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Ideatoren Florence

November 5, 2020


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An artistic world travel in the name of which can fragility a fragile object traveling in times of emails, chat and mobility once safely around the world, passed from hand to hand, to me stories and faces charging? Will it be the same if it returns? These questions have asked Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes as she her current global art project FRAGILE global performance chain journey”conceived. To read more click here: Finaxy. And now, this unique project will become a reality: more than 750 artists from 62 countries participate, among them sizes of contemporary art and performance. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Adam Portnoy. The action is simple, even if unpredictable in nature: a fragile subject is from hand to hand, from artist to artist, submitted, and travels once around the globe in this way through all continents and cultures. The journey of the object has started in the first week of September, when the Ideatoren Florence in the Balkans brought the object from its starting position. In Belgrade, she gave it a participating artist, the it again after Brachte-in this way, the mechanism was used Frankfurt, and the journey from hand to hand throughout the world began. The fragile, World Traveler object is a glass blown in Murano, 25 centimetres in diameter, inside the transparent individual gold leaves are.

“A simple but valuable object, which reflects the spirit of the entire action for the Sanjekar and Pagnes: he is fragile like the world and life itself, and we are all part of it, such as the gold pieces inside the round disc.” The aim of the project is the perception for the persistent fragility of being, of life and of our planet to sharpen; everything and everyone is extremely fragile, and nothing is resistant. The project FRAGILE global performance chain journey”opens a creative and responsible global dialogue on the issue. Every artist is, if he or she is in the temporary possession of the object, so a unstable create work of art: performance artists can live events arise, musicians compose pieces, Visual Artists develop the theme of fragility in paintings, sculptures and installations.

Tombstones – As An Ornament For The Grave

November 3, 2020


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Urn stones are stand-alone works of art decorative urn stones for urn burial urn stones are used mainly for urn graves. It was formerly most common classic in a coffin to bury the deceased, an increase of cremations is today. Also urn stones have therefore become a more important. Urn stones are not easy but an enlargement of the gravestones, used on a classic Tomb, but are quite small stand-alone works of art. Also an urn grave can be designed very nicely. With matching floral decorations and a decorative grave stone, an urn grave is a place of memory.

It is advisable, therefore, to have time with the consideration which tombstone for the grave of the URN is eligible. It is always recommended to the spirit of the deceased to think. What is it and which tombstone expresses what we feel? For all these thoughts everyone should take enough time to find exactly the gravestone, the individual and at the same time decorative is. Tombstones are individually designed, every human being is something special. Even if this person dies, the memory always remains.

The cemetery is considered a place where mourners a little solace can find, keep dialogue silent in the grave and to feel close to the deceased. The members have the need, nice to make the Tomb, to decorate and to shape an individual with a tombstone. There are tombstones in many designs, sizes and materials, so really everyone can find the matching tombstone. Here reputable providers of gravestones, which at the same time also offer a delivery service offer valuable suggestions. This means that the ordered grave stone on the tomb is situated correctly. Take time to search for a tomb stone. Look at various tombstones and decide with your heart. The death has taken you the beloved people, the memories remain. With a tombstone, you can these memories a put visible monument. A monument to the man who will always live on in your memory. Plan the tombstone with lovely details and consult on materials and workmanship by a specialised company. Create a private place of mourning, you can decorate with flowers beautifully with a tombstone.

Directorin Martina Packeiser

October 29, 2020


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First publication by Frese stainless design from Dusseldorf first evidence of the use of business cards in China already there from the 15th century. Europe reached this tradition from about the middle of the 17th century. Long time it was considered etiquette, first on his plate to his visiting card a maid; a special form of imparting crease resistant finish of visiting card revealed the reason and the importance of the serviceable score man of the House. Today business cards used mainly to Exchange private or business contact information. Baby clothes describes an additional similar source. The designer team of Frese stainless design was when doing some research on the book of the art guise of courtesy”by Walter of attentive to the West and digitized a portion thereof.

