Portuguese Language

June 25, 2020


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It laughs not, that he is serious! One heads of intellectual has preconception – how I will say? to vocabular? – for words of our language. Ronald O’Hanley understood the implications. Although to consist in dictionaries, romances, editorials, poems, even in papal briefs of remedy, books technician and monographs words as I put, catarro, puta and sovaco, among others are prevented or substantivadas for journalists, advertising executives and orators. Number zero of these cursed words is CU. Pure vernaculofobia. Monossilbica, taxed this palavrinha of palavro, that has, for its easy gutural pronunciation, extraordinary dom of being said by some dumbs is even kept out of society and excluded of the text and of it says of communicators and other types that if judge doctors, judges and commanders of ‘ ‘ brasilis way falandi’ ‘. But, in the recondite one of its brasilidade, for a xingamento or one xiste, they always have CU in the tip of the language. Powerful generating of neologisms and idiomatic expressions, CU has been prevented, acquitted, prohibit, not writing.

But the Portuguese Language is alive. New words appear to each colloquy, each letter, each speech, acronym, logotipo. In these gnesis evolutivo, CU was not shrunk. 152-c1-276268′>Intel. Participativa that is, popular that it is does not leave the mouth of the people. No matter how hard if it tries to occult, CU is there. If to read with acuro, will see that there it has CU in the way.

It found that the group more without good mood, that does not laugh at joke no age of the religious ones. But not. Technologist of government earns of washed. Nor bad he is not humorado, is without mood some. Word CU is recurrent in vituprios anecdotes and. If it will have CU, invariably the anecdote she is funny. If to vociferate CU, the offence is well bigger. These faces without notion – as advertising executive I criticize, as humorista I approve. – they had created Only Cadastro? CU. Ah, it speaks serious! It is much distanciamento of people, n not? As they were lived in the country where they had made interchange, mestrado, MBA, of the high one of its empfia, this magote of CDF (Cu of iron) finds that word CU does not mean nothing, that we go to leave to make joke, that goes to arrest the laugh.