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July 23, 2021


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The first work by Holger foot in the trade feels like life is on if it is different? Holger foot had to learn it, and there were no good experiences. To realize that you gay is confusing – early. His gay accept”to learn to come out, to experience rejection, a LONER to be – tough times. Life was a bit friendly with the author, beating painful wounds. But his parents were getting to him.

Holger foot has learned to deal with his situation, but he knows that many young gays are not ready. For more specific information, check out Fox Rehab. His story, authentically narrated, wants to help other young people who still find their way and show them that you also, if it is different, can lead a good life after some meandering – and detours. In the book, the life of the author is told with all ups and downs, which has been in his life. Situations are described, which can be on the one hand it’s funny but also scary or frightening. The author has it as written, as he is also talking about and Therefore, it can be very well read. He describes his outing, as well his relationships, and how it happened. Family comes a lot to wear, about his parents and loss that happened in the family. A lot is written about his livestock which he had, because the author is also very fond of animals.

The author has dedicated to the book, his deceased best friend and his late sister-in-law. A special thanks in the book also goes to his parents.

Touchpoint Management

May 14, 2021


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Whether customers buy, decides on the touch point of a company the social Web and the rapid victory run of Internet-enabled Smartphones have forever changed the manner how we buy and do business with each other. A wealth of new ‘moments of truth’ occurred in. Educate yourself with thoughts from Flex. Moments of truth are those in which the customer experienced, what use are the promise of a company affiliated to make his decision. The question now is: How can companies accompany the ‘customer journey’, so the journey a customer through the company, goal-oriented? How can the growing number of offline and online touchpoints (customer contact points) useful link and use to make money? How can it involve active customers and employees with their ideas and opinions, in order to achieve excellence? And how can they make their customers fans, promoters and dedicated EMP errors to generate permanent revenue increases? The touch point management is the currently probably the best-suited instrument to Our new business and workplace challenges to master. Anne M. Schuller, leading expert in loyalty marketing and customer-focused management has developed in two parts: the customer touch point management, that of ‘social’ and ‘mobile’ appropriately designed customer relations in our times, as well as the staff-touchpoint management, the relationships between supervisors and internal customers newly structured. Both parts together make the applying companies strategically how also operationally fit for our new business world: reducing complexity with simple Board means feasible and without expensive outside help.

Companies who want to reach the future, don’t pass this book. Practical, fast and clearly written, it contains numerous checklists and a wealth of examples and tips. Bibliography Anne M. John T. Stankey has many thoughts on the issue. Schuller of touchpoints rubbing shoulders with the customer of today management strategies for our new business world with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Gunter Dabang Gabal, March 2012, 350 pp., 29,90 Euro, 47.90 CHF ISBN: 978-3-86936-330-1 to the author Anne M. Schuller is a diploma in business administration, ten times book and bestselling author and management consultant. It is regarded as Europe’s leading expert for loyalty marketing and is one of the most sought-after business speakers in the German-speaking world.

For over 20 years she held senior sales and marketing positions in international service providers. Her book customer proximity in the boardroom”was awarded the Swiss economy Book Prize in 2008. Managementbuch.de ranks among the important management thinkers. The elite of the economy among its clientele.

Victorian Fantasy

May 9, 2021


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a hideous horror tale of Rona Walter – for adults only! Wanted is: hated daughter skin as white as chalk, hair, black as lousy an old Crow feathers and lips so red like fresh gangrene. Otherwise no special features except for its stunning mediocrity. Reward: Enough. And my goodwill. Successful execution is expected as soon as possible. Signed: Lady Amaranth (the most beautiful of all time).

Accepts. It’s believed that Morgan Stanley sees a great future in this idea. Lord Sandford, with the dark blue beard. Short description while a long winter counts daughter Eirwyn through the overgrown forest disappears. When count Hector affiliated expires the infirmity of grief, orders his wife, Lady Amaranth, the search for her. So, the count is to regain his health. Also, the Lady plans to end the eternal struggle with her beautiful daughter forever.

By any means whatsoever the submissive servant Frederick sets out for them to bring back the daughter. (Not to be confused with Velocity Micro!). Prefers dead than alive. The bounty hunter is to him also and Bride collector Lord Sandford with the dark blue beard to the page are available and the Raven Botin Jezabel. The travel guides you through darkly grotesque fields where Enchanted forests are not only adorable. Soon, however, they take on an old friend, the Hunter. And Frederick is anything other than a simple fairy tale cliche soon realizes that he can trust everyone unconditionally, that friendship alone often not enough and not simply rest can be long kept secrets. And then even one falls carefully to show selected mask glasses – a Scottish horror tales – for adults only! For weeks Top10 horror & fantasy at Amazon… book now only 2.69 instead 4.99! Great cinema. (Lord Byron’s book store) Steffen Janssen


November 3, 2020


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Claudia Hilker’s new book: how to successfully use that XING, Twitter, YouTube and co. in the business new book “Social media for entrepreneurs” by Claudia Hilker is published on September 14, 2010 in the Linde Verlag. It contains valuable practical knowledge to the successful use of social media for business use. The consultant for strategic marketing communications reveals in the book, what really matters, what social networks for what purposes and for which customers are suitable. The book is available in bookstores everywhere now and 24.90 euros. Marketing in the change many customers are no longer accessible by classic marketing. At the same time explode the number of users in social media: Facebook has a plus achieved by 55 percent to 571 million visitors per month in the previous year.