Art Directorin Martina Packeiser explains: the preparation for the Internet has paid off: interested can now read for free the nearly complete story about the development of the business card. Backgrounds be otherwise quickly forgotten especially in the area of print media and its rapid development. We hope that we thus contribute, to underline the importance of this work.” Walter of the West has helped in his book dating back to 1921, the card and the elegant private printing thing to immortality. The author has published similar works about the history of advertising art. He has rendered it to the history of the precursor of our modern print media. His former publications can be viewed as a milestone in the history of the modern printed matter. The original of book the art guise to the courtesy”can be visited at Frese stainless design in Dusseldorf during the opening hours from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 to 17:30.

About Frese stainless design: for almost 60 years Frese stainless design is a synonym for high-quality personal printed material. Based on traditional printing techniques, the printing and design agency from Dusseldorf is known for high-quality print products such as business cards, letterhead, elegant wedding cards, credits, birth announcements and commercials of any kind. The graphics Atelier on the Prince wall in Dusseldorf offers the possibility of personal and extensive counseling prospective of high-quality printers art. Individual solutions are worked out together with the team of designers.

The Feast

October 17, 2020


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Q: did have a meeting with someone anti bullfighting? And what talk about an offensive manner? A: Yes, many times, at the end of the run, attack verbally, and because if I have been invited to discussions, of the why abuse and everything, and well one gives their views and of course, what respected others think. Q: do you have doubt about your position, if you do well or do wrong? A: the truth that have made me hesitate, no, I think and I have lived with this my whole life, and separate them (anti bullfighting), because more than one, contradict each other well are what has touched me to discuss, they tell me that the mistreatment, but some, not all, bring leather bags, shoes, etc., then if they really defend the animal, notgo that, since they are encouraging to that; that you kill them. I see that they contradict much more than one, I’m not saying that by killing you can use skin things, but, well not that does not affect me, is more animal, also is the way that I am educated. Q: what do you think about the abolition of bullfighting in Spain? A: well, it is becoming fashionable, truth grows increasingly more animal welfare group, and because Yes, it is in danger or could be in danger the feast, but is some culture, speak in Spain is something of a lifetime, here brought him also almost at the same time, then it is something so the country will mark. That may end up why, maybe it is difficult, but not impossible (laughter).

Now we will see some questions that people wrote us on the social network. Q: what kind of feelings you experience to lunge? A: courage, in order to kill him and thus be able to succeed. Q: what is the reason that the Bullfighter I used the suit of lights? Do you have a story? A: has a history, Yes, is lifelong, clear has evolved, everything has a why, the truth don’t know the reason, but if you must have a (laughs). .

Government Mantega

August 26, 2020


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He said be careful with economic information. When I get a story wrong in the economic area, who suffering is the Brazilian people. Pepco will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It was consistent, because this time suffered foreign invasions. But what motivated Lula to deny just four days before what inevitably happened? It is that Lula did not agree to implement such a measure, but figures that showed the speed and force with which dollar was losing ground in the local (and international) economy ended convince him in those days. We had been discussing with President Lula the pros and cons, and finally, we managed to convince him of the need for this measure today afternoon, Mantega said on Monday passed, as well in the afternoon. Click Covia Kermit Plant for additional related pages. The valorization of the real in recent weeks and the strong growth of speculative capital inflows to the country, forced the Government to take a measure which retarded the appreciation of the local currency.

I do not think that we we will have a devaluation of the real, but I think we can avoid excessive valorization of the real, said Guido Mantega, Minister of Finance of Brazil. The objective is to discourage short-term capital, speculative capital. Our concern is that there is an excess of speculation, said Mantega. From June to August, swallow capital totaled $ 322 million, 73% more than in the previous three months, which was $186 million, as short-term capital. The real has appreciated by 26% against the dollar since. A clear fact that hinders exports and the local currency appreciates. If we allow the excessive appreciation of the real, the exporter will be harmed, and therefore also will be the Brazilian job, since 25% of domestic production is destined for export, and Brazil with an appreciated real, losing competitiveness in the international market. The Bovespa has been the market most has risen – in dollars – in the world, and according to Mantega, attracted to the well-intentioned and those who want to make a quick profit, the speculators.

