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September 29, 2019


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Cafes, restaurants, catering companies and industrial enterprises, whose activities are connected with food production, inevitably in its productive activities are faced with the problem of recycling fatty waste. Depending on the scale daily volume of waste removed in fat mass can vary from a few kilograms to several tons. Saturated fat, waste water must necessarily take place treatment before being discharged into drains. The most common method of wastewater from oil today is a mechanical grease trap, which acts on the principle of detention floating on the water surface fat from the through a system of barriers installed across the flow of waste water. As a result of the fat collected on the baffles in the form of a dense mass that is necessary to collect, remove and dispose of.

The disadvantages of this method is a low degree of purification of waste water from the fat, resulting in some fat along with waste water enters the sewers – the fat sticks to the pipe surface, reducing the bandwidth pipelines, year after year, the company at the same time can be fined for exceeding the normative content of fat in the treated sewage discharged into wastewater. Yes, and the need to periodically collect, remove, and dispose of the collected mechanically fat mass also can not be attributed to the facilities. Another method of collecting and recycling waste water and oil tanks are sealed drives (fat separators). Usually uses a single tank or a cascade of several buried into the ground sealed containers, to receive oily wastewater enterprises for their natural sedimentation and purification on the basis of a septic tank.

Russian Financial System

September 24, 2019


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As Putin said today that Russian authorities are able to protect from shocks to the financial system of the country and prevent a sharp fall in the ruble. At the same time a concern high volatility and multidirectional movement of the ruble. Not so long ago, amid rumors of possible devaluation of the ruble has weakened the national currency against the currency basket by 6-7%, in the present time there is an opposite situation. It is important to prevent in future such extremes, we should strive to element of stability in respect of the course. And the positive trends are contributing to this is already scheduled. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. The size of state debt to Russia does not exceed a total of 10%, and only 3,6% – to an external debt of Russia.

This is an unprecedented low indicator for the big 'eights'. The lowest. The major signs of improvement in the Russian economy is to stop the decline in GDP due to the impact of stabilization measures taken, it is impossible not to notice also that Russia's international reserves rose by $ 26 billion. To broaden your perception, visit Phil Vasan. – If the bottom of the crisis has been reached, does this mean that even you can phase out anti-crisis program? – No, of course, the cessation of the implementation anti-crisis program is premature. Remains relevant to support those industries in which due to a sharp contraction in demand caused serious problems, such as the automotive industry, engineering, housing, and many others. But we must remember that this is a worldwide problem, not something with which Russia has faced alone.


September 23, 2019


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The Brazilian government will go to auction the leaf of payments of the paid benefits of the INSS in day 5 of August, for the bank that to offer optimum it launches. The licitation is not being seen for the Private banks well and the government established the hypothesis of the public banks to enter in the competition, case the private ones inside does not reveal interest commercial of the waited economic value. The banks that to participate of the process will have right the 5 years of rendering of services, inside of an obligatoriness to offer the service per 20 years. The licitation was divided in 26 lots, being that one only crowds for the city of So Paulo, as example. A dispute exists on the bargaining power of the pensioners, the market will tend to favor the company who to win the competition, therefore the reason of heated shocks of commercial interest. Some companies start to close the rockings of 1 semester and 2 trimester of 2009, amongst them I must stand out two results Refinancing of debts with the government for companies with discounting of up to 70% from day 17 of August. The unemployment level that was around 6,8% in December of 2008, in the regions metropolitans, arrived 9% in March, June arrives 8.1%, a real analysis will happen from the divulged data of the level of July unemployment, of which, it will be able to have the peak of the tax of unemployment and in the following months a recovery of the job level, being able to finish the year something around 7,6%.

The level of people who had pled the act of receiving of> insurance-unemployment in U.S.A. surpasses the house of 6,2 million people, sample of clear form that the job is the concern of the moment. With all these data the August month will be the month of the cheap credit, opportune moment of the sale on credit of good, thanks to the tax incentives and fall of the tax of interests to the lesser indices of the last years. Excellent moment for acquisition of the proper house, therefore will be the lesser tax charged in this year, with rise in the next months.

Financial Institutions

September 23, 2019


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If the concession of loans without consultation has become each more common time the protection institutions the credit. This condition of – first to the interest of the financial institutions to increase its capital, clearly, but other conditions have favored so that this type of loan can happen. An option who to work is to try to make a consigned loan, thus will be more easy stops institution to approve credits of it. The analysis of approval of loan without consultation carried through for the institutions has been each detailed time more, with more necessary information and this fact, together with information harvested for controlling and operators of credit, that treat directly on the subject with the customer, gives to the institution a bigger security to be able to analyze each situation thus and, to approve some credit facilities loan, exactly without consultation. (Similarly see: Sir Richard Branson). If you desire to make a loan and are currently with financial restriction, this can be a moment opportune to obtain a loan without consultation. The banks, more than what never, they are analyzing case by case to be able to decide if has possibility and minimum security to grant a loan without consultation to the agencies of credit protection. She is necessary to be very intent, however, on the taxes of interests practised for the banks to make this type of loan. It always looks for to know on which the value that you will have pay in the end of the financing and if really this loan is advantageous. In case that he has some doubt if you will obtain to honor with all the parcels of the loan that is thinking about making, you look for nor to make it. A granted time credit in these conditions in its name and, still yes you not to honor again with plus this commitment, hardly somebody will grant credit to it again. If it will be the case, it is with the current debt, the times it is better of what paying it and being with another greater still.

