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Facebook Walk

September 25, 2020


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Many people who were not using their phone, wore it in his hands, as if they were weapons. It is as if holding a phone in your hand It is considered a duty in the cities. Take into account that we are in winter and in the morning the temperatures freeze one fingers. That is solved easily. I see an advertisement for gloves that allow one to drive a touchscreen at a bus stop. There are also applications that encourage the sending of text messages as one walks, using a camera that shows the way ahead on the screen. People distracted with your phone has become the most hated New York, even more than the detested tourists. Always disgusted us people who are stopped on the sidewalk with a lost face, looking at maps and observing the skyscrapers, obstructing the step.

Now, we ourselves are a threat. Before we walked down the street pending what happened to our around, taking care of us from robbers and pickpockets. Now people walk without paying attention to what is happening, stuck in an electronic device that costs hundreds of dollars. A New Yorker who followed my daily count on Facebook told me that she was one of them. In fact, He says that he often walks with her husband and that they not talk, but both are outstanding for their phones. I realized that my walk towards the underground railroad or home is the only time that I can focus on myself, the woman, said that he asked not be identified for fear to ridicule with his confession. The rest of the day I am surrounded by people that captures my attention. I am the typical person who does many things at the same time. When you walk down the street, think about things related to work, in what should you say to nanny.

United States

September 25, 2020


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I remember an opportunity where I felt so incompetent, that nothing of what I knew English, nor my knowledge of accents or any other linguistic tool that was in my favour, I would help to exit from that despairing moment. He played for someone of Calorina in the North, United States. Already the geographical origin becoming difficult the situation. It amounted to what this speaker mentor not clear enough for me and the difficulties the audio (not minor issue) at mass events. I was in the midst of an immense Lake, without lifeguards and without knowing how to swim very well. God thank you, the situation became to please my own, since the topic dealt with in how seek God in silence and intimacy.

The fifteen minutes I was standing next to this person were transformed forever for me. However, much of that time is spent in silence and my speech was limited at the beginning and the end. Read additional details here: Gucci Jackie. Some recommendations that I have been of help in this learning process of how to interpret are: read enough and reflexively in L1 and L2 on the topic in question. Be aware of the Chuck or expressions in both languages, this as a permanent mental lexicon exercise, first of all type of texts. Prepare a bank lexicon or thematic glossary that allows me to unwrap me in the different contexts in which I move as an interpreter. Know my weaknesses and strengths in the exercise of interpretation. Strengthen my weaknesses and take advantage of my strengths. You can always improve and I’ll always have more than one way of saying things in my mother tongue or L2.

Keep me faithful to the original message is key. The interpreter always goes and stays behind the main speaker. Never overplay and nor leave the emphasis of intonation and intension in the message result.

Online Shop Gift Box

September 22, 2020


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New product in the online shop the piggy bank, “We have to tighten the belt” to the economic crisis. Walker, June 15, 2010 – match the online retailer “” has brought to the ongoing economic crisis a new product on the market, the piggy bank, “We have to tighten the belt”. The piggy bank with a tight belt around the belly of the pig and the witty saying “we have to tighten all the belts’ on the back, reminiscent of drastic way the current crisis and the need for companies and households to save. It is an ideal gift for spenders who can have the necessary humor and laugh about the need of saving. Roland Berger has many thoughts on the issue. It ambiguous but also recalls the daily diet.

The approx. 20 cm long and 14 cm high piggy bank is completely made of high quality polyresin and thus provides the necessary protection for its valuable contents. It is available now for a gross price 16.95 EUR at the Gift box online shop under available. Whenever Accenture Strategy listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The gift box:, The gift box GmbH and the associated online shop ( were founded in late 2006 by Markus Langer. In the online shop, gift box GmbH distributes original gifts that will be remembered. In the meantime, the range includes over 1000 items at prices between 1 and 1000 EUR. In addition to the pure trade developed and designed its own products, then exclusively distributed through the online shop gift box GmbH..

