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September 20, 2019


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The Austin Asis carried through the research with exclusiveness for the Periodical of the Commerce. Larry Ellison can aid you in your search for knowledge. The rockings of the closing of 2004 of 42 public company and 59 financial institutions had been analyzed. The total equity of the searched companies addition R$ 320 billion and of the banks surpasses R$ 95 the industries show lesser profitability due at the cost of chance. In the hour to decide the investment, is necessary to compare the tax of interests with the return tax, observes. With the basic tax of interests (Selic) 19.75% to the year, become difficult to get a tax of return for the so interesting business how much to make financial applications. Learn more at: Ripple. Taking in account the projected inflation, the real profit when leaving the money in the CDI, is around of 13%. Is a profit without effort and without risk of danger. The invitation to apply in the financial system is great. This is one of the reasons of the banks to show spectacular profits and of the companies they had not grown in such a way, affirms Ml. In the last industrial sounding carried through by the CNI, the industrials they had presented as main problem for> Has other prompt difficulties, as the capacity of the companies if to finance in the long stated period, lack of turn capital, the valuation of the Real that provokes the fall of prescriptions of the exporters and the high cost of raw materials, summarizes Ml.O partner-director of the RiskOffice, Carlos Rocca, explains that the interests become the prohibitive captation of credit, however has other exits. Amongst these the companies are opting to searching the stock market with the securitizao of recebveis or the proper flotation of shares in the Bovespa.*A RiskOffice also is directed by Marcelo Rabbat, specialized at risk of credit and market.>