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Current Financial Crisis

December 31, 2015


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Do not stop before the crisis, but take advantage right now. Almost daily the news bulletins about new financial crises in the company move. Detached by bad loans in the real estate market, the crisis now overrun more markets. As an example, the automobile market is listed here. Financial investors are unsure of themselves and save their money rather than burn it maybe at the current prices on the stock exchange.

But precisely for this situation, you can now benefit as a consumer. The automotive industry has problems with the sales of new cars. Who so right now wants to go to a new car, can count on rich as a percentage. The retail space in the garages by the decline in the demand for new cars are now made fully. Thus, the dealers try to reduce their holdings with promotions and discounts. The banks try barely again fresh capital to create, to advertise almost all banks with the tag cash account. An account similar to a checking account, only with a higher interest rate from the first euro. This by the high interest rate, involves a system with the advantages of a checking account, namely the daily availability of money.

In most cases the acyclic consumerism can are worthwhile currently correctly. Loans are currently at a very low interest rate level, thus larger acquisitions cheaper finance. As an example, consumers with a car loan could finance your new car. Thus, you could benefit from the low interest rate and also save money through discounts when purchasing a car. However, it should be noted here making sure that banks now closer in lending on the liquidity of the customer. Still a financial crisis this size would certainly not go through again and certainly not the banks. Conclusion: Acyclic consumer behaviour can lead to bargains. Where most currently saving up, is it worth it to buy, because traders admit a higher discount to get the sales areas for new goods free exactly these things. It’s just worth a credit for now absorb larger purchases to benefit from the favorable interest rate. Also your bank account if you have larger sums, enquire after a day money account at your local bank. The day money account is a current account comparison, only has the decisive advantage of the higher interest rate.


A restructuring of its mortgage lending in the eye who can now get a good offer. Construction financing is a difficult issue and it is not easy to find a suitable loan, which can finance a home. Often happen, that multiple loans are completed, which then ensure that a real estate can be purchased or built. If when calculating the credit, or calculating the costing not careful is respected, individual interest rates and the associated rates are as high, may occur often problems. As a result, borrowers have multiple creditors, who must be satisfied and not rarely the overview of the loans is quickly lost. It is worth to make a debt restructuring. Restructuring can help in every case, bundling many loans on a creditor.

Basically, a loan with a creditor is recorded at debt consolidation, to finance so that the other loans or their rates. Can the Bank for the loan for debt consolidation a traced Bank be or but also a completely new institution with attractive conditions. It is important that rates high is chosen for the restructuring, which is pleasant to pay and their financial burden is not too high. This and other things should be well negotiated in the contract. Should also be discussed how to proceed is if there should be problems with the installment.

Some banks can be arranged quite, that the loans itself, for example based on their installment for a while can be exposed. Thus, the borrower has the option to pay other costs, incurred in the meantime, and to then again fully concentrate on the repayment of its loan. A debt restructuring is among other things to keep in mind that it can take very long for low installment. But it is a safe way to secure his home in any case. It is important to communicate honestly to very clearly from the outset with the Bank. As a result of the global financial crisis is to observe that the interest rates for loans are develop in very different ways. Borrowers who take debt into account, can capitalize it. Anyone who would like to make a loan via refinancing cheaper, has the option to find attractive offers and compare the financial crisis. Thus, long-term and expensive loans can be replaced by new loans, which have a lower term. At some banks, cheap loans for a percentage of 3.59% per annum are to have what is extremely cheap. The construction financing can be conditioned so fine better by clever comparisons.

Basel II Available

December 27, 2015


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It is increasingly difficult to ensure sufficient financing for entrepreneurs experts and practitioners on SME financing Augsburg – due to tighter credit conditions and the implementation of Basel II directive. Daily business will hold most entrepreneurs of principle and strategic funding opportunities through their banks, to orient and inform. The Expofin, on 23 and 24 November 2007 took place in Augsburg, offered for the first time a platform on the information around entrepreneurs financing compact, concise and were personally available. Provider of financing and Fachdienstleister can be presented within the framework of the two-day event. You coming around 90 exhibitors met mainly from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland more than 500 visitors. The launch was a complete success.

