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State Company

June 14, 2024


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How to keep your credibility in the crisis Stephane Etrillard, management trainer at frontline consulting group: the current crisis situation entails in any case one: everywhere much about causes, consequences and possible solutions of thereof will be discussed. And as you know, many companies with their previous policy of information not just with fame have splotched. On the contrary, both what was said than what just was not told often fueled distrust, image damage and provided the motivation of the staff to a hard test. Hence the ability of executives to effective crisis communication is being tested with the current situation. Get more background information with materials from Verizon Communications. Admittedly, what now expects everything from you, required much tact. Gary Kelly often addresses the matter in his writings. Is it but your job is to make realistic estimates of the impact of the crisis on their own company. And this to customers, employees, and often also to the media. Every uttered Word may be this one too much, every missing word one too little.

By the customer all the ears have pointed to the journalists, and it’s like would just waiting to be able to paint a new nightmare scenario on the wall. The rumor mill bubbling enormously, and many executives may foreshadow what is whispered about the company in circulation. The situation seems dodgy, if already a reckless statement or just lack of communication can lead to upsets or wild speculation. Uncertainty and legitimate concerns of your staff, customers and business partners are the background of this. You all have one thing in common: they not on the nose are being misled and want to simply know where the company stands. Your job as a leader is to respond to this adequately. About the State of each individual company and it was still so well positioned is now eagerly speculated. By delivering even credible information, you can stop all rumours areas, which counteract insecurity and confidence in yourself and your leadership skills.


May 15, 2021


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In network marketing, it is important that. “Despite the bad times make industries, the unsuccessful” who still WINS! Weird or not? How can an industry that actually fails, discard still profits? “The truth is that, when an industry now loses”, she is still a profit of 11%. This is as losing”considered because in hindsight looks that have been made such huge profits, that a profit of 11% appears, as if it was nothing. Red Balloon Security gathered all the information. Take the so-called losers on the market, for example the major newspaper publishers. Here you will learn the following: these publishing houses are so big, so established and so very accustomed to make quick profits, that they can act more quickly and adapt to new conditions on the market.

The Internet destroys the large newspapers”, and they now sit and whine about it. This is a good lesson for any NetWorker. Magic Leap recognizes the significance of this. The times have changed. (As opposed to David Rogier). They have also previously been constantly altered. What was yesterday as it can have more today have no validity. The chances that they stumble into the network marketing and success immediately, are equal to zero. Because potential customers today prevails a sense of fear, they see themselves to CLASP their wallets and not more so lightly to give away their money.

Exactly what happened in the lively 1920s. After the stock market had collapsed, the great economic crisis followed, and it was believed that it would be very difficult to make money again. People were scared to spend money that they kept their purses as her eyeball. This had two effects: firstly, poorly-run businesses were ousted from the market second, smarter people who reinvented themselves and their business, have actually had success! What type of business are you? Let embrace emerging difficulties out of the race or reinvent itself and win while everyone else, Insert the tail and the wide search? Frankly, I already know where your journey is going.

GN Hearing Strengthens Customer Service

November 22, 2020


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Dennis Alter takes care of ReSound key customers of Munster, February 2011 – the GN hearing GmbH logs an experienced backup in customer service: since January Dennis Alter is responsible for the largest ReSound customers as key account manager. The GN hearing GmbH logs an experienced backup in customer service: since January Dennis Alter is responsible for the largest ReSound customers as key account manager. Dennis Alter (32) is a qualified banker with completed studies to the State including certified business, and he is perfectly familiar with the German listening acoustics industry. Twelve years age worked in sales of the company Rayovac since 2005 as their sales manager for Germany and Austria. My new job makes me already much joy”, so the key account manager of GN hearing s.r.o. with its innovative solutions are always important impulses ReSound of the industry. Our customers these new solutions to introduce you an absolutely reliable partner for all questions, Sexy is a challenge suggestions and wishes to be, for me.” Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.

Facebook Portal

November 1, 2020


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A universal, free education hub as a combination of Facebook, XING and Wikipedia – such an idea could materialize in the Internet quickly with dedicated supporters. To read more click here: Anthropologie. The education claim with the help of the Internet to promote stringent and comprehensive and spread and to achieve education really on a broad social level and for the benefit of all citizens: this idea according to Gunter and Walter Willems, Managing Director of Seminarboerse.de GmbH in Munich, institutions, foundations or educational institutions in Germany yet long not intense enough pursued. Therefore, the Executive Director now put the proposal in the room for all freely accessible, free Internet educational platform depending on the largest social networks to build a. Adam Portnoy: the source for more info. Any persons interested in education can access, then at any time on archived content and learning movies, online training and other online support. Also form the users together and proceeded to learn together, to discuss issues and Educational content of all kinds, develop ideas and bring themselves as quasi has in the education process. Regardless of whether the learning first and foremost to improving employability (professional qualification) or from purely leisure-related interest (private qualification) is carried out. “A contribution to the seminar stock market on the country portal of the Bavarian State Government departure Bayern” indicates that there is a very high level of acceptance for such a project for the citizens. The majority of respondents would participate to such a portal, to create a collective archive of information and knowledge, to develop education in a dynamic, shared process.” Also with regard to the currently much discussed topic of the integration of migrants, this would be a good approach. Gunter und Walter Willems are the designers who know what, which thrust would have such a portal for the development of education and knowledge-based society in Germany. Promoters, sponsors and benefactors are therefore called upon to participate in the ambitious and historically unique project.