Twitter increases by 84 percent to 94 million visitors. Also the usage time is extended: for Germany, Nielsen has identified 12 million users on average three and a half hours a day staying at social networks. Learn more at this site: E Scott Mead. For entrepreneurs, it is always to achieve more difficult and more costly, classic marketing customers. Social media: Marketing of the future the social media expert Claudia Hilker sums up: “social media marketing is the marketing of the future. Social networks such as Facebook, XING, Twitter, or Qype used increasingly to achieve corporate goals. Companies that do not participate in social media, will lose customers, market share and thus sales.” Opportunities and risks for the business use of social media are shown in the book. Best-practice examples of the reader gets interesting practice, valuable impulses and many concrete suggestions to the social-media engagement. The book provides an overview of social networks.

The targeted use of blogs, forums and communities will be presented. Many recommendations and checklists to facilitate implementation. Thus every entrepreneur can critically reflect his own social media usage, analyze exactly and easily optimize. The book is for all interesting and relevant, the Professional with corporate strategies. Marketing, sales, networking, communications, Public Relations, service, legal, reputation, employ staff, monitoring, trends and visions for the future.

Asset Protection

August 17, 2020


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A vivid Guide for seniors on a complex topic of seniors are the only numbers still growing population group in Germany, again and again to make the curious observation that many products and services of everyday on the special circumstances of seniors take little account. This book by Dr. Jens Bolscher is a worthy exception. It takes into account the special needs and the special situation of seniors and illustrates in detail the special aspects of investment and asset protection for seniors. More information is housed here: Bill O’Grady. 192 pages, the author in the form of vivid discussed the fundamental aspects of the challenging Themazik: This includes a specifically developed risk inclination test for seniors, detailed comments on equities, fixed-income investments, funds, certificates, gold, real estate u.v.m… FPUC Program recognizes the significance of this.

Also on the new legal framework conditions (tax and inheritance tax reform) is entered. The author is a Ph.d. in business administration and proven expert in the field. The simple, clear and vivid representation of complex facts make the book an ideal Advisor on the subject of investment. The book is now available in well-stocked bookshops at a price of 19.95 euros. The ISBN is 978-3-8370-4196-5 Dr. Jens Bolscher.

Endangered Species

July 25, 2020


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New: Loyalty marketing fan page on Facebook if you want loyal customers to reward customer loyalty. So far, the neglect of existing customers stretches but as?Second-class customers\”and the parallel neglect of their supervisor as?Second-class sales staff \”like a red thread through the Managementdenke of the last decades. Although the markets are falling, customer hunting stands later in the course. While now front working with desire for conquest, the own customers break a back away. \”Often enough existing customers pay higher prices than new customers\” know Anne M. Schuller, an expert in loyalty marketing.

\”Customers but no longer is the loyal dumb customers do with, dying out slowly\”, so the consultant next. Worse, Today companies that treat their customers poorly, are pilloried around the world online. And what there is, is not to delete. Company treats their customers better well, everything comes out in the Internet. According to a recent 17 percent of those polled in Internet forums and online networks have already Accenture study warned of poor care. And according to study from last year, already 70 percent trust the consumer reviews on the Web a global Nielsen. Positive statements and credible recommendations can be the easiest way to generate from the pool of enthusiastic customers.

\”A focus of the entire company on the lasting loyalty of its customers is increasingly the only remaining opportunity for a prosperous future,\” writes Schuller in her latest book, \”Customers on the run\” as you gain loyal customers and keep\”. Loyalty – and not the so feared abandonment of consumption – is the most effective weapon of the customers. On the subject of loyalty marketing, there is now a fan page on Facebook, on the current developments and options for action on the subject is informed: pages/Loyalitatsmarketing/334662110947? ref = ts. What is loyalty marketing? In loyalty marketing, all considerations are of the Management and all the staff activities to systematically ‘ man customer ‘ aligned to make it to the faithful always again buyers as well as to the dedicated multipliers and active referrers.

