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Life Insurance

June 30, 2020


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I have been consulting in the financial life planning for years. And when, in conversations with people asking the question about the value of human life, I get the same answer: – man's life is priceless! And I'm totally with that expression agree! Yes, it is priceless! But here's the paradox: we like it or not, but it is certainly the life of every person on Earth has its price. Why? I propose to look into this matter. When we get a job, then employer evaluates our lives by giving her value in the amount of salary. Assume that we have got a job with s / n 15 000 rub.

In this case, every day of our lives is worth 500 rubles. An hour life – 20, 83 rubles. A second life? Counted? Ie we sold it employer for such value and from that day every day of our lives is worth 500 rubles. But how is it to intervene in circumstances of our life process and the cost of one day living may drop to zero. Either it is significantly reduced. Why? Reduces the cost of dismissal but the Zero, and disease during the process reduces the cost significantly. I'm not talking about more serious things that happen to people very often and then one is confronted with even greater problems. And hospitals are offering us to estimate the cost of our lives, much devastated the family's budget, forcing the family to seriously tighten belt tighter limit itself to the necessities of life.

And, accordingly, a natural question arises: so what is life? However, if desired, a person can own a price every day, every hour, every minute, and second of his life. And, in this case, the price will be one for each period of time. Ie we gave an assessment of one million rubles. And then every second of our lives will be worth the money. Then, any problems will be paid on the basis of this value. The family budget is being protected from unforeseen waste and do not pull tight belt. Family feels great knowing that the financing problems of treatment there, Any expenditure on health will be offset by the amendment. Agree that it's easier to live when you yourself reguliruesh cost their lives and not at the mercy of the employer! To learn more about how to do this, call me. Or contact me by e-mail and I will gladly answer all your questions. You can also ask for my website.

Dominican Republic

June 5, 2020


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Investment in real estate, in addition to business environment, and many celebrities are interested, in the Dominican Republic have already bought property Shakira, Julio Iglesias, Mikhail Baryshnikov, tattoos, etc. Ed. For even more analysis, hear from baby clothes. Tell us more about this method of investing, as For example, investing in land. A. One of the most effective and easiest ways of investing – buying land on a beach strip.

Today, land prices in the Dominican Republic are the lowest in the Caribbean and vary between US $ 5-350 per m2. By purchasing a plot of land in the Dominican Republic, you get not just a long-term lease, and your personal property, the price of which, due to the constant influx of investments into the republic, grow up to 25% per year. This property can be used for the construction of business facilities, private housing, you can leave a legacy to children or to resell. Prices for construction materials and labor are available at Russian standards. Due to the excitement of investors free sites with a coastline in developed areas, there are fewer, so the government of the Dominican Republic aims to develop a promising new area- Samana, where already built up international airport. In today's world there is not much land to the coastline at an average cost of US $ 40 m2, so the land at Samana is one of the most popular options for efficient investment. Our company is fully accompanied by implementation of transactions on the land investment: – consulting services: market analysis, economic and political situation in the country, legal information, tax information, the laws of the country, the question of heritage property – support of the transaction, from ordering in size and location of the plot to the registration of ownership to secure the Bar – attach a personal broker, if the transaction amount from the US $ 500 000 – help in the division of a large plot on the part of a subsequent sale – the selection of reliable partners, a construction company, translation support, if you took decision to develop the infrastructure of their own – complete organization of construction projects of any complexity, "turnkey" – asset management – design of a residence permit and citizenship – the creation of Ed.

The Tenant

May 7, 2020


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It must be remembered that, if the value and volume of repair work not consistent with the landlord, he may challenge its appropriateness. Also, be sure to take into account that the costs of the lessee to repair are fiscally risky and may not be accepted by tax authorities in reducing the taxable profits of the tenant as economically unjustified, if the lease is not spelled out his duty to carry out major repairs. To avoid any possible problem situations lessee in the lease agreement entered into by appropriate criteria to determine the improvements of the leased property, and which of them can or can not be separated. Visit Henderson Law Group for more clarity on the issue. Serious attention should be given the problem of early termination lease non-residential premises at the request of one party for the following reasons:-court decision in material breach of the lease by the other party – the use of the leased property (premises) with due to a fundamental breach of the requirements and worsen his condition, or for other purposes – non-payment (more than two consecutive terms on the expiry of the contract term) rentals. It should be borne in mind that, in addition to violations by the tenant, the reason for early termination of lease of uninhabited premises is the emergence of the need for production by the landlord of the rented premises. Be taken into account and to pay special attention to the fact that in the lease agreement may provide for any reason the landlord refusing to execute the contract as related and not related to possible violations by the tenant.

