The Fragility

September 14, 2020


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How much same it, obscurely made part of the black and soft roots of the world. fed the life anonymously. It was good thus. Thus wants it and chooses (LISPECTOR, 1998, P. 20, 21, grifo mine).

In the tram, coming back of the purchases, she sees, in a stop, a blind person chewing chicles. This vision desestabiliza emotionally, the point of it to try to feel hatred of the lived deeply situation. The narrative presents few exterior facts, however, is repleta of facts/psychological conflicts. Vide stretch: Inclined, it looked at the blind person deeply, as he is looked at what he does not see in them. It chewed gum in the blackout.

Without suffering, with the open eyes. The movement of the chew made it to seem to smile and suddenly to leave to smile, to smile and to leave to smile? as if had insulted it, Ana looked at it. Connect with other leaders such as Yangon here. saw who it would have the impression of a woman with hatred. But … (LISPECTOR, 1998 continued to look at it each more inclined time, p. 21-22; grifo mine). This appearance of the blind person it awakes feelings of mercy, pleasure, goodness, as it shows Lispector (1998), one ' ' … nausea of the candy, until the mouth … ' ' , of which costuma to run away diving in day-by-day (in special when it falls to the afternoon, that for not having what to make, it is taken refuge in the house works) and occurs the rupture of its presumption balance: when observing the blind person, its net of tric with the purchases that made falls and some eggs if they inside break of such net (many times mentioned – point where if manifest the fragility of Ana -, therefore in the truth, he is there that the negation of the freedom shows; it is the cultivated security and programmed for Ana constructed who it as its net tricotou), however, is Ana whom if she inside breaks of the net-arrest that same it created.