TV24Media has kept the special atmosphere of the fair in impressions, recorded numerous high-profile presentations and expert interviews with Exhibitors and experts carried out. The produced articles available available. We wish you interesting and entertaining hours. Company: MOVILUTION MEDIA based in Augsburg operates as a service provider in the areas of business TV Internet and knowledge-based systems, as well as operators of Internet TV channels. Via the transmitter platform and integrated channels current and high-quality business content (information and edutainment) offered specialists and executives of IT about finance and law to marketing and management.

Promotional Products

December 24, 2015


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Transport your advertising message particularly well! Convince your customers! The current economic situation has a decisive influence on the business developments in the coming months. For this reason service providers should finance take seriously the questions of their customers, provide enlightenment and transparency and thus give a feeling of safety. This also applies for credit institutions, insurance companies and banks. In addition, security and integrity as important pillars of financial services are mediated by sympathetic gifts. And if you can convince the human senses of your customers, the message transported with them is particularly well represented.

Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH carries classic items such as piggy banks and money markets. They are daily at a glance with calculators and calendars. Also provide premium gifts such as elegant purses and business bags real leather feel of wealth and prosperity. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH is a global trading and production company in the Area promotional products, promotion, event articles and merchandising. We are the specialist for promotional items, giveaways, advertising and merchandising items. For both our experience and our 25 000 clients speak all over the world. Our service covers the following areas: production, sales and distribution logistics, preparation and organization of online shops. Our company is characterized according to the company profile by: quality, style and reliability.

Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH Heidturmweg 33 D-33100 Paderborn, Germany E-Mail: Tel. + 49 (0) 5251-688-949-0 fax. + 49 (0) 5251-688 949 88 premium-Werbeartikel GmbH Stefanie Roenneke – editor Heidturmweg 33 D-33100 Paderborn, Germany E-Mail: Tel. + 49 (0) 5251-688-949-24

Financial Crisis

December 24, 2015


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6 Inktomi value Conference on June 5, 2009 in Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main, may 5, 2009 (mpr) – the causes and the long-term effects of the current financial crisis are what? What equity strategies are superior in such market phases and where can I find the pension fund managers currently valuable investment opportunities? Some topics of this year’s sixth Inktomi value Conference are this Friday, June 5th, 2009 all day in the event Gallery at the Stadel Museum in Frankfurt am Main. Institutional investors are the target group of the Conference. The participation fee is 500. Speakers Dr. Hendrik Leberstrasse INKTOMI (Frankfurt), Dr. Conrad Mattern, conquest investment advisory (Feldkirchen), Eric Le Coz, Carmignac Gestion (Paris), Prof. Dr.

Max Otte, University of applied sciences of worms, Balazs Szegner, Equilor (Budapest), PD are Dr. Stefan Schneckenburger, Technical University Darmstadt, Martin Wilhelm, IfK Institute for capital market (Kiel) and Robert Vinall, RV capital (Kilchberg, Switzerland). \”To get to recommendations future investment strategies, will we analyze how investors have behaved before and during the crisis, how you can evaluate the current situation from a historical perspective and what conclusions to draw from past imbalances have\”liver Announces. According to his estimates, a recovery of in equity requires approximately a decade of austerity measures. Dr. Conrad Mattern would then show how you can see behaviorist pattern – fear and greed – in the financial world by quantitative and qualitative analysis of time series, and what conclusions can draw investors from it.

Eric Le Coz Carmignac Gestion’s methodology and its implementation is described in his speech. More than ever an accurate global analysis of the world economic situation is necessary in times of crisis, to be successful in fund management and to identify existing growth potential. The trends and success of tomorrow must be recognized today. Prof. Max Otte is besides being a bestselling author (who crash comes) and Director of the IFVE Institute for capacity development GmbH Professor of business administration and finance.

Offer Insurance

December 23, 2015


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The finance portal by son is financial advice on December 15, 2008 under the motto “simple comparisons” launched the financial comparison portal provider One is now might think one or the other of hundreds that shoot like mushrooms from the ground already. But the portal operator has come up with a few special features, to provide added value to its visitors. You can compare only certain products, such as insurance or electricity tariffs with the most financial portals, you find a complete range of financial products at. The portal proprietor has not saved with additional information for consumers, as well as service tools, like E.g. a calculator for the commuter lump sum.