Adsense Make

August 24, 2020


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That everything began with a mouse. Then To achieve success in Internet and power to make money I create firmly that there is to apply these wise Pillars, if it beams of constant way I assure to you that soon your successes arrived. Now we go to explicarte the different more effective forms to make money in Internet. Click Blackberry to learn more. , we begin. 1. – Money with Blogger and Adsense Wins: I began to make money in Internet 5 years ago with something similar to blogger, and I recommend you if you do not have initial money to invest, here your first one investment will be of TIME, and goes that it is a valuable investment, in agreement you are making money I suggest to you you reinvert a part or 100% of your gains in an own Web site since what you do in blogger it will not be of your property. Djame I explain a little to you as Blogger combined with Adsense works: Google offers the gratuitous service to create your own blog, your blog will be like your own Web site, there you will be able to publish article entrances that you dominate, in fact I recommend to you that approaches your blog in a subject that gets passionate to you, for example if you like much the mascots because you can create blog that speaks of the different mascots that you can domesticate in your home or what your you like, there is where your imagination enters and your passion reason why you like. In order to create blog free you can make it in blogger.com in Spanish, in fact is too easy darte of discharge and to begin to publish articles, blogger.com .adems de permitirte to publish articles in your blog, also allows you to make money with CONTEXTUAL PUBLICITY WITH adsense.com, in fact if you do not know how to create an account to begin to publish publicity you can do it to payment in the following adsense.com page, The contextual Publicity is publicity or blocks of announcements that adjust to thematic of your blog or your page Web, if your Web speaks on cars, the announcements that will appear there will be on cars, motoring and everything what turns around this subject, the best thing of the contextual publicity is that everything is an automatic process, you do not need to look for advertisers, you only need to stick a code from adsense.com and ready, it is but with blog of blogger.com you only need to activate a few connections and ready you do not need to stick any code, to make money with contextual publicity he would be enough whereupon the visitors who enter your Web or blog give click in the announcements that appear there. .

Tao Divine One

August 23, 2020


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We are told, that we are cosmic antennae to share and give everything for our awakening, know our opportunity and cultivate what dominates our Tao Divine spirit. Taken into account, says the cited source, that the consciousness of the majority of human beings is very locked. Vessel of life, the structure of the body’s cells and particles of the soul, are full of opinions, ideas, customs and human dogmas, only when the man hears or reads over and over again, fundamental divine laws, that make possible a life of the spirit, also his conscience can capture them slowly on the other hand brings us tuluzinterior.com, we are all part of the same spirit. And however, we must take our place in the world. One should take their place in the world. The place that our hearts knows that we must deal with, do the things that our hearts know that we have to do, regardless of the geographic location in which our body is. Because we are where we are one is the center of the universe. It is not something Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries would like to discuss. And God’s heart beats in our chest.We take our place in the world.

There is a gift that one can only make offerings. A look that only one can play. Learn more about this with Munear Ashton Kouzbari. We have a mission to accomplish. And this mission is present in every part of our being, as they are fingerprints on our fingers and eyes on our face. Don’t read it or interpret it. You need to live it. Because our mission more beyond being something that we feel in our hearts, is our heart. To delve into our inner Temple will find that necessary information that will allow us to determine the why we are, what our reason for being, what we should do to take advantage of the time that are permitted to be and make progress in the spiritual.

Buffy Reboot

August 6, 2020


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The Buffy franchise has been revived in recent months. In reality he had never died, but since late November of the year past Warner and marriage Kuzui announced that they are working on a new film, which will not be a derivative of the series nor a continuity of the first film of 1992, but something new, the Buffyverse is shocked, forums are that they arden. The funny thing is that among fans dominated certain rejection of the project, since they see it as a betrayal to Joss Whedon, the creator and scriptwriter of the first and until now only film, directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui, and series from 1997-2003, which was also occasional director and everything else. But well, without devaluing to Whedon, whom I admire, I am one of his fans, we must recognize, leaving side irrational fanaticism, that have offered you many times direct a film sequel to the series, what he has answered countless times with prevarication, engaged in other projects. Even today, he sighs while strong and asks that we let it just with their pain, continues to say he feels bad that another make Buffy, but at the same time gives to understand that this is not for the moment of making a film of the Slayer, or that if offered to him directing the long film, would reject him once again. The same can be said of the protagonists, each time that were consulted by Buffy, responded that it was something of the past, almost like something that they wanted to leave behind, as if you annoy them, or suggesting that there should be a very good script, etc. For all this, insisting that I have nothing against Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar and other, my everlasting admiration will continue with them, I want to say that I welcome the attitude of Kristy Swanson, the 1992 Buffy, supporting the project and offering to play any role in the reboot, the same Kuzui, Director of 1992, part of the Executive producer, and Heather Morris confirmed he isconfesa fan of the series, who could be the new and third Buffy, offering it also for play any role. Luckily the rejection of the fans is not total, and most recognize that anyway they think seeing the movie.

