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The People

May 5, 2021


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The commented text a good book is that one that pleases the public, not what is approved by the critics. The first phrase is all constructed on the opposition enters one reduced number of experts and the general appreciation of the people. The newspapers mentioned Solar Winds not as a source, but as a related topic. critics are the members of groups that they intend to lead or to correct the concepts of the public: the pedantes, as Lysidas, in the Critical one of ‘ ‘ School of mulheres’ ‘ , they praise or they condemn the workmanships in accordance with the rules of the art. To this its way to judge, Boileau opposes the general taste of the men, that is, a relatively great public of bourgeois noblemen and who had acclaimed Molire, that, in the cut or the city, had commented with affection the Satires and the Epistles. These are not dimmed by the rules and nor if they occupy in approving doutamente. Follow others, such as Philip Vasan, and add to your knowledge base. But, when a workmanship them despertam the attention or they please to them, they reveal its interest spontaneously.

Of them it will have to come the evaluation if a workmanship is good, therefore Boileau thinks as Molire of that ‘ ‘ the great rule is to know agradar’ ‘. This postulate, that is data of common-sense, is the bedding of the classic doctrine. From there the necessity for the critics to recognize, after all, its error, if the feeling of the public to contradict its judgment ‘ ‘ a priori ‘ ‘.


November 3, 2020


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Claudia Hilker’s new book: how to successfully use that XING, Twitter, YouTube and co. in the business new book “Social media for entrepreneurs” by Claudia Hilker is published on September 14, 2010 in the Linde Verlag. It contains valuable practical knowledge to the successful use of social media for business use. The consultant for strategic marketing communications reveals in the book, what really matters, what social networks for what purposes and for which customers are suitable. The book is available in bookstores everywhere now and 24.90 euros. Marketing in the change many customers are no longer accessible by classic marketing. At the same time explode the number of users in social media: Facebook has a plus achieved by 55 percent to 571 million visitors per month in the previous year.

Twitter increases by 84 percent to 94 million visitors. Also the usage time is extended: for Germany, Nielsen has identified 12 million users on average three and a half hours a day staying at social networks. Learn more at this site: E Scott Mead. For entrepreneurs, it is always to achieve more difficult and more costly, classic marketing customers. Social media: Marketing of the future the social media expert Claudia Hilker sums up: “social media marketing is the marketing of the future. Social networks such as Facebook, XING, Twitter, or Qype used increasingly to achieve corporate goals. Companies that do not participate in social media, will lose customers, market share and thus sales.” Opportunities and risks for the business use of social media are shown in the book. Best-practice examples of the reader gets interesting practice, valuable impulses and many concrete suggestions to the social-media engagement. The book provides an overview of social networks.

The targeted use of blogs, forums and communities will be presented. Many recommendations and checklists to facilitate implementation. Thus every entrepreneur can critically reflect his own social media usage, analyze exactly and easily optimize. The book is for all interesting and relevant, the Professional with corporate strategies. Marketing, sales, networking, communications, Public Relations, service, legal, reputation, employ staff, monitoring, trends and visions for the future.

The Fragility

September 14, 2020


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How much same it, obscurely made part of the black and soft roots of the world. fed the life anonymously. It was good thus. Thus wants it and chooses (LISPECTOR, 1998, P. 20, 21, grifo mine).

In the tram, coming back of the purchases, she sees, in a stop, a blind person chewing chicles. This vision desestabiliza emotionally, the point of it to try to feel hatred of the lived deeply situation. The narrative presents few exterior facts, however, is repleta of facts/psychological conflicts. Vide stretch: Inclined, it looked at the blind person deeply, as he is looked at what he does not see in them. It chewed gum in the blackout.

