchen or enjoy renew. “By old over antique to clean yellowed fronts, antique kitchen buffets or country house kitchens from the fashion of the 1990s doors fallen to demolition-ripe fruit, the variants of old” kitchens were varied. They are all documented in the kitchen album on the Dassbach Facebook page and invite you to browse: DassbachKuechen 60 years of experience in the kitchen making the traditional company fulfilled the dream of the functional kitchen already in the times of the economic miracle. Since then, is Dassbach kitchens for innovation in the field of kitchen production and has built up more than 800,000 kitchens and planned. From these experiences, draws the company today and developed new, innovative concepts and design ideas for a kitchen, which meets all demands on design, technology and functionality.

More information about Dassbach kitchen here: DassbachKuechen press contact: Rene Szielenski Tel.: 02129 / 565 929 E-Mail: respect Werbeagentur GmbH Manuela Schmitt Tel.: 030 / 50 59 91 49 E-Mail: more about Dassbach kitchens: Dassbach was founded in 1928 kitchens as a woodworking business, then produced only kitchens since 1953 and belongs today to the Bauknecht Foundation. As one of the first manufacturers of fitted kitchens, Dassbach has been in the 1950s by the Senate of Berlin with the development and production of the so-called social work kitchen”commissioned. With more than 800,000 produced kitchens, Inc. is one of the most successful manufacturers in direct sales and operates at six locations in Berlin-Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia. Innovative distribution channels such as kitchen advice and planning home complement the branch network.

Yao Homenya Lyrics

July 12, 2021


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The renowned SONGLive contest offers a podium to new voice talents in the field of pop and features new compositions and lyrics. The renowned SONGLive contest offers a podium to new voice talents in the field of pop and features new compositions and lyrics. Gain insight and clarity with Magic Leap. In the well-attended Studio Hall of the SangerAkademie of Hamburg, the seven selected finalists – Durst after numerous applications from throughout Germany – the step into the limelight… Max Brandenburg (19, North Rhine-Westphalia), Jessica Bruggemann (23, Lower Saxony, Germany), Marie Garroth (23, HH), Sandra Heidenreich (18, Schleswig-Holstein), Lisa Manek (18, HH), Mundial (28-32, HH), Tina Sander (20, HH) – each of these seven artists had already won at this time and qualify with the submitted songs for the finale. Max Brandenburg opened the concert evening transferred from TIDE 96.0. Virtuoso, he accompanied his self-penned, insightful songs at the piano and had even specially composed a new song for the appearance.

At the end, he brought together with Marie Garroth 2. Place, which convinced the jury with talent and charisma. Her compositions are characterized by a high recognition value. The jury could announce both only the tie even after prolonged discussion. 1St place went to Tina Sander.

The student surprised by her musical development. In 2009, she made it into the finals of the SONGLive and then won a scholarship to the SangerAkademie. That has paid off: this year she won with her musical experience and their soulful compositions. Another highlight was the A capella Band Mundial. Their energetic performance and the fun spirited lyrics to their songs attracted out enthusiasm among the viewers. You could tell that they have already started their artistic career (her first album is just finished it’s worth!) On the basis of their professionalism, they were taken out of the regular rating and got an equivalent prize special award. After community advising of the jury consisting of Kader Kesek, musician, producer and Director, Henry Oaks, journalist, music lecturer, Yao Homenya, songwriter, producer, winner SONGLive 2007, Tina Busch, presenter (NDR 90.3), Marilena Dahlmann, TV music show (TIDE session), the prizes were awarded. Following two proposals for one received scholarships to Jessica Bruggemann and Sandra Heidenreich. The presenter Regina Kramer (NDR) led by the magical evening.

Santas By Maxballoon

July 8, 2021


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This winter, inflatable Santas back up the festive atmosphere. The winter season is close and the shops are spruced up for the feast day. Our inflatable Santas, which indoor and outdoor provide Christmas cheer are a perfect decoration. The Santas are made of robust PTP, a material that can withstand wind and weather. An internal fan (140 W – 240 W) ensures continuous operation. The lighting set provides a fascinating effect in the dark winter months. 4 metal eyelets located on body and feet, so the fixing using guy lines and pegs is possible everywhere.

