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The G-100 Group joined up with and the G-100 Group, formerly known as the M&A Group.
Tapia’s challenge to bring the ‘hood’ to La Paz. Prosecutor insists Soza apprehension of Branko and quoted the brother of the prefect Costs per case Rozsa Authority. The judge eighth of Professional Instruction Luis Tapia Pachi Duty Grimaldos Eulalio J. Judge Tapia said to go to La Paz Rada defies Terrorism. Prosecutor insists apprehension of Branko labeled a coward Government Minister Alfredo Rada, the judge Eighth Professional Instruction in Santa Cruz, Luis Hernan Tapia Pachi, referred yesterday to a prosecutor’s subpoena for grazing and being present in the city of La Paz on Thursday at 10:00.

Ben Bernanke Bank

February 22, 2014


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Planning Tributary Instrument

February 14, 2014


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This article has the objective to emphasize the importance of the planning essential tributary as tool for the survival and enterprise competitiveness, ahead of a globalizado scene and with trend to the opening of new markets. The constant change in the legislation requires a knowledge assduo and an adequate study of the effective forms of taxation and its particularitities. The planning tributary has the objective to make possible a reduction of expenses with tributes, being allowed the support of the company and supplying information capable to assure to the administrators a carried through economy of allowed form. In the global scope, the reduction of the tax burden handspike the economy, therefore allows to greaters investments and generation of jobs. Thus, accountants and practical administrators must have full knowledge of the legal ones adopted by the companies, using to advantage gaps of the law that favor the growth of the organizations and, consequentemente, of the economy as a whole. Word-key: Planning Tributary, Competitiveness, Taxation.

Seed Text

February 14, 2014


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Preparing the Land to launch the Seed Text: Mc 4:1 – 8 In the Biblical text Mr. Jesus Christ was teaching the multitudes through parabolas, that illustrate situations where the people are taken to think, to imagine and to live the situation. When this telling on the semeador to launch the seeds and that type of land. ) Side of way b) On pedregais (rocks) c) Thorns d) Good land the Seed that the bible in tells and the word to them, good new the new salvation life, eternity. The Semeador that little plants little harvests, but what much plants very harvests, it is living days where the climate oscillates very, and all the plantation has its correct time, plantar soy, beans, orange, at last whichever the seed will have that to total depend on the climate, observing the reporters so that does not occur extreme rains, droughts, at last because the plantation turns the support of the families, where many agriculturists appeal to the banks to finance these plantios. But so that all this process comes to occur, the first moment exists of to prepare the land and to launch the seed in the ploughed, adubada land.

Because if the seed to be in the way it way, had occurred losses the amount of fruits will not be the waited one and this for bigger planning finishes occurring why the manipulation of the man exists who most of the time does not have comprometimento with its tasks and finishes making in a way displicente if not worrying in the final result. Pedregoso, difficult land of the seeds to create deep roots and soon finishes, dying and in this way the estimates of profitabilities, why the semeador cannot assume this loss, at this moment the concerns day persecutions of the banks to charge the loans and all the too much situations that can occur.


February 12, 2014


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The insolvency is a state where devedorpossui more debts of what the amount of its good to liquidate them. An insolvent company could to the end of a process be declared emfalncia or in recovery. The new Portuguese legislation presents the figure of the process deinsolvncia. This results of the creation of an only form of processoespecial with which if clere intends to become more the sentence (with bigger rapidity and flexibility in the opening and closing doprocesso), emcausa intends to get one more joust composition of the interests is the relief note bigger in the new Code of the Insolvency eRecuperao of Companies. The present code regulates the elimination or the reorganization financeirade a company conferring to the creditors a central and preponderant paper (these, by force of the insolvency are considered the proprietrioseconmicos of the company). That is, it is in the sphere doscredores now the decision not to recoup the company, and where terms, appointedly how much to its maintenance in the title of devedorinsolvente or the one of outrem. To creditors will fit, therefore, to decide if opagamento of its credits will result of liquidation integral dopatrimnio of debtor (in the terms of the present code or in agreement complano of insolvency that comes to approve), or through the maintenance emactividade and reorganization of the company.

