Endangered Species

July 25, 2020


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New: Loyalty marketing fan page on Facebook if you want loyal customers to reward customer loyalty. So far, the neglect of existing customers stretches but as?Second-class customers\”and the parallel neglect of their supervisor as?Second-class sales staff \”like a red thread through the Managementdenke of the last decades. Although the markets are falling, customer hunting stands later in the course. While now front working with desire for conquest, the own customers break a back away. \”Often enough existing customers pay higher prices than new customers\” know Anne M. Schuller, an expert in loyalty marketing.

\”Customers but no longer is the loyal dumb customers do with, dying out slowly\”, so the consultant next. Worse, Today companies that treat their customers poorly, are pilloried around the world online. And what there is, is not to delete. Company treats their customers better well, everything comes out in the Internet. According to a recent 17 percent of those polled in Internet forums and online networks have already Accenture study warned of poor care. And according to study from last year, already 70 percent trust the consumer reviews on the Web a global Nielsen. Positive statements and credible recommendations can be the easiest way to generate from the pool of enthusiastic customers.

\”A focus of the entire company on the lasting loyalty of its customers is increasingly the only remaining opportunity for a prosperous future,\” writes Schuller in her latest book, \”Customers on the run\” as you gain loyal customers and keep\”. Loyalty – and not the so feared abandonment of consumption – is the most effective weapon of the customers. On the subject of loyalty marketing, there is now a fan page on Facebook, on the current developments and options for action on the subject is informed: pages/Loyalitatsmarketing/334662110947? ref = ts. What is loyalty marketing? In loyalty marketing, all considerations are of the Management and all the staff activities to systematically ‘ man customer ‘ aligned to make it to the faithful always again buyers as well as to the dedicated multipliers and active referrers.