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Donut Environment Manager

June 29, 2013


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The other day, in a training Forum, chronicled the vicissitudes of a classmate in the school of business administration (beginning of the Decade of the eighties of the last century), which reckoned year enrolments and more tuition. I don’t know if he came to perform his degree, but in the diploma I remember that was the envy of all. Before finishing already he was working in a multinational company with headquarters in Malaga (Spain). Some time later, when I had stabilized professionally at a law firm of economists and lawyers and barely, in the afternoon, he took his degree in the faculty, I found dress impeccably, parked a brand-new Alfa Romeo of the then. We salute and told me the stratospheric rise that had. Ten years later, who write you strolled already on the market with experience at the back, coming out of the crisis from the beginning of the Decade of the nineties and working on two projects, one business (a company of distribution of the Donut Environment Manager) and Another federativo-asociativo (Secretary-General of FACEP), when find me it again in the middle of calle Larios. We smelt us in a hug and take a snack in the Cafe Central (Plaza de la Constitucion).

The man was shot. A wave of restructuring due to the crisis, had provoked a year he was on the street, because the change of division not was you sitting nothing well. The degree of specialization that had accumulated had become a real handicap to change, evolve. Successful person to which all longing to seem old, dragged on the floor, with a difficult crisis existential. What training itinerary needs to work a Manager to restrict the dizziness that originate the persistent fiddling in the markets? I understand that the professional tour throughout life, should focus in the same way that companies perform their strategic projection, as a course of continuous settlement with the market itself, evaluating and again firmezas, weaknesses, competitive advantages, specifying professional visions, charting an action programme that will allow you at any time des – specialize in the least traumatic way possible and pricing effects and disturbances that they are generating.

Network Marketing

June 22, 2013


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It is very important to know who are the best Network Marketing companies. Really it depends on how you define the word best, the truth can be a bit subjective this appreciation and can lend to different reasoning and concepts. For example, the best-selling car in the world is the Toyota Corolla. Apparently it is a great car and, however, at the same time it may be not be the truck of your dreams. Which raises the question, do you have a multilevel company a higher ranking, since more people are involved? It is a logical question. This is what we know with great certainty: popularity is undoubtedly one of the main symptoms to determine what is happening in the market. It can be reflected in the movies that we see, the music that we listen to and download, and even at times where we invest our capital.

The Ranking of positions is not only an online popularity contest. To make a correct assessment, must be evaluated factors that are of great importance as also others that are not. To conclude, we want to know exactly the criteria we use to select and give the corresponding rank to the top 25. We hope that they agree with our findings.Also their approval or not, opinions are very important to us. Here is the Formula Factor, which we use to make our selections: 1) the company must be a marketing network and describes himself, MLM or MLM company. (2) The company must be in business at least 10 years of operation. Since the amount of time seems to reveal the stability of the company.

As well as we should point out that all the companies on our list in due time, were also new companies. (3) The company must have a page Google rank GPR. A scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.

Grow Persistence

June 1, 2013


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Persistence is integral to the success of a business. Persistence is kept trying despite the obstacles that are present. Persistence is tied to the action because it is what allows us to continue advancing rather than remove us. Persistence is linked to several other aspects that influence it and which are the motivation, desire and the vision we have of a specific objective. Think of the persistence as a tripod, if one of these aspects this weak, others by more forts that are, may not support persistence. Three tips to increase these three aspects and therefore grow persistence: motivation: this is essential because it is that motivates us to do things, without it we any procrastinating and do nothing. Can increase it the motivation to create a list of positive aspects with respect to the goal that we intend to achieve, the following questions may be useful: * how my life will change once reached my goal? * what benefits I see towards achieving of my? does goal? * will to whom most I benefit from this? Desire: according to the degree of intensity with which we want our goal, in that degree will work to get it.

If the desire is intense this will influence the motivation to reach it and therefore everything you need to get it will be. You’re questions will help you to identify your level of desire: * this goal I love? * when I think of the goal I excited? * what am I willing to do to achieve this goal? Vision: this will be responsible for giving us the direction, the direction where we want to arrive. With motivation and desire it is possible to achieve many things but if vision is needed you will have no bearing, they will not have purpose.But only with vision short of actions that the motivation and the desire to contribute. You’re questions will help you determine the vision of your goal or objective: * what is the purpose of this goal? * I am willing to devote all the time necessary to reach it? * do I see clearly what? I want from the beginning? As we improve each of these qualities (motivation, desire and vision) the persistence is strengthened. Persistence allows that despite the problems, we have desire to confront them and take a step more that others are not willing to give. Vision marks the path for long-term, desire keeps us walking in and motivation we would advance a step at a time. These three aspects should be developed gradually and as we carry out more actions towards our goal, will be strengthened. Persistence is very important to achieve our goals, these will depend on our ability to continue despite the obstacles.