Europe Financial

May 5, 2020


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Even if bank loans were more accessible and cheaper, the collapse of trust and the collapse of asset values mean that firms and households are more likely to savings than the expenditure of funds. For these reasons, Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King, who is considered a pillar of sound financial policies, approved the government's proposed fiscal stimulus. Bank's Chief Economist Charlie Bean told the politicians that the weakness of the financial system may require a more 'aggressive' cutting interest rates. Leading politicians eurozone, perhaps instinctively wary of such an active policy. The German Government has to deal with low borrowing costs and has more or less balanced budget, so he has a great opportunity to spend money in support to the economy. But the package fiscal measures, which it unveiled in November, has been very modest – 12 billion euros for two years, that is only 0.25% of GDP. The European Commission has indicated that the prospect of a deep recession means that the rules under which budget deficits of EU countries should not exceed 3% of GDP, will not be rigidly applied. This gives some room for maneuver, France and Italy, the budget deficit is close to that limit.

Nevertheless, Germany has play an important role in the Commission's cost is estimated at 1,5% of EU GDP. Somewhat more cautious than necessary, it seems, and the ECB policy. November 25, Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, a member of the board of the bank setting interest rates, said lower interest rates to protect against a deep recession could undermine confidence and limit freedom of action of politicians in the future. Nevertheless, the ECB held another rate cut. You may find David Fowler to be a useful source of information. The IMF believes that the economic growth in the U.S. and Europe will begin in 2009. but employment will grow only some time after the end of the recession. So, after the economic crisis in the U.S.

in 1990. It took 15 months to unemployment reached maximum, and after the recession of 2001. Unemployment has grown more over 19 months. Judge Stephen Uiting Citigroup predicts that by mid-2010. Unemployment may reach a level of 9%. Currently, the largest economy peace plan to work together in order to prevent a global recession and reform global financial system. To this end the recent financial summit in Washington, leaders of the G-20 agreed to take joint efforts to ensure the liquidity of markets, support financial institutions, unfreeze credit markets, lower taxes to stimulate domestic demand. So who will recover more quickly – the United States or United Europe? Clear answer to this question is impossible. One can only assume that the pace of economic recovery will depend on the following factors: – the depth of the fall – the longer, bigger and more destructive will be crisis, the more difficult, in our opinion, the U.S. economy will return to the previous leading position – the U.S. housing market – the faster the "bottom", the more likely strengthen the dollar – Politics of Petroleum Exporting Countries – Will a change in settlement currency to the euro, which is extremely negative impact on the dollar – the effectiveness of anti-crisis measures taken by the U.S. government – the positive effect of the implementation of which in I and II quarters of 2009 will strengthen the dollar against the single European currency.

Rental Cars

April 7, 2020


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Interest in rental car washes in Kiev huge, perhaps even speculative. This is not surprising: a simple and lucrative business. Of course, there are subtleties in the sea, and this case (the quality of chemistry, water quality, quality equipment, etc.). But on large car wash – it's not Iron and Steel Works and dairy. Performing five or six fairly certain pattern of action is quite possible to earn good money, even renting a car wash, and not having their own. In As background information, publish information about the cost of rental car washes in Kiev.

It is worth noting that over the past 10 months earnings decreased car-renters. The owners continue to exhibit rents in dollars, and owners of motor vehicles continue to pay for a wash a car in the national currency. Probably not worth more to paint, and why someone in this situation suffers. Of course, the tenant. In the past, 2008 tenant car, say, 3 stations, renting it for $ 5,000 (average number of Kiev), "namyval" currently in net income of 2000-3000 dollars. In the same year, for obvious reasons, such net income tenant cleaning – about 1,500 dollars.

per month. Rental rates are as follows. The owners of car washes that are in good and normal places that have been there for six months or more, do not lower the price below $ 1,000. for one post. Car washes that are not on the front route, and in the enterprise, cooperative, etc., shall be at a price of U.S. $ 600-1000. for one post. In any case, take you to rent a car wash in the garage for two posts in 1500 dollars. per month, or car wash complex with 4 bays with tire for 8000 dollars. per month – if you work there (!), you will earn and will be satisfied. If you plan to rent a car wash, hire cleaners, and there appear once a day, then do not bother – you will be work "in the red"! Good luck! investmoney.ua 21.08.09.