Just compare: this motto also applies to the entry of personal data. Who initially only completely anonymously and without obligation would perform the comparison of insurance or a loan from rates, can do this without having to provide any personal data. Only when a contract or request a personal Offer, as it is necessary z.B for health insurance, the user must reveal more about. Another special feature is the portal owner in terms of advertising ready: there is none! For the benefit of the user friendliness and overview does not at provider advertising almost completely. Annoying popups and ugly banner is sliding from the content, search here to no avail. There one can overlook certainly generously a couple small text ads. The online calculator work just so that even a user without expertise can make a comparison. Who still don’t come further, is not allowed also here in the lurch. The direct contact to the operator is part of the free service.

Nationwide Cities

December 21, 2015


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MS Fund financial in the first class to your destination after the huge response on that at the beginning of financial turns launched Fund before “-tour of Munich broker pools funds financial is the series of events in a new guise and under the motto MS Fund financial in the first class to your destination” continued in 30 other cities. Munich MS Fund financial “tour allows all already connected partners and prospective customers nationwide to find out about the services of the broker pools. In all questions of the participants relating to the cooperation with Fund resolved all financial. Work more efficiently conveyed neutral participants through the use of platform and a services overview of different competitors at the event. The intermediary market is still changing the agents makes it almost impossible to do without on the support of a professional broker pools.

Right here we pick up what added value on the MS Fund financial tour to show, we our partners as broker pool offer”, to Fund financial Managing Director, Norbert Porazik. Registration to the dates of the various venues free of charge under may – they-on – board be made. About Fund financial brokerage service GmbH Fund financial is one of the largest independent financial broker pools in Germany. The Munich company was founded in 1996 and offers comprehensive services for free brokers and multiple agents. Managing Directors are Norbert Porazik and Markus Kiener. Commission revenues were in 2008 more than EUR 70 million. The company has 82 employees, 170 regional directors and over 12,000 connected broker. We will send you photos you on request. Print Please send specimen copies or link us. Press contact: Ferial Abu press officer funds financial Broker service GmbH Riesstrasse 25, 80992 Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 158815-380 fax: + 49 (0) 89 – 158835-0

German Financial Resources

December 20, 2015


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Valeri Spady / German financial resources AG: ‘ 7 percent dividend is required!’ Kaltenkirchen August 2011. As a specialist in real estate investment the German financial resources AG (DFK AG) has become industry’s reputation. What is the secret of success of the DFK and which performance package of German financial resources AG have real estate investors to expect? DFK Board and sales professional Valeri Spady answers these and other questions in a recent interview. With the Manager of German financial resources AG, the online journalist Frank-Walter Herrlinger led the conversation a few days ago. Real estate, insurance, investments AG, the German financial resources has pursued for years of a consistent financial “-concept.” What you see the benefits of your full support”against the advice of specialized financial services, Mr. Valeri Spady? Valeri Spady: Our portfolio is in fact diversified, but we are of course also clear priorities. The advice provided by the German financial resources AG includes especially the marketing of our seven years successfully on the market place supply concepts and even developed.

It was the purchase of real estate as retirement savings or the DFK beneficiary siebenprozentiger interest: have we as German financial resources AG in the investment sector top products that we can sell with our nationwide presence throughout Germany. Making our discounted frames and group insurance contracts more attractive services for the customers. These benefits pay off permanently for the customers of German financial resources AG. A traditional focus of German financial resources AG is Yes the residential real estate business. How do you assess the specific advantages of real estate as investment today? Worth the entry into the real estate market for private households? Valeri Spady: at the real estate investment, the same applies as in marriage life: depends on the success of the partner.