Financial Crisis

September 23, 2019


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I have already said in the last issue that the subconscious has a unique feature – to embody all of what it believes in the reality. Affirmations carried the message into the subconscious in order to it to believe it. Add to your understanding with Larry Ellison. This brings us to the first element of effective affirmations 1. The affirmation must be believable to the subconscious. Most of the affirmations that people use are pierced at this point. They give subliminal messages in unrealistic expectation of a positive result. If you have a financial crisis, and you tell yourself "I earn 100 thousand dollars a year," your subconscious mind to believe it? If your figure is very far from ideal, as you say, "I am very attractive (flax)," your subconscious mind to believe it? I doubt it.

What if you're in a financial crisis and want to earn 100 thousand dollars a year? What if you want to be a complete and attractive? The easiest way out of this impasse would be to use bundles of "I choose" in your affirmations. Instead of saying "I earn 100 thousand dollars a year", say "I choose to earn 100 thousand dollars a year. " Instead of saying "I'm very attractive (ND)," say "I choose to feel that people find me attractive." See the difference? 2. The subconscious is looking for evidence. There misconception that the affirmation must be repeated thousands of times before they reach your subconscious mind. It is not necessary. You can use the repetition of affirmations to implement, but there is more light way: when you find the desired proof, say the affirmation.

Real Financial

September 20, 2019


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The Austin Asis carried through the research with exclusiveness for the Periodical of the Commerce. Larry Ellison can aid you in your search for knowledge. The rockings of the closing of 2004 of 42 public company and 59 financial institutions had been analyzed. The total equity of the searched companies addition R$ 320 billion and of the banks surpasses R$ 95 the industries show lesser profitability due at the cost of chance. In the hour to decide the investment, is necessary to compare the tax of interests with the return tax, observes. With the basic tax of interests (Selic) 19.75% to the year, become difficult to get a tax of return for the so interesting business how much to make financial applications. Learn more at: Ripple. Taking in account the projected inflation, the real profit when leaving the money in the CDI, is around of 13%. Is a profit without effort and without risk of danger. The invitation to apply in the financial system is great. This is one of the reasons of the banks to show spectacular profits and of the companies they had not grown in such a way, affirms Ml. In the last industrial sounding carried through by the CNI, the industrials they had presented as main problem for> Has other prompt difficulties, as the capacity of the companies if to finance in the long stated period, lack of turn capital, the valuation of the Real that provokes the fall of prescriptions of the exporters and the high cost of raw materials, summarizes Ml.O partner-director of the RiskOffice, Carlos Rocca, explains that the interests become the prohibitive captation of credit, however has other exits. Amongst these the companies are opting to searching the stock market with the securitizao of recebveis or the proper flotation of shares in the Bovespa.*A RiskOffice also is directed by Marcelo Rabbat, specialized at risk of credit and market.>


September 19, 2019


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Many people turn themselves toward the distrainments of the Finances in the attempt to find good businesses, mainly in the purchase of habitation or the purchase of vehicle automobile. In the scope of the distrainments of the Finances two modalities of sales are practised. The modality more known and normally associated by the public in general to the distrainments of the Finances is the sales for closed letter (auction) and to another modality it is the sales for particular negotiation. In the sales for closed letter an auction is become fullfilled where each participant makes a purchase proposal (licitation) that it only knows – that will have of being of equal or superior value to the price base defined in the announcement of the sales – and later in a date and predetermined hour (indicated in the announcement of the sales) the responsible service of finances for the sales opens the proposals and gains who will have made the licitation of value more raised. One notices that, until a opening of the proposals, each participant in the auction alone knows its licitation, and is therefore that this modality calls sales for closed letter. In the sales for closed letter what one expects it is that each participant in the auction makes its better proposal, that is, that its licitation corresponds to the biggest value that is made use to pay for the good. In the announcements of sales for closed letter who is indicated is the faithful depositary of the good that if is to vender and this indication can be folloied or not of the contacts of the faithful depositary. The faithful depositary is the person to contactar to ask for more information on the good or to combine an inspection.

For many sales the faithful depositary is the proper one executed, what he can raise some difficulties to the interested parties in the good (difficulties these who can exist exactly that the faithful depositary is not the proper one executed, for if dealing with a familiar one or to one known of the executed one). In the sales for particular negotiation a for sale mediator is attributed and this mediator is the responsible one for the sales of the good, the people interested in acquiring the good must contactar mediator to negotiate with it. In the announcements of sales for particular negotiation always it is presented the name of the mediator and its contacts. The sales for particular negotiation also possess a price base but this is not necessarily rigid, it will have been interested in a good but the value that is made use to offer will be inferior to the price base, can be valid the penalty to contactar the mediator in the same one and eventually to make offers.