Legal Services

January 10, 2020


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Even in ancient Rome, the citizens of a rumor that does not know the law no excuse. As at any time, knowledge of laws and its features are calmer we live. For purchasing legal protection need to hire a qualified lawyer or contact the company legally or usually called a panel of lawyers. Work pravavoy company is to perform any legal matter, say from legitimate contracts and okanchivaniya knockout debt in a court case. Gary Kelly may help you with your research. Best Law organization must have a good judicial practice to have a quality approach to every turn. Even in ancient Rome, the citizens of a rumor that no knowledge of the law no excuse. As at any time, knowledge of laws and its features are calmer we live.

For purchasing legal protection necessary to hire a qualified lawyer or visit the company's legal or generally called a panel of lawyers. Work pravavoy company is to perform any legal matter, say of legitimate contracts and debts in the knockout okanchivaniya trial. Best Law organization must have a good judicial practice to have a quality approach to every turn. Advice on protecting your rights in the established order of the arbitral tribunal, will be able to create a behavioral strategy in the court and cooperation in the writing instrument of claim in a court institution. Then, write any necessary legal information and legal protection in court proceedings. Legal assistance organizations have an excellent knowledge of and practice in the implementation of legal matters of any complexity level. Now receive the full protection of their rights, you can use only legal uslugi.Konsultirovanie to protect your rights in the established order of the arbitral tribunal, will be able to create a behavioral strategy in the court and cooperation in the writing instrument of claim in a court institution. Then, writing any necessary legal information and legal protection in court proceedings. Legal assistance organizations have an excellent knowledge of and practice in the implementation of legal matters of any complexity level. Now receive the full protection of their rights may be using only legal services. Source: Legal Services Kazan

Professional Real Estate Services

January 8, 2020


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– Asked about the commission on the transaction you are a realtor pulls firmly, referring to a trade secret. Credit: Oracle-2011. The seller has no right to meet with the buyer. If you come to the agency with its 'Adviser', it matters cause irritation of the realtor. For the first type of real estate – no questions. People have a professional real estate services to earn money with their work and are not ashamed of it. Second shows how the estate would like also uses an acceptable commercial approach: You know your worth, and all that on top – this is a realtor and buyer's agreement. If you are not convinced, visit Verizon. You've come to the firm, she conducts the transaction and provides certain guarantees. What might be the question realtor? From long practice of communication with agencies of all sizes and levels of work, I realized that, knowing how the company and its employees, realtors, in particular not ready openly talk about their compensation, honestly explain what they can, and that in this situation can not be guaranteed – we can safely draw the conclusion, as we will pass the deal.

Would you sling mud instead of ask forgiveness for his mistake, dropped a mask of cordiality in the middle of the deal when you already sign the papers, etc. Does not benefit the client, when the agency too many realtors try to hide from him. In this If the firm and its employees a desire for a trade secret hiding something else too ugly and bulging – misses employees, the failure of his duties, violation of the client just because so and come down. .

Deputy Secretary

December 14, 2019


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However, if you examine carefully, it turns out, is nothing surprising in this. Everything I learned about the market of the Hungarian real estate, expert opinion supports Endre Erdos, former Permanent Representative of Hungary to the United Nations and Deputy Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary. Erdos said that he could think of several reasons for the stability and security that has made Hungary today: firstly, prior to entry into the EU the Hungarian economy is stable and the system of laws – logic, and secondly, as the crisis has proven to be effective banking system and public subsidies, finally, third, real estate in Hungary was not as well-promoted, such as Bulgaria or Egypt, that is, the Hungarian real estate prices artificially is no overstatement, and therefore do not collapse. Benefits the current situation in the fact that while in 2009 in Hungary began new construction in total construction is less than in previous years. So, take a few years, and demand for property in Hungary will be exceed supply. Besides, now sellers of real estate in Hungary interested in the buyer like never before, so – to the investor more choice. To deepen your understanding David Barger is the source.