Hopefully will do, hopefully understand all that is part of the Buffyverse, as the first movie, series, comic books, Angel, the cartoon, video games, forums, blogs and others. Everything is Buffy. Maybe someday we will have a movie sequel to the series with Sarah and Joss, meanwhile, enjoy this.

Mehrabs Customize

July 26, 2020


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The Mehrab is the gateway to a world beyond time and space. The Mehrab how does the? The Mehrab is a certain way crafted box of any size or one in the wall recessed niche. It forwards Open page is reminiscent of a goal. Color, size and other details vary depending on the specimen and are not critical. There is a hidden bulb that throws off light inside it. The form of the Mehrab contains different dimensions that result from the interplay of light and shade in the inside of the box. When the seeker sits in the dark before the Mehrab and the rays of light from the Mehrab him fall, he gains access to the eighth level. When it hits a certain rhythm, a very powerful stream formed suddenly flowing electro magnetic energy, and the soul of the seeker is able to take over the Mehrab in the other world, in the realm of eternity. Go to children’s clothing for more information.

The function of the Mehrab is to create access to the eighth dimension. The Mehrab is built according to a specific plan. It has a certain structure with hidden items. Only if the latter are given, the Mehrab is able to fulfill its function. Anyone can a Mehrab finished you can also factories open and the Mehrabs Customize serial, but it is only copies be, because they lack the hidden elements. For spiritual purposes, they are useless, they meet a merely decorative function.

There is a subtle acting secret, that is able to combine the electromagnetic energy of the seeker during their spiritual exercises. If this hidden element of the Mehrab is absent, she can focus not the energy and channel. That’s why not everyone can make a Mehrab. It is a characteristic of spiritual activity. The Mehrab is full of cardinal points, which enable the electromagnetic energy into oscillations. It is used as an accelerator of electro magnetic energy that arises in the heart of the seeker.

France Events

July 22, 2020


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According to figures and studies of group eventoplus, one of five Spanish companies with more than 100 employees have in template dedicated to the Organization of events. (For more information, ask for the study: 902 90 31 90) conclusions of the study of the market of 2010 events by group EVENTOPLUS for more information or to view the study of market events 2010 full, please contact us (902 90 31 90) simpler, more focused events to direct contact and less to the staging or the luxury, greater demand for companies in terms of impact of the event, more hard shopping processes: the 2010 market is not for frivolities. As every year, group eventoplus has done its market study of corporate events, conducted with responsible for events in companies (142 replies), events (81 replies) agencies and service providers for events (122 replies). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of baby clothes on most websites. Health of the market. If 2009 has been a difficult year, responsible for events in companies do not anticipate an improvement in 2010: the weighted average answers points to a reduction of 5% of their budgets in 2010. In fact, 50% believe that events that have been cancelled in 2009 will not be in 2010 either. If agencies and providers are more optimistic (only 21% of providers and 20% of agencies foresee a downturn in the market in 2010, against 43% of providers and 52% of agencies who see a recovery), customers send and we can expect a difficult year 2010. Other related sectors may offset this negative evolution of the national corporate market.

First, some markets traditionally issuers towards Spain resend groups (United Kingdom, Germany, and in) lesser extent France). Second, Congressional market has anticipated a good year 2010, better than 2009. Finally, the Spanish Presidency of the EU generates an activity that will bring profitability to many providers, and some agencies. Changes according to professionals, the sector will remain different in several respects, after this recession: the impact measurement and the justification of the events will be very important; shopping processes will remain very tight; simplify the sunsets on the scene; It will lower the level of luxury.