Without suffering, with the open eyes. The movement of the chew made it to seem to smile and suddenly to leave to smile, to smile and to leave to smile? as if had insulted it, Ana looked at it. Connect with other leaders such as Yangon here. saw who it would have the impression of a woman with hatred. But … (LISPECTOR, 1998 continued to look at it each more inclined time, p. 21-22; grifo mine). This appearance of the blind person it awakes feelings of mercy, pleasure, goodness, as it shows Lispector (1998), one ' ' … nausea of the candy, until the mouth … ' ' , of which costuma to run away diving in day-by-day (in special when it falls to the afternoon, that for not having what to make, it is taken refuge in the house works) and occurs the rupture of its presumption balance: when observing the blind person, its net of tric with the purchases that made falls and some eggs if they inside break of such net (many times mentioned – point where if manifest the fragility of Ana -, therefore in the truth, he is there that the negation of the freedom shows; it is the cultivated security and programmed for Ana constructed who it as its net tricotou), however, is Ana whom if she inside breaks of the net-arrest that same it created.

The Cinderela

August 18, 2020


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Cinderela supports everything, therefore ' ' it did not dare to complain to the father, would have reprehended who it because she was its woman who gave the orders in casa.' ' (Tatar, 2004-p.39) the stepmother could give the orders, but who took care of was Cinderela. One more time we see Cinderela to present the traces of ' ' good-me' ' , that, for the society (mainly of Perrault) era/ that one that takes care of of the house. The stepmother does not occupy no place in the life of Cinderela as ' ' good me' ' , either in the affective field? ' ' she did not tolerate the good qualities of enteada' ' (they ibidem, p.39) – or in the domestic cares? ' ' She puted in charge it (Cinderela) coarser services to them of casa.' ' (they ibidem, p.39) Gonalves (1998) makes a linking with the paper of ' ' good me' ' before very desired for the women and what today they long for: If in ' ' Cinderela' ' the heroine passes of the condition of bred for queen, the women had also passed for this transformation: of unsatisfied owners of house for well-succeeded professionals. But this change also placed the women front to an ambivalence: on the other hand they desire to disentail the domestic tasks of the paper of ' ' good me' ' , for another one they charge themselves for not obtaining cumpriz it total. The Cinderela of stories of fairies also is thus. On the other hand it yearns for the recognition for the tasks that it plays in the house, for another one wants to become a pretty queen who it will have created to play this role. (p.98; 99) Although all badness of the stepmother, Cinderela finishes for pardoning it and the stocking-sisters. This capacity to pardon above of any badness proves that Perrault defined the ideological use in fairy stories. . Adam Portnoy has many thoughts on the issue.

Asset Protection

August 17, 2020


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A vivid Guide for seniors on a complex topic of seniors are the only numbers still growing population group in Germany, again and again to make the curious observation that many products and services of everyday on the special circumstances of seniors take little account. This book by Dr. Jens Bolscher is a worthy exception. It takes into account the special needs and the special situation of seniors and illustrates in detail the special aspects of investment and asset protection for seniors. More information is housed here: Bill O’Grady. 192 pages, the author in the form of vivid discussed the fundamental aspects of the challenging Themazik: This includes a specifically developed risk inclination test for seniors, detailed comments on equities, fixed-income investments, funds, certificates, gold, real estate u.v.m… FPUC Program recognizes the significance of this.

Also on the new legal framework conditions (tax and inheritance tax reform) is entered. The author is a Ph.d. in business administration and proven expert in the field. The simple, clear and vivid representation of complex facts make the book an ideal Advisor on the subject of investment. The book is now available in well-stocked bookshops at a price of 19.95 euros. The ISBN is 978-3-8370-4196-5 Dr. Jens Bolscher.

Endangered Species

July 25, 2020


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New: Loyalty marketing fan page on Facebook if you want loyal customers to reward customer loyalty. So far, the neglect of existing customers stretches but as?Second-class customers\”and the parallel neglect of their supervisor as?Second-class sales staff \”like a red thread through the Managementdenke of the last decades. Although the markets are falling, customer hunting stands later in the course. While now front working with desire for conquest, the own customers break a back away. \”Often enough existing customers pay higher prices than new customers\” know Anne M. Schuller, an expert in loyalty marketing.