Durable Ceramic Mosaic

February 11, 2014


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Ceramic mosaics made of pieces of ceramic tiles of different shades, a huge color palette, which allows you to create virtually any drawings. For laying ceramic tile adhesive suitable for wall rooms with ceramic tiles. Very interesting effect creates a combination of polished and polished surfaces – at an angle of view with the pieces of the puzzle start to gleam with polished drawing. Ceramic mosaic might just be glazed, and can contain all sorts of "special effects" – cracelures (small cracks on the surface), divorce, blotches of different color, simulating a rough surface. Laid her surface will be more relief than the finished glass mosaics. Durable ceramic mosaic combined with resistance to abrasion and original appearance.

Ceramic mosaic suitable for lining a variety of surfaces, including swimming pools, facades, walls and floors of bathrooms and kitchens. The latest "rage" among the fashionable ceramic mosaics are elements with the inclusion of semi-precious stones, covered with gold or silver, and Italian producers to even make their relief patterns, which are then filled with real amber. Combining glossy and matte surface of tiles, you can achieve amazing play of light and color transitions ceramic tile in certain directions can visually enlarge the room or do the above ceiling. Despite its exclusive look, ceramic mosaic is very durable facing material, for it can safely walk. Absolutely no harm will not cause mosaic and water. Pigments will not fade in the sun, the ceramic tile will not harm the cleaners, and large temperature changes. Mixtures of colors are suitable for swimming pools, and for the facade, and for the bathroom, and apron kitchen. There is an opportunity to buy not only the standard mixture in the catalog, but also to model and to order their mixes that are different from others.

Cellular Screen

February 10, 2014


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The cellular screen of the first one shines later blinks, the fingers is always busy pressing the keyboard keys, typing new numbers to answer called, to send messages, to decide problems that could very wait well, but the racket of the call hurries what it does not have importance and debtor the addressee of the call, the slave of promptitude, available at any time to say at least ‘ ‘ al’ ‘ , nor that it is with the full mouth, chewing a beefburger. The people are eager for if keeping busy, exactly in the hour of the lunch, after all cellular they are for people in movement. with the time, as well as the clothes, cellular part of clothes becomes. To forget the cellular one is as to leave bare, at least the sensation it is to be without the clothes. The incommunicability will be enclosed in the list of the sins capitals, to be with the cellular one is never to be outside, not of pra to say that you are not, you always are and to refuse a call is always an education lack unforgivable, it must be taken care of exactly in the bathroom It has seen all the people who leave the cellular one to fall in the sanitary vase, the assistncias techniques already are accustomed. All are to the reach of our hands, it does not matter what you are making and which in the distance. The only steady point is that the cellular one is in the pocket! The cellular one also serves not to talk in such a way with who is to the side, the people in group almost does not talk more, not if they look at, they do not feel pleasure in being together, now they press buttons with the low heads, the colloquy is substituted by barulhinho of the button the physical contact does not determine more the proximity, are connections that they determine the proximity.

Learn How To Open A Bottle Of Wine

February 3, 2014


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Take wine is not like taking anything, because you can start to enjoy, from the moment that you open a bottle of wine. At first glance, it might seem complicated but is actually very easy and pleasurable, because while it is true that the wine is enjoyed with all five senses, you can verify this by opening a bottle of wine. The corkscrew is the tool that is used to open a bottle of wine, regardless of the type of wine. There are several types of corkscrew, with a few is more simple that with others, but in the same way with these steps you can achieve it. First that nothing must put the bottle in a vertical position preventing it from moving at all. Make sure you remove the capsule around the neck of the bottle with a knife or a short capsules for inserting the corkscrew to the bottom of the Cork. This must do you by slowly turning the corkscrew until it reaches the stop.

Before removing it, you must remember that to open a bottle of wine you should avoid to move, then gently pressing the bottle with the table, you must pull up corkscrew until it comes out. Remember some corkscrews have a few small levers that will help you to remove it, but if not, do you manually and carefully. You did it, after opening a bottle of wine, with a washcloth, cloth or fabric cleans the mouth of the bottle and you’re ready to share and enjoy your bottle of wine. Make sure you pay attention to the sound that makes the Cork out of the bottle, smell it, feel it, then serves the wine into glasses to continue to enjoy this delight. Original author and source of the article