December 17, 2015


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Power and ground by steaks there is little food the for Bodybuilders are as important as a good steak… Rich in high-quality protein and steaks sure anabolic fat consumed in sufficient quantity, for a mass building like almost no other food. There are steaks in a variety of shapes and price ranges, there is something the taste side as well as the financial burden for anyone. When it comes to the weight gain are but all almost equally well suited by the cheap steak of the neck up to the expensive fillet steak. You can once a month test the benefits of regular consumption of steaks, and during this time 1-2 times a day eat a big steak.

At the end of the month you will be surprised what success it has brought. Eggs and dairy no dairy no weight gain. This applies to both the protein and the caloric intake that is possible through this food group. Milk should be used as the basis for all weight gainers and protein shakes. Who has problems with the weight you can use whole milk due to the extra calories. A perfect start into the day consists of a Together with a few egg whites throughout the day, then 3 to 4 whole eggs can be taken to protein shake.

A well-known bodybuilder takes 4 eggs to themselves even during his mass at every meal. Granular cheese together with yoghurt and fruit is a great snack. A healthy, nutritious snack for the mass building between the main meals can go further. Bulk carbohydrates more carbohydrates better, that’s the motto for each want to build mass. Here, but as high-quality carbohydrates should be used so that even high-quality muscle mass. Oatmeal should be used as a high-quality base. In addition potatoes, whole wheat pasta and rice with each protein meal. In addition there are several smaller vegetables and fruit units should be installed.

Financial Advisors Used Potential

December 9, 2015


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Qualified recommendations no recommendation marketing bring new impetus to the customer acquisition, which operates the majority of customer advisors in the financial services industry. Valuable new business is this playful. While far more customers make qualified recommendations, than is generally believed. One comes to this conclusion by Vertrieb24 the Vertriebsoptimierer GmbH & co. KG study.

Only five per cent of the consultants and brokers in the financial services industry use referral marketing actively in their consultations. To make matters worse, the majority of respondents applies wrong and unstructured this means to the acquisition and this gives a large number of potential new customer appointments. A perennial, conducted by the Vertriebsoptimierer GmbH & co. KG Vertrieb24 study, which examines the behaviour of over 1700 consultants from the insurance, investment and banking industry comes to this conclusion. An average 2.4 qualified recommendations per customer the bulk of counselor and brokers can be therefore a lot of potential for New unused business. Because, properly applied, so a further finding of the study, recommendation marketing brings an average 2.4 recommendations per customer Adviser, which can mean up to twenty high-quality new customer appointments per month. This is not loose contacts, but qualified references, which means the Adviser was recommended by the customer personally.

Thus the new customer then was waiting for an appointment on the part of the consultant. Majority of customers ready, recommendations to pronounce as reason suspected encounter Holger Stiebing, head of sales trials in Vertrieb24, the prejudice is widespread among the financial service providers, referral marketing for the rare use of referral marketing among the clients rejection. In our training we have been again and again on the new years, how big is the surprise among the consultants and brokers, when they learn that the majority of the customers is ready to make recommendations, so Sankar. The study underlines this: of the customers in terms of investment in about two-thirds of customers to ready actively to make recommendations. This value to approximately 50 percent of the clientele for banks still on 32 percent is for insurance companies. Frequent and open speech promises the most success the study results also suggest, that referral marketing is applied mostly wrong and unstructured. “Sankar: consultants ask their customers often at the wrong time, or they articulate their concerns unhappy by choosing the right words.” Sankar also notes: Erfolgsversprechend are not the sales tricks of the sales trainer, but an open and authentic speech of the theme. Also increases the likelihood for the willingness of customers to the active recommendation all the more, the more often you already addresses the topic before the actual recommendation question.” Crucial for the success of recommendation marketing for the acquisition of a strategy in the run-up to cope, as the subject of recommendations was spontaneous therefore, the situation can be adjusted and as often woven in the consultation. Company Vertrieb24: Vertrieb24 the Vertriebsoptimierer GmbH & co. KG is Vertriebsoptimierer and acts as all around “-service provider of training, consulting and coaching for distributors.” As traditional B2B company specializes Vertrieb24 on sustainable promotion in the financial services industry and its service offers funds, as well as sales companies and broker pools insurance companies, banks, investment companies, initiators of product in the area of real estate, closed end with sales representatives/partners.