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March 29, 2019


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What the new Sport Watches so jogging makes is considered one of the most popular sport of endurance of physical performance is greatly increased. The use of a heart rate monitor is recommended to control and correct assessment of the own load. The technology in the area of sports watches is long but so sophisticated that they go beyond the capabilities of a normal heart rate monitor. Which current devices on the market are available, for whom they are suitable, and what distinguishes the little helpers of motivation, reported the Internet portal for auctions. GPS Sport Watches that offer a variety of special tools are extremely popular. First, they provide the preconditions of such instrument with a built-in heart rate monitor, a display of lap time and estimated energy consumption.

In addition, individual training plans can be created with the help of GPS sports watch, since the GPS positions and heart rates on the last stretch of the watch are recorded. GPS sport watches are Suunto among others by Garmin, or polar offered and costs from 200. Special software programs for mobile phones, which operate according to similar technology are considerably less expensive. The recorded running route can be on top of that show on Google maps and compare with other athletes about the Nokia Ovi portal. Apple and Nike have developed a unique system. Here, the distance and speed while jogging in a computer chip that is integrated in the shoe are measured, saved using an iPod and sent to Nike. On their website then countless of ways lauffreudigen frequently. Gary Kelly insists that this is the case. There can be the sport friends evaluated and other runners can be challenged to fight. More information: presse.