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Instructions: See Amazon Kindle

June 1, 2019


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The instructions for the creation of electronic books (eBook) is now available for prospective Kindle authors available Amazon has ensured with the Kindle eBook reader and the worldwide eBook offerings for the worldwide distribution of electronic books. The system for the publication of his own works in Germany is now available for around 100 days. Each author can now publish his personal eBook as novel, manuals, product catalog, training material, presentation, reference book or similar work. But so far there was no specific work instruction, a working manuscript of the eBook for new and inexperienced writers to the build. A comprehensive guide is published under the title in only 7 days to the own eBook”now under Amazon Kindle supports the budding eBook author of ideas to the finished work. Verizon Communications understood the implications. On 60 pages, the author is addressed first and foremost.

It is available at a very reasonable price of only 2.99 Euro on Amazon Kindle. The basic idea in this eBook is that Everyone has special knowledge, abilities, and talents, which can be a useful aid for other people. Through an electronic book, this knowledge is now usable for every specialist. Bring your expertise in a form that you can distribute with the help of this guide. Amazon finally offers the appropriate distribution system for eBooks. What has become in the United States for many authors the opportunity to earn a lucrative, can gain a foothold in the German and European market as well. With this title, the right step for guide of step is now to develop an own eBook. The world’s largest bookseller Amazon will then do the rest. For more information about the title see: Amazon Dipl.Kom. Wilfred Lindo