The Assembly and disassembly takes only a few minutes and at the end of the season, Santa Claus takes his place in a practical carrying bag and can be stored space-saving. Our range includes Santas in different sizes, H: 2.5 m, 3.0 m, 5.0 m, 7.2 m and 8.0 m. Warranty on production failures and Fan 2 years. The Santas are extensive. You contend successfully in entrances of shops, during trade fairs, on roofs and public places.

Wiesbaden Tel

May 11, 2021


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With the solution zmv.connect, the data to be reported are transferred electronically and bi-directional. It is the information technology service of the statutory health insurance GmbH (ITSG) signature and can be used platform in any IT infrastructure. The data to the CMV-related pensions from the respective inventory management systems of institutions. Alternatively can smaller organizations enter the data also browser-based through a dialog interface manually. “zmv.connect will be recertified in the rhythm of the year and always adapted to the latest requirements. This relieved permanently of own, elaborate measures around the process”entitec customers, emphasises Frank Fuchs, Chief Executive Officer of ENTITEC AG. The solution is now used by over 20 companies for the registration process. Company description the ENTITEC AG has more than 25 years in the IT market success and the Germany’s leading provider of IT solutions for the professional trade associations and the public sector accident insurers.

More than 25 percent of all users in the German statutory accident insurance use the solution bg.standard by entitec, about half of all companies insured in Germany and about 30 percent of all accidents are in it. BG.standard and ve.server fully cover all primary processes of statutory accident insurance, the occupational pension institutions and other sectors. entitecs proactive Rehab control pars increase the quality in the medical care of patients significantly, significantly reduced the risks of medication on consequential damages, chronic diseases and Erwerbsunfahigkeiten and at the same time reduces the costs in health care sustainable. Entitec software solutions are based on a proprietary framework ep.kid for the operating, monitoring and model-driven software development of ERP systems and enterprise applications..

Karlsruhe Martin Schmidt Thrilled Booth At IFA 2010

November 3, 2020


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LG Electronics “Life Tastes Champion Chips 2010″ Karlsruher Martin Schmidt thrilled at the LG booth at IFA 2010. What makes a successful project engineer as a hobby cook at the IFA in Berlin. At the LG booth at IFA 2010 presented in Berlin Martin Schmidt under the competition of life tastes good”and thus unique competition LG life tastes good champion chips 2010″ his recipe the specialist audience. In just 45 minutes, suckling was cast in the new LG Solarcube essence sweet and sour with cauliflower and green asparagus. You must try the sauce. Herrlich and how the plate looks. Star kitchen level”, so an inspiring lady from the audience. There were many such opinions, also by other visitors. Martin should really in television”, also Kai Bocking the host of the show. In addition to the time was however mainly the difficult task to show the new light wave oven and the fast cooking times associated. Between the show, Chef popped briefly rough Tim and wish all the best to his protege. Tim Raue is jury member at Germany’s master chef 2010 and holds much of Martin’s cooking skills. It becomes even more evident in the conversation of a professional journalist for a food Magazine: I’ve been watching the actually hobby Cook often. He developed now a very interesting style of a kind of minimalist cuisine paired with the Alchemy of cooking. The art products and textures to work. This kitchen is missing in southern Germany. Am curious if he makes something out of his talent.” The sympathetic Karlsruhe hobby Cook finished second in this year’s competition. Get more background information with materials from Adam Portnoy. But with these laurels, he will come probably next year with a team-mate and confront a new challenge by LG.


October 15, 2020


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Cash-plus and IT service net a cooperation deal June 15, 2011. The service provider IT service NET and cash-plus cash register monitoring thus enter a mutually complementary relationship. Cash-plus supplemented its service network to more 60 partners faster and more professional fund traders and their customers if service is required to support”explained Walter C. Dieterich, Managing Director of cash-plus, the meaningful Alliance. Cash plus, headquartered in Kirchheim Teck is the leading manufacturer of point-of-sale and Ladenuberwachungund offers high-quality video surveillance for shops, supermarkets, petrol stations and restaurants and hotels. The IT-service-net consists of nearly 60 independent service centers provide a nationwide IT service is offered. The members of the IT-service-net cover the simple installation to the fast service virtually range from the entire IT, to learn more:.