Experts believe that the balance in favor of the buyer the real estate market in Hungary will continue for two or three years, then demand to rise again and prices will crawl upward. Here it is appropriate to say a few words about the choice of real estate. Domestic investor often stormy and instantly reacts to advertising: according to statistics, more than advertising, the greater the investment in the advertised country, which, unfortunately, does not always bring the pleasure of buying and expected revenue. In my opinion, choosing real estate abroad, it is important to examine not only the country (market economy, laws, the object of interest) and to find a trustworthy realtor, but also to explore myself, to understand what I need, what and how much I am willing to invest. In my personal experience, the investor clearly understands that he needs more fortunate. Still, good luck in our difficult task – a very powerful one. To recall the case of undeveloped beaches of Nicaragua, where a few years ago I had the opportunity invest a considerable sum of money.

The risk was greatest, because everything depended on the hold on those very beaches or conduct electricity. In this case it was impossible to calculate: Central America, you know. A electricity had the same, and the earth in one year has risen by more than 35%. So I wish you follow the markets, keep an eye on and good luck!

Management Company: Management Services

December 4, 2019


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Without good governance will not bring profit real estate property, as everyone knows, is the best investment. Especially in a crisis era of constant change, where money can easily impaired, and prices soar to unimaginable heights of sky-high – so much so that the average businessman in a day does not even know whether to continue to do their work. The highest value in such circumstances becomes real estate. If she is getting cheaper, not necessarily what the owner loses anything – certainly cheaper band passes, and the price of real estate back to normal. But here is my "but." Whatever the real estate or was – she must need competent management, or use from such investments will never be. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Verizon. For such purposes, and there is just a management company, which consists of experienced managers, engineers and administrators who know how to make real estate a profitable business, not a dead stone, and are able to implement this knowledge into practice.

The fact that the property management demands a very serious approach. And the living, and Commercial property can come into disrepair and neglect, if she did not give their full attention. So the best option would be when it is a professional management company will take the decision survey questions and service of heating and ventilation systems for office buildings and other commercial real estate service multiple sensors, communications equipment, security systems and surveillance, as well as address issues such as cleaning and so on. After all, if you do not give these issues sufficient attention, and then commercial and residential building will lose its status as the owner – a significant portion of their income. Also do not forget about that nothing stands in one place – a businessman, once invested in real estate, and to incur further costs if it wants to remain successful. In buildings with different technical facilities and equipment always need something to upgrade or replace, in short – to invest. This makes it possible to attract new reliable tenants for commercial property, because the level of compliance with the building and its international standards of infrastructure defines people's desire to rent offices and other rooms in this building – all tend to the convenience and comfort. If the management company to competently and with knowledge of the specifics will undertake property management, corporate success will be guaranteed.

Russian Financial System

September 24, 2019


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As Putin said today that Russian authorities are able to protect from shocks to the financial system of the country and prevent a sharp fall in the ruble. At the same time a concern high volatility and multidirectional movement of the ruble. Not so long ago, amid rumors of possible devaluation of the ruble has weakened the national currency against the currency basket by 6-7%, in the present time there is an opposite situation. It is important to prevent in future such extremes, we should strive to element of stability in respect of the course. And the positive trends are contributing to this is already scheduled. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. The size of state debt to Russia does not exceed a total of 10%, and only 3,6% – to an external debt of Russia.

This is an unprecedented low indicator for the big 'eights'. The lowest. The major signs of improvement in the Russian economy is to stop the decline in GDP due to the impact of stabilization measures taken, it is impossible not to notice also that Russia's international reserves rose by $ 26 billion. To broaden your perception, visit Phil Vasan. – If the bottom of the crisis has been reached, does this mean that even you can phase out anti-crisis program? – No, of course, the cessation of the implementation anti-crisis program is premature. Remains relevant to support those industries in which due to a sharp contraction in demand caused serious problems, such as the automotive industry, engineering, housing, and many others. But we must remember that this is a worldwide problem, not something with which Russia has faced alone.