Mehrabs Customize

July 26, 2020


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The Mehrab is the gateway to a world beyond time and space. The Mehrab how does the? The Mehrab is a certain way crafted box of any size or one in the wall recessed niche. It forwards Open page is reminiscent of a goal. Color, size and other details vary depending on the specimen and are not critical. There is a hidden bulb that throws off light inside it. The form of the Mehrab contains different dimensions that result from the interplay of light and shade in the inside of the box. When the seeker sits in the dark before the Mehrab and the rays of light from the Mehrab him fall, he gains access to the eighth level. When it hits a certain rhythm, a very powerful stream formed suddenly flowing electro magnetic energy, and the soul of the seeker is able to take over the Mehrab in the other world, in the realm of eternity. Go to children’s clothing for more information.

The function of the Mehrab is to create access to the eighth dimension. The Mehrab is built according to a specific plan. It has a certain structure with hidden items. Only if the latter are given, the Mehrab is able to fulfill its function. Anyone can a Mehrab finished you can also factories open and the Mehrabs Customize serial, but it is only copies be, because they lack the hidden elements. For spiritual purposes, they are useless, they meet a merely decorative function.

There is a subtle acting secret, that is able to combine the electromagnetic energy of the seeker during their spiritual exercises. If this hidden element of the Mehrab is absent, she can focus not the energy and channel. That’s why not everyone can make a Mehrab. It is a characteristic of spiritual activity. The Mehrab is full of cardinal points, which enable the electromagnetic energy into oscillations. It is used as an accelerator of electro magnetic energy that arises in the heart of the seeker.