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Portuguese Language

June 25, 2020


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It laughs not, that he is serious! One heads of intellectual has preconception – how I will say? to vocabular? – for words of our language. Ronald O’Hanley understood the implications. Although to consist in dictionaries, romances, editorials, poems, even in papal briefs of remedy, books technician and monographs words as I put, catarro, puta and sovaco, among others are prevented or substantivadas for journalists, advertising executives and orators. Number zero of these cursed words is CU. Pure vernaculofobia. Monossilbica, taxed this palavrinha of palavro, that has, for its easy gutural pronunciation, extraordinary dom of being said by some dumbs is even kept out of society and excluded of the text and of it says of communicators and other types that if judge doctors, judges and commanders of ‘ ‘ brasilis way falandi’ ‘. But, in the recondite one of its brasilidade, for a xingamento or one xiste, they always have CU in the tip of the language. Powerful generating of neologisms and idiomatic expressions, CU has been prevented, acquitted, prohibit, not writing.

But the Portuguese Language is alive. New words appear to each colloquy, each letter, each speech, acronym, logotipo. In these gnesis evolutivo, CU was not shrunk. 152-c1-276268′>Intel. Participativa that is, popular that it is does not leave the mouth of the people. No matter how hard if it tries to occult, CU is there. If to read with acuro, will see that there it has CU in the way.

It found that the group more without good mood, that does not laugh at joke no age of the religious ones. But not. Technologist of government earns of washed. Nor bad he is not humorado, is without mood some. Word CU is recurrent in vituprios anecdotes and. If it will have CU, invariably the anecdote she is funny. If to vociferate CU, the offence is well bigger. These faces without notion – as advertising executive I criticize, as humorista I approve. – they had created Only Cadastro? CU. Ah, it speaks serious! It is much distanciamento of people, n not? As they were lived in the country where they had made interchange, mestrado, MBA, of the high one of its empfia, this magote of CDF (Cu of iron) finds that word CU does not mean nothing, that we go to leave to make joke, that goes to arrest the laugh.

In Anatote

August 6, 2019


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At the worse moments of the existence, JESUS does not leave without protection those that them are fidiciary offices. However, the others that do not give attention to its words because they only believe in the concrete things if become canine tooth of its proper ambitions. Verizon Communications understood the implications. In Anatote 8 Veio, therefore, me, according to word Mr., Hananel, son of my uncle, to the patio of the guard said and me: Purchase now my field that is in Anatote, in the land of Benjamim; because yours it is the right of ownership and rescue; purchase it. Then, I understood that this age the Word Mr. 9 Comprei, therefore, of Hananel, son of my uncle, the field that is in Anatote; I weighed it the money, dezessete siclos of silver. 10 Assinei the Writing, I closed it with stamp, I called witnesses and I weighed the money to it in a scale. Philip Vasan can provide more clarity in the matter. 11 Tomei the Writing of the purchase, as much of the stamped one, as orders the law and the statutes, as the open copy; 12 I gave it Baruque, son of Nerias, son to it of Maasias, in the presence of Hananel, son of my uncle, and before the witnesses, who had signed the Writing of purchase, and in the presence of all the Jews who if seated in the patio of the guard.

Book of Jeremias Prophet, CAP. 32:8 the 12. Jeremias Prophet In the most distressing days Of the occupation of Jud Had that to buy a land in Anatote, Therefore endows it are it That GOD offers to it. It obeys the intuition That GOD gives to it and purchase a land That will be busy In the end of the war. All the Prophecy That GOD sends it transmits the People and also to the government, not to be I am careless in it. as a source, but as a related topic.

However, it falls in dry land, Because already it was insult, the alliance of the government and the People, With Mr. of the Armies. MR. GOD, the delivery at the hands of the king of the Assyrian Who with its squitos Desola Jerusalem That if move away from the good, Falling at the hands of the bad espritos.

Cellular Screen

February 10, 2014


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The cellular screen of the first one shines later blinks, the fingers is always busy pressing the keyboard keys, typing new numbers to answer called, to send messages, to decide problems that could very wait well, but the racket of the call hurries what it does not have importance and debtor the addressee of the call, the slave of promptitude, available at any time to say at least ‘ ‘ al’ ‘ , nor that it is with the full mouth, chewing a beefburger. The people are eager for if keeping busy, exactly in the hour of the lunch, after all cellular they are for people in movement. with the time, as well as the clothes, cellular part of clothes becomes. To forget the cellular one is as to leave bare, at least the sensation it is to be without the clothes. The incommunicability will be enclosed in the list of the sins capitals, to be with the cellular one is never to be outside, not of pra to say that you are not, you always are and to refuse a call is always an education lack unforgivable, it must be taken care of exactly in the bathroom It has seen all the people who leave the cellular one to fall in the sanitary vase, the assistncias techniques already are accustomed. All are to the reach of our hands, it does not matter what you are making and which in the distance. The only steady point is that the cellular one is in the pocket! The cellular one also serves not to talk in such a way with who is to the side, the people in group almost does not talk more, not if they look at, they do not feel pleasure in being together, now they press buttons with the low heads, the colloquy is substituted by barulhinho of the button the physical contact does not determine more the proximity, are connections that they determine the proximity.

