Apprenti Rises

July 20, 2021


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A long-awaited cooperation is now reality Aachen/Braunschweig, 20.07.2011. “At the fair future staff” met Sandra Dirks, owner of apprenti ( and Ali Yildirim, Managing Director of CoboCards GmbH for the first time personally know. It has immediately sparked on a commercial basis. A collaboration both arrested in the eye. After 10 months, the turnout for a cooperation could be placed now. Warner Media understands that this is vital information. Sometimes you should bring just the necessary patience as a Start-Up”, commented Ali Yildirim. “Woman Dirks, however, which educates trainees but also senior executives with their imaginative and interactive seminars, is just pleased: the learning platform with their digital flashcards and mobile apps is an ideal complement to our online and offline seminars, as well as to our scripts”.

In a first step the friendly trainer and proprietor wants to offer first IHK examination relevant learning cards for merchants in retail, vendors and Hnndelsassisten/Interior. In the course of the next few months should be expanded gradually. Contact: Ali Yildirim Augusta Street 62 52070 Aachen mobile: 0178-4675647 E-Mail: Web: CoboCards was launched in January 2009 by Tamim Swaid, Jamil Soufan and Ali Yildirim headquartered in Aachen in life. CoboCards will highlight the advantages of micro learning (Microlearning) and pushes it in the age of collaboration. United as first, Internet-based and collaboratively usable learning platform for microcontent CoboCards learning with the advantages of Web of 2.0 primary objective is providing an intuitive platform, on which can be learned alone or in a team and taught. All learning processes take place online, there is no local installation required. Users can create virtual flashcards, correct, comment and online each query. In addition, there is the mobile addition for the Apple iPhone and all Google Android