Current Financial Crisis

December 31, 2015


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Do not stop before the crisis, but take advantage right now. Almost daily the news bulletins about new financial crises in the company move. Detached by bad loans in the real estate market, the crisis now overrun more markets. As an example, the automobile market is listed here. Financial investors are unsure of themselves and save their money rather than burn it maybe at the current prices on the stock exchange.

But precisely for this situation, you can now benefit as a consumer. The automotive industry has problems with the sales of new cars. Who so right now wants to go to a new car, can count on rich as a percentage. The retail space in the garages by the decline in the demand for new cars are now made fully. Thus, the dealers try to reduce their holdings with promotions and discounts. The banks try barely again fresh capital to create, to advertise almost all banks with the tag cash account. An account similar to a checking account, only with a higher interest rate from the first euro. This by the high interest rate, involves a system with the advantages of a checking account, namely the daily availability of money.

In most cases the acyclic consumerism can are worthwhile currently correctly. Loans are currently at a very low interest rate level, thus larger acquisitions cheaper finance. As an example, consumers with a car loan could finance your new car. Thus, you could benefit from the low interest rate and also save money through discounts when purchasing a car. However, it should be noted here making sure that banks now closer in lending on the liquidity of the customer. Still a financial crisis this size would certainly not go through again and certainly not the banks. Conclusion: Acyclic consumer behaviour can lead to bargains. Where most currently saving up, is it worth it to buy, because traders admit a higher discount to get the sales areas for new goods free exactly these things. It’s just worth a credit for now absorb larger purchases to benefit from the favorable interest rate. Also your bank account if you have larger sums, enquire after a day money account at your local bank. The day money account is a current account comparison, only has the decisive advantage of the higher interest rate.