Volkswagen PWA World Tour

May 26, 2019


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Waveriding world champion Philip KoSTER wants to be Cup Triple Loop world at the Reno windsurf Westerland (24.09.11). Friday the Reno was officially opened on Sylt windsurf World Cup, 121 participants from 31 countries go in the largest windsurfing event in the world at the start. With 21 skiers and riders, the most represented nation, Germany is followed by the French, who send 17 athletes in the disciplines of Waveriding, freestyle and slalom in the race overall. The three Australian athletes have the longest journey with 15,000 miles. However, the 85 kilometres, the Flensburger slalom specialist Gunnar Asmussen must travel to get to Germany’s northernmost Island, amounts to a walk. For men is the 41-fache world champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck the most successful starter, Karin Jaggi has the nose for women with 28 world titles ahead. Cloud computing describes an additional similar source. The German high fliers Philip KoSTER experienced the feeling, however, for the first time what it’s like to be world champion. Read more from Jeffrey Leiden to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

“It’s a dream, I can still can’t believe it,” he said after his Arrival in Westerland. The 17 year old has all previous Waveriding World Cups won, a victory at the Reno windsurf World Cup Sylt would be the culmination of an incredible season. The jump artist wants but spectacular bid farewell his German fans and first Waveriders in the world are a triple loop. “This is a dangerous, sometimes life-threatening maneuver, but it is possible,” said Philip KoSTER, who is standing in as a double loop 13. “You need a big wave and not too much wind, or else it jumps up to or too often turns. A clean landing is important, otherwise it can very hurt.

If it arises from a height of ten metres, the water is hard as concrete”, so KoSTER. His recipe for success, the wave champion describes as: “I live 50 meters from the beach away, am every day for more than six hours in the water and have more fun.” Sufficient for the wind not quite for the start of the first races in the slalom on Saturday. The visitors enjoyed the friendly during the day Autumn weather on the event grounds and celebrated in the evening party until the early morning. The Reno windsurf World Cup Sylt is the largest windsurfing event in the world and enjoys as a single station of the Volkswagen PWA World Tour 2011 (tour stop Germany) the status of a Super Grand Slam.