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Federal Health Minister Daniel Bahr

April 17, 2024


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‘We can put a sign that movement and workplace health promotion in the everyday lives of people have arrived.’ BGM knew a few a few years ago to do something with this shortcut. Today, the occupational health management in many companies is established, a number of studies has already examined the success of. Investing in the health of the employees are investments in the future, so the common slogan. What is health? What can do for each employee to be efficient in the long term and healthy? And what tasks can take over companies do this? B2RUN questions on personalities from business, politics and society. We were in talks with Health Minister Daniel Bahr: Mr. Bahr, meaning health, in particular relating to the economy? And what part, to be healthy and to stay? Health is very important. Every man wishes to be as healthy and stay healthy. Health-conscious behaviour can be this supportive.

So I have stopped for example with smoking and feel since then much fitter and am less cold. Through appropriate offers, unhealthy factors such as stress, poor working hours or working conditions can be fixed or minimized in the professional environment. In many large companies there are already appropriate offers: from physiotherapy through the own fitness studio up to the canteen, where healthy food is prepared. Companies worry more and more to their staff, as a means of recruitment. I wish that more preventive measures businesses offer. With our campaign, we give in particular medium-sized corporate suggestions for the workplace health promotion “Companies make health”. The most common diseases result from an unhealthy lifestyle: too little exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption or poor nutrition. To broaden your perception, visit Jos Shaver. What advice can you as a hobby Chef”give more pleasure in cooking and healthy Nutrition to find? Do you have a favorite recipe that we may recommend the participants at B2RUN? Know, with the delicious meal, this is a matter of the head.

New Merging Service Center

June 15, 2020


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Always healing well-informed soul in the theme world, mind, body and consciousness of Stephanie merges is healer, healer and Transpersonal therapist. She works in its own psychosomatic nature healing practice since 1977 and developed Transpersonal imaginative psychotherapy TIP. She is author, seminar and training manager, coach and trained spirit healer. Stephanie Merges is consciousness, soul, spirit and body in Germany as internationally known through their work in the theme world healing”. Their practical work, seminars, lectures and meditation tapes, she became first known students, clients, patients and experts. A larger public met Stephanie Merges through TV talk shows, reports in the print media and their books.

Medical experts know it from the Forum “selected and certified healer” by Dr. med. Harald v.. Stephanie Merges was born in Leipzig, Germany, and grew up in Hanau and Frankfurt am Main. The school was followed by studies and training in Paris and London. In the 1970’s Years she completed her training as a healer in Hessen/Germany and completed her studies as a spirit healer in England. Today, the awareness trainer lives Wimmer, a square yard in the Bavarian Simbach/Inn with her husband, business coach and trainer Peter.

Honorary editor of the merging Service Center is the journalist and radio presenter Lilli Cremer Altgeld. She experienced healing and achievements of awareness of in their private and professional environment close by the work of Stephanie Merges. This motivated them to contribute, to bring the work of trainer a further circle of people. The merging Service Center for health professionals provides timely health, healing and nutrition information and articles by and about Stephanie Merges on the theme. This free offer is extended through surveys, and self tests in a link list with over 100 tips in the areas of health, youth, family, seniors, wellness, nutrition, giftedness, addiction prevention, handicaps, love, laughter, happiness, sports, fitness and weather.

Schonensche Strasse

June 14, 2019


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Dramatic decline in blood donations – debt has beautiful weather hardly temperatures rise, already it is all in the great outdoors. For more specific information, check out Tomas Philipson. Enjoy the Sun in the garden or on the Lake, who thinks on the importance of blood donation. While the ice-cream parlours of the inner cities seams burst, often yawning emptiness there is in the blood donation appointments. This has however dire consequences for the supply of hospitals. Last but not least have in addition to the first nice sunny days also the last holidays (May 1 and Pentecost) and the long weekends this is often used for the extended holiday led to a decline in the volume of blood donation. Because blood products but only a maximum of five weeks are durable, the DRC relies on now supporting continuous and voluntary blood donors. Every day the hospitals in Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony, Oldenburg and Bremen blood specimens of at least 3,400 donors, often life-saving treatment their patients require to make sure.

