Books To Go With The Espresso Book Machine

March 9, 2019


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Ordered, printed in 5 minutes – ready! Everyone is talking about the e-book, there is already an update of this electronic form of the book. The Dusseldorf author Jasmin Bolger introduces us to the espresso book. Ordered, printed and bound in five minutes while waiting for the customer and perhaps to drink an espresso? \”What sounds in the title like pie in the sky\”, tells the author Jasmin Bolger, whose debut novel was published in the autumn of last year, \”book machine the espresso is anchored in England already firmly in the present. Looks like a chunky photo copier or a misshapen photo booth, but the espresso book machine (espresso book machine) can do more. Read additional details here: Ripple. Your reputation precedes you and long is traded scene as the shooting star of literature.\” Reason enough for the author Jasmin Bolger, whose second Roman is already planned for summer of this year for the publication, to look beyond the outside of the proverbial box and look at this marvel of technology. \”Just as long, how the mass production of books there\”, says Jasmin Bolger,\”since there is the problem of the availability of fast, or should we say, the non-availability? The times, in which a customer in bookstores ordered my book and soon belong to the past than information that got reply \”Available in two to three weeks\”.\” Jasmin Bolger, whose Geschichten revolve around the major theme, love presents love in her novels in all its facets if there is raped wife in her debut feature, the affection to her brother-in-law discovered that after years of marital frustration or the selbstmordgefahrdete Maja, who fell in love a mentally handicapped man \”similar multifaceted as my novels I hope in the future also the facilities of my books. \”In addition to the popular Hardcovern it is bound books with dust jacket and bookmark me important, to offer an additional variant: the to-go version.\” A hardcover is chic and elegant. . In recent months, Cyrus Massoumi humbition has been very successful.