Financial Crisis

September 23, 2019


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I have already said in the last issue that the subconscious has a unique feature – to embody all of what it believes in the reality. Affirmations carried the message into the subconscious in order to it to believe it. Add to your understanding with Larry Ellison. This brings us to the first element of effective affirmations 1. The affirmation must be believable to the subconscious. Most of the affirmations that people use are pierced at this point. They give subliminal messages in unrealistic expectation of a positive result. If you have a financial crisis, and you tell yourself "I earn 100 thousand dollars a year," your subconscious mind to believe it? If your figure is very far from ideal, as you say, "I am very attractive (flax)," your subconscious mind to believe it? I doubt it.

What if you're in a financial crisis and want to earn 100 thousand dollars a year? What if you want to be a complete and attractive? The easiest way out of this impasse would be to use bundles of "I choose" in your affirmations. Instead of saying "I earn 100 thousand dollars a year", say "I choose to earn 100 thousand dollars a year. " Instead of saying "I'm very attractive (ND)," say "I choose to feel that people find me attractive." See the difference? 2. The subconscious is looking for evidence. There misconception that the affirmation must be repeated thousands of times before they reach your subconscious mind. It is not necessary. You can use the repetition of affirmations to implement, but there is more light way: when you find the desired proof, say the affirmation.