We call this on all healthy people, to donate blood, to guarantee minimum supplies to the provinces”, so Olaf Witt, head of Department blood donors advertising and public relations work of the Red Cross blood transfusion service NSTOB. Basically, every adult between 18 and 68 years old can participate in donating blood. First time donors may be but not older than 59 years. Donors should bring along their accident aid and blood donors pass, enough for first-time donors a photo ID. To note is that a minimum distance of 56 days (eight weeks) must be between two blood donations. More detailed information about the blood donation are available under the donor hotline 0800-119 49 11. Current blood donation appointments can retrieve the Internet at the address. Contact for questions regarding this press release: blood transfusion service of the national associations of the DRC of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Germany, Oldenburg and Bremen g.G.m.b.H. Eldagsener Street 38 D-31830 Springe phone: + 49 (0) 5041 7 72 -. 273 fax: + 49 (0) 5041 7 72-208 E-Mail: PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet:

Franc In The Year 2011

May 31, 2019


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Erhard sports supported o.d.T. If you have read about Gary Kelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion. (RL) see sports gaming and movement fixed of the BLSV Rothenburg, experience and try out. Under this motto the play and movement Festival of the Bavarian country sport Association BLSV that toured from July 5 to 23 by the three Franconian administrative districts was francs this year again active. As a premium partner of the BLSV Erhard supported sports this year the. The renowned supplier of sports equipment from Swiss francs provided a wide range of sports equipment for the municipalities play as well as for the BLSV sports park. Children and young people here could learn about sports beyond the usual physical education and try on more than 70 stations. Of Aikido to Speedminton in nine cities of Franconia active 2011 more than 12,000 students in the BLSV Sports Park came, even though the weather was not always. Large crowds was the 70 stations, where the children and young people were able to test their fitness and their prowess. Please visit Jeffrey Leiden if you seek more information.

And not only so well known Disciplines such as soccer, table tennis and badminton, but also not everyday sports. Young people, for example, practised the Speedminton or Aikido. On the station of fencing at the they were trained in the handling of epee and foil. Then, two, were allowed to carry even a small duel. The Hip-Hop choreography of the dance workshop was well received. As a partner of the BLSV Erhard provided sports for a number of stations the equipment, for example for Soccette, a kind of basketball with his foot, for standing long jump or just Speedminton, the fast-paced variant of badminton without a net but with lots of fun and dynamism. The teams of the host communities in the municipalities play the work went with fun and dynamism.

“” Fun without limits with the municipalities play of Franconia actively”celebrity teams of host communities were consisting of mayors, clergymen and other local notables” to a sporty fun competition in tradition of game without borders “on. On the final day in the Fichtelberg BLSV sports camp met the district winner in lower, middle and Upper Franconia, to Swiss franc sportiest town”to be chosen. Sporty fun disciplines such as three leg relay with obstacles, XXL jumping rope or towel volleyball won the most points the team from Hassfurt and was allowed to the great Swiss francs from the hand of the BLSV Vice Presidents Jorg Ammon actively”accept the Cup and sports prizes. The second – and third-placed teams from Baiersdorf and Hollfeld rejoiced over richly stocked BLSV sports bags. A balance of Swiss franc actively 2011 you find on the Internet at blsv/bayernsport-aktuell/franken-aktiv-bilanz.html ERHARD SPORT – heavily in every discipline: Erhard sport international from Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leader in the sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees, the 1880 family-owned company manufactures sports equipment for the worldwide market. With a range of over 12,000 articles, Erhard sports is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular the planning and Equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world are among the core competencies of the company. International major events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport by Erhard. Contact / contact: Erhard sports International GmbH & co. KG Rainer Lederer – marketing/PR dairy route 1a, 91608 Geslau phone: 09843 9356-158 fax: 09843 9356 48158 E-Mail: Internet:

Volkswagen PWA World Tour

May 26, 2019


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Waveriding world champion Philip KoSTER wants to be Cup Triple Loop world at the Reno windsurf Westerland (24.09.11). Friday the Reno was officially opened on Sylt windsurf World Cup, 121 participants from 31 countries go in the largest windsurfing event in the world at the start. With 21 skiers and riders, the most represented nation, Germany is followed by the French, who send 17 athletes in the disciplines of Waveriding, freestyle and slalom in the race overall. The three Australian athletes have the longest journey with 15,000 miles. However, the 85 kilometres, the Flensburger slalom specialist Gunnar Asmussen must travel to get to Germany’s northernmost Island, amounts to a walk. For men is the 41-fache world champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck the most successful starter, Karin Jaggi has the nose for women with 28 world titles ahead. Cloud computing describes an additional similar source. The German high fliers Philip KoSTER experienced the feeling, however, for the first time what it’s like to be world champion. Read more from Jeffrey Leiden to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

