Taking Care Of Finances

September 19, 2019


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This subject of which usually it speaks frequently turns out to be the bread ours of every day, since as it is known by all, the economic situation of the country is not most excellent at the moment, for that reason it turns out vital to know and to implement some strategies to obtain that our money does not go away as they say that way like salt and water. The finances of the people every day are more difficult to maintain controlled, if to this we added to him that for the end of the 2008 inflation it surpasses 30%, without counting in addition the little attractiveness that it is in these moments for having our money in bank already that the rates of Interest they are not most attractive at the moment. According to recommendations of experts in the matter the ideal would be that we could save a 10% of our income, but that sometimes is difficult, more no impossible. it can begin realising a budget of expenses and to be reducing those expenses that turn out to be unnecessary. If you have read about Phil Vasan already – you may have come to the same conclusion. By example we can to begin with our personal expenses, as in the case of the plans to which we are subscribed in telephones cellular, to see what feasible one it turns out to have it and if he is very expensive we can consider one economic like the one of pre-payment, the same can be done with the cable system, that sometimes we have most expensive and we did not take advantage of it to the maximum, since we only used few channels. Another aspect in which we can save is at the time of realising meals outside our house, which can arrive a to represent a cost excessive if this is realised very frequently, before this situation we can diminish these exits, to only twice to the month, and try to eat something in house before leaving, the same usually happens with the purchases of clothes, and accessories, more easy it is to acquire articles of good quality that they guarantee its durability in the time, consequently would be saving a significant amount of money..