Deputy Secretary

December 14, 2019


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However, if you examine carefully, it turns out, is nothing surprising in this. Everything I learned about the market of the Hungarian real estate, expert opinion supports Endre Erdos, former Permanent Representative of Hungary to the United Nations and Deputy Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary. Erdos said that he could think of several reasons for the stability and security that has made Hungary today: firstly, prior to entry into the EU the Hungarian economy is stable and the system of laws – logic, and secondly, as the crisis has proven to be effective banking system and public subsidies, finally, third, real estate in Hungary was not as well-promoted, such as Bulgaria or Egypt, that is, the Hungarian real estate prices artificially is no overstatement, and therefore do not collapse. Benefits the current situation in the fact that while in 2009 in Hungary began new construction in total construction is less than in previous years. So, take a few years, and demand for property in Hungary will be exceed supply. Besides, now sellers of real estate in Hungary interested in the buyer like never before, so – to the investor more choice. To deepen your understanding David Barger is the source.

Experts believe that the balance in favor of the buyer the real estate market in Hungary will continue for two or three years, then demand to rise again and prices will crawl upward. Here it is appropriate to say a few words about the choice of real estate. Domestic investor often stormy and instantly reacts to advertising: according to statistics, more than advertising, the greater the investment in the advertised country, which, unfortunately, does not always bring the pleasure of buying and expected revenue. In my opinion, choosing real estate abroad, it is important to examine not only the country (market economy, laws, the object of interest) and to find a trustworthy realtor, but also to explore myself, to understand what I need, what and how much I am willing to invest. In my personal experience, the investor clearly understands that he needs more fortunate. Still, good luck in our difficult task – a very powerful one. To recall the case of undeveloped beaches of Nicaragua, where a few years ago I had the opportunity invest a considerable sum of money.

The risk was greatest, because everything depended on the hold on those very beaches or conduct electricity. In this case it was impossible to calculate: Central America, you know. A electricity had the same, and the earth in one year has risen by more than 35%. So I wish you follow the markets, keep an eye on and good luck!