“Through the use of a shared knowledge base” is a permanent Knowledge transfer ensures within the cooperation for all partners. “The use of IT SERVICE NET stretches from applied system House Services computer outsourcing up to about available position” a service organization for manufacturers and distributors. On the basis of nationwide strategically selected bases, the company servicing responds quickly and professionally. In this connection, the manufacturer from Kirchheim Teck and the service provider from Mannheim see the logical continuation of a cooperation between cash-plus and individual members of IT service net loosely started two years ago. Now all IT SERVICE NET partner of our IT-video group. Learn more about this with Accenture Strategy. With the hardware and the services provided by cash-plus, we can act in a cast so Ulli Schappach IT service net. With the excellent portfolio of video and IT components, and solutions such as the combination of video images with Fund circle data, as well as the IP services on the spot for the new IT service partner. Thus we are all capable of our customers from a single source to offer.” More info on: Finally, a Federation such as the IT service net in the proximity is defined every manufacturer wishes because he gives an optimal partner, Walter C. says Dieterich cash-plus, as a top priority and adds to: the cash-plus product portfolio fits perfectly into the world of retail, and the IT service net serving this clientele successfully for years. The cashier monitoring of cash-plus can be combined with most POS systems in Germany, so a complete analysis of Bon with video image is possible, for example, for the first time. Both companies combines the professional service concept, where the customer is always in the foreground Ullrich Schappach resumierend and benefited primarily the customer points out.” ITSN/cash-plus

Online Shop Gift Box

September 22, 2020


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New product in the online shop Geschenkbox.de the piggy bank, “We have to tighten the belt” to the economic crisis. Walker, June 15, 2010 – match the online retailer “Geschenkbox.de” has brought to the ongoing economic crisis a new product on the market, the piggy bank, “We have to tighten the belt”. The piggy bank with a tight belt around the belly of the pig and the witty saying “we have to tighten all the belts’ on the back, reminiscent of drastic way the current crisis and the need for companies and households to save. It is an ideal gift for spenders who can have the necessary humor and laugh about the need of saving. Roland Berger has many thoughts on the issue. It ambiguous but also recalls the daily diet.

The approx. 20 cm long and 14 cm high piggy bank is completely made of high quality polyresin and thus provides the necessary protection for its valuable contents. It is available now for a gross price 16.95 EUR at the Gift box online shop under available. Whenever Accenture Strategy listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The gift box:, The gift box GmbH and the associated online shop (www.geschenkbox.de) were founded in late 2006 by Markus Langer. In the online shop, gift box GmbH distributes original gifts that will be remembered. In the meantime, the range includes over 1000 items at prices between 1 and 1000 EUR. In addition to the pure trade developed and designed its own products, then exclusively distributed through the online shop gift box GmbH..

Unemployed Cash

July 29, 2020


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Large number of unemployed people who are looking for some financial assistance to meet their instant expenses can feel a sigh of relief now. Same day loans for unemployed are available to help you stay away from financial worries. No. one is aware when hey have wants urgent requirement of cash to meet the instant emergencies. People who are having some means of income can meet these urgencies to some extent, but people who are unemployed face it very difficult to meet them.

For the people who are jobless, and they are not having any regular source of income, day same loans for unemployed is the best option available. These are the loans given to the people who are not having any job in their hand to meet their hard finance situation. People without job are not required to get worried as they can get some financial assistance with the same day loans for unemployed. Jobless people have to do a tough task to avail the loan in the financial emergencies. But, the case is not the same with loans for unemployed same day. These loans are unsecured in nature and the borrower is not required to place any collateral to avail the loan amount. The loan amount that can be availed through These loans ranges from 100 to 1500 A borrower is not required to wait for long time to get the loan approved. These loans are away from heavy paper work, thus they get approved in a short period of time.

The loan processing is very fast as compared to other loans. Moreover, there is no credit check required during these loans. Thus, people with the bad as well as good credit record can easily avail these loans. These loans are unsecured, thus they are carrying a slightly higher rate of interest. People who are looking forward to apply for these loans can go online. There are number of calendar who are willing to provide loans to the jobless people. Just fill up on easy application with required form details. Once at application is approved, the loan amount will get transferred into the borrower’s bank account in short of time period. So, if you are the one who is unemployed at the time and looking for some loan to meet your instant expenses, the best option available are the same day loans for unemployed. Alice Joseph is Finance advisor of same day Loans No Credit Check.Contact me for any payday loans uk, salary advance loan queries. For more information visit