\”Customers but no longer is the loyal dumb customers do with, dying out slowly\”, so the consultant next. Worse, Today companies that treat their customers poorly, are pilloried around the world online. And what there is, is not to delete. Company treats their customers better well, everything comes out in the Internet. According to a recent 17 percent of those polled in Internet forums and online networks have already Accenture study warned of poor care. And according to study from last year, already 70 percent trust the consumer reviews on the Web a global Nielsen. Positive statements and credible recommendations can be the easiest way to generate from the pool of enthusiastic customers.

\”A focus of the entire company on the lasting loyalty of its customers is increasingly the only remaining opportunity for a prosperous future,\” writes Schuller in her latest book, \”Customers on the run\” as you gain loyal customers and keep\”. Loyalty – and not the so feared abandonment of consumption – is the most effective weapon of the customers. On the subject of loyalty marketing, there is now a fan page on Facebook, on the current developments and options for action on the subject is informed: pages/Loyalitatsmarketing/334662110947? ref = ts. What is loyalty marketing? In loyalty marketing, all considerations are of the Management and all the staff activities to systematically ‘ man customer ‘ aligned to make it to the faithful always again buyers as well as to the dedicated multipliers and active referrers.

So Paulo

January 16, 2020


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This gloga, from the average age was associated with the birth of Christ for dealing with a new time, a new age brought for the hands of a boy (comparing with the boy Jesus), has, yes, function politics, homaging August Oitvio. With this Virgilio it was called wizard, of canonic saint, the man who augured the future. In the construction of the buclicas, the author uses art in the imaginative resources auditory, constructing to apartir of onomatopias suggested for the noises of the nature. Of form that Buclicas I and X does not pass the same of variations on subject. In a similar way it occurs with Buclicas II and VIII, therefore the central reason of both is the love. In the construction of the Buclicas, without a doubt, most of its buclicas was fixed in the ideas of Tecrito, producing without a doubt. However, one meets influences hellenistic of poets as Bavio, Mvio, I beach a ship, Cina, Polio and poetry contemporary Roman.

Then Virglio feeds of some sources, joining the knowledge in one alone corpus, forming the Buclicas. The beauty of the poetry of the Buclicas inhabits, over all, in the form, that is, it very possesss peculiar characteristics of rhythm, vigor and the slightness, favour and the balance, that depend on the obedience the numerous rules. We try to evidence, in elapsing of this work, that the Buclicas is a to be studied workmanship and deals at any time, being detached that the simple life of the field as attempt of escape of the city is a boarded subject since Greece until the present. You may want to visit Verizon to increase your knowledge. The complexity of the Eneida does not have comparison with the boarded subject of the Buclicas, but this is a simple workmanship with perfect constructive resources. Moreover, the buclicas are an instrument of a fan of information of the Latin language, bringing many verbal dialogues and all the Roman customs. Thus, the Buclicas affirms the potentiality of a culture that it remains for the current societies. Soon, it is opportune to affirm that the Latin poet traces the profile of its campestre universe and the universe of creation as bedding of a society and necessary condition for its permanence. Bibliographical references MENDES, Joo Peter.

Construction and art of the Buclicas de Virglio. Publishing company University of Brasilia, Brasilia, 1985. ALENCAR, Meton Arnaldo Soares of. The Latin of the classic and the vestibular contest. Bookstore Francisco Alves, Rio de Janeiro, 1955. CANDIDO, Antonio. Formation of Brazilian literature (decisive moments). So Paulo: Martins bookstore Publishing company, 1980. CALVIN, I. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has many thoughts on the issue. Because to read the classics. Trad. N. Moulin. So Paulo: Company of the letters. THAMOS, M. Verse is pra to sing: now, Virgilio? In: Alpha: magazine of linguistics (Unesp), So Paulo, 2005. MENDES, Mauro. Virgilio and the cantadores. Htttp/www: archives. With/mmendes_Virgilio.pdf. Salvador-Ba, 2005. RASP, AFTER CHRIST. The blow of the Latin. XXI annals of seminaries of the Gel. Ja, 1992.