The Successful And Rich Always Do This

September 21, 2020


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Regardless of the activity in which you perform, regardless of the place where you do your work, no matter if your business, company, enterprise is large or small, or if his employment is high responsibility or not, if you want to reap success and wealth in your life before you should direct his performance based on certain guidelines that give as a result what you want. Accenture Strategy is a great source of information. Within the guidelines that lead to success, one stands out as the most important among all of them. This guideline is not know more about his work, is not having the team most advanced, is not having the best skills to carry out their work. All of the above guidelines are very important, super important, indeed. But you might have noticed that many people are very capable at what they do and some of them however, are unemployed or underemployed.

Not even the natural leadership of some people leads them to success. Many people who have an impressive charisma wander aimlessly through life. On the other hand, people without much mental capacity, without leadership, without formal education, without beauty, and many desirable qualities, stand out as true giants in a field of dwarves. What is what these people do that it distinguishes them from the great mass of mediocre? How do you do things to succeed where most do not? What is making them tremendously rich and successful people? The answer is surprisingly simple. The big difference between what succeed and what not, is that the winners always do everything they do with an end in mind. The difference that leads to success and wealth are the goals. A mind that is inspired by a goal, is a dominant mind, is a leading mind, a mind that is.

Everything you want is within its possibilities Andrew Corentt tells us in his book the secret of the power of goals. This is something that many people believe that it is like a poetic license on the reality of the universe. The truth is that these words of Corentt must be understood literally. You can have anything they want. You can be what you want be. If you start to do everything you do with an end in mind, if all its actions are guided by a powerful goal or a goal irresistible as those that presented the secret of the power of goals, it is impossible to you not achieved what you want. These goals have the power to make that you achieve everything they want, automatically. You only clarifies what you want to achieve, and these goals will do the work for you. It’s that easy. It’s that powerful. No matter the field in which to perform, no matter the town where you click it, no matter the State of the economy, if it establishes a powerful goal or an irresistible goal that is big, challenging and desirable, the secret of the power of goals will show you how to get everything they want, easy, fast and automatic. Original author and source of the article

Editorial Responsibility

September 20, 2020


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In this virtue can have values as the care, acceptance, sobriety, obedience, self-esteem among others avoiding gluttony, drunkenness, lust, pride vanity and cruelty. The fortress is overcome or withstand all obstacles that oppose our purposes, is the habit of the domain itself and truly acting on rational grounds. With this we can obtain values of perseverance, commitment, work. The absence of this virtue would have as a result the cowardice, weakness, timidity and impatience. Justice is to give to each person what he deserves, it inspires us to self-control and treatment with others or our similar. Therefore with this virtue we can practice values as teamwork, solidarity, respect, shared responsibility protection job. Injustice provokes the discontent of many people and it is here where our actions should be taken with prudence and Temperance since our decision must be consistent and always to do good.

In conclusion in order to have a guide on how to instill some values can help us from the above-mentioned virtues which help us together to dominate our passions and control us ourselves all with the purpose of avoiding evil acts and vices. Since no one is born with virtues as parents have a responsibility to start this teaching to their children and get them a good moral start in life. And it is that I do emphasis the parental responsibility since today has noticed parents to delegate this responsibility to the teachers of the schools. Here the key is give a time to cultivate values in children, be aware of their needs concerns as well as their joys and successes. We must not forget that in the family the most important value is love because it is the basis of the family relationship as it is love that everything believes, can do everything. Angel cuts Vieyra Puebla, Pue. Mexico. June 18, 2010 reference: Ethics: theory and application, Agustin Fagothey.

