Offer Insurance

December 23, 2015


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The finance portal by son is financial advice on December 15, 2008 under the motto “simple comparisons” launched the financial comparison portal provider One is now might think one or the other of hundreds that shoot like mushrooms from the ground already. But the portal operator has come up with a few special features, to provide added value to its visitors. You can compare only certain products, such as insurance or electricity tariffs with the most financial portals, you find a complete range of financial products at. The portal proprietor has not saved with additional information for consumers, as well as service tools, like E.g. a calculator for the commuter lump sum.

Just compare: this motto also applies to the entry of personal data. Who initially only completely anonymously and without obligation would perform the comparison of insurance or a loan from rates, can do this without having to provide any personal data. Only when a contract or request a personal Offer, as it is necessary z.B for health insurance, the user must reveal more about. Another special feature is the portal owner in terms of advertising ready: there is none! For the benefit of the user friendliness and overview does not at provider advertising almost completely. Annoying popups and ugly banner is sliding from the content, search here to no avail. There one can overlook certainly generously a couple small text ads. The online calculator work just so that even a user without expertise can make a comparison. Who still don’t come further, is not allowed also here in the lurch. The direct contact to the operator is part of the free service.