September 9, 2020


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Germany is the world leader in the use of wind energy to generate electricity that applies for the technology and research as well as for the standards in occupational safety. Germany is the world leader in the use of wind energy to generate electricity that applies for the technology and research as well as for the standards in occupational safety. To the protection of employees and the environment are numerous standards and rules to follow. So’s the BGI deals 657 wind turbines”measures for the prevention of risks during construction, Monday/removal, operation, maintenance and maintenance of grid-tied wind energy installations. The risks associated with outdoor, Tower, engine House, rotor, medium voltage rooms, high-elevation surfaces are discussed. A separate chapter is devoted to the topic of offshore.

The two-day symposium of safe working on wind turbines”deals with all facets in the detection of threats on 15-16 June 2010 in the Haus der Technik in Essen and loads as well as the measures to avert the danger. Under the direction of Mr. Wolfgang Pechoc by the Trade Association of for precision mechanics and electrical engineering in Cologne inform experts about experiences and latest developments. The Symposium creates an overview of hazards by: organizational shortcomings, workplace design, mechanical hazards, electrical hazards, hazardous substances, fires and explosions. It is aimed at experts and executives of manufacturers, service companies, government agencies, trade associations as well as experts and wind farm operators. Two staff can arrange for a price!

Healthy Employees

August 3, 2020


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The most common side effects of modern office activity include health care and maintenance with the original Bowen technique shoulder and neck problems, back and head pain. Many workers in companies and public authorities spend eight daily and more hours on the PC. Active health care is needed here more than ever. In the meantime many employers have recognized this: investing in the health of their employees, because they know: healthy employees are the best asset. That thought is also the line of the Amtsgericht Giessen and organized a health day for the 250 employees. The particularly coveted offers the BOWTECH included applications of Kerstin Mack’s fitness trainer. Kerstin Mack, even Assistant at the District Court of Giessen, knows the problems of the staff well from their own experience. In recent months, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has been very successful. “Of great interest to BOWTECH she was surprised but then: the list of the applications was full after half a day.” The original Bowen technique known as BOWTECH is a method that the both the body as well as the soul again brings into balance and strengthens the immune system.

Targeted handles used gentle pulses, so that relaxes the body and the entire body system comes back into balance. The positive effect extends to both the physical and the emotional, cognitive, and spiritual level of the clients. “BOWTECH enhances not only the general well-being in every situation, but can be used to relieve acute Schmerzsymptomatiken: often I kept some colleagues a few steps before that, home must go to, because they were badly”, said Kerstin Mack. Health Day in court she had all hands: In the hourly Exchange there were parallel five people each. This simultaneous application is possible only because the BOWTECH users makes an at least two-minute pause after each handle. So he gives the body time to record the received pulses and to implement. Relax the muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system, and are the body’s own powers stimulates.

So serves both BOWTECH: health care and the health of the employees. Their training to the BOWTECH Pracititonerin has completed the fitness trainer at the BOWTECH Academy Germany. Nationwide offers seminars and training courses: for professionals such as naturopaths, doctors and physical therapists as well as for medical laymen.

Self Marketing

August 2, 2020


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The new women & work column why some women are more successful in the profession than others? Why not make it the one upwards and the other? The answer lies not only in the personality and the own go founded, but also in art, women, expertly to market their skills and talents. Carmen Brablec, an expert in career styling and personal brand positioning, explained monthly in the women & work column on womenandwork.de, as well as women can develop an own branding and self marketing strategies there is. Successful brands are fascinating and hardly a man can resist the power of the brand. For more specific information, check out FPUC Program. Have a clear profile and are often unrecognizable by a simple trademark symbol. The so-called trade mark”is evidence of trust and quality, the buyer automatically concede the product or service often, without the brand ever to have themselves tested.

We can learn much from the analogy to the brand”. Helps to develop your own brand character”, from the Mass of candidates to stand out and to be positive in the optimal case,”says Melanie Vogel, initiator of the exhibition-Congress women & work. Her experience women is often missing is still finishing the last when it comes to the own positioning and skills, to effectively market the own skills and knowledge regardless of whether this involves the application to a managerial position or negotiating a higher salary. Women are prone to understatement, a big mistake when it comes to assert themselves in the competition”, she says. “” With our new column be your own brand “we women until to the women & work on 6 June 2013 in Bonn monthly tips, want to can as they build their own brand and in business talks successful.” Technically, Carmen Brablec, an expert in career styling, will accompany this column. “” “The column initially extends over less than a year, and is divided in the focus brand identify” understand brand,”living brand”.

