The Tenant

May 7, 2020


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It must be remembered that, if the value and volume of repair work not consistent with the landlord, he may challenge its appropriateness. Also, be sure to take into account that the costs of the lessee to repair are fiscally risky and may not be accepted by tax authorities in reducing the taxable profits of the tenant as economically unjustified, if the lease is not spelled out his duty to carry out major repairs. To avoid any possible problem situations lessee in the lease agreement entered into by appropriate criteria to determine the improvements of the leased property, and which of them can or can not be separated. Visit Henderson Law Group for more clarity on the issue. Serious attention should be given the problem of early termination lease non-residential premises at the request of one party for the following reasons:-court decision in material breach of the lease by the other party – the use of the leased property (premises) with due to a fundamental breach of the requirements and worsen his condition, or for other purposes – non-payment (more than two consecutive terms on the expiry of the contract term) rentals. It should be borne in mind that, in addition to violations by the tenant, the reason for early termination of lease of uninhabited premises is the emergence of the need for production by the landlord of the rented premises. Be taken into account and to pay special attention to the fact that in the lease agreement may provide for any reason the landlord refusing to execute the contract as related and not related to possible violations by the tenant.