“It’s a dream, I can still can’t believe it,” he said after his Arrival in Westerland. The 17 year old has all previous Waveriding World Cups won, a victory at the Reno windsurf World Cup Sylt would be the culmination of an incredible season. The jump artist wants but spectacular bid farewell his German fans and first Waveriders in the world are a triple loop. “This is a dangerous, sometimes life-threatening maneuver, but it is possible,” said Philip KoSTER, who is standing in as a double loop 13. “You need a big wave and not too much wind, or else it jumps up to or too often turns. A clean landing is important, otherwise it can very hurt.

If it arises from a height of ten metres, the water is hard as concrete”, so KoSTER. His recipe for success, the wave champion describes as: “I live 50 meters from the beach away, am every day for more than six hours in the water and have more fun.” Sufficient for the wind not quite for the start of the first races in the slalom on Saturday. The visitors enjoyed the friendly during the day Autumn weather on the event grounds and celebrated in the evening party until the early morning. The Reno windsurf World Cup Sylt is the largest windsurfing event in the world and enjoys as a single station of the Volkswagen PWA World Tour 2011 (tour stop Germany) the status of a Super Grand Slam.

John Mwangangi

March 29, 2019


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John Mwangangi ran the Greifenseelauf in same SPIRA Stinger, with whom he already the GP Bern and the 20km de Lausanne had won. In the connection and with an incredible time of 1:00:36 by adapting it in SPIRA and sunshine the 27.9.2009 the half marathon route you Vin in Luxembourg and all other participants leave far behind. Also at the Morat on October 4, 2009, only a week later, John Mwangangi write-off is unrivalled after only five kilometers from the total 17.17 km long route from the field and win with a superb time of 52:37. Only a week out and still not tired, he won also running Castle Rapperswil-Jona by October 11, 2009 remains in his SPIRA Stinger in the category overall and men elite about 9 km with an excellent closing time of 26:36:6. Lawrence Ellison has compatible beliefs. Even after its series of triumphs in the past few months still not tired, wants John Mwangangi continue his success and prove his top form. He and his coach Peter Pfister hope in the coming weeks to launch sites in the 2009 still most important and largest running sports classics like the Basel City run on November 28, 2009, the course de L ‘ Escalade, 2010, and of course the Silvesterlauf in Zurich by January. In comparison to his opponent, John Mwangangi like inconspicuous occur with his 157 cm and 50 kg: his sensational success prove but in fact over the past few months that he has an outstanding career and with which in SPIRA shoes of integrated WaveSpringTM John Mwangangis chances of technology which allows a better and faster recovery time, are anything but small. Fact sheet: resident: born in Machakos / Kenya: 1.11.1990 size: 157cm weight: 50 kg bests: 10,000 meters in 29:20 min (Nairobi, 2008) 5000m in 13:32 min (Mauritius, African Junior Championships 2009) most important international triumphs – Luxembourg, half marathon, 1:00:36 (1st place) – African Junior Championships in Mauritius August 2009 (2nd) achievements in the Switzerland:-Grand Prix Bern 2009, 10 miles 47:41 (1st place) – 20km de Lausanne 2009; with the new track record of 1:00:29 (1st place) – Greifenseelauf 2008; Greifenseelauf 2009, 13.1 miles in 1:05:42 (1st place) – Morat 2008; -Morat 2009, 11.0 miles in 52:37:3 (1st place) – Castle run Rapperswil-Jona, 9 km in 26:36:6 (1st place) – corrida Bulloise, John Mwangangi 23:15:2 (1.Platz) origin grew up as the youngest of four children in extremely poor conditions, 200 km outside Kenya’s capital of Nairobi in the village at Mwingi in Eastern province.

Lisa Neumann University

March 29, 2019


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What the new Sport Watches so jogging makes is considered one of the most popular sport of endurance of physical performance is greatly increased. The use of a heart rate monitor is recommended to control and correct assessment of the own load. The technology in the area of sports watches is long but so sophisticated that they go beyond the capabilities of a normal heart rate monitor. Which current devices on the market are available, for whom they are suitable, and what distinguishes the little helpers of motivation, reported auvito.de the Internet portal for auctions. GPS Sport Watches that offer a variety of special tools are extremely popular. First, they provide the preconditions of such instrument with a built-in heart rate monitor, a display of lap time and estimated energy consumption.