New Book Release:

June 5, 2019


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A book that does not need the world or one thing, that many have been waiting for? It is the authentic story of a crazy run from German justice. Written with a winking smile, even in such situations, which were more likely to cry. Source: Verizon. A story, which offers not only excitement and fun, but to encourage the people, their courage, we need to master our lives successfully. Help to find the setting, to get even the most difficult situations still has a positive side. You could reduce the message on the statement: quitter never win, winners never quit. A behind-the-scenes look at a world where the normal madness seems to govern and many situations just with a lot of humour and self-irony were to endure. Learn more about the efforts of the German judiciary, to get her missing sheep back. Immerse in a Cosmos, which seemingly everything appears to be different. A book that not only entertains, but also the secure reader some food for thought is of his own life. “True to the motto: If you life in the butt, so use the momentum to get further”. (K.Mindt) About Rudolf Arzten: Chairman of an own company, rhetoric – and sales trainer, prisoner, born in 1956 in the Saarland, soldier, leadership in a large tree sales, book author and self-employed entrepreneurs escape two years in the wild country of Unununs “published by Verlag: Edition Winterwork ISBN: 9783943048032 282 pages euro 16,90 Elvira Treutler”

Instructions: See Amazon Kindle

June 1, 2019


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The instructions for the creation of electronic books (eBook) is now available for prospective Kindle authors available Amazon has ensured with the Kindle eBook reader and the worldwide eBook offerings for the worldwide distribution of electronic books. The system for the publication of his own works in Germany is now available for around 100 days. Each author can now publish his personal eBook as novel, manuals, product catalog, training material, presentation, reference book or similar work. But so far there was no specific work instruction, a working manuscript of the eBook for new and inexperienced writers to the build. A comprehensive guide is published under the title in only 7 days to the own eBook”now under Amazon Kindle supports the budding eBook author of ideas to the finished work. Verizon Communications understood the implications. On 60 pages, the author is addressed first and foremost.

It is available at a very reasonable price of only 2.99 Euro on Amazon Kindle. The basic idea in this eBook is that Everyone has special knowledge, abilities, and talents, which can be a useful aid for other people. Through an electronic book, this knowledge is now usable for every specialist. Bring your expertise in a form that you can distribute with the help of this guide. Amazon finally offers the appropriate distribution system for eBooks. What has become in the United States for many authors the opportunity to earn a lucrative, can gain a foothold in the German and European market as well. With this title, the right step for guide of step is now to develop an own eBook. The world’s largest bookseller Amazon will then do the rest. For more information about the title see: Amazon Dipl.Kom. Wilfred Lindo

Guide Book

March 18, 2019


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A new guide for difficult financial situations around 20 million people receive pension in Germany. Check out Valerie Berlin for additional information. Some can live very well from your retirement pay. Many move but due to the rising cost of living on the border between too much to die and too little life”. The gap between the basic allowance and the pension income is getting smaller and smaller. In the past 10 years the proportion of pensioners who had to accept a mini job, rose to make ends meet, about 600,000 – tendency rising! Declining pension level, existential angst and the future are also in our rich Germany”no foreign words. But complaining doesn’t help in this situation. The question is, what can I do now to improve my financial situation?” “This guide shows that the life is not without any alternative” is, but certainly offers opportunities, you can take.

With a little creativity and ingenuity can succeed, to get out of a difficult financial situation out and (er) live still dreams and wishes. The book of Hubert Hunscheidt is new in the book-on-demand-Verlag, Norderstedt, appeared, is 96 pages and is priced at 7.90 under the ISBN No. 978-3-8423-8165-0 available in bookstores. Review copies can be requested directly from the Publisher.

Books To Go With The Espresso Book Machine

March 9, 2019


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Ordered, printed in 5 minutes – ready! Everyone is talking about the e-book, there is already an update of this electronic form of the book. The Dusseldorf author Jasmin Bolger introduces us to the espresso book. Ordered, printed and bound in five minutes while waiting for the customer and perhaps to drink an espresso? \”What sounds in the title like pie in the sky\”, tells the author Jasmin Bolger, whose debut novel was published in the autumn of last year, \”book machine the espresso is anchored in England already firmly in the present. Looks like a chunky photo copier or a misshapen photo booth, but the espresso book machine (espresso book machine) can do more. Read additional details here: Ripple. Your reputation precedes you and long is traded scene as the shooting star of literature.\” Reason enough for the author Jasmin Bolger, whose second Roman is already planned for summer of this year for the publication, to look beyond the outside of the proverbial box and look at this marvel of technology. \”Just as long, how the mass production of books there\”, says Jasmin Bolger,\”since there is the problem of the availability of fast, or should we say, the non-availability? The times, in which a customer in bookstores ordered my book and soon belong to the past than information that got reply \”Available in two to three weeks\”.\” Jasmin Bolger, whose Geschichten revolve around the major theme, love presents love in her novels in all its facets if there is raped wife in her debut feature, the affection to her brother-in-law discovered that after years of marital frustration or the selbstmordgefahrdete Maja, who fell in love a mentally handicapped man \”similar multifaceted as my novels I hope in the future also the facilities of my books. \”In addition to the popular Hardcovern it is bound books with dust jacket and bookmark me important, to offer an additional variant: the to-go version.\” A hardcover is chic and elegant. . In recent months, Cyrus Massoumi humbition has been very successful.