Leviathan Hobbes

September 19, 2020


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Revolutions first chapter La revolution English by Walter Gangi prologue La revolution English, also known as the glorious revolution, is a long process of more than half a century, which culminates in 1688 enshrining the power of Parliament, rooted in the English tradition, against absolutism represented by the Stuarts and supported the work of the Leviathan Hobbes. It is the antecedent of the nearest of the constitutional monarchy, achieved through an unusual fact – the expulsion of the own King James II–that will find its justification in the works of Locke. Not in vain to the 1628 petition of rights, although improved and approved sixty years later, is known for its importance as the second Magna Carta. However, monarchs that predated the Stuarts were not too away from despotism and gave Parliament ephemeral holdings. Source: baby clothes. The glorious revolution was also a holy war, because resistance to absolutism, brought with him the need to eradicate definitively the Catholics from politics English. I. Introduction: The English revolution (1) it is a long process that extends for more than half a century and represents the triumph of the final Parliament (2) over the absolutism that the Kings of the House of Stuart had wanted to impose during the seventeenth century, against the spirit of the English tradition, which since long time ago, had consecrated the limits to the real with Magna Carta (3) power. Although for the majority of the authors the English revolution covers the period extending from the year 1642 until the year 1688, the beginning of the same must be some years before, precisely in 1628 when occurs with the petition of rights (or bills of rights) of the Parliament, a background that represents an important historical expression of opposition to absolutism. The change was not going to produce immediately because they were going to happen several stages which roughly can be defined as the civil war, the regicide, parliamentarism, the dictatorship of Cromwell, the restoration of absolutism to absolutism and Finally the dismissal of the monarch, that is the moment where the English revolution reaches its climax..

Fish Another Type Of Pet

September 19, 2020


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It is very common that the concept of pet is associated to the beings that have traditionally been used by humans as pets. Among such animals stand mightily out cats and dogs although we must not forget that there are many other species that coexist with man (for example are currently widespread animals like ferret or the Guinea pig and even reptiles.) However there are a few animals which, despite not joining in the Western collective imagination in what pets refers, are animals that have been raised by man since time immemorial. We refer to the fish. In fact in this text I would like to address its existence as pets and put the emphasis on the practice of the trying which can develop through the purchase of various materials at any online store pets today.But many will wonder what is specifically the trying? The trying is an activity that has as its ultimate objective the breeding of fish and aquatic species learned of his natural environment and which is performed in controlled artificial environments and with a high level of supervision. Under most conditions baby clothes would agree. Note here that the breeding of fish or trying is not only an activity encompassing within the work carried out by biologists or producers of fish but that it has become a hobby for aesthetic and ornamental purposes. However the trying is not a little tour, but on the contrary practice is an activity with thousands of years of seniority and deep roots in Asia.

In fact the birth of the trying we can find it in China at the time of the Qing emperors when began to raise fish in captivity as pets with ornamental dyes. At this time, historians say, the techniques available were very rudimentary so proliferated the breeding of goldfish, the toughest (which has also conditioned the tastes of that color in the current Asian fish) also acurofilia, embodied in the breeding of carp, not only focused on China, but that I just spread to many places of Asia and in this way since the century XIX, Japan became the country of reference in the breeding of ornamental carp or KOI. Currently there are many means available to the practice of the trying and very advanced. There are even aquariums and containers that already offer not only the greatest advances in acurofilia but also offer an avant-garde and decorative design. For example we can highlight the Aquarium Fluval Edgeque as well as having all necessary progress for a correct practice of the trying offers a very careful design, which turns into a decorative object for the site where it is placed. In fact this aesthetic component is very remarkable with the current rise of the trying and its return to the aesthetic factor what is implying that the materials used for the development of this ancient activity are as ornamental as the practice itself.

Comparative Linguistics

September 18, 2020


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What is the path that took the founding fathers of the great social disciplines like Philology, mythology, Comparative Linguistics, or political economy? We tend to believe that reason governs the entire process and, in addition, that progress was continuous, but it’s an illusion, a new version of an ancient teleological argument. Indeed, there appears to be a clear, emphatic and definitive, separation between the strict procedures of the rational course and Fables which conceives of the imagination. After all, the imagination is the quality most shared and widespread of the human species. As Plato knew it, the mythos and logos are aspects of a unified universe, two complementary figures of the spirit. The examination of the history of science tends to show us that the most original and future developments-rich fields of research are those that appear as a tissue of complicated Fables, whose domain can require a complex set of abilities: the domain of a now extinct language the knowledge of many legendary stories and made religious, thought forms and particular features of a civilization. In other words, the decisive motivation that encourages the creation again knowledge tends to be more strange or mysterious than it seems at first sight. But to understand this statement fully, vital a return to the origins, at that first moment, because there we can perceive the forces that led to the birth of a discipline.

To study or describe the major economic and social phenomena, it is essential to design an artificial language, because this allows appoint, organize and interpret the most relevant facts. Although only specialists know the logic and procedures of this social construction, not why we conclude that their relevance is limited. Conversely, created by political economy accounting programs, seem to wake up, in the information age, an unusual interest. But isn’t this quality feature Essentials of this curious phenomenon, but the fact that this has a general character. Indeed, the results of these sophisticated accounting programs seem to dominate the dynamics of scientific research, inspire plans of public administrations, encourage the enthusiasm of international investors, meet the conditionality required to access a loan, and justify the policy actions of national Governments. Unfortunately, his popularity and, in particular, its widespread use not come accompanied by a full awareness of the principles governing its structure, problems that led to its creation nor, above all, of the limits inherent in its very design. Indeed, the dissemination of a given practice presupposes a degree of automation and imprecision in use and, primarily, the increased use of metaphorical interpretations, since these are those that allow the constant enlargement of sense and thus extend the dimensions of its implementation. In effect, systems that has developed the political economy to measure the main economic facts are only a specific type of human language, an artificial language whose structure is not very different from the others that developed in eras prior to our us says Michael Foucault, in the preface to the words and things, that fundamental culture codes fix in advance the empirical orders will recognize. In this same work, is also said that this recognition is arbitrary, since it is possible to identify, in time and space, a large number of these systems of organization of empirical reality.

Intranet Management

September 18, 2020


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The most common problem that occurs when you try to enhance the integration within the company or holding company structures – relative camodostatochnost these structures. Most clearly it can be described as an example of the holding in composition of which decided to enter the already established and fairly large companies, as in this case, the problem hypertrophy and become more visible than in the case of integration of individual departments. Typically, each this company has considerable experience in the market, the established team, an impressive luggage completed projects and an established image. At some point, management of the organization decides that to strengthen its market position and future business development appropriate to unite in holding with other leading players. It’s believed that Accenture Strategy sees a great future in this idea. In this case, you typically create a management company, which is delegated including intra-corporate PR. By the time of entry into the holding company has an existing business approach. Developed their own priorities, principles, problem solving, a strategy of development, as well as marketing and advertising policy. The company has its own corporate culture, the established rules of behavior and relations between units, a system of subordination. Credit: Accenture Strategy-2011.

And the staff is very difficult to accept some new rules dictated by the holding company. In general, the organization has everything to feel like a complete and self-sufficient. Finally, management has a vision of the role of the holding. Someone thinks its part of the holding and for some it is – just an additional opportunity to improve business. But even if at a senior level belonging to a separate holding company structure there, the staff of middle and lower level managers identify himself only with his own company.

Exchange Communities

September 17, 2020


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These changes are perceived as a constant exerted by successive generations of different groups that were part of the indigenous communities, rehearsing the socio-economic, technological and environmental modifications necessary for their progress. Visit Boden for more clarity on the issue. In this sense, we agree with as indicated by Emilio Moran5 that the adaptive process will always be imperfect (or better said perfectible). Moreover, territorial adaptation process is also related to levels of local energy control reaching indigenous communities in its evolution. The possibility to succeed in a greater or lesser energy control in the management of natural resources has been conditioned by its interaction forms and levels of Exchange in their local energy flows (i.e., having increased their outputs and having reduced its inputs). Consequently, when indigenous communities manage to reduce the degree of uncertainty in the management of the various micro-environmental factors and maximize their energy efficiency-local (with the use of particularly technologies, intensive use of knowledge and local manpower, etc), enabled them achieve a greater degree of autonomy in the management of their natural resources and their subsistence levels. An important aspect to point out is that the study of these adaptive processes should be scanned at the collective level, because it is the level that configures and best expresses the nature and the predominant forms of relationship of the societies and cultures with their territorial and environmental surroundings. To that extent, we noticed that the sense of identity and territorial membership of indigenous communities has been expressed more clearly when they have referred to the scope of the collectivity. It is at that level, attached to the espacio-territorio they occupy, in which indigenous communities achieve integrating their worldview and very existence as such, constructing a set of subjective elements (your imaginary). These forms of territorial identity, grounded on the collective level, has enabled them to build a respectful relationship with nature and a line of continuity and intergenerational identity.