In addition, individual training plans can be created with the help of GPS sports watch, since the GPS positions and heart rates on the last stretch of the watch are recorded. GPS sport watches are Suunto among others by Garmin, or polar offered and costs from 200. Special software programs for mobile phones, which operate according to similar technology are considerably less expensive. The recorded running route can be on top of that show on Google maps and compare with other athletes about the Nokia Ovi portal. Apple and Nike have developed a unique system. Here, the distance and speed while jogging in a computer chip that is integrated in the shoe are measured, saved using an iPod and sent to Nike. On their website then countless of ways lauffreudigen frequently. Gary Kelly insists that this is the case. There can be the sport friends evaluated and other runners can be challenged to fight. More information: presse.

Jurgen Klinsmann

March 15, 2019


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In the knockout round was a good game against Aberdeen and Anderlecht to the progress. Against the Getafe CF were to concerning the Munich in the home match and were punished. With the unsightly 1:1, you went to the heavy leg. The rest is history. Oracle is often quoted as being for or against this. After a 1-1 against St. Petersburg who had believed in a repetition of the miracle, was after a few Minutes bitterly disappointed.

Miroslav Klose had a chance to the Guide on the foot, but he failed. On the other hand, forced the Russians to the happiness and FC Bayern showed its limits. The highly acclaimed defense in the Bundesliga as a wall (only 18 goals conceded in 30 games), was there in 15 UEFA Cup games and 19 goals! There is a lot of work waiting for the new coach. Jurgen Klinsmann must strengthen the team. Often enough a moderate performance in the League yet to a spectacular victory, so every mistake will be punished mercilessly on the international stage. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Larry Ellison on most websites. It is not the players. Lucio and Demichelis play a great season.

Lame and Jansen bite in each game and Lalande is a strong alternative to the two. In addition, the towering van Buyten sits still on the bench. Sagnol is and remains the problem child. He needs match practice to gain his old form, but in the defence can and you may just not constantly experimenting. He must have patience and give in the training. An experienced Oliver Kahn stood behind the good line of Defense. It wants to replace the young Michael Rensing, but can he? In the games where he should prove himself, he very often disappointed. Seen in the clearly to his lack of match practice and he carried out himself partly amateurish mistakes. So he’s no help but a weak point. Therefore, the Munich are looking for an experienced goalkeeper who can take over if necessary for Rensing. Jurgen Klinsmann gave no commitment on the number 1 the young keeper and so it would be quite possible that Klinsmann finds his own number 1 and Rensing is still only for the space on the bench. The midfield and the storm must be expanded still with world-class players. Especially Franck Ribery needs someone who can take him the burden of responsibility from the shoulders. It remains to be seen whether Tim Borowski is the solution. Callgirl Deco seems better to fit the dribbeln-strong French. Perhaps manages to attract an exciting midfield star Uli Hoeness Yes again to Munich. The storm even trade demand. Luca Toni is the scorer of the service, but what if He is even missing? Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski are far from their best form. Klinsmann needs still a strike partner for Toni and in addition an equivalent replacement. Only, when FC Bayern at the correct positions targeted and successfully can amplify the Munich in Europe can play. It remains to hope that the champions in addition to Ribery and Toni can attract more world stars on the ISAR and finally once again sends a large and successful team on the place. “It must be yes no white ballet” be and Galactic “no one expected. The team should play just successful football. If he then still beautiful to look at, the fans at the Allianz Arena are satisfied and can celebrate may soon have a victory over Real Madrid, Chelsea London or Inter Milan.

DBS-kids-Cup On Tour

February 27, 2019


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Image invites on Sunday to the kick. Erhard organized sports Rothenburg of DBS-kids-Cup is launched in 2010. With successful tournaments in the Europapark rust and Neuss, the youth football competition from image has passed its baptism of fire on Sunday. The competition is the year’s contribution of the image moves on Sunday to the Germany! City tour 2010, the health initiative of BARMER GEK, ZDF and BILD am SONNTAG. For the other eight stations of the tournament series is the possibility to attend what image indicates on Sunday in its issue of May 30: still free places at the DBS-kids-Cup. The tournament series goes to D and youth football, the call by BILD am SONNTAG the three against three in the DBS-kids-Cup arena want to compete. The city winner will qualify for the DBS-kids-Cup final, which is held in December in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