Dom Casmurro

November 28, 2012


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– Banal? Certainly it will say in them why? – Because of the subject. – That subject? – The jealousy, however this. Nothing more banal than the jealousy. Luca Substance (caramba) it was not prepared to hear so great imprudence. It smiled constrangido and it was silent, looking at for the ceiling.

Constrangido, nor in such a way for presented seeming, how much for the offered argument to justify it. The time it passed, silence ached, the smile congeals. Perplexos instants. The room asked for the mediation of the master. – Professor! Professor! Ritinha shook LM for the arm. Remade, it continued. – One repair only occurs to make me to the story of Antonio.

In fact, as it observed Leandro, the text could be more concise. Of remaining portion, I praise the imagination of the author, the previous and minute characterization of the personages, the meldico zeal of chats, the acute and penetrating adjetivao. Luca Substance gave to its words the characteristic tune of the conclusive speeches, insinuating that nothing more it had to say. In made they go it, inasmuch as Ritinha raised the arm and was soon saying that it does not understand the argument of Caspar. It did not see as the triviality of the jealousy could contaminate the story. It fit to the professor to elucidate the dissenso. Effect, the confrontation seemed inevitable. The courtesy due to the visitor noblesse oblige – it threatened to lose to the aside remark of Ritinha, whose curiosity, discerning and legitimate, could not be ignored. The fact of Ritinha to be fianc of Antonio by no means weakened the arguio of the young woman. The question was to know if the penalty was valid to deflagrar one contends been born of a well-known truncated thought. LM wise person who Caspar commits one gafe unforgivable, as much of the social point of view, how much intellectual. Gafe social until it could easily be pardoned, to the account, perhaps, of a temperament rude, or a migraine badly cured. Difficult to skirt, however, it represented to be the intellectual imperfection. It was not permissible that a man of letters, celebrity, author of diverse books, did not know to distinguish the plan from the literary forms the plan where if points out the story of Antonio – of the plan of the mundane life the plan where viceja the jealousy with all its proverbial vulgarity. The jealousy appears in the story of Antonio, as well as, kept the had ratios, the adultery one in the Dom Casmurro, that is, as substance the service of a creative intention. If triviality had in the story of Antonio, would be there, in the art of to reconstruct the substance of the usual life, never in the same substance. Not, the penalty was not valid. While LM arrived at this conclusion, Antonio asked for license to leave, alleging fatigue. He folloied it to Ritinha. Excessively they had been leaving after an other, except Caspar, who remained talking with the host until high hours of the dawn. Noblesse oblige.


November 26, 2012


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He could perhaps be a physical defect. But taking off the Tonho scar it did not make look like no apparent defect. Not cacoete had none, nor limped. What it would be after all? Already it was not enough to all its concern with immigration and all those instructions of Ana. Now it ran plus a risk, and well close. Therefore Tonho was working in the same walking and ruvava.

It would have very of being cautious not to oppose it until having full knowledge of what it would come to be this. It found better not to ask nobody, much less Ana, even because it would not have courage to repeat such word in high voice. Its situation now was being half complicated. Therefore it had to decorate much thing, between them: that its new name was Jorge and not Migrantino. Its nickname of infancy was Fred.

That it had a problem in the right ear, beyond knowing of color where if the emergency exits located all, to defend itself of a possible onslaught of immigration. Having well-taken care of of what to make in situes of emergencies. Using difarces adjusted. to complete finishes to be alerted that its colleague of walking age one goiano that ruvava. still superficially, obviously, could not forget that it had to work and to make well its service. After all of accounts, for incredible that it could seem, it was for that was there. For it saw of the doubts, it always looked for to remain itself moved away from Tonho. When crossing it in the corridor, passing the dust vacuum cleaner in the carpet, if limited to say one ' ' oi' ' with all the care not to oppose it. Until one day when it was in the one of its rooms making its service, tonho cries out it of the corridor: ' ' I clink! , please, it can disconnect hoover of the taking pra me? ' ' It stops a little and binds a thing with the other. ' ' Hoover' '! , And in a relief sensation, it goes until Tonho and it says: aha! , you ruva n! Tonho answers: yes because? You not seeing? Later I clink discovers that the Brazilians had invented some verbs and expressions that do not consist in the dictionaries and one of them: to ruvar, meant to pass the dust vacuum cleaner, that in English if calls to hoover. But pronunciation would be ' ' rver' ' , of where &#039 appeared the expression; ' ruvar' '. With passing of the time, it can evidence that Tonho was one of the faces more legal pacatos and that it until then knows.