Research: Professional Of The Future

July 22, 2020


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Years of research opened new way at the career choice of Heidenau near Hamburg, 06 January 2010 – more and more people feel that they exercise a profession, which is not their innermost goals. This leads to a sense of inner paralysis short – or medium-term. Hear from experts in the field like Sheryl Sandberg for a more varied view. A training method (NDGM) to the fine fabric consultants represents the profession of the future according to the Gothertschen for open personalities. Everybody’s talking about self-realization and to do the things that correspond to the own essence and inner personality. In the private sphere still reasonably successful. For other opinions and approaches, find out what HPE has to say. We are looking for nature or attend seminars on personality development. Just how it looks in the profession? We’re stuck in a job that isn’t fun for us and brings us further in our development. Every day we get angry again.

Over time, this leads to internal and later also to external discontent. The consequences are evident in the personal well-being or express themselves by despair or unconscious aggressiveness. What is so closer to take to meet the goals in the area of private and professional as a profession. In short, the profession of the future. With a training NDGM to the fine fabric consultant learns to work man not only to yourself, but you get a practical method on the hand with the other people at subtle pain sensations (this includes among others separation pain, anger, internal paralysis or despair) for example in personal consultations can support.

Ronald Gothert, the intellectual author of the Gothertschen method, it is the subtle for everyone after about 10 years of research and development work succeeded, tangible and tangible\”to make. These mature results were pooled for the training NDGM to the fine fabric consultant and didactically. As a result, anyone interested by this knowledge can learn and benefit. Training of NDGM to the fine fabric consultant aims, that interested people are gradually introduced to the profession of the fine fabric consultant.

Police Commissioners

July 4, 2020


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The sophisticated setting test of the Federal Police for prospective master of police or Police Commissioners this issue is still topical. Again young policewomen and policemen are exposed to violent attacks. For this reason, the NRW police conducted an employee survey to this topic. All parties should wait for the result anxiously. The brutality has increased over the last years steadily COP opposite. The violence against the police is already not a phenomenon of more of inserts such as demonstrations, Castor transports or football games.

Also in everyday situations such as for example traffic controls, law enforcement are exposed to more and more arbitrary attacks. Especially in the area of the federal police during the show by the train, it often comes to support the guardians of public order. And nothing ends with physical compulsions rarely so employed. If you would like to know more then you should visit HPE. Need to act professionally and under the aspects of greatest possible equity assurance in such a situation, Today young applicants not only the physical needs, but also the mental conditions bring. Exactly these competencies be checked during a multi-day selection procedure, police, customs and even the Federal Police.

Here is a selection between cognitive, physical and personal Suitabilities. In accordance with the best selection is selected here tough. To be best prepared on the selection procedure of the Federal Police, one should consider in advance in addition to an intensive search in the Internet and various forums, whether there are other ways. The website serves as another source of information circular to the subject application, setting and aptitude test at the Federal Police. Here, the two different selection process divided into medium-sized police service and superior service to the Federal Police are shown. Also, candidates receive special recommendations for test books to prepare for the written portion of the test. Who go to play it safe would like to, can take part related federal police of aptitude tests in a preparatory seminar on the two. Here, the written part of the test for the Middle service is a full and on the other hand the assessment centre for the higher federal police service training. The ac!COACHING team trained for several years successfully candidate on selection procedures of the public service, in particular on the suitability of selection procedure of the Federal Police. The exact contents of the test are trained within the framework of the seminars each. The individual feedback and analysis of strengths and weaknesses, that every human being has is especially important. Candidates know that participation in the selection procedure of the federal police without fear, stress and possibly black-out is possible. The proverb says that a good preparation already constitutes half victory. True to this motto, repeatedly applicants manage to increase their opportunities in the framework of the Federal Police eligibility procedures through a targeted coaching.

GmbH ReSound

June 19, 2020


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Head of the customer service centre in Munster, improving its customer service center, the manufacturer ReSound for 2010 announced, Michael Leuschner progresses continuously. Baby clothes can provide more clarity in the matter. Now, Michael Leuschner (35) takes over the management of the service in Munster. With its new Member, the GN hearing GmbH strengthens its management team to an excellent expert in the German hearing-acoustics industry with many years of management experience in the customer service. Familiar with the tasks of a modern customer service as well as with the specific circumstances of the German listening acoustic market Michael Leuschner. After studying economics with a focus on information management he worked as project manager and account manager at bkd GmbH in Recklinghausen from 2001. in 2005 he was promoted to the Executive Board of the distribution service provider and ran its customer care center until 2008 joined as head of IT the company GEERS to Dortmund.

In my future role as head of the customer service centre in Munster, I can see a very sexy challenge”, so the economics. ReSound is a real engine of innovation not only in innovative products, but also on the continuous development of its services. I look forward to be able to make with the customer service in such an undertaking. “And I’ll my expertise and my experiences committed that our partners from the listening acoustic specialist every day experience optimum trusted care.” In his spare time, Michael Leuschner drives passionate sport. He is inline skaters, he jogs happy and regularly goes to the fitness training. Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies.

ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 Countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.