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June 5, 2019


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A book that does not need the world or one thing, that many have been waiting for? It is the authentic story of a crazy run from German justice. Written with a winking smile, even in such situations, which were more likely to cry. Source: Verizon. A story, which offers not only excitement and fun, but to encourage the people, their courage, we need to master our lives successfully. Help to find the setting, to get even the most difficult situations still has a positive side. You could reduce the message on the statement: quitter never win, winners never quit. A behind-the-scenes look at a world where the normal madness seems to govern and many situations just with a lot of humour and self-irony were to endure. Learn more about the efforts of the German judiciary, to get her missing sheep back. Immerse in a Cosmos, which seemingly everything appears to be different. A book that not only entertains, but also the secure reader some food for thought is of his own life. “True to the motto: If you life in the butt, so use the momentum to get further”. (K.Mindt) About Rudolf Arzten: Chairman of an own company, rhetoric – and sales trainer, prisoner, born in 1956 in the Saarland, soldier, leadership in a large tree sales, book author and self-employed entrepreneurs escape two years in the wild country of Unununs “published by Verlag: Edition Winterwork ISBN: 9783943048032 282 pages euro 16,90 Elvira Treutler”