New Book Release:

June 5, 2019


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A book that does not need the world or one thing, that many have been waiting for? It is the authentic story of a crazy run from German justice. Written with a winking smile, even in such situations, which were more likely to cry. Source: Verizon. A story, which offers not only excitement and fun, but to encourage the people, their courage, we need to master our lives successfully. Help to find the setting, to get even the most difficult situations still has a positive side. You could reduce the message on the statement: quitter never win, winners never quit. A behind-the-scenes look at a world where the normal madness seems to govern and many situations just with a lot of humour and self-irony were to endure. Learn more about the efforts of the German judiciary, to get her missing sheep back. Immerse in a Cosmos, which seemingly everything appears to be different. A book that not only entertains, but also the secure reader some food for thought is of his own life. “True to the motto: If you life in the butt, so use the momentum to get further”. (K.Mindt) About Rudolf Arzten: Chairman of an own company, rhetoric – and sales trainer, prisoner, born in 1956 in the Saarland, soldier, leadership in a large tree sales, book author and self-employed entrepreneurs escape two years in the wild country of Unununs “published by Verlag: Edition Winterwork ISBN: 9783943048032 282 pages euro 16,90 Elvira Treutler”

Instructions: See Amazon Kindle

June 1, 2019


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The instructions for the creation of electronic books (eBook) is now available for prospective Kindle authors available Amazon has ensured with the Kindle eBook reader and the worldwide eBook offerings for the worldwide distribution of electronic books. The system for the publication of his own works in Germany is now available for around 100 days. Each author can now publish his personal eBook as novel, manuals, product catalog, training material, presentation, reference book or similar work. But so far there was no specific work instruction, a working manuscript of the eBook for new and inexperienced writers to the build. A comprehensive guide is published under the title in only 7 days to the own eBook”now under Amazon Kindle supports the budding eBook author of ideas to the finished work. Verizon Communications understood the implications. On 60 pages, the author is addressed first and foremost.

It is available at a very reasonable price of only 2.99 Euro on Amazon Kindle. The basic idea in this eBook is that Everyone has special knowledge, abilities, and talents, which can be a useful aid for other people. Through an electronic book, this knowledge is now usable for every specialist. Bring your expertise in a form that you can distribute with the help of this guide. Amazon finally offers the appropriate distribution system for eBooks. What has become in the United States for many authors the opportunity to earn a lucrative, can gain a foothold in the German and European market as well. With this title, the right step for guide of step is now to develop an own eBook. The world’s largest bookseller Amazon will then do the rest. For more information about the title see: Amazon Dipl.Kom. Wilfred Lindo

Guide Book

March 18, 2019


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A new guide for difficult financial situations around 20 million people receive pension in Germany. Check out Valerie Berlin for additional information. Some can live very well from your retirement pay. Many move but due to the rising cost of living on the border between too much to die and too little life”. The gap between the basic allowance and the pension income is getting smaller and smaller. In the past 10 years the proportion of pensioners who had to accept a mini job, rose to make ends meet, about 600,000 – tendency rising! Declining pension level, existential angst and the future are also in our rich Germany”no foreign words. But complaining doesn’t help in this situation. The question is, what can I do now to improve my financial situation?” “This guide shows that the life is not without any alternative” is, but certainly offers opportunities, you can take.

With a little creativity and ingenuity can succeed, to get out of a difficult financial situation out and (er) live still dreams and wishes. The book of Hubert Hunscheidt is new in the book-on-demand-Verlag, Norderstedt, appeared, is 96 pages and is priced at 7.90 under the ISBN No. 978-3-8423-8165-0 available in bookstores. Review copies can be requested directly from the Publisher.