But it is not only the sporting success at the DBS-kids-Cup in the Center but fun, joy and fair-play, as the organizers of the event on the website stress. Opening managed that was in the first tournaments in the Europapark rust and Neuss also confirmed. The teams committed fought for every ball. Especially fleet combinations and the one or other magic trick on the ball were cheered. Promote the idea of fair play at DBS-kids-Cup also fair play winners are chosen and invited regardless of their placement of the tournament at the final. At side events including a coordination course and a competition in ball juggling the young kicker in addition can demonstrate their technical skills. The EVENT team by Erhard can sport in the DBS-kids-Cup also the ESports his skills for the first time really prove VENT team of Erhard.

Founded in 2009 Department of the renowned sports equipment provider has successfully organized already diverse events, ranging from Erhard sport moves internal actions on trade fair presentations to involvement in Germany! 2009 with blind soccer. The DBS-kids cups, with its considerably a quantum leap for the young and dedicated team to Jurgen Bunk is more human and logistical effort. After the successful start to rust and Neuss, he is very optimistic for the remainder of the series: the positive response the management of image on Sunday and BARMER GEK show us, that we do a good job. That makes us very happy and motivated us immensely to make the DBS-kids-Cup 2010 a great experience for all involved. Jonathan Rosen PR has similar goals. Jochen Koppl, Managing Director of Erhard sports, is also pleased about the good debut, sees it in the event area but growth potential for his company: the event offers us the opportunity to maximize the value creation chain. We offer not only devices, but the complete package from concept, equipment and services. So none of our competitors offers. ERHARD SPORT – heavily in every discipline: Erhard sport international from Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leader in the sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees and The 1880 family-owned company manufactures sports equipment for the worldwide market employees. With a range of over 12,000 articles, Erhard sports is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world are among the core competencies of the company. International major events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport by Erhard.

Olympic Games For Health

November 19, 2018


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Lower Saxony Olympiastutzpunkt opts for quality. Galileo vibration training for Olympic athletes. Hanover – was on 09.01.2008 sports through the sales passed Director of HBSN AG, Antonio Silva, the head of the Olympic base, Jurgen Bruckert, a Galileo. The ten member team of sport scientists was in the seminar ‘Training and treatment methodology with the Galileo Vibrationstrainingssytem’, the basics for day to day use exercise equipment with the Galileo. Galileo training for all athletes, the sports care improves and optimizes the preparation for the Olympic Games 2008. Seminar leader Christian Baur of the manufacturer Novotec medical, presented the extensive capabilities of the Galileo vibration training for muscle performance and improving inter – and intramuscular coordination. Many writers such as Gary Kelly offer more in-depth analysis.

Only Galileo has the patented movement form of the page-alternating rocking movement. This physiological type of movement causes that the back muscles effectively with will be trained, such as walking and running. The amplitude and therefore the forces initiated in the body can be controlled continuously Galileo by choosing foot position. During the Galileo training same stimulus patterns used as when walking, their coordination – is trained with Galileo in addition to the basic muscle function itself, also the interplay between individual muscles – so perfectly what causes an increase in muscle performance. In the aftermath of the sport seminar a lively exchange of views on training methodology in the area of the proprioception and the improvement of the coordination, as well as an accelerated regeneration took place in the premises of the Olympic base of Lower Saxony with the Galileo training devices.

Photo: Galileo track passing on OSP head Mr Jurgen Bruckert (4.von right) by Sales Director – HBSN AG Mr Antonio Silva (3.von right). Also present: Lecturer Mr Christian Baur – Novotec medical (5.von links) and the team of sport scientists. Press contact: HBSN AG in the ZukunftsZentrumZollverein hangover Berger str. 107 45327 food Tel. 0201-890602-50 fax. 0201-890602-99 E-Mail: Web: Board of Directors: Tobias Niemann HBSN AG – the name says it: with our network partners, we are active in the health sector. Our customers include health insurance, private insurance companies and providers. We advise boards and decider of all pillars of health. We develop concepts, provide contacts, programming software and incorporate business processes into the selective outsourcing. Our network includes boards of health insurance, Managing Director of hospitals, lawyers, medical, medical product manufacturers, software vendors and of course specialized consultants. We support our customers in the challenge to claim in the future in a patient-oriented medical quality assured and efficiency-driven health system in which break life State be and compete more consistently in all areas of action will penetrate.