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September 25, 2020


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I remember an opportunity where I felt so incompetent, that nothing of what I knew English, nor my knowledge of accents or any other linguistic tool that was in my favour, I would help to exit from that despairing moment. He played for someone of Calorina in the North, United States. Already the geographical origin becoming difficult the situation. It amounted to what this speaker mentor not clear enough for me and the difficulties the audio (not minor issue) at mass events. I was in the midst of an immense Lake, without lifeguards and without knowing how to swim very well. God thank you, the situation became to please my own, since the topic dealt with in how seek God in silence and intimacy.

The fifteen minutes I was standing next to this person were transformed forever for me. However, much of that time is spent in silence and my speech was limited at the beginning and the end. Read additional details here: Gucci Jackie. Some recommendations that I have been of help in this learning process of how to interpret are: read enough and reflexively in L1 and L2 on the topic in question. Be aware of the Chuck or expressions in both languages, this as a permanent mental lexicon exercise, first of all type of texts. Prepare a bank lexicon or thematic glossary that allows me to unwrap me in the different contexts in which I move as an interpreter. Know my weaknesses and strengths in the exercise of interpretation. Strengthen my weaknesses and take advantage of my strengths. You can always improve and I’ll always have more than one way of saying things in my mother tongue or L2.

Keep me faithful to the original message is key. The interpreter always goes and stays behind the main speaker. Never overplay and nor leave the emphasis of intonation and intension in the message result.