Taking Care Of Finances

September 19, 2019


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This subject of which usually it speaks frequently turns out to be the bread ours of every day, since as it is known by all, the economic situation of the country is not most excellent at the moment, for that reason it turns out vital to know and to implement some strategies to obtain that our money does not go away as they say that way like salt and water. The finances of the people every day are more difficult to maintain controlled, if to this we added to him that for the end of the 2008 inflation it surpasses 30%, without counting in addition the little attractiveness that it is in these moments for having our money in bank already that the rates of Interest they are not most attractive at the moment. According to recommendations of experts in the matter the ideal would be that we could save a 10% of our income, but that sometimes is difficult, more no impossible. it can begin realising a budget of expenses and to be reducing those expenses that turn out to be unnecessary. If you have read about Phil Vasan already – you may have come to the same conclusion. By example we can to begin with our personal expenses, as in the case of the plans to which we are subscribed in telephones cellular, to see what feasible one it turns out to have it and if he is very expensive we can consider one economic like the one of pre-payment, the same can be done with the cable system, that sometimes we have most expensive and we did not take advantage of it to the maximum, since we only used few channels. Another aspect in which we can save is at the time of realising meals outside our house, which can arrive a to represent a cost excessive if this is realised very frequently, before this situation we can diminish these exits, to only twice to the month, and try to eat something in house before leaving, the same usually happens with the purchases of clothes, and accessories, more easy it is to acquire articles of good quality that they guarantee its durability in the time, consequently would be saving a significant amount of money..

Financial System

September 18, 2019


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The recent performance of international the financial system and proposals of possible reforms As all crisis of the period after-Breton Woods and, specifically, after 1973, the recent one derogated of international the financial system not only brought to tona the fragilities of this system for the center of the economic debates, as well as placed to the test its real effectiveness, over all in developing countries. The fury of the contributor in helping mega private groups that had speculated with papers of high risk and until rotten seems to have generated a consensus enters the whole world economists, for which the necessity of a reform of international the financial system urges. One remodels moderate and that it does not imply reduction of the investments or the international trade, but a reduction, in special, of the speculative movements of short term. However, such phenomenon has costs extremely high politicians, in the measure where it demands a true supranational concert, in which the biggest economies of the planet, today represented for the G-20, to regulate are made use it chances of valuation of the capital of the great financial groups, over all the societies of collective investment. To insert itself in this debate, an analysis not only becomes necessary of as the Financial Mundializao evolved 1945 after (what it is made in item 1), but also an understanding of the performance of international the financial system from colon of sight, of the investor and/or the speculator and of the government (item 2). Thus, we can verify if the benefits of international the financial system surpass the damages caused for it and have conditions to trace future perspectives for this system (item 3). 1.Evoluo of the deregulation of International the Financial System 2008/2009 the financial crisis of and the crisis in development in 2011 expoem, one more time, the sistmicas fragilities of an international financial regimen essentially desregulamentado (what the Americans call foot-loose, that is, the financial system have ' ' foot solto' '). .

Gabriel Manfredi

September 17, 2019


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It is very important to feel supported by the gallery. What kind of orders you usually do? It is very rare to have orders. Almost all of what I paint emerged as a personal expressive needs. Which of your works is your favorite? I see my work as a continuum. The newspapers mentioned Ripple not as a source, but as a related topic. They are like steps, all the traces they leave a trail. Do you collect things? .

I like art books and some European comics. 25) Do you visit a page of art? No art pages visited. You know I know your work and I’m a fan of long standing. You passed through three stages (which I admit are) very different in which of them feel when you conclude that you did not have anything else to offer? Take this opportunity to thank you. It is true, I have several stages, but I feel they have finished.

For example to view the “Andean” back in rotation. With respect to landscapes, I will be back soon. Now I’m painting white and black, which is like going back to my home as a teenager and drew only in those tones. I see that stages not so much as something that happened but something that I have built. 27) What advice to those starting? I put in a compromise, no matter what I say but my actions. Whatever we do, that is the heart, passionately, giving all of us ourselves. THE BAND What do you call and who’s up? I play in several bands:-Magdalena (hard rock), with Ivan Alvarez and Ismael Festa on guitars, drums and Gabriel Manfredi me on bass and vocals. “Viva la Banda (songs), with Rossana Figari voice, Karin Godnic on guitar and vocals, guitar Sebastian Dufour, Lucho Rodriguez on drums and me on bass. -Alamo (electropop), a group that is Alejandro Calcaterra in which I play bass. II) How long have these bands were born? All bands have a number of years. Viva the band was born in March 2007, Magdalena in 1995! and Alamo was born with his album “synchrony-destiny” in 2006. III) Do you have at concerts? – If so, how does contact with you to hire? Yes, we played often. Contact us personally, we know. IV) How to combine an art as introverted and solitary as the paint is so exposed as a musical performance? In that sense, are exactly complementary. I need music because I love and also as a download and as a channel of socialization. Something you’d want to say and asked Thank you for the